Willie Nelson: “I Smoke Pot and it is None of the Government’s Business”

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NORML Advisory board member, and long time cannabis law reform advocate, Willie Nelson recently filmed a new PSA for NORML. Check it out below or on NORMLtv.

“Let’s get the government out of our private lives, once and for all, and stop arresting smokers. Let’s take a stand for personal freedom.” – Willie Nelson

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  1. Ganga is the tree of life…and part of multiple religions. This country is Freedom of Religion right? Just Curious…what does the Bill of Rights say about the government committing treason?

  2. I’m not sure how old Willie is these days, but he seems very clear and mentally alert in this video.


  4. The truth about a harmless plant. What a mess we men have made with these unreasonable laws, rules and regulations concerning cannabis. Here’s a little testimony of H.J. Anslinger during the first ongressional hearing on “The Taxation of Marihuana” in 1937. After lengthy discourse connecting cannabis with half a dozen homicides, congressman Senator Davis ask Anslinger “How many cigaretttes does it take to reach this vicious mental attitude towards your neighbo?” Anslingers reply “I believe in some cases one cigarette might develop a homicidal mania, probably to kill his brother. It depends on the physical characteristics of this individual. Every individual reacts differently to the drug. it stimulates some and others it depresses. It is impossible to say just what the action of the drug ill be on a given individual, or the amount. Probably some people cold smoke five before it would take effect, but all the experts agree that the continued use leads to insanity. There are many cases of insanity” Welcome to mankinds one large step towards prohibition of cannabis and one giant leap forward for America and the worlds prison systems. classically 75 years before in was in our pharmaceutica and thousands of years before that it was used through out the world as medicine and recreationally. I wonder what it was that made it all of a sudden oh so scary? Ill answer that for you, mans fear of something unknown and dislike of his neighbors ways. What a great shame on humanity’s name for all the great tribulation caused by a plant that has never brought harm upon anyone.

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    Why does this forum post these types of posts?

    “Click here” and nothing happens, but even still, I know it’s just going to be another link to the same topic. So please tell me why NORML posts these on this forum?.

  6. Seriously, I have much more respect for Mr. Nelson than I do for most members of our Federal Govt. !!! He is, like myself, living proof that someone can consume cannabis for many many years with little or no ill effects!

  7. what a good ole boy willie is an id be willin to bet cannabis is a good part of the reason. my hat is off to him for standin up for the remedy….peace to you all. lets all grow some balls about cannabis.

  8. Willie, You gotta be politically correct and call it Cannabis though if you want to remove the illicit attitude dude.

  9. Willie, You gotta be politically correct and call it Cannabis though if you want to remove the illicit attitude dude. It’s also very good medicine to boot! Sing it Willie!!

  10. Not only is Willie “…very clear and mentally alert in the video,” he is stoned. Thanks Willie for being a celebrity who stands up for marijuana freedom. Please do a “Weed-Aid” concert event.

  11. F###ing Right, crooked ass govt. throwing us in jail at least were not blacking out on alcohol and crashing cars, when are they going to pull there heads out of there ass, were supposed to be free of choice, and there so full of hypocrisy, and theres a market for cannabis so there actually not doing there job and making more of a black market, and going against doctors and our constitional rights and personal freedom, we dont throw people in jail be they drink and black out do we so why cant we smoke our “WEED” “MARIJUANA”? and actually have benifits, what people dont know the new thing is to vaporize it or put in foods or in oil forms, smoking it if you want but they need to get real or get out of the office and for president Obama laughing at one of the top questions on the internet and saying he doesnt think this or that what about our personal freedoms and right and the scientific proofs! GO RON PAUL!!!

  12. it’s about time that wehave some real life people that can help spread the word . let’s get it legal !.live in peace the way the united states should be . thank you willie nlson for your help spreading the ord. and i love yurmuic!. i rew up in southern texas and it is a way of life . and a medicine that is used just like oher thing’s. i truely help’ with so much…let’s all get ehind the farm aid issue’s and put our farmers back to work growing marijuana for the county.

