Show-Me Cannabis Legalization

Efforts are currently underway to put marijuana legalization on the ballot in Missouri next year. Missouri NORML and Show-me Cannabis Regulation are working together to acquire the number of signatures required to put a Constitutional amendment proposal before Missouri voters in November 2012. Missouri now joins several other states (including California, Washington, and Colorado) that are looking to put the issue of cannabis legalization before voters next election.
If you live in Missouri, and want to get involved, MO NORML and Show-me Cannabis Regulation will be holding a strategy meeting this Saturday, November 19th. For more information see the message below from Dan Viets, Missouri NORML Coordinator.

Dear Friends and Supporters of Missouri NORML:
Missouri NORML in conjunction with Show-Me Cannabis Regulation is holding a special meeting next Saturday, November 19, 2011 from noon to 6:00 p.m. at the Arts & Science building at the University of Missouri here in Columbia. this event will be a kickoff for the campaign to place marijuana legalization on the Missouri ballot in November, 2012.
We will be brainstorming ideas for how to move this campaign forward effectively and efficiently. We will be sharing ideas with our fellow activists from the state of Missouri. We will be talking with folks who have experience in similar campaigns to get their advice on how we can gather the signatures we need as quickly as possible.
SMCR has chosen to proceed with a Constitutional amendment proposal. This means we will need to gather nearly 150,000 signatures on petitions to place this issue on the ballot before next May. We will need the help of every one of our supporters to make this happen.
Following the meeting Saturday afternoon, we will hold a Dinner/Party/Fundraising event at one of Columbia’s finest restaurants. We ask everyone who attends to please bring something, large or small, which can be auctioned to help us raise funds for the campaign.
Please join us and become part of this historic effort to end the terrible injustice of cannabis prohibition in Missouri. For more information about the proposed initiative, go to There is a football game in Columbia next Saturday so hotel and motel rooms will be in short supply. If you plan to stay in Columbia, you should probably search for a room immediately. You may need to look at accommodations in towns nearby since the hotels here may be full.
Dan Viets, Missouri NORML Coordinator

You can see coverage of the proposal on Missouri’s local FOX affiliate here.

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  1. HEY, have’nt you heard? ” there’s more POWER TO THE PEOPLE than any of you.” It’s time to rock! fuck the talk.”

  2. If Mr Paul were to be elected he might be able to sidetrack the drug war a bit But I doubt that he could get much done with the way congress and the supreme have been shitting on the Constitution as of late. But then anything that throws a bomb at the prohibitionists as a good thing in my book

  3. Watch out people, the Show-Me State is about to let the rest of the country know what’s up. We might be a fly-over state, but after November 2012 when you elitists on the coasts fly over the home of the greatest baseball team in the world, you will be flying through a cloud of glorious ganja smoke(maybe a little charcoal BBQ smoke too, we do consume more BBQ sauce here than any other place in the world). As an individual who was raised in the Show-Me State, but has lived in many other locales, I have a strong feeling that we’re going to shock the world on this issue. Sure we might be a red-state, but St. Louis proper is one of the most liberal cities in the country, and our conservatives are more libertarian small-government types that just want to hold on to their guns. The real issue is going to be figuring out a way to suppress the soccer-mom vote! Just wait and see, 2012 is the year that Missouri becomes the real land of the free!

  4. Couldn’t agree more Ben. I don’t know one person that doesn’t support this initiative. I can’t wait to get out and gather signatures for this thing.

  5. I can say from experience, as a senior in highschool, that most of my friends of voting age in high school and college will definitely support this measure. I support it in spirit, and think that Missouri is a state that has a very good chance of passing this. I agree with Ben that KC and St.Louis are pretty liberal, and down here in Springfield we have a good amount of liberals (college town) and a lot of libertarians.
    I urge everyone to just get the word out about this, a lot of people in Springfield are already upset about our smoke being controlled

  6. I live at the MO/AR border in AR. I’m a conservative, Christian and vote mostly Republican. Just like most in our area. (I’m here to support this. The preamble is just so you know bi-partisan support is possible)
    Folks, if you want to win in MO, you’re going to have to keep this neutral. Don’t let Republicans OR Democrats take control of the message. And please avoid slinging mud at Christians.
    I say the above because most of MO is Baptist territory and the roots run deep. The 20 and 30 somethings are your best bet.
    Ben…above… Hits it on the head. Most of the people calling themselves conservatives are just people that want to hang on to certain rights. Guns being the most obvious. I don’t smoke pot any more but I would support this bill. Whether for medical or recreational purposes, stoners never hurt anyone and are usually quite beneficial to the community.
    Don’t try to suppress the soccer mom vote. Over come that objection with facts and stats. They’re there.
    Don’t attack, the Baptist will eat your lunch! Keep it civil, neutral on the politics and stick to the facts and you’ll win the day. Get the Hill Billy vote!
    Best of luck. I’ll be watching from the other side of the fence.

