Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative Approved to Go Before Voters in November

A representative from the Secretary of State’s Office in Massachusetts has confirmed that an initiative seeking to allow for medicinal cannabis use by qualified patients has been approved for November’s ballot in the Bay State.

The ballot language reads:

“A yes vote would enact the proposed law eliminating state criminal and civil penalties related to the medical use of marijuana by patients meeting certain conditions” and that patients will be to procure cannabis “produced and distributed by new state-regulated centers or, in specific hardship cases, to grow marijuana for their own use.”

Full text of the initiative can be read here.

Data from a March 2011 survey of likely Massachusetts voters by Public Policy Polling had support for medical marijuana at 53% and opposition at 35%.

Massachusetts now joins Colorado, Washington, and Montana on the growing list of states voting on marijuana law reform measures this November. Supporters have also turned in signatures for a legalization initiative in Oregon and a medical marijuana initiative in Arkansas, but neither has yet heard back about their qualification status.

Get registered to vote and learn all the important information on the initiatives and candidates for the 2012 election by clicking below and visiting NORML’s Voter Resource Guide. Let’s SMOKE THE VOTE in 2012:


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  1. Well, good for you…Mass .
    In other news it looks like, Lakeport, California is saying ” screw you ” to the Federal Government and have adopted their own rules and laws .

    Lakeport, California

    The final numbers agreed upon by the supervisors are as follows:

    Six plants maximum for parcels smaller than one-half acre; 12 plants for parcels between one-half and one acre, with a required 75-foot setback; 18 plants for parcels between one and five acres, with a required 150-foot setback; 36 plants for parcels between five and 40 acres, with a required minimum setback of 150 feet; and a maximum of 48 plants on parcels larger than 40 acres.

    Another amendment to the ordinance consisted of changing some of the misdemeanor penalties for non-compliance: $100 for the first offense, $300 for the second offense, and $500 for the third offense, with the possibility of serving six months in jail.

    The last amendments had to do with screening any grow sites that might be visible to the public with fencing, green-colored mesh or natural terrain; and that the grow sites must be in compliance with existing county environmental, grading and permit laws or be brought into compliance.

    Farrington made a motion to have the ordinance read in title only, which was unanimously approved. Farrington then moved to adopt the ordinance.

    The ordinance was adopted by a 4-1 vote, with Brown in dissent.

    Allison : Know that this news has been published it’s just a matter of time before the Fed’s invade Lake County and overturn the ruling .

  2. I think November is going to be the start of the true tipping point.(Tipping one way or the other). Obama has already made the statement through one of his staff, that if he is re-elected to a second term, he will address the marijuana issue. I honestly think Obama will come out in full support for marijuana if re-elected, just as he did for Gay Rights. Mitt Romney on the other hand, will step in and reverse every medical marijuana law ever passed. Mitt Romney has received donation funds from a group of individuals/nut jobs who have pledged to start an END ALL MEDICAL MARIJUANA TASK FORCE ON DAY ONE OF MITT ROMNEY,S VICTORY—-PERIOD!!! THIS REPUBLICAN GROUP HAS PLEDGED TOO REVERSE ALL MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAWS ON THE BOOKS. Mitt Romney will help this group (weather he knows it yet or not) form a Special Task Force Unit to mass raid state by state, every state that has medical marijuana on their books, until the state laws are broken down to the point of non-existing. Mitt Romney will set marijuana back further than you can even imagine. Pre-1996 ——————Mitt Romney = Marijuana Weapon of Mass Destruction. ——–

    GOOOOOO Massachusetts!!!! Thumbs up!!!!
    But it will be all for NOT—if Mitt Romney takes office!!!!!

  3. Times sure have change during the past 16 years on getting Medical Marijuana on the voting ballot on many of the states. No more games of changing the rules or having a three member election council interfering with the listings of the ballots.

  4. skunkyfingers, sounds like you’re exaggerating a lot. I don’t see how Romney could be worse than Obama on marijuana policy, plus Romney said these are state issues, now whether or not he will respect state laws if elected I have no idea. But I highly doubt Obama will ever come out in favor of legalization, or do anything to liberate marijuana laws in his second term.

  5. This is really great initiative by Mass. People will get lot of benefit during November voting. Because there are lot of reasons during voting time to remain cautious. Nice informative post.

  6. obama has cracked down on medical marijuana in california and other places at a greater rate than his predecessors… wake up

  7. Best wishes to the people of Massachusetts in the passage of their medical marijuana referendum in November. Cannabis is the answer to crony corporate Romney-care / Obama-care.

    @skunkyfingers is delusional if he/she thinks that Obama would do a policy 180 degree turn-about regarding cannabis in a second term. Obama is owned by Big Pharma, the Wall Street banksters, and the Medical Industrial Complex.
    Just like Romney.

  8. Woohoo! I vote in Mass and am looking forward to casting my ballot to advance our cause!

  9. Obama and Romney will never side with legalization because it will cost them to much money with their special interest groups. The two party system in this country holds us hostage. Vote libertarian this November. Give States the power on legalization issues


    Mitt Romney is dead set against Marijuana including Medical Marijuana and his past speeches over several years span clearly show these FACTS!!!
    The links above don’t lie!!! Unless there is a big American Marijuana conspiracy going on trying to make Mitt Romney look like he’s against marijuana and everybody’s in on it!!!

  11. @skunkyfingers

    Obama is NO DIFFERENT than Romney. Which is why, Ron Paul is the one you should be supporting if you ever actually want to see something done about this issue. Obama said he would “address the issue”, Obama HAS SAID HE WOULD ADDRESS THIS ISSUE. Obama, HAS addressed this issue. By making things worse. He NEVER said, “I’ll Legalize pot”, He said he will address the issue. Obama, HAS addressed this issue. By making things worse.

    Got it?


    Got it?

  12. Ron Paul is the only person who would do anything about the drug war including legalization of marijuana!

  13. Votes for Gary Johnson. Norml is pretty much in line with his views on marijuana. He has said it should be legal and we Norml supporters need to ban together and vote for Johnson if we want to see real change. 50% or greater of the marijuana vote would be enough if everyone supporting legalization just voted Johnson.

  14. People in Mass should know better if Romney gets elected the world will probably end in December like the Mayans said

  15. Im a Ron Paul supporter but if he ain’t the top candidate of on the card for that matter don’t waste your vote by filling his name in the vote will just sway to the republican party I dont care whose president anyone but Mitt though

  16. I am in favor of medical marijuana And I will NOT vote yes for this.

    My fiancee suffers from debilitating nausea and IBS and marijuana is the ONLY thing that helps; yet with this law she will not be allowed to receive it? This is utterly ridiculous and I will do everything in my power to make people aware o0f the absurdity of this law and encourage them not to vote for it!!

  17. Well it might sway the vote if folks knew.. The US Government took out patent#6630507 on the cannabis Plant for Medical Purposes in 2003. Google it!

  18. You people are crazy!!! Everyone who is in support of this passing obviously wants to buy overpriced crappy ass state run facility medicine. I on the other hand would much rather grow my own and be able to supply my close friends with awesome meds for reimbursement for my time and effort and electric bills. I don’t want to have to hope I get a hardship license to grow my own.and I don’t want to spend my hard earned money on some crap meds. I want to get a reccomendation from a doctor stating that I would benefit from the medical use of marijuana, and proceed to grow my own dank meds!! Vote NO in november!!!!

  19. What does this mean for professional? I am a registered nurse and worry about my license being compromised if I get a medical marijuana card. I use pot to help with migraines and back pain. I don’t think either case will be covered? And… what about use for anxiety? Does anyone know the standards set?

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