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    Why do you post these, NORML? I believe you are providing a way to view the video without going to the top of the comments. True or false?

  14. Ganga will create More and Cleaner Air, Food, Clothes, Fuel, Paper, Plastic replacements and More…this has nothing to do with getting high…Making everything cheap and Ganga alone could get our Country out of Debt. The High part Just a bonus i guess..all the animals that we killed while we were Getting Resources is Crap… Could of all been Prevented. Drugs are man Made… Sorry for the people that are allergic to it. Maybe the next life…this life you have something to learn.

  15. Say, “I smoke pot and it is none of the
    government’s business”, but the DEA and the ONCDP makes it their business and Obama claims he can’t do anything about it except supporting it.

  16. I long for the day when marijuana is not illegal at all, no matter if it is medicinal or recreational.

    Weed is just a plant, and unlike other pharmacy drugs, which have severe side effects, marijuana is way down on the list of things that we need to worry about.

  17. I spent 5 years in Federal Prison for a marijuana offense. I watched armed bank robbers come and go in as little as 20 months. After 3 years, I pointed this out to the parole board. Their response: “You must understand, yours was a very serious offense.”
    How do you respond to that mentality?
    I wrote a book about my escapades over a 14 year period (all fictitious, of course…and laughable).
    Shoulda Robbed a Bank
    That’s my contribution to helping point out just how ludicrous our pot laws truly are.

  18. The fascinating thing about weed is its ability to tap into the part of the brain associated w “new experience”. Think of the implications. Alcohol is a manic-depressive drug comparatively but non-cannabis makes you feel like when you first experienced being in love, or riding your first bike. The progenitors of your culture know that suffering is soo much more profitable & allowing people to feel the way the universe wants them to feel is counterproductive to their robber-baron agenda. Pursuit of happiness can be no more than cheap words when actions by plutocrats who run US demonstrate the opposite. Alcohol is profitable but it drives people crazy & eternal profiteers know it. Willie Nelson has thus lived his golden years everyday while phony moral leaders denounce him. New is good in an American son’s mind because the universe made him & his dad that way. The robberbarons only want new markets.

  19. obama doe’s what the money we pay him makes him do !. but there are folk’s with bigger pocket’s that taint his veiw’s and opinions. and wilie nelson is a bad mother shut your mouth ! he might be a little gray but he can help grease the way to legalization!. i say hail to the cheif. and anyone that don’t ike willie nelson the hell with you!, ha,ha you give tukey’s keep paying for the drug crtel’s to ful there violence , . let’s all pay for legalization and tax and regulation! and the hell with probation !.dazed &confused out!!!!.

  20. i belive cannabis is illegal because the industries that have formed this country will loose a good bit of front pocket monies. its all about covering big company..their is plenty of “company influence ” in all of this. its all of our governments buddies that are throwin bank in the right places. our government knew a long time ago that their is far less danger, i should say no danger in consuming cannabis as opposed to the big A which, is a huge industry as well that , in my opinion, would suffer. they already know that industry would all change for the better if it were legalized but,big money talks and when it does, norml people like us do not matter so, they continue to beat the dead horse about health,addiction,sister rapin, broken society…heh, it sickens me that my employer gets to tell me what to do in my personal time away from work. government knows its not right and they by themselves cannot win so they involve those we must work for and if we want a decent job bad enough…we will not consume….how can freedom win against the big dolla?? somebody tell me….peace to you all….

  21. i believe that if ron paul were to be elected president, he would be taken in the oval office for some adjustments about his priorities especially where cannabis is concerned. i believe their is way too much power in the “crystal palace”if you will, for some little president to come along with the intentions of real change……..somebody prove me friggen wrong…..

  22. Willie Nelson and other HIGH supporters need to plan a national Marijuana occupied movement. To force the Government to end the drug war.

  23. Dear Members of Congress, 3/7/12

    I am a U.S. Citizen. As one of the billions world-wide affected by our economy, as it goes in the wrong direction and sooner it will become worse than the public and private debts we live with today. I believe this is the time to see “pigs fly” meaning desperate times call for desperate measures that will be coming soon.