  7. I think this is great news and I really hope this can get enough sigs to go up for vote. My question is Where can I sign my name for this? I really want to see this go and I know of dozens of people I can spread the word to on how to go about signing there name to this petition. Please if anyone has any info share it with me I will check back often till I get an answer!

  8. The Swiss, and Copenhagen, have slapped the holy mess out of the FACE of US Drug Czar Policies (Prohibition) We LOVE YOU!!!!!!!…The Lie is eating it’s ownself up…turning it’s attention, Now on the US…no amount of money can and will save them from their own grandeous concocksion…their own enemy’s Creator is greater then they will ever BE INCLUDING he, IS NOW after them ALL! The Doors are opening up! Watch for more Doors to open!
    Shout it down from the Swiss Mountain Top! Let MotherEarthChoiceNow: Free Marijuana…aka.All of the Hemp Family and their related Products of value and worth!
    Let The Healing MOTHER of All Herb GO! NOW!
    They have done their very best to discredit, humilliate, and embarrass her. She stills heal, and deliver people from diseases; stress related issues, and still healing the Land.
    If you would only open your EYES…not one eye…Both EYES!—>(Mental and Physical EyEs at the sametime!!!). This is what they want to take away from you!
    To communicate with the spiritual person inside you, which is the real You in spirit form!!! That part of you, that can reaching back to past lives in some way, and it becomes a real event, now!To have that one opportunity to rewrite a wrong, you really did not en tend to clean up..because it did not seem to matter all that much..what if? To want to know who, we were back in the begining of time….Spirit Beings, enjoying a little RnR on this planet; in it’s own material form made just for us(flesh)…what belongs to the natural earth anyways…so, All of what the planet is made up of, so are we in the flesh…and that encludes Marijuana/Hemp Family Bloodlines too!
    PS 37:3, 4

  9. Obnoxius people like MotherEarthChoiceNow are why things like this have a hard time passing. Being obnoxious =/= signatures/swayed opinions.

  10. @ Steve… I agree. It’s rhetorical idiocy like that that turns off the non-hippie more conservative types. Did MotherEarthChoiceNow ever think to consider that the 20/30 something conservatives could be easily swayed with a little effort? MotherEarthChoiceNow is just as bad as that Bible thumping Baptist standing on the corner. Different message…. same level of reception.
    Besides… Since when does anyone in the US care what any of the failing economies in the Eurozone are doing anyway? The US is the country by which all other comes in second…
    I’m for legalization and taxation of all drugs. But then again, I’m a conservative leaning Libertarian that feels FREEDOM is defined by “choice” and responsibility for those choices…

  11. @61 Steve – Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. I appreciate MotherEarthChoiceNow’s joy and motivation, but fear that prohibitionists will see those words as having been written by the kind of people they want to continue to trample underfoot. We all need to do our best not to appear any different from anyone else (non-users) because we really aren’t any different; apart from our choice to use cannabis and our ideas about what freedom in this country really means.
    I often participate in various cannabis related blogs and it is really disturbing to see how many people out there (educated by govt propaganda and pot movies) really think that cannabis users are like the imaginary Cheech and Chong characters.
    We all need to keep up a good image if we want to hurry up the process of ending prohibition.

  12. @ Don
    And look, you are articulate and objective. That’s what we need.
    We need Cannabis supporters to be organized on a business level. Leave the hippie crap where it belongs…. In your home and to your self.
    To me, this is a combination of business and exercising our freedoms. If it becomes legal to sell in AR/MO… I’m investing and getting in early. Heck,if it comes to a vote in AR, and shows a chance of success, I can possibly bring in some of my connections like the local sheriff, a judge and possibly a couple other local politicians. While they don’t smoke it, they do think it’s silly to be illegal.
    At the risk of sounding cold… It would help if a fair portion of our baby boomer population would become unavailable to vote.

