NORML PSA: Who Would You Rather Your Kids Talk to About Drugs?

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New PSA – Who Would You Rather Your Kids Talk to About Drugs?

Misinformation about marijuana, from programs such as DARE, distort our children’s understanding of the real world ramifications of marijuana use. It is up to the parents to have a rational conversation with their kids, educate them, and help them to make the right decisions. Legalizing marijuana demystifies the substance, moves it from the street corner to behind the counter, and creates safer communities free of uncontrolled drug violence and circulation. Please watch and share our latest public service announcement.

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  1. Does this really matter? God gave us 2 ears but only one mouth in hoping that we will hear twice as much as we speak,yet few are listening. There are twice as many ears than people in the govt and still know one is willing to just listen. So why the need for 2 eyes if we refuse to see? are we as a country a corpse?

  2. I know exactly what to say to my child about weed. I think Id do a better job explaining this than a school teacher or councelor.

  3. I have medical problems which requires pain meds, my dr sent me to pain management and they put me on morphine 3 times a day and lyrica twice a day and then weeks later i had to take a urine test and they called me and said that my urine tested positive for marijuana and if it happens again they will not give meds anymore. I am a stoner since I was 19 yrs old and I am 61 now. This does not make any sense to me that they would want me to be on all those heavy duty drugs and i can’t smoke weed. I went off the morphine cold turkey and was really sick but i got thru it. I will not give up smoking weed for some dr who doesn’t know me or anything about my life. I have no appetite because of my abdominal problems unless i smoke weed. I live in PA and they told me i cannot get medical marijuana because it is illegal. My choice is stop smoking weed for narcotics. I cannot go back to this dr because my urine tests will always test positive for marijuana. Am i theI only one that thinks this crazy or what?

  4. In my school they told us marijuana is safe, but just don’t tell anyone they said so. All I know is, it isn’t anyone’s job to lie to children.

  5. Kids, ask the DARE people why the definition of marijuana is 104 words long. Ask them what is right about that definition. Ask them what is the difference between cannabis and marijuana. Tell them that this simple definition of marijuana actually shows respect for our Constitution.

    16. The term ‘marijuana’ means all parts
    of the smoke produced by the combustion
    of the plant Cannabis sativa L.

    For more information, google Talking Points for the Peloton.

  6. I would teach my child that each and every single thing is a tool. We must know how people use these tools in every where, to better understand how to use it.

    (Admin, please delete first post!)

  7. I think it’s time we stopped kidding ourselves and lying to our children and each other, and finally have a flat out talk about it. No fluff or ‘he said, she said’ about it. Just facts, hard, straight, true, facts. Until we can see the truth, there really won’t be a stand to ‘fight’ drugs. How can we attack something we’re lying to ourselves about? We don’t want to see the truth, and that, I believe, is leading America down a bad path, one that will ultimately ruin our country by making us weaker.

  8. You want to teach your kids to do drugs….. Let me just get that straight. I’m ripped right now, but this is a step to far. Delete that post NORML and just pretent nothing happened.

  9. Ravenmoon,

    That’s crazy and is even more crazy how misinformed the doctors are that are prescribing those highly addictive pain killers but are restricting access based on marijuana use. I suggest you find a new doctor and continue using cannabis if it improves your quality of life and reduces pain.

    In my opinion I wouldn’t want to use morphine, but then again I don’t know how bad the pain is. I would start with strong indicas for the pain and see if it works.

    Keep a look out there is pending legislation in Pennsylvania for medical marijuana.

    Best of luck


  10. If I were to be a parent, it would be me justifying my child not some “cussword-inserted head” jerkoff.

    Back in between the mid 80’s and 90’s, my D.A.R.E officers “multiple ones through out the years” swore, if you do drugs you will die, all and any. I was dead set on this moral, that you would literally Die! Brainwashed.

    These guys had me brainwashed till I hit about 14 y/o, smoked some weed, found out it actually helped me keep focused on school work & had patients to do my homework that was assigned to me.

    I started to do much better in my classes, from F’s and D’s to C’s and B’s.
    “laughing moment, I recall a black dood across the class room, yelled damn, it smells like weed in here its-its that white boi over there” lol, I looked up n smiled then went back to studying for a test.

