8 States May Legalize Marijuana This Year – Did Yours Make the List?

2012 has only just begun and it is already shaping up to be one of the most exciting and active years for marijuana law reform in some time. More than a dozen state legislatures are currently considering reform measures in some respect and 8 states are attempting to put legalization initiatives before voters this November.

Many of these efforts are still in the signature gathering stage. Check out the list below to see if you might be able to vote ‘Yes’ on marijuana legalization in your state this year and how you can get involved to make that a reality. In addition to the legalization initiatives below several states, such as Ohio and Massachusetts, are  working to also put medical marijuana initiatives before voters this year. To stay up to date on all the efforts to reform marijuana laws you can follow our “Legalize It 2012” hub on Facebook and Twitter.



Regulate Marijuana Like Wine

Details: “The “Regulate Marijuana Like Wine” initiative intends to repeal prohibition of marijuana for adults, strictly regulate marijuana, just like the wine industry, allow for hemp agriculture and products while not changing laws regarding medical marijuana, impairment, work place drug laws, or laws regarding vehicle operation. This initiative would also provide specific personal possession exemptions, require dismissal of pending court cases for marijuana possession, and ban the advertising of non-medical marijuana.”

Learn More: www.regulatemarijuanalikewine.com


Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act 2012

Details: “Aims to repeal current state criminal laws prohibiting the personal possession, use, transportation, and cultivation of cannabis by adults 19 years of age and older. During the first 180-days following the passage of the Act, the Legislature is authorized to create the California Cannabis Commission. This Commission will develop appropriate regulations for the commercial production and sales of cannabis, including licensing and taxation. Individuals are allowed to possess up to three pounds and grow a 100 sq. ft. canopy without being subject to regulations. It maintains penalties for possession by persons under 19, distribution to persons under 19, and driving while impaired.”

More Info: www.repealcannabisprohibition.org



Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act

Details: “The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act of 2012 makes the adult use of marijuana legal, establishes a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol, and allows for the cultivation of industrial hemp.”

More Info: www.regulatemarijuana.org



The 2012 Michigan Ballot Initiative to End Marijuana Prohibition

Details: “Proposes a state constitutional amend that states: “For persons who are at least 21 years of age who are not incarcerated, marihuana acquisition, cultivation, manufacture, sale, delivery, transfer, transportation, possession, ingestion, presence in or on the body, religious, medical, industrial, agricultural, commercial or personal use, or possession or use of paraphernalia shall not be prohibited, abridged or penalized in any manner, nor subject to civil forfeiture; provided that no person shall be permitted to operate an aircraft, motor vehicle, motorboat, ORV, snowmobile, train, or other heavy or dangerous equipment or machinery while impaired by marihuana.”

More Info: www.help.repealtoday.org



Show-Me Cannabis Regulation

Details: “A constitutional measure which would regulate cannabis like alcohol, provide access to medicine for cannabis patients, and open a market for farming industrial hemp in Missouri.”

More Info:  www.show-mecannabis.com



Montana First: Ending Criminal Penalties for Marijuana

Details: “The new petition is for a proposed amendment to the state constitution. It would add just two sentences to a portion of the constitution concerning adult rights, which already contains a reference to the legal age for the consumption of alcohol. [Stating] Adults have the right to responsibly purchase, consume, produce, and possess marijuana, subject to reasonable limitations, regulations, and taxation.  Except for actions that endanger minors, children, or public safety, no criminal offense or penalty of this state shall apply to such activities.”

More Info: www.montanafirst2012.org



The Nebraska Cannabis Initiative

Details: “Add Proposition 19 to the Nebraska Constitution whose object is to regulate and tax all commercial uses of cannabis, also known as marijuana, and to remove all laws regulating the private, noncommercial use of cannabis.”

More Info: www.neprop19.org



Oregon Cannabis Tax Act of 2012

Details: “The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 is a citizen’s initiative campaign to regulate marijuana and restore hemp. Just as ending alcohol prohibition and regulating that market has protected society, regulating marijuana will help wipe out crime. Restoring hemp, made from the seeds and stems of the marijuana plant for fuel, fiber and food, will put Oregon on the cutting edge of exciting new sustainable green industries and create untold multitudes of new jobs.”