  13. @ Burk
    Sir, I agree whole heartedly with your statement. With the exception of trying to eliminate the baby boomers vote. At the young age of 58, I am the baby of my family. My siblings are in their 60’s approaching 70 real fast. I have been the Hippy/pothead all these years. Now, after offering a little education to my siblings along the changes taking place in our society. Not to mention the pain that sometimes accompanies old age, my baby boomer siblings are now ready to try this great plant Mary-Jane. With the facts that they know I have smoked for 30 years, at times in their presence, and have continued to be a productive citizen and supportive parent and grandparent, the proof is in the pudding. The drug does not turn us into jello heads. Ironically, we had this discussion just yesterday in a hospital room right after my oldest sisters masectomy. The other sister having been in pharmaceutical sales knows and without realizing, she was doing so, was explaining to me why weed is better than narcordics for people with aches and pains of old age. With the better grades of smoke to eliminate the need to multiple hits, the use of a vaporisors to insure a mild smoke, we baby boomers can be an asset. You may be surprised at the numbers of us old farts that are down with the legalization.
    Power to the people! 🙂

  14. @65 Bill – You’re right! Many of the young people today have no idea what happened in the 60s! Do your homework kiddies!
    A vast number of people supported legalization only to get their asses kicked and bones broken (literally) by the prohibitionist types. Many of us are still around and still trying to help with ending the prohibition.

  15. @ Bill
    I’m only referring to the Baby Boomers in my area. The majority are old school conservatives that won’t bend on this. Not all, but most. I’m saying this as these are the people I see at my Republican meetings and turning out to vote. This holds true to SW MO and NW AR… Can’t say about the other areas.
    And Bill… I like your style. One of my best friends just turned 60 and is a life long smoker and productive member of society. We talk about this all the time.
    If MO goes… it will be a long time before AR goes. Then again, I have no problem moving my family and company to MO =).

  16. i want to support the missouri bill and sign the list but cannot on the library’s computer (i’m too poor to have a computer/internet at home) so i want you to e-mail me the signing so i can print it out at the library and mail it to you. this seems particularly hard. don’t people realize we’re already on lists!

  17. Vaporized this morning…left me feeling, that every encapsulated bubble of vapor that filled my lungs with I LOVE YOU! Not bad for a 62 year old young’n.
    We get the so-called wasted Herb…what the Gov’t throws away from harvesting the THC and CBD’s, and still make money anyways.
    We see what healthy good Herb does for people…well, we are holding on to that, which is available to us; just like the pig was as food to us…until you saw the value in it..and how good it was; raise the price, and eat it yourself now! get real…people!
    You are doing the same thing to us who’s votes you crush and people you still try to manipulate..Why can’t you just SHARE SOME TIMES; show us some of that suppose Compassion (Puff Puff Pass the Joint this way too!)…We already know the truth about the Patent #6630507..did any of you read it?

  18. @ MotherEarthChoiceNow
    That the one? I doubt most of the stoners here can stay focused through this. I haven’t smoked in 7 years and am a Federal Contractor…. and I struggle to keep up with it.
    Have a dumbed-down version? The “jist” I am getting is that “cannabinoids” not limited to THC are proven to be helpful in allowing the healing of nerve damage and preventing the damage of nerves. Specifically those in and in cose proximity to the brain.
    Additionally, in situations where the patient is suffering from stress, anxiety and others I’m sure… cannabinoids work to alleviate the root cause by allowing the brain to produce the chemicals required for us to “deal with it man”.
    Am I close?
    Please advise.
    Your hippy mumbo jumbo aside, that was a good read. Skip the peace/love nonsense and keep this down to business. Do that, and we win. Don’t hide your intelligence behind a desire to sound like a 60’s throw back. It’s the 60’s that got us into this mess. (My opin. Don’t have to agree)

  19. My earlier post was rather harsh. Not my intention. I’m just in a hurry and didn’t review what I wrote. It is what it is though.

  20. This is exciting. I’m so thrilled that Missouri has this chance. I, as well as any other friends I could persuade, signed the petition when it came through our college.
    While it could go either way, at least we are starting the conversation here in MO. Even if we don’t pass it in 2012, the fact that we could get the message out will help any future action. Who knows? We might be able to get this passed.
    One point that someone made at one of the Show-Me-Cannabis meetings is worth mentioning. The fact that we are going for full legalization as opposed to incremental (from medical, to decriminalized, to legal etc.) might make this initiative more successful than others. In states such as California, there’s starting to become a sort of Medical Marijuana industrial complex that is stifling progress.
    And I find it ignorant that people call Missouri a backwards state. Don’t hate on us. Just because we’re more conservative than others doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to issues like this. We have liberals and conservatives here in MO that want to see an end to this godawful prohibition.
    And what the others here have said is right. Don’t make this political. That will kill any chance we get.