    They never explained that Marijuana helps people and children in so many ways probably could not count in how many ways Marijuana helps.

    I believe it is almost like your child is Pentecostal, and they are trying to tech your child Catholicism. Point being, they have no right without consent to speak to your child, just like they have no right to punish your child, same concepts.

    Like to see other peoples opinions on this matter.

  11. Being a parent of a child in elementary school, I am really uncomfortable with the DARE-style anti-drug program that the local police put on. I’m not a fan of the propagation of the same old lies that they spouted when I went through DARE.

  12. TXELOTON SAYS..Not trying to rag on u but being 55 years of age And growing up in Corpus Christi Texas The Anglo cowboys That Dint speak Spanish Would call This Drug Local wed and the also new the different from Hemp that what they used Be for Man made rope . Iam from a very old ranching family that has records dating make to 1883 Taleing about Local wed as they call it and Hemp Rope

  13. I do not want Dare in Our School’s At all. And I am trying to do some thing about it here in our Town.

  14. I think the lies about the effects of cannabis will lead kids to try other drugs, when they try a little pot and find out that the effects are no where near what the drug programs say are. whos to say when they get around cocaine, heroin ,meth, pills (you know the things that if they dont ruin you life they kill you ) they dont try these because they think its not as bad as what they were told. just a thought.

  15. Hey where closed caption?!? I’m pothead and Deaf. I can’t hear as profound and how I do know what this video talk about it? Please do provide this access communication.


  16. I would want to educate my children to not only look at the variety of materials provided on a given topic (and understand there are very few universal truths-and what that means), but also the source, and then be able to ascertain if this source has an agenda and what that might be. If Knowledge is power and the truth will set you free. Combining those 2 things seems like it would have to be good!

  17. im a stoner mom and would educate my son on pot use and explain the differences between the types of pot heads there are and tell him the truth

  18. poorly produced video. I had to rewind it 5 times to make out what the guy was saying when he said “and lying to you about marijuana”. If you can’t get the message across the first time to a guy like me, then the entire message falls on deaf ears.

  19. @ robby
    The point is to tell you kids the facts about marijuana. Not the lies and propaganda that has been going on for almost a century. If your not a marijuana advocate then why are you on the Nation Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws website. If you haven’t experienced marijuana yourself of course your going to have fears. Fears because of your ignorance and the propagated lies you’ve heard your entire life. If you dont like the videos and your telling NORML to remove them then get off of this website.

  20. I remember DARE in school growing up and even then I knew they were lying straight to our faces about some things.

  21. DARE was such a waste of time they would allow us to miss classes to watch some actors say how bad Marijuana is and how it leads to a dark and dangerous path. Lets say I have been smoking and that path is yet to come my way and it wont either! Everyone has a brain and can make decisions so if someone chooses to do dangerous drugs it is there own fault. Stop blaming Marijuana for it!

  22. OK folks its time to make a stand. The only thing that can get things done is money and votes. Most of us have voting rights, some have money. Email this message to your elected officials and stand firm. Also send to like minded friends and family.

    To the President, Members of the US Congress, State and local elected officials:

    Criminal marijuana prohibition is a failure. Over 20 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana offenses since 1965 with over 800,000 arrests in 2010. The problem is getting worse – not because of the benign plant, but because of the obsolete laws. The time has come to amend criminal prohibition and replace it with a system of legalization, taxation, regulation, and education.

    I can no longer vote for elected officials that support the the current laws. I have decided not to vote for any politician that does not publicly support the removal of all penalties for the private possession and responsible use of marijuana by adults, including cultivation for personal use, and casual nonprofit transfers of small amounts.


    Voting Citizen
    & Member of the 420 Movement

  23. If its defined by cannabis sativa does that mean I can smoke all the indica I want? …lololoophole?

  24. I find that youth who aren’t properly educated on the subject of marijuana are the ones who turn to it as a form of rebellion. or even use it to become “cool” in they’re friends eyes because they think its bad or illegal. As a child right up through out my teens years I knew that it was a relativity safe substance my parents had never told me that it was bad they told me that its only harmful if you abuse it. even so i did not actually use it till I was finishing grade 12 when we where having a family movie night and my mom pulls out a joint and sparks it up. since that point I’ve have continued using marijuana but I was responsible about it because I new that I had to be or else I wouldn’t be allowed to. and too this day i am a responsible user I’ve never done any hard drugs heck i don’t even smoke cigarettes so i would definitively say that if youth is properly educated on marijuana then they’ll turn out to be good honest people who contribute to society.

