NORML Founder Keith Stroup

A Founder Looks at 50: Marijuana Policy and the 2020 Elections

As we approach the 2020 Presidential election, it is fair to ask what this election means to marijuana consumers. Will the outcome of this Presidential election impact marijuana policy moving forward; and if so, in what way? Elections have consequences, and this election will surely have consequences for the marijuana smoking community.

A Founder Looks at 50: Spotlighting Some of the NORML Freedom Fighters Who Have Challenged Prohibition for Decades

This long slow trudge to overcome the misinformation and exaggerated fears about marijuana smoking, and to convert citizens from prohibitionists to legalizers, did not happen on its own. It was the result of the effective public advocacy and lobbying efforts of hundreds of dedicated individuals who made this issue a priority in their lives and refused to accept the status quo, even in a difficult political environment.

Rick Steves

A Founder Looks at 50: The Rick Steves Advice for Surviving the Pandemic

Rick was both a principal sponsor and a major financial supporter of the successful Washington state marijuana legalization initiative approved by the voters of his state in 2012, making Washington, along with Colorado, the first two states to end criminal prohibition and replace it with a legal regulated system.