  21. Burk, You hit that nail right on the head!Something we stoners new all along! once we got pass the high ourselves..when healings started to take place within our souls character, we knew something was different about us, that this connection between the plant and us was inevenitable, and we
    could not put our fingers on this relationship to it..what was happening to us, not only the feel good, but all the symptoms of …whatever we had disapeared over time; some faster then others. Especialy people like Nellie, Chech and Chong, old timers look how healthy they look, and still spunky!!! I thank God for Marijuana;Just looking for the day when we can enjoy some top quality Herb someday soon!

  22. I know it is a lot to read, man, I wanted everybody to know; if they were going to lie to the people after they got their patent report back, and continue to promote the prohibition crap all over again and they did!
    Come on now! our-so-called-Gov’t has
    exclusive rights to all the patents that showed Positive Medical Benefical results. They sucked it up like a vacum cleaner snorts cocaine!
    Beat this movement down while they enjoy themselves indulging in the finer pleasures of life, so they think! We will enjoy what MOther Earth, and God Provides and we will…soon! Under better circumstances, than what they want for their puny nwo.

  23. N.E. Lincoln County Mo. You will get ALOT of Sign ups..Be sure to Check with the over 60`s AKA Vietnam Vets!! Oh Yeah!!

  24. What ever possessed you folks to think that I F
    you are required to have a constitutional amendment to PERMIT any person to plant, cultivate, harvest, and ingest by whatever method and for whatever purpose, that your state or federal government isn’t required to have a constitutional amendment to PROHIBIT the planting, and ingestion of marijuana. YOU ALREADY HAVE THAT RIGHT DUMMIES!!! Our Founding Fathers created and endorsed a Constitution for self-government by “WE, the people” which limits the Power of the central government to eighteen enumerated clauses, and by the GODS in heaven, nobody has a right to tell you that you can’t pull a weed and smoke it!! Wake up people, your FREE!! You’ve been bamboozzeled with toxic words of art.

  25. The Constitution has been under attack for longer than I’ve been alive. OBAMA Care, the Patriot Act and other Federal mandates stomp all over the Constitutional limits our forefathers set.
    With our power hungry members of Congress and the ever arrogant Barrack Obama crushing our rights, how is it you think the Constitution can save this movement?
    Oldgeezer, while I doubt you’re a member of the “Grand Old Party” I also doubt you sit on the other side of the fence. My question to you is: With this being a two party system, what shall be our conduit to express our will? Voting booth? (Nope: “It’s not the one who votes that has the power. It’s he who counts the votes.” – Joseph Stalin)
    What’s your plan? Don’t give me some hippie spiel about protesting. Look at Occupy… they’re a laughing stock. What else you got?

  26. @ Oldgeezer – I agree with you. I just know that if you start growing and smoking out in the open, the Brown Shirts will come knocking.

  27. Folks,
    I wish that the legalization of MJ was our most serious issue. It is not. It is just what this site is about and I back it 100%. To legalize MJ would cut the funds off to the drug Zars in Mexico and enable us to better control out borders. Our friends in Mexico would no longer have to fear living in their home land. They are productive people. They just need the atmosphere to be productive in without fearing for their lives.
    A very serious issue is our government’s attempt to take away our right to bare arms. Our second amendment right. Hillary is leading this and making it happen through the UN. THUS MAKING IT AN INTERNATIONAL LAW RATHER THAN A NATIONAL
    LAW. Your second amendment right is not going to help you when the LEOs come raid you. It will not be a matter of rights, but a matter of can you defend yourself against your government. The threat is real folks. Occupy will look like a walk in the park compared to what it’s going to take place if OBAMA and most of the Washington Squatters are not thrown out of office. We need some common sense non lawyer types in Washington. I don’t have a party any more. I vote for those that are going to protect my rights. If I can keep my rights I can make it.
    Grow your own, roll another and pass it over here.

  28. When will the great state of Missouri legal? I am in constant pain and am so tired of taking tons and tons of prescription drugs. I want to grow my own medicine and be free from the prescription nightmare.

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