More Info: www.cannabistaxact.org


Citizens for Sensible Law Enforcement: Initiative IP-24

Details: “Currently known as IP-24, the measure would allow adults over 21 to use marijuana for personal use without fear of criminal sanctions. The bill has substantial safeguards to protect children and public safety. With hundreds of signature gatherers on the streets every day, CSLE is confident the measure will appear on the November 2012 ballot.”

More Info: www.ompicampaign2012.org



Initiative 502

Details: “Washington State Initiative Measure No. 502 (I-502) would license and regulate marijuana production, distribution, and possession for persons over twenty-one; remove state-law criminal and civil penalties for activities that it authorizes; tax marijuana sales; and earmark marijuana-related revenues.”

More Info: www.newapproachwa.org


Get up to the minute updates on all of the marijuana initiatives in play in 2012 by following Legalize It 2012 on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Tell Dumb Ass Obama to TAX it across the country and he can get rid of the NATIONAL DEBT– Fiscal Cliff – wake up DC

  2. I hear Georgia is trying to get legal. If this happens maybe all states in the south will follow and the process will happen even faster than expected.


  4. When is NORML going to push for Wisconsin legalization? I never hear anything from Norml up here anymore did you forget about us? Wet need your HELP! please start with Wisconsin, we just legalized concealed carry, they are as open mined as ever, now is the time to strike, please help us petition.

    [Editor’s note: For over 20 years NORML chapters have been working to reform cannabis laws in WI. Are you a member of one of the four?
    Check out: http://norml.org/chapters/wi]

  5. You need to write to you local goverment and tell them you want the law changed or it will never happen so take the time and write them and lets get this done ty

  6. Norml has been in wisconsin. I use to host shows back in the late 80s and early 90s. government shut us down. So we moved the show cross the road and ha a few mre years before the county started making it a bad thing. Norml helped but we still lost the right to even have shows. Who wouldwant to go to a show just to be pulled over becase they watched you pull out from the campgrounds.. Don’t give up hope we must keep speaking up and b heard.
    Thank you Norml, Robert

  7. Norml was having shows in Black River Falls wisconsin, late 80s early 90s. Small town, framers and retired folks. Was shut down because we supported Norml and what we stand for. Wisconsin is not left out, just waiting for the next fight, No worries wisconsin, we ae not left out. Robert

  8. Alot of people never heard of Norml. I opened up and told some folks at my work about the web site and now they have opened up and are talking more about legalizing cannabis. It’s great to relate to people and the stories they tell regarding their experience with cannabis. It really surprised me to find out that many people has smoked cannibis and would like it to be legalized.

  9. Wisconsin, Georgia, and all other states that has not had the priviledge of legalized cannabis. We would like to see the law (for legalization) changed at the federal level. Remember what you said Obama? IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE. Well prove it… Lets see you change the law and legalize Marijuana.

  10. It’s time for a change. I am hoping Georgia will legalize it soon. Over forty percent of Georgia’s inmates are imprisoned for drug related crimes. I wonder how many are marrijuanna related?

  11. To prove a point… I have had a job that conducted random drug tests. It seems to me if I were to lose my job for smoking a joint or getting high on pot it should have happened already. I smoked pot about three times a week for a month. Most non smoker would say “you should be fired”. It would have happened had I been test in the proper amount of time. To be honest noone ever seen anything different about me and i never told a soul that i was smoking pot. I went to work, showed up on time every day, did my job as always and noone suspected a thing. When I said I didn’t tell anyone that’s just what i ment. Not even my Lady friend knew because I didn’t tell her either. I was smoking at times when I knew noone would be around. Not one person made any comment like, your acting different or what’s wrong with you. I did it kinda as a test just to see if things would change or who would suspect anything, but not one thing changed. what’s my point? Most people that smoke pot are just regular people. They are not violent or lazy and disconnected by any means. They just smoke pot for the pleasure of the high.