    You must realize the answer is not a tax thing and as our constitutional rights on “We the People” have become so strict under state and federal control: rights, laws, rules, ordinances, mandates, regulations and prohibitions are at the brink of destroying peoples lives not to mention the wasteful spending destroying our government. For the people, the violations of our freedoms and rights within the Patriot Act and much more. “We the People” for decades have had a lot of leniency and patience with our Government. However each year an arm of government takes our rights away by adding laws, rules, ordinances, mandates, regulations and prohibitions. While each time the state or federal level adds more fuel to the problem. That takes another piece of our rights away while adding more money to the deficit that is now going at a rapid speed in a downward spiral each second.

    My theory to slow down the unnecessary spending and the ever growing deficit: Cleanse Our Constitutional Rights from all city, county, state, federal: rights, laws, rules, ordinances, mandates, regulations and prohibitions. Our rights need to go back to a certain year and be restored, like restoring your computer. Our rights are the center of what makes all citizens of our country Americans, for the land of the free home of the brave is where we all wish to live.

    The major one you must end is the “War on Drugs” because we are now at a similar point in history as we were during the alcohol prohibition however much worse, for over 40+ years. It took many years for the increase from the start of Richard Nixon that declared a “war on drugs,” identifying drug abuse as “public enemy No. 1.”, from Nancy Reagan and her “Just Say No” campaign, part of the U.S. “War on Drugs”, prevalent during the 1980s and early 1990s, to discourage children from engaging in recreational drug use by offering various ways of saying no. For the selling on the streets, to the under-ground black market of marijuana even cocaine that picked up highly in the 80’s and it did. From those past years they call marijuana the “gate way drug” where cocaine and heroin are the real “gate way drugs” from recent studies. But every 4 years a new president has increased the war on drugs going forth with the cause of the problem but not looking at the source of the problem.

    By denying new studies and reports of positives uses of drugs. There are past confidential records sitting in the record warehouse collecting dust that will tell the truth about drugs but time will tell if they ever will be released. Still millions if not, billions, of federal funds for DEA, FBI and any other federal program dedicated to the “War on Drugs” are going down the drain. Right now the DEA and FBI takes advantage of drug raids and arrest as there flue money to keep them going because they do not have enough money in there budget at this time. It is also coming to a brink of cutting boarder police too that will give the cartels a chance to sneak across the boarder again. In all the new reports this year from the Justice Dept says the drug war has failed, I ask you to read these reports. Mexican cartels these days are still on a killing rampage trying to get marijuana over the border into the USA and will pick back up this year as well. Obama wants to stop the war in Afghanistan but slowing doing a faze down, now the pentagon is cutting military bases, this is all to save billions. Do you now think it is time to stop the Drug War and do a slow down faze as well. That this has been going on for over 40 years, much longer and expensive then 3 war funding budgets put together!

    In 2012, the federal government looks pretty lonely insisting cannabis has “no medical use.” Research scientists, the American Medical Association, traditional medicine practitioners and 81 percent of the American public acknowledge its therapeutic benefits. For thousands of years, herbal cannabis has relieved pain and inflammation, prevented nausea, treated menstrual discomfort and improved sleep. Repeated studies show cannabis helps addiction recovery, epilepsy, PTSD and cancer. Why is because THC is in our body and marijuana helps the THC it be more active and stronger. The medical marijuana movement deserves credit for raising awareness about an herb that was legally sold in the United States until 1937. Still, the prescription model is overly restrictive. Imagine if you needed an established history of headaches in order to buy ibuprofen. Or if you needed a doctor’s note to get sleeping pills. Or if you had to join a co-op in order to access cough syrup for your kids. All of these products, incidentally, result in fatal overdoses every year. (Herbal cannabis has never killed anyone AT ALL!!, because it has no lethal dose.) Yet we don’t think twice about seeing rows of meds in every grocery store and gas station that the FDA aproves. Let’s reserve prescriptions for truly dangerous drugs like Oxycontin and morphine, slap on a label stating cannabis “may cause drowsiness,” and stop spending tax dollars eradicating a natural remedy. Again, in 2012, the question isn’t whether cannabis should be legal, but rather, why not? Herbal cannabis is safer than alcohol, healthier than fast food, and less addictive than your daily cup of coffee. Next to America’s drug of choice, there’s no comparison: Alcohol poisons the liver. Cannabis is nontoxic. Alcohol damages the brain. Cannabis is neuroprotective. Alcohol increases violent behavior. Cannabis does the opposite. Alcohol makes dangerous drivers but Cannabis has less effect on driver safety than fatigue.

