NEW POLL: High Support for Marijuana Legalization in Colorado, 61% Say Regulate Like Alcohol and Tobacco

A just-released statewide poll by Rasmussen Reports provides strong evidence that Colorado may likely become the first state to re-legalize and regulate the personal use of marijuana this November.

On June 6th, Rasmussen Polling conducted a survey of likely voters in Colorado and found majority support for marijuana legalization. Sixty-one percent of those surveyed supported legalizing marijuana if it were regulated like alcohol and cigarettes. Only 27 percent of respondents are opposed to legalization and 12 percent remain undecided.

This is great news for Amendment 64, a 2012 statewide ballot initiative to end marijuana prohibition and regulate marijuana like alcohol, which will appear on the Colorado ballot this November. Rasmussen’s recent survey shows support shifting upwards from previous polling. In December 2011, Public Policy Polling reported that 49 percent of Coloradan’s believed that marijuana use should be legal versus 40 percent who believed it should remain illegal.

Lately, the mainstream media has caught on to the important role that Amendment 64 will play in this fall’s presidential election. This poll is just further proof of that claim’s validity. During the same time period, Rasmussen polled Colorado voters on their presidential preference and respondents were split, 45 percent for Obama and 45 percent support for Romney. Amendment 64 promises to turn out greater numbers of independent minded and youth voters in November, if either candidate embraced rational marijuana policy reforms, this important battleground state could be theirs to win. If neither does, it remains to be seen if they will lose these potential votes to the third party candidate, Libertarian Gary Johnson, who advocates for marijuana legalization as a part of his platform. The marijuana issue is one that the two major parties can continue to ignore, but they are now doing so at their own peril.

You can learn more about Amendment 64 in Colorado here.

You can view more data on the Rasmussen poll here.

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  1. After passage, it will take two years to sort it all out. This also gives us time to see how the Feds are going to react.

    Remember people, now is the time to come out and support this bill, there may never be an opportunity  like this again. Its time to challenge the bs they are slinging for the last 60 years and make the ” This is your brain on drugs” crowd back up their ludicrous claims with cold hard facts. Every time you hear an untruth about cannibis, challenge the person to back it up, make them be specific. And at the same time know your facts and don’t embellish, there is no need to and it makes our side look like the anti-cannibis side by using the same tactics as they do.  Take the high road because the truth is with us.


  2. #1 FOCUS should be on Colorado getting this done. 61% should pass the test if we get voters to the polls. First State to legalize marijuana is 5 months away. About time.

  3. It’s about damn time. It’s been a long time coming, with millions of lives ruined in the process. Obama or Romney won’t have the nads to do anything on the federal level so it’s good to see individual states doing it.

    I will take a vacation to Colorado if the bill passes, and I assume thousands of others will do the same. Colorado will experience an economic boost if this happens. Mark my words.

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