  12. To prove a point… Had I told someone or if someone had found out I was smoking pot… well we all know how that would have played out, right? It makes perfect sence to point fingers at people who knowingly break the law. What if every pot head smoked pot the way I did and never told a soul and conducted themselves in the same manner. WOW how (what’s the word I’m looking for?) stupid would those who judge us look if they continued to have no clue about all of us who smoke pot. It’s a shame that so many of us who do a very good job at the work place and keep so many companies in buisiness would lose our job for something as mild as pot. Some would read this and say that that’s just another pot-head who needs to be put behind bars. Well sorry it’s been two years and i have not smoked pot. So yes I’m thinking clearly. So you see most pot-heads are truly American in this country. When we see someone who doesn’t smoke pot we don’t point our finger or judge because of that, we simply realize that that person doesn’t smoke. It’s really no big deal to us. We would ask for that same respect and just leave it at that. When marijuana becomes legal it wont really change anything in our sence of living except for the fact that we will no longer be incarsarated for something as mild as pot. Think about the people who have been incarserated for smoking pot. Now think of the people who smoke pot that has not been incarserated. Wow that’s a lot of people. So how is it that those who don’t smoke will feel like it’s going to be any worse when pot is legalized. It is what it is. The world we live in will not change and niether will the pot-heads. We really arn’t bad people. people who are bad are, not because of pot, that is who they chose to be. I never seen not one person become violent after smoking pot. Most of the time those who smoke become very mellow and kind. That is the truth. Although I no longer smoke pot (for job related reasons) and we all know what that’s about… all I ask is that you all smoke one for me until the day come when georgia becomes free and we can all smoke cannabis in freedom.

  13. In 1979 I was 14 years old. If you do the math it wont take you long to figure out how old I am. My first experience with cannabis was amaizing. My brother, a friend, and I went to a home just down the road from where we lived. We were by the creek were we had a rope swing and noticed three marijuana plants undernieth a craw space at the home right next to the creek. I had never seen a pot plant before so I didn’t know what it was. Our friend had some experience with cannabis and explained what it was. It was the most mezmarizing plant I had ever seen. I felt as if I wanted to sit and stare at it. It seemed almost magical. He asked me if I had ever smoked pot. Of course I never had I was only 14. A few days later our friend came over to hang out. We decided to go back to the creek to swing. Just as we made it to the creek we noticed A young man that pulled up to the home where the pot plants were growing. Our friend went up to the young man and began to talk with him. He invited us to come in to smoke some cannibis. WOW what can I say… It was the most amaizing feeling I had ever experienced. I didn’t feel like I wasn’t in control or anything like that. It was a mellow mild kinda feeling. I liked it. I remember leaving a couple hours later and thanking the young man for the experience. We all shook hands with him and went on our way with a great feeling and a new friend. We actually enjoyed smoking cannabis with him and got to know him very well. It was great to make a new friend. After four months of becoming friends his job tranfered him to another state. I remember the day he told us bye. We truly became friends and enjoyed hanging out and although we didn’t get to hear from him much after his transfer we realized cannabis was a wonderful plant. If it happened any other way it would not have such a great memory to recall back to. So you see even at my age I just tell the truth and say, my experiences with marijuana has never been a bad one. Any time I have smoked it it has been a harmless and quite normal experience.

  14. Janet I have to agree with you on the road rage cure. Although myself I have only drove once after smoking and it didn’t work for me to well. I found myself driving way to slow. I wasn’t doing anything else out of the ordinary, but driving to slow could pose a problem. I noticed that I got passed by a very old lady who looked to be in her mid 70’s and she gave me the finger as she went by. So for myself i just don’t drive afterwards till I catch up if you know what I mean.

  15. i love somkeing marijuana i somke atlest ones a day its like my meds i all ways feel better and can constrate a lot better on the task i need to complent it wouldnt hert anyone if it became legal in all states i think it would help people the have adhd

  16. You may have over-looked New Hampshire, HB 492 –

    AN ACT relative to the legalization and regulation of marijuana.

