Dozens Of States Are Considering Marijuana Law Reform This Legislative Session; Is Your State One Of Them?

Marijuana law reform legislation is pending in nearly 30 states this 2012 legislative session. Is your state among them? Find out here.

More importantly, have you taken the time to call or write your state elected officials this year and urged them to support these pending reforms? If not, NORML has provided you with all of the tools to do so via our capwiz ‘Take Action Center’ here. (FYI: NORML’s capwiz page is specific to legislation only, not ballot initiative efforts. A summary pending 2012 ballot initiative campaigns may be found at NORML’s Legalize It 2012 page on Facebook here or on the NORML blog here.)

Below is a synopsis of statewide legislation pending in 2012. Detailed information on bill numbers, hearing dates, and how you can get involved to support these efforts is available here.


The following 20 states have legislation pending to enact limited legal protections for medicinal cannabis users and/or to improve existing medical marijuana laws:

Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin, West Virginia


The following states have legislation pending to reduce marijuana possession penalties to a non-criminal offense:

Arizona, Hawaii, Indiana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont


Legislation that seeks to legalize and regulate the commercial production and distribution of cannabis to adults is before lawmakers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Legislators in Massachusetts have scheduled a public hearing on this measure, HB 1371, to take place on Tuesday, March 6.

(Also of note, legislation that NORML opposes is pending in Colorado and Florida.)

If your state isn’t listed above then please consider using NORML’s ‘Take Action Center’ to send a message to your members of Congress in support of HR 2306, the ‘Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act.’ You can do so here. Then consider taking the next step and contacting your state elected officials and urging them to take action.

Get active; get NORML!

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  1. If there where seeds at the bottom of your pain killer or nerve medication bottles. And you could plant them and grow you own. They would no longer be a controlled substance. They would be prohibited by federal law. Overnight the government would see the dangers in these now legal and highly addictive drugs. The very second they fill that they have lost a little control. You cant have it. You have the right to have no rights.

  2. If there where seeds in the bottom of your xanax or lortab bottles. And you could take them plant ’em and grow your own medications. They would no longer be a controlled substance. No they would be prohibited by federal law. Overnight the government would see the dangers of these highly addictive drugs. The second they felt loss of control you could no longer have it. Fact is freedom is the right to have no rights. LEGALIZE POT IT’S GOOD MEDICATION NON HABIT FORMING AND NO CHANCE OF OVERDOSE.

  3. ARKANSAS is taken petitions know + about 110 more days to get so much .to beable to get it on 2012 ballot ion november. I hop we get enough! THATS 4 MED cannibis. IT’s about time ,Don’t U think so!

  4. I an a man with a chronic illness, and i do not have much time left on this earth.I should be able to get the med cannibis instead of going to the black market people to get it, whynot regulate it .Sick people sometimes don’t want those high potent opiates that could kill them !Why not use a natural plant that grows on our earth that theres has been not 1 person die from it!

  5. i am a teenager who uses marijuana for recreational use…i have anger problems and insomnia.Cannabis helps me live a normal has truly made me a better person.just because some stupid people decide to do stupid things while high or to get high.I dont understand how the government alloaws “posh” to be legal and not weed.I have many friends who are addicted to posh if they quit they go through a similar withdrawl to horoine.its crazy, it destroys your body huindreds of people have been hospitalized and some people have even died in just the past 3 years of it being legal.Marijuana has NEVER killed anyone.gangs and the DEA have killed people over marijuana as an illegal drug.if its no longer illegal gangs wont be involved with it.just think about it.Do gangs traffic cigarettes?

  6. Hello North Carolina i am a 29 year old male that has had a pain life since age 19 when i was diagnosed with a rare arthritis cal Anklelosing Spondylitis (AS) Its where all my joint fuse together becoming a solid bone having no flexible movement. My neck,spine, rib cage, shoulders are all fuse up(stiff as a board ). I also had to have both hips replaced when i was 19. My point is docters dont tell you that these pain killers will become your life and that i will have to have a pill to even play with my kids. Why not let us use a plant that has no addiction and cant overdose on? Please people do what ever you can to see that these laws are change. God Bless America and you all

  7. Zoloft gave me panic attacks. Effexor ruined my sex life and made me suicidal. Seroquel blurred my vision. At least 15 other prescriptions the good doctors gave me either didn’t help me, stopped working after a short period of time or caused horrible side effects and withdrawal when quit. Since medically retiring from the Navy a month ago and getting an MJ prescription, I sleep through the night for the first time in 4 years and feel rested when I wake. My Anxiety Disorder is finally controlled. I now have an effective paid med that is not hard on my stomach or addictive. I am a happier person and a better husband. I don’t even have my old temper anymore. I am now convinced that the only people that are against marijuana are the people who know absolutely nothing about it or that have the wrong facts that were fed to them by the government.


    This blog is an addition to the one I previously posted about my son being in jail for posession of marijuana. I was able to post bail, but he needs help with a lawyer. He found one from this Norml website who knows he has a really good case….but we need help in raising her fees. If you can at all, please go to this webpage to help financially, if you can. We thank you so much in advance.

  9. I don’t understand the problem with marijuana for medical or recreation and I don’t smoke it but I know that it is better than any drugs made by mankind it comes from the mother earth. The government should be ashamed of what they have done to marijuana users whether its for recreation use or medical is it really they can’t figure out how to make money. I would like to grow it.

  10. i have glaucoma legally blind in right eye’ tunnel vision in left eye I need medical marijuana to keep what little vision I have I currently live in florida I am looking for a room mate; travel companion to move to a state where medical canibus is legal to save my left eye my cell is 386/956/6021 I have no e mail address I am on disability If interested please call Andy Thank You

  11. Talk about a government crisis we have. clearly marijuana is used by millions of people, some live right next door to you. This is not only going to get money flowing. this plant is a miracle. cannabis has been proven to be a renewable resource time and time again. used as fiber to create cars, shoes and oil, a treasure mine in our backyard. forget the fact it is a mild pshycadelic a harmless one, illegal but alcohol does the same thing, and you can die because of it. in fact the reason i bieleive marijuan was made illegal in the first place is because, hemp which is the body of the plan not the flowering tops and leaves that are marijuana. were discovered to have that through process it can be made into oil, fuel. when this was discovered the scientists believed they had found the one way to produce endless amounts of fuel. cutting off the need for foriegn and american oil companies. at the time these componies were established they had billions of dollars. hemp was legal until this point. suddenly the federal government began voting on decrees broadcasting nation wide advertisements describing the plant as deadly and evil. it scared people people listen to the government. why would the government lie? I would lie for a billion dollars. the federal government saw the oil companies distress. they saw they could help each other and a deal was struck. still on a tribal privatly governed patch of land the federal government siezed the hemp plants they had been cultivating. for building material or medicinal use. point they had no right.

  12. Decriminalizing marijuana would be a great start just the peace of mind to know I’m not going to jail for having this bag of harmless herb will do me just fine….

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