NORML to Protest D.E.A. Imprisonment, Starvation of UCSD Student

Contact: Michael Cindrich (619) 262-2500 | Lance Rogers (619) 333-6882

Please be advised that on Monday, May 7, 2012 at 4:20 p.m., the local chapter of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) will protest the Drug Enforcement Administration’s detention of UCSD Engineering student Daniel Chong for five days without food and water. The protest will take place outside of the DEA office compound at 4560 Viewridge Avenue in San Diego. If you can’t be in San Diego, show your solidarity by joining the protest live online at

According to news reports, Chong was arrested for smoking marijuana at a 4/20 party with other UCSD students. He was transported to a DEA holding cell and then forgotten about. During his five days in the federal cell, Chong had no access to food, water, or access to the outside world. He was forced to drink his own urine to stay alive. At one point, Chong broke his glasses with his teeth and used the glass shards to attempt suicide. He attempted to carve the words “Sorry Mom” into his arm. According to Chong, he “pretty much lost (his) mind” during the ordeal.

NORML advocates for the full legalization of marijuana so that innocent users such as Daniel Chong are not subjected to torture at the hands of the DEA. Over 20 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana offenses since 1965. NORML believes that the time has come to amend criminal prohibition and replace it with a system of legalization, regulation, and education.

More information can be found at San Diego NORML’s Facebook page.

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  1. So, where was the media coverage? I have not heard or seen one article on the demonstration. How many showed up? Any arrests? Any pot smoking going on, or is it all about Mr. Plastic Romney?

  2. Sue Sue Sue Sue them!

    They apologized which means they readily concede that they have made a major mistake (no-knock killings don’t get as much publicity so they never apologize for their regular busy-work-at-taxpayer-waste).

    Sue the DEA(th squad)

    They know they are an unConstitutional and illegitimate agency, with no record of effectiveness or results. How does something like this happen to Mr. Chong?

    The drug cops are not concerned AT ALL with the public welfare, they are the antithesis of what real police are supposed to be.

    They pretend they’re fighting some good fight. Instead they should lay awake eyes open, sleepless, considering how they ended up in a job where lies are told daily with a semi-straight face, to their own neighbors, justifying duties that harm innocent fellow Americans who have may have been damaged, robbed, maimed, or killed, and for no good reason. Or who knows, maybe they hate it and repeatedly tell themselves, “hey, it’s a job.”

    Unconstitutional and gestapo-like, it would be easy for the Executive to reschedule cannabis, and likewise easy for the Congress (50+1 Senate votes) to end the tragic stupidity. The drug schedules are a made-up joke. Too bad they are too afraid, too corrupt, too poor of character and integrity to even discuss the matter in a national dialog. (Yes we can (cower under our desks).

  3. The police who were responsible for this should all be fired without pensions!!!

    I hope Mr. Chong and his family sue the City, County and State for THEIR CRIME!!!!

  4. WTF, He should sue the feds ass off alleging violation of his 8th amendment, because that is cruel and unusual punishment. If that were me I WOULD! F*** the POLICE

  5. Dont forget, he was also arrested with 7 others in possession of 18,000 e pills. It still is not right what happened, forgot he was there? I have no clue how big the DEA facility is but it seems pretty hard to believe he fell through the cracks. E is bad stuff though, some of my friends lost most of their intelligence because of it. MMJ over pills anyday!

  6. Please tell Danny Chong to sue the DEA NOT FOR FINANCIAL COMPENSATION; Sue the DEA based on being UNCONSTITUTIONALLY ORGANIZED and get the AMENDMENT to the DRUG CONTROL ACT that gives the DEA UNCONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY to REGULATE and LEGISLATE MARIJUANA DROPPED. Tell Danny Chong to create DannyChongFund.COM and seek assistance from the ACLU and NORMAL to take this case to the SUPREME COURT and let’s reform the DEA and the Drug Control Act once and for all for the good of all Americans and the planet!