    SPONSORS: Rep. Vaillancourt, Hills 15; Rep. Warden, Hills 39; Rep. Winters, Hills 18; Rep. Lambert, Hills 44; Rep. Robertson, Ches 6

    COMMITTEE: Criminal Justice and Public Safety

    This bill:

    I. Legalizes the personal use of up to one ounce of marijuana by persons 21 years of age or older.

    II. Authorizes the licensing of marijuana wholesale, retail, cultivation, and testing facilities.

    III. Imposes a tax on the sale of marijuana.

    Link to NH HB 492: http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/legislation/2013/HB0492.html

  17. I believe marijuana will become legal soon and we (like Washington & Colorado) will be able to light up a joint in celabration, without the worry of being locked up or busted. So John Micheal keep toking it up for those of us who can’t because of fear of losing our job. We all should be able to smoke at least one joint a day to releave the crazy ass stress this world puts on us every minute of every day. I think the world would be a much better place if marijuana was legal around the globe. No more drug wars. Much less shootings and killings. What is really nice is to come to a web page such as this and see us (the pot heads) coming together in agreement for one cause and that is to make marijuana legal. I think I speak for all of us when I say



    YYYEEEEAAAA!!!!! As you all know by now I go by the name SMILE which stands for

    s- smoke
    m- marijuana
    i- it’s
    l- legal
    e- everywhere 🙂

  18. North Carolina needs to regulate and tax marijuana, then maybe they wouldn’t have to tax me to death like they have been for years. Politicians get your heads out of your asses!!!!

  19. Each and every state vote yes to legalize marijuana. When we unite and stand together there will be no other way for the federal government to go. They will have to change the laws against marijuana just as they did with alcahol. Wow what a wonderful thing, to sit back and imagine marijuana legalized across the united states. Scott I think you are right, it’s time for the politicians to pull their heads out of their @!*^!

    SMILE =)

  20. why cant the see this tax money for the southern states . and use it to for schools and hwy s dam wake up people

  21. I say yes to legalize marajuana for these reaons. first, Gov’t both state and federal will benefit through tax. second,no more high and demand for street dealers. third, states can slow down overcrowed jails and prisons and put these people back in schools and the work force. last, it will crush the big dealers who depend on big shipment sale money to push their other drugs, like cocaine etc. get the message?

  22. In the past few hours I noticed four comercials on drug free this and drug free that. They may as well start saving the money for those comercials and start advertising marijuana. It would generate money instead of waisting it. How long will they continue this failing prohabition and the money that goes along with it? It is already being talked about to legalize marijuana in Georgia. Let’s get past this and bring it to pass.

  23. I used to be very racist and hateful of things and people I didn’t understand. I was also a semi violent alcholic with little regard for others person or property. I was convinced to come to a party where black folks were. I smoked weed for the first time and realized that I had so much more in common with other races than I could ever imagine. We all cooked food and I was astonished that we liked our food prepaired the same way. Then a guy started beat boxing and singing. It was NOT about doing vilent crimes or abusing women but the same political woes I had. I later came to realize that the only difference between black people and white people in America was white people use tanning salons more often and black folks get weeves more often. I also used to have ulcers from drinking too much. I was on several meds to help the ulcers. Anyways I stopped taking them and “magically” became ulcer free. I never told my doctor how it all came to pass. I changed my diet and quit drinking as much. I am no longer racist and feel better not harboring hate and ignorance. I have since recieved an education and now considered middle class. I am still a Republican and voted for Romney. I take care of my wife and child and receive no government assistance. I have stopped smoking after about 10 years of everyday use and it was pretty easy. There is a time in life for this stuff and there is a time to let the chronic go. I am for legalization but unfortunately I see first hand that marijuana is illegal soley to employ crap lawyers, and have trustworthy inmates to do laundry and cook food for the sick and twisted inmates. This is going to be a hard road of hardball including insider investigations to make this happen in Georgia. It has less to do with public safety then who is invested in the prison systems, DUI schools, drug classes, political support from criminal elements, etc.

  24. What is up with Alaska. It was still legal in the seventies and these people are refusing to even talk about it. Vote AK call your congress. We do not need to be 10 years behind the world on everything!!

  25. Other countries have been forced, manipulated, blackmailed, and cohurst by the American government to take on prohabition. It actually came up in a disscusion meeting to educate the public about marijuana. The main question brought up by forign countries was, “now that America has legalized marijuana in two states what do we go back and tell our people who have been forced into prohabition?”. We all relate to you Derrick because we are not just 10 years behind but 70 years behind. Just letting you know it’s time we all stand together to see that marijuana is legalized in every state and every country and around the globe.