  25. I have had this talk with all 4 of my children including 1 that comes over on occasion. I have shown them that Cannabis was always a medicine and the hatred of some over others made this plant completely illegal. I have Cadasil which is another form of brain disease and was the only medicine I could take without being sick all the time. They understand that Cannabis is medicine first and yet 3 years running with this disease they have yet to even remotely answer in a way that would make than want to try this. I have good understanding children. Teach them the truth about everything you know so there can never be a question or a remark as to I want to try this.

  26. If our opinion mattered we wouldn’t be americans, the goverment won already. Give up the fight and live your life the way you know you should(however the f*** u want as long as noone gets hurt).

  27. Jesse, thats the wrong attitude. The government also won during prohibition of alcohol, but they overturned that failed policy. We are slowing shifting to majority support on this issue. Gallop poll suggests 50% of Americans support legalization. It wont be long. As soon as a state legalizes it, than we will be on our way. In the meantime support it on a local level. State up.

  28. I would much rather me and my wife talk to our kid(s) about drugs and then marijuana, because then they can know the real truth and facts.

  29. When I found out my son’s school had a DARE representative come and give a presentation without my or my wife’s consent I was furious. They DO NOT tell you when the DARE clowns are coming because they don’t allow the children to “opt out” of such things. I went to the school in person to confront them about it and was treated like a person of suspicion. “Why don’t you want your children to learn about the dangers of drugs?”, asked the smug lady behind the desk. I explained to her that the DARE program is at best an outdated leftover by-product of the Reagan administration. I also told her that nobody that represents one side of the issue is going to teach any of my children such things. Yes, there are many bad drugs out there. However, as we all know, marijuana isn’t one of them.

    The fact that are children aren’t allowed to “opt out” is sickening to me. Thankfully my son is a very smart boy and when the time is right, I’ll explain it all to him when he can truly understand and form his own opinions about the topic. But keep a heads up folks. Make sure you know when these tools of the establishment are coming to your kid’s school. That way you can properly educate them when the time comes instead of letting someone from the dark side get to them first.

  30. I would rather have my kids listen to someone who knows what they are talking about. Government telling us what is and isn’t good isn’t necessarily good.

  31. The d.a.r.e. program is the reason my sons and daughter are now homeschooled. Not only does it not work (our middle school here just got raided and kids as young as 4th grade had marijuana. The majority were 6th grade. If d.a.r.e. worked, there would be no alchol related deaths, no lung cancer from smoking, and no medicine for the sick. What they need to focus on is rx abuse. Not to mention, the people teaching kids about weed have never smoked it, and if they did they would never admit it.

  32. this is true. i am atending school at catoctin high school in M.D i have butted heads with the school system for years trying to get a edgucation reformation in health class. the teachers are giving only one sided oppinions on political views of marijuana, providing fals information and atemting to frighten them. this is illegal! some one please help me. is there a way to help the people of my school and all schools in the u.s.s to learn the truth and stop this nazzi atemt at brain washing us.

  33. It is my understanding, the DARE program started out of California during the 80’s with Reagan. He being from there, former govenor and all, had a police chief,i think from LA, to develop DARE. or DARE was in place, designed by the LA police chief or some, not-so- not-for-profeit. Congress and Reagan signed a transportation law that required states to purchase and implement DARE if the state wanted Federal Dollars.

    You can fact check it, but someone got lots of tax dollars for a program that has been research and found not be be productive.

  34. Micheal Britt: I am sure your teachers have very good intentions when they talk about drugs to you kids and the potential dangers of consuming these substances. Many people find excuses and justifications to use marijuana and other drugs. It is not illegal at all for your teacher(s) to inform you and the other students about the potential dangers of using drugs. There is no need whatsoever for anybody to consume marijuana. It is proven in history, in statistics and in medicine that consumption of marijuana has many negative effects in individuals and societies. Most people who start consuming this drug move to more powerful and dangerous drugs, ruining their lives. My advice to you is to spend your time in more productive stuff.

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