    Law enforcement is still arresting people with small amount of Marijuana just by profiling. The Federal agents shutdown 26 medical marijuana dispensaries across Montana and 2 in the medical marijuana sanctuary city of West Hollywood, California and now Coronado in last few months in their latest attack on patients and legitimate businesses in the eyes of the states. The DEA isn’t even supposed to be conducting these raids, wasting scarce funds, in the first
    place. Several members of congress have already asked President Obama to halt these raids and to reschedule Marijuana as a legitimate controlled medical substance, as he pledged to do in his first presidential campaign. He has failed yet to do so. In 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder issued a memo ordering an end to federal raids of medical marijuana dispensaries. Yet, despite his memo, federal agents have continued these operations sporadically for years, without regard for patients’, states’ or business’ rights NORML Attorneys file multiple constitutional challenges to federal medical marijuana crackdown now over the drug policy. Because of that millions to billions of dollars of our tax money is still being wasted, is that what we want?

    The DEA has stock houses full of Marijuana worth billion and billions of dollars for the government from marijuana secures. Instead of burning it sell it to marijuana research programs. Then reopen the list for medical marijuana patients “Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program” that George W. Bush halted. Did you know there are only 4 people left on that program do you think it is time to re-regulate the program then open the list back up to the public to get over 40,000 on the list? It will also help to stimulate the University of Mississippi for the growing, buying and researching marijuana, that they have done since 1968. The release and sale of confiscated Marijuana to reputable medical testing facilities will help pay off part of the trillions of the national debt the Government has accumulated.

    Over 60% of the prison systems have prisoners serving time for marijuana it’s costing over 17 billion in the cost of saving and tax revenue. Lots of states are cutting there law enforcement budgets or converting the county sheriff’s department to take over because there districts don’t have the money to run the local police departments. Worse yet, several areas in the United States are privatizing their prisons to corporations that profit off of crime and victimization of Americans. So do we want the privet sector prison systems to take over so they can make the stimulation profits?,
    I thought so! Some states are tired of arresting people with marijuana possession and just want to give up or decriminalize possession. If the legal system keeps on arresting people for simple marijuana possession the more of a spending ripple affect coming from the departments of corrections systems to cities, counties, states and federal levels will occur. There will be an increasing waste of millions to billions of tax payer dollars in law enforcement regarding a minor offense that more than half of Americans have admitted to. The enforcement of drug abuse should be regarded as medical issues instead of criminal issues. This will take the monkey off all of our backs from law enforcement!

    Not to mention the eternal mark on a persons record for a non-violent marijuana possession, removing any chance for financial aid for schooling in the future to limiting potential jobs and cancelling out a lot of other furthering opportunities. It has become clear over the past half-century that the culture of recreational and medicinal Marijuana use will always be part of American life forever. This has been proven beyond debate, it is something that must be realized by our government in order for meaningful drug-enforcement policy to be written that actually helps the citizens of our country. The Gallop Poll has just released that over 50% of Americans approve of the legalization of Marijuana, it is the will of the people! NOW THAT SHOULD BE REALIZED AND RESPECTED!

