Look Out Canada: The Women are Coming!

The NORML Women’s Alliance has been growing at an unprecedented rate.  Women have been organizing around the country, targeting the female demographic and spreading the word of marijuana law reform.  The enthusiasm for this NORML Foundation program has crossed the border and gone international. The Women’s Alliance has become the latest sensation for marijuana law reformers in Canada, and is spreading like wildfire across the territories. From Vancouver to Toronto, the NORML Women’s Alliance has brought together an amazing group of strong, empowered, like-minded women.

In early May, the NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada had the honor of serving as one of this year’s Grand Marshals for the Global Marijuana March.  Along with Jodie Emery and other well-known Canadian marijuana figures, the women of NORML lead 20,000 people through the streets of Toronto in support of marijuana law reform.They dressed up in 1920s and 1930’s costumes and were followed by a vintage car of the same era, so as to make a clear connection to America’s ill-fated alcohol prohibition, and women’s role in ending that failed policy.  The goal was to reenact a similar campaign image put on by the Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform, which has since become a staple image for reformers today.

Just last week, our Canadian Sisters were invited to have a presence at the annual Treating Yourself Expo of 2012, a three-day event that brought tens of thousands of people to the Toronto Convention Center.  The women were not only given the opportunity to hand out literature, several of them were even invited to speak on a panel about the purpose and significance of the NORML Women’s Alliance.  This panel featured an amazing group of leaders including Jodie Emery of Cannabis Culture Magazine, NORML Women’s Alliance Coordinator of Canada, Kelly Coulter, Andrea Matrosovs, Lisa MamaKind Kirkman, Joanne Baker, Loretta Clarck and Sandra Colasanti.  Keep up the great work ladies!

Check out the videos below the fold.

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  1. The Global Marijuana March and the Treating Yourself Expo were both phenomenal experiences, I am privileged to have participated in these events with such amazing NORML Women!

  2. Love it!!! Go Jodie!!!!!!!!! This is critical to the overturning of Marijuana Prohibition which oppresses our youth, ruins peoples lives, empowers drug lords, king pins and murderers. WIN the Drug War tomorrow by ending cannabis prohibition today. Mothers were the key to the overturning of alcohol prohibition and will be fundamental ending Cannabis Prohibition!!!!! The tide is turning and it is coming

  3. This is a sign the end of cannabis prohibition is near get the women behind it and something will have to change. I love the old car it really sends a message with the picture of the prohibition car next to it I just wish you could enlarge the pics it is really hard to read the writing.

  4. I have a dream – its very simple. Our elected officials (federal,state and local) should be required to take drug tests like any American getting a new job or like other public employees such as firemen and police who are subject to periodic on going tests. Let them get a taste of prohibition and the police state. Things may change. DEMAND DRUG TESTING OF PUBLIC OFFICALS!!

    Just think of the jobs it will create.

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