  26. It is a hardball game and it’s our time to bat. Getting past those in office, and the investors will come by voting them out and voting those in that believe in what the people stand for.I believe Georgia has enough people now (that want marijuana legalized) to vote out those that wont allow it to pass. It all comes down to the vote. So lets stop crying and next election do what we know we have to do. Lets vote in office the ones who can get the job done. Get up for one day and get out and vote.

  27. WISCONSIN? Oh,good luck,the Badger is 1 of the last places to do
    anything! Some the most backward people live in Wisconsin.Oh, here it
    comes,” DUH,if ya don’t like it, get oot “. You are better off setting
    up shop somewhere else. Why do you think people are leaving in droves?
    Better off in Michigan,people are so much cooler in Michigan!

  28. I’m a recovering alcoholic and with pot, I can take it or leave it unlike booze (the government tells me I can put something in my body that will kill me as when I start drinking I can’t stop due to physical addiction but not pot which is harmless in comparison. alcohol kills roughly 75,000 a year and it’s legal WTF? I suufer from depression and anxiety and marijuana helps regulate my mental state. The key is smoke responsibly. not to mention alcohol makes people belligerent,violent, ect.

  29. Personally all Marijuana needs is a clean cut spokesman……if these politicians that are legalizing the bills would actually show up in support for the cause I’m sure more and more states would eventually pass laws to repeal or lessen the punishments for marijuana, and if someone were to do a census of marijuana cultivation lands and actually come up with a monetary amount that the government would stand to make that we as marijuana smokers can take to our government officials and wave in theirs faces instead of the term ” billons of dollars” that seems to get thrown around so easily we would have a decent leg to stand on. In short we as Marijuana smokers need to unite start having marches and rallies and start taking polls and sending them to government officials, Marijuana can’t legalize itself people so instead of lighting up a “fat one” and watching another episode of your favorite show get educated on “The real Marijuana” and join the fight that I, Norml, and countless others have been fighting for years

  30. i been watching the tv show weed country to me these shows arnt helping at all with the laws seems to be makeing the feds heros and the growers look like hard core thugs i realize they have to control the crops to the laws set by the states but if u do it by the laws u still can be busted in on i just dont think this looks good on tv for us who are trying to get are states legal id like to hear the thoughts of others on this matter ty . stay safe all

  31. georiga and other states here in the south would make and save so much money on legalizing weed cause of the jails being full and taxes from the sales but seems like all they want is every one in the state of ga to be on probation have no drivers liceings only for smoking a lil weed this makes no dam since to me lets work to get it legal so the feds can chase real drugs and put real crimels behind bars it only makes since please wake up folks

  32. been smoking pot for for 45yrs and have never agreed with gov/laws marijuana is harmless and hope in my final yrs in ga it will become legal the day i can buy good shit from vending machine sit on frontporch laidback worry free legalize now there are plenty of us old folks lets vote YES

  33. I have to agree Southpaw. I believe it’s time for us old folks to come out of the wood work and nip this thing in the bud. It is really time to get these prohabition politicians out of office. No more debaits, no more who is for it or against it, no more talk, just vote their a&& out. 75 years of prohabition and lies. yea we’ve had enough it’s over. time to vote them out.

  34. im all for voting but the only prob is who to vote for that wont change there minds about the time the get voted in they all lie so bad but yes i agree its time to vote and get this matter taken care of asap just dont know who to vote for ?

  35. after 3 back surg and taking pain pills and using pain patches everyday 24hrs a day why VA.dont legalize pot is beyond me. Please Va. get on board while i still have some kidney & liver function.