    Obama has said in many speeches, he wants clean energy reform of new factories that manufacture clean energy products because oil is on a rise of part of the domino affect of loss jobs. There is now a movement to make clean energy from: wind, hydro, algae, corn, electric cars and much more. One of the cleanest most efficient energy producers is hemp, which can produce food, essential nutrition, shelter in hemp and other building materials, rope, paper, clothes oils soaps and other products. It has the potential to rid our society of our reliance on foreign fossil fuel as gas as hemp bio-fuel. It can be a big boost to stimulate the economy now to bring back more jobs to states that are suffering today. Now you know the gold price has been going through up at a frenzied pace recently. If you legalize it there can be a commodity market for marijuana and hemp in the stock market, which could surpass gold as the “green gold.” This would of course be a stimulus to the agricultural sector of our nation’s economy, producing good paying jobs and security for American families and farmers. It is competition from other companies that is getting in the way!

    Like I said before, I believe this is the time to see “pigs fly” ‘desperate times call for desperate measures! This is the time to really end the marijuana prohibition for good and cleanse other prohibitions that are not needed as well. Right now our budget is in deficit and the government is on the brink of cutting federal programs. Without action it will only get worse from here and both sides, democrats and republicans, are still at a loss. Time is ticking if congress can not come up with a plan to save the programs soon before Government goes into further debt, we will have more homeless people on the streets like the great depression. The increasing poverty level is already becoming very problematic. We are coming to the breaking point of a Great Depression part 2. This is an issue that must be addressed ASAP even though the stigma about marijuana and drugs from U.S. congress and U.S senate is terrible.

    I have a solution out of all of this I believe this is the time to rewrite the control substance act from top to bottom taking a holistic approach to the rewriting of the act. To redefined the difference between what is a drug and what is a herb. Yes all herbs have chemicals in it but if it is The herb it self the potenticy is not strong but if a human extract, manufacturer and distribute the herb into a extraction then yes it is a drug. Let me give you a two examples: You have a marijuana plant you grow, then dry it, then take the bud and smoke it. You did no level of extraction to it, your smoking it as the herb, now is that a drug? Cocaine Leaves, yes tribes chew the leaves, but drug cartels they take the Cocaine Leaves, chemicals and other things need to turn a Cocaine Leaf that was once green into extraction white powder that has high potency, now there is a pharmacopeia of drugs that can be created from such. See the big difference between them two, the list can go on and on for other herbs but the point it there is a very big difference. There is also a difference between a herbal smoker and a drug addiction let me give you a two examples:
    A couple friends together smoking marijuana relaxing getting high jamming to the music, is that drug addiction?
    A homeless person sticking a dirty needle up the arm with heroin and has hepatitis A, now is that drug addiction!
    Now you see the hard line differences between booth of the examples!

    When the control substance act first passed there were no professional doctors or science that could not fully prove if each herb they were putting on the control substance act was a drug or a herb. There were tests that where falsely concluded and are inaccurate. They really did not know the full defined difference between what is a drug and what is a herb. You must realize back in the 1930’s things where starting to be invented and the scientific community was at the starting point. Yes Cocaine, Heroin, LSD are extracted, by manufacturers back then and still is now and yes they are gateway drugs. Marijuana, mushrooms, Peyote and other herbs in their natural forms are NOT a drugs but a herbs or plants that have been on this face of the earth for a very long time.

    So what the U.S Government has been doing is arresting people under prohibition for 40 years and wasting billions
    and billions of tax payer dollars from smoking a herb or a plant that GOD put on the face of this earth for a very good reason. Let me ask you this, is that morally right to control what a human puts in there own body that the U.S Government does not own are owned, soul and body, only by GOD. He created the flesh and blood all of us humans, and no mortal man can own another man. On each bill the treasury makes It says “IN GOD WE TRUST”, So if the government trusts GOD why can’t the Government trust that GOD put each herb of plant on this Earth for a good reason? Face it the herbs or plants GOD created will never, never die and there will be no way on the face of this earth the government can to get rid or control any of these herbs or plants.

    Right now Iran is building nuclear missiles and when they are done we have no idea witch country the target is pointing
    at. However, I can say one thing are relationship with Iran is on the back burner with negative relations to the U.S.A.
    Tell me this is this time to worry about a bunch of hippies smoking marijuana or other herbs or this this time to think about protecting us Americans from a possible nuclear attack. Weigh in what do you think your response should be?
    Hippies smoking marijuana or other herbs or Iranian possible nuclear attack?