  7. Alcohol and cigarettes are more harmful than Ecstasy and LSD, says drugs tsar

    Read more:
    Australia: Drug Researcher Says Ecstasy Safer Than Binge Drinking, Causes Flap

    Drugs chief: Alcohol more dangerous than ecstasy, LSD and cannabis

  8. Please tell Danny Chong not to sue the DEA for financial compensation: Sue the DEA on grounds of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL amendment to the Drug Control Act that gives unlawful authority to the Drug Enforcement Agency to regulate and legislate marijuana laws. Tell Danny Chong to open and seek support from. NORMAL and the ACLU to take his case to the supreme court and let’s reform the unjust marijuana laws and bring justice to our planet once and for all.

  9. The Controlled Substances Act was created by Nixon, and the scheduling of controlled substances was charged to his Attorney John Mitchell, who was the individual who placed Cannabis into schedule I, that is, the entire Genus: sativa, indica, ruderalis, chinensis, and *hemp* which unfortunately is still miscategoried into nomenclature of psychoactive species, like Sativa.

    Forget the idea of settling this in the courts, ppl. Especially not any SCotUS bench since Thurgood Marshall.

    This has to be voted on, state-by-state, who collectively have the last and most important say, the people themselves, not those we have faithfully placed in charge to serve our best interests.

    Nov. Colorado votes to regulate cannabis like alcohol. >1.3m votes will create a precedecent changing trend. I would dare say, a trend that with 50 of us on board, will lead to regulation of all substances vs. criminal persecution for a select few, not based on any standard of safety, and so unjust, unfair.

    Personally I would rather Mr. Chong realize personal justice for his sufferings than attempt a change of global policy based on a incompetence, not proof that unjust legislation causes incidents like this to occur, which imo, would not win in trial.

    Gross negligence in this case has been conceded by the defendant immediately.

    Don’t try to make him a martyr. There are been people shot in their own homes after no-know-door-breakage. These are the results of poor policy and going after the policy itself (as in why do you people justify search and seizure, confiscation, financial ruin, imprisonment of citizen? Over dried flowers?

    Daniel was personally harmed he should be commended if he attends to his own best interests and teach his experience of receiving unnecessary brutality for no good reason, while exercising his right to free speech and expression, the only way to convey his message about the injustice of prohibition.

    Sue. Don’t settle for little, either.
    Ask the jury to sit in their seats for five days, to make a point.

  10. Ew, this is just awful. It makes me sick that this happens over a little flower. I’ll be praying for Chong and his family.

  11. Considering that I have heard of other stories of torture by the cops this does not in any way surprise me. They need to put an end to all of this nonsense.

  12. This is one more example of the failed war on Marijuana, it’s long overdue to end this costly and needless war.

  13. Numerous medicines come from plants. For example, Aspirin comes from the Willow tree and is a wonderful medicine, however, like most medicines it can have side effects. Aspirin can even kill you. So why is Medical Cannabis (a very safe medicine) illegal in a supposed free country ? Because, the USA is not a free country. That realization has been more painful, more heartbreaking, making cry, than my inability to obtain medicine I need for my medical condition.

  14. I was raised in Alaska where its been constutionaly legal to grow an smoke marijuana since 1975, I remember being a supporter of Alaskas ravin act since I was a child, my sons mother my wife was a diabetic,at the end of her life, that started taking parts of her feet, and engorged the fed ban to povide for her a god given plant my state said was legal, she died I was areasted for, what I knew was rite, the feds told if I wanted to get out of jail wail are 8yr old son was in grade school, I bess not fight charges. Doing what I feet best 4 my son I took the 3yr deal, while I prison I told fed doc of bleeding out ass, I was told for 3yrs I had bleeding hemroids, get but cream off commissary, apone my release my docs took simple blood test and the put a camera up me that would only go 6in up me do to the cancer the Feds let grow in me for 3yrs. My lawyers are now suing the Feds for my health problems, and during a7 hr preposition where I admitted to Feds that I was following doctor and state recomodation to grow medical marijuana. I was admeditly indicted by feds, there know trying to lock me up for 25yrs. Straight off o chemo bag. I feel life is not worth surviving if lock away from the son I lived for this long threw my cancer battle. If anyone out there has advise I would like to hear @kirkak69mach@ god bless

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