  36. I am 42years old and like to smoke pot. looking to move the police r suppose to serve n protect n keep watching like lm a drug dealer i moved out of that city. To 1 by that town under 10 miles away , i moved to another town , still being watched for bowls , the judge charged me 800 bucks . Looking to move out of illinois to weed legal state . I don’t grow or sell weed wife is a nurse n im a electrion . N pay taxes

  37. One mad mother I live in the state of Louisiana and this has nothing to do with legalizing marijuana I would just like to know how everyone else feels about this situation....Now how is it that a man gets caught with a picture of a child's genitals on his says:

    Unknown I live in the state of Louisiana and this has nothing to do with legalizing marijuana I would just like to know how everyone else feels about this situation….Now how is it that a man gets caught with a picture of a child’s genitals on his phone and admits to it only gets a $5,000 bond. Yet a man gets pulled over with a pound of weed and gets a distribution charge and his bond is set at $10,000. This has me baffled…..Which charge do you think should be the more important here? Honestly which will do more damage to society people?

  38. This is a prime example of what has been brought to the fore front for 70 years. The punishment for a plant has been doninating the punishment of real crime for decades. It (marijuana) has deteriorated the focus of real crime and now that everyone is becoming more wise, it is time to put laws into perspective. How do we feel about a person having pictures of a childs genitals on his phone? How long do we want to continue down this road where marijuana, pot, weed, (whatever you want to call it) keeps us as a nation blind to crimes that should have serious punishment tied to it. Wake up AMERICA. The government has lied to us. It’s time to put pride to the side and admit the truth. THE POT-HEADS WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG. Had marijuana stayed legal maybe our nation would not be in this predicament. Do I blame marijuana? No, I blame myself for allowing myself to be fooled into believing how dangerous marijuana is and what harms it can do to a person. When I became mad at myself over these issues I began researching the matter for myself. After researching and seeing the truth I became very ashmed of myself. I truly believed what the government said about this plant. Well let me be the first to stand up and say I am sorry to every pot-head (not only in America) but around the world. How can we (I) stand back and watch people be brutilized over a plant while childmalesters walk away with a slap on the wrist? Thank you one mad mother for posting the price and the crime so that ignorant people like myself will wake up and see the truth. What seemed to make sence since marijuana became illegal 70 years ago no longer makes sence. our children buy it on the street corner from who ever. The punishment has become so savier that families are split apart, many loose their job,and our court systems have become so used to making a vast amount of money each year to keep none criminals locked in prison. It’s time to realize that marijuana should be legalized and regulated to make room in our prison systems for people with pictures of childrens genitals on their phone.

  39. And just a little more info the child knew no other father but him and he took the picture and she’s younger then 13….I just don’t see where this makes since to the judge…the DA or any of them

  40. There only blowing smoke up everyone’s butt holes. Mankind sets foot on earth after billions of years and we get rulers who are about money to rule us. Instead of leaders who are about the people

  41. @ Mankind sets foot on earth after billions of years and we get rulers…

    …that what??? An anonymous commenter suggests it’s about money. Hmmm… do they (politicians) make that much from cannabis prohibition? Or would they and especially the tax-paying citizens make more if it were legal like alcohol and tobacco?

    The problem is, they and WE The PEOPLE would make more from legalized cannabis, however, coporate America has a hard time seeing it that way as cannabis is NOT like alcohol and tobacco.

    There’s BIG money in Prisons, legal costs, law enforcement benefits and entitlements, and BIG liquor and BIG tobacco have patented products, with tobacco especially having a plant product that is so heavily adulterated and addictive that it’s no longer tobacco…

    How does BIG business sell a plant that no one wants in an adulterated and highly addictive form, or that BIG alcohol can’t readily sell as an energy drink???

    NH has a medical cannabis bill pending passage and the governor is concerned about a tightly controlled group of persons with a serious need growing their own plants – a MAX of three! Wow, serious concern… NOT!

    The concern apparently is that if this rigidly controlled near death group of seriously ill people can grow their own then how would law enforce know that as opposed to lawless, unconventional hippies and rich folks growing their own? And then there’s the children… the “What-If” they come in contact with this “dangerous plant”?

    More dangerous than tobacco products and poison ivy that is everywhere around our children??? I highly doubt it. President Obama of all people should know better… President Jimmy Carter did!

    Time for the Nixon legacy to fade. Happy 420!!!

  42. when will marajuana be legalized in lousiana, we have the worst laws against it, we really need help in northeast lousiana where they will lock you up for stems and seeds, it leaves those of us who smoke having to deal with very shady people who rip you off almost everytime, enough is enough, who can help us?

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