    There could be a leverage if you end the drug war. Let me be hypothetical, Say that you end the drug war for
    Non-extraction herbs and plants and the president pardons all prisoners pertaining to those cases. Say the president
    offers prisoners up to the task to volunteer to join the military to protect U.S.A and in return the government wiped out the criminal records clean, give grants to help get back to school or work and more SSI funding in the future. Volunteer to join the military for freedom that would save the military budget billions and billions from tax revenue and it will open the door to release more freedoms back to “We the People” no more monkey on our backs, and this time make sure it is for good, both in the sense of time and for the greater good of our nation.

    All the congressional committee’s and other member of the House should have a special meeting with: Justice Dept Attorney General Eric Holder, FBI Director Robert Mueller and DEA Michele Marie Leonhart and order them to have a special law group look at every law they put in but now to cleanse those laws unnecessary out of the U.S. Code and tell them that the state Attorney Generals should strongly suggest them do the same. There will be a lot of stigma and controversy but this must be forced because we don’t have much time until things get much worse. Another increase in the protest movement sweeping our country is not something anyone wants, and a federal law review could ease a lot of the tension currently in our nation.

    After this, a congressional seminar meeting should be conducted with doctors and scientists whom specialize in the field of controlled substances and herbals. Activist organizations such as NORML, Marijuana Policy Project, LEAP and others activist organizations should be invited as well, requested to bring their own data and reports to share. The government should also bring their own records and studies to compare their findings from the past and present to discover the differences between when the laws were written from the past and the present. At this seminar all factual information, including statistics and testimony, should be reviewed equally and without discrimination or stigma. The origins of the current prohibition of Marijuana are of course racial and class warfare in order, and as such need to be debunked and defeated by real facts instead of fears. How can the United States government call an herb with no recorded fatalities as a dangerous drug, that must be wiped from causing no harm to society?

    OPEN YOU EYES THE DRUG WAR AND MARIJUANA PROHIBITION HAS FAILED! Do you think it is time to show a level of action not partisan bickering and complete ignorance! It is time to end this 40 year old curse to THE DRUG WAR AND MARIJUANA PROHIBITION but only you, the elected officials, can end the curse by educating yourselves on the true facts, I know some are not going to like it but they have no choice at this time, it is the right thing to do for America. With protests on the rise and the economy on the decline, this is the time to cleanse Marijuana and other herbs from the Prohibition as it is not needed. I ask the Federal Government from Capital Hill to the White House look at this seriously as a budget cut necessity. I pray that the USA still can stand strong even though tough times we’re going through right now. GOD BLESS THE USA!

  24. Willie Nelson for PRESIDENT !!


    on the ballot in all 50 states,
    and is PRO-POT !!

    needs a candidate with a WELL KNOWN NAME.

  25. Look, its great that Willie made this video, but he’s AGAIN preaching to the choir.



  26. @Jeedi

    You are correct. He is stoned. Probably more sativa than indica.

    Despite his frequent use, he doesn’t appear as harmed in any way despite his age, contrary to what the nefarious government would have us believe.

  27. So private groups have the right to force UA’s and make decisions based on that? How about private group’s ability to enforce prohibitions, oh lets say home rental? If you think they should, how do you ensure that some non-owner group isn’t being ousted? After all, doesn’t ownership tend to stay consolidated amongst a small population?

  28. Willie….thankyou for speaking your mind freely the way this Country was meant to be .
    Meanwhile back in the deep south marijuana users are worse than murderers . At least murderers get bail .

    A Ware County woman ended up behind bars herself when she came to jail to visit her boyfriend, a convicted drug trafficker who had been arrested at a large-scale marijuana growing operation at the couple’s Millwood home.

    Katherine R. Gurley, 49, is jailed without bail on charges of manufacturing marijuana, trafficking in marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of marijuana, county Sheriff Randy Royal said Monday.

    Read more at Jacksonville.com: http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2011

  29. If he wanted it I think we’d have a presidential canidate that would get votes regardless the party. Especially with who we have to pick from this time.

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