Breaking News: Marijuana Law Reform Measures Move Forward In New Hampshire

A pair of House bills that seek to dramatically reform the state’s marijuana laws are pending votes on the House floor.

On Tuesday, members of the House Criminal Justice Committee voted 9 to 7 in favor of HB 1526, which reduces the penalties for minor marijuana possession offenses (up a half ounce) from a criminal misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine to a nominal monetary penalty ($250 for the first offense), no arrest, and no criminal record.

House members are also anticipated to decide imminently the fate of HB 1705, which seeks to allow adults age 21 or over to use marijuana legally in their home.

Both measures will soon be voted on by the full House. If you reside in New Hampshire, please contact your member of the House and urge their support for these marijuana law reform measures. NORML’s ‘Take Action’ page has legislative alerts for HB 1526 here and for HB 1705 here.

Get active; get NORML!

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  1. Please, all people in NH, call your state government to voice the approval of cannabis, as your voice will be heard! It will help all the states who are trying to pass medical cannabis to help our people of this nation.

  2. Prohibition works great when it comes to pot. They should institute exile for potheads. Let China or Australia take our potheads. They make decent fast food workers.

  3. It’s progress but still it’s fining someone for using a safer substance than Alcohol or Pharmaceuticals and that’s wrong . Penalizing anyone for using a God given drug safer than any drug that causes no deaths is ridiculously wrong . When will they ever get it ?!!

  4. I am from NH, and I approve this message! Sent my emails, and will make my calls. I have seen this voted on 3 times that I remember and all BARELY failed! Lets push it over the edge, and put this crap in our past.

  5. Congrats New Hampshire.

    I hope it moves even further for you guys.

    I pray other states will follow as well.

  6. That bitch Senator Patricia Vance (she goes by Pat) a republican (Cumberland & York Counties)is holding up the legislation in committee, last I heard. She’s just fucking things up for us. She’s definitely listening to Sharon Smith’s ilk, of Momstell, as in Moms tell. The poor woman’s daughter died from heroin, and I really feel sorrow at her loss, however cannabis is definitely nowhere near as pernicious as heroin. They are apples and belladonna cherries, you know, worse than comparing apples with oranges. It’s a damn shame that the same person who sells cannabis is often the same person with a profit motive to sell hard drugs as crack, heroin, crystal meth, etc. This is why there needs to be a separate of soft drugs, cannabis products as the female flowers and hashish and such, from hard drugs. If cannabis, and only cannabis is allowed at a coffeeshop, medical marijuana club, a collective or some other kind of visible means of keeping the pipeline from source to retail customer (medical or for recreation) free of any kind of involvement with hard drugs, you can deter the number of new hard drugs addicts, and the average age of a hard drugs addict will rise and eventually shrink. Are the European data all lies? Lies, lies, all lies? It’s a damn shame the prohibitionists at all levels are using this argument of bunching cannabis in with hard drugs to keep their failed programs going and their salaries flowing. Really. It’s pathetic.

    Someone friendly to cannabis needs to be put on that committee, in charge of it, to get the Pennsylvania legislation moving forward toward the legalization end of the cannabis continuum.

  7. Lets all pray that the ones that will vote will do not have the Disease ( F-E-S-S ) Flat Earth Scare and Stupid. And it sound like Sen Pat suffer from it

  8. I’m from Detroit now living in the Bible Belt of North Carolina.. This is going to take a while… Someone educate these people.. 😉

  9. weak response from the dishonorable rep gene chandler:
    On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 2:17 PM, genechandler wrote:

    Thank you for your thoughts . at this time I would not be in support of hb

  10. Someone should slap Potisfordummies I bet 90% of potheads have a higher IQ than you I can’t stand trolls that spout ignorant crap

  11. HB 1705 has my full support. I have sent my emails, and I highly encourage everyone to do the same, lets make NH the next state to legalize the sale and purchase of Marijuana to adults.

  12. If this takes place and goes through I am moving out of Pennsylvania and going back to my Home state (New Hampshire) were you can “LIVE FREE OR DIE!”(State Motto!) AKA the tax free state! Or they can do the same thing in Pennsylvania!

  13. just got caught with weed in school today. thank god for this law being passed 3 days ago or i would be in trouble!

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