This Week in Weed and Video of RAND Congressional Briefing on Legalization

This Week in Weed

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This week: Oregon will vote on legalization, a new study on cannabis use and MS, and the LA City Council moves to ban medical marijuana dispensaries citywide.

Also, check out RAND Corporations presentation entitled “Should Marijuana Be Legalized?” which was presented on Capitol Hill this month. While NORML disagrees on many of the points made, RAND’s views make for a very interesting discussion.

Continued in Part 2 and Part 3

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18 thoughts

  1. And though shalt eat the herb of the field; in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it was thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return. And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living. Gen 3 18. This is from the beginning of the bible and how man and woman where created and designed. god talks directly to man and clearly states the way we are made. So just fruitful knowledge….

  2. I’m a 54 yo homeowner, holder of a master’s degree exercise regularly picture of health, been smoking weed now for almost 40 years. Can I PLEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSEEEE testify before congress on this? Not that it would change minds that don’t want to be changed……

  3. Dear Sir;

    I have asked many doctors and NORML what was the bad side of marijuana was. Most doctors said that it was a habit forming drug. I smoked it for five years, I know that that is a lie. I still want to know the bad side of the drug.
    I have glaucoma, epilepsy, diabetes and high blood pressure, from what I understand, marijuana should be legalized, like Colorado is doing, you have to be 21-year and anybody can buy it. The drug is seems to be good for you. Alholol or tobacco is not. Why not make it a schedule 5 drug?
    They are still following information from the New England journal of medicine that is over 50 years old. New reseach has proved the information wrong. Why do they still follow it, knowing that the information is wrong?

  4. @Bob Dean
    They not only follow it, but hold to it religiously, because it suits their purpose. They don’t care about your health and well being – they care about their $$.

  5. Being drug free is great, but where does it say that someone should be dictating what i put into my body? I want to see this is in the constitution. Drug prohibition is unconstitutional but we’ll settle this in the court of public opinion. The downward pressure on prices will surely be an incentive to legalize once one state does it. The domino effect will surely sweep the nation. Go Colorado, Washington and Oregon. One step closer.

  6. It should be the individuals right to choose what they want to do! Its ridiculous how all this fiasco is over a plan that helps people its just a shame!

  7. Our schools and parents indoctrinate our children to stay away from drugs through anti drug campaigns such as DARE.
    Yet,cannabis use amongst teenagers has gone up.
    Why aren’t these anti drug campaigns having any affect?

    One good reason is because when teens become teens, they start to develop the “Question Authority” and “Don’t trust anyone over 25” attitude.

    It is not hard for a teen to get on their iphone and Google “Is your government lying to you about marijuana?”

    The first link that pops up is from NORML, and it gives a very well written explanation justifying that our government has pretty much lied to the whole world about cannabis.

    Recently the “best rebuttal” from our government was from Michelle Leonhart’s testimony under oath in front of congress.

    When asked if marijuana was as dangerous as heroin, her response was “Drugs are bad, Mmkay?”

    The government cannot defend its policy in a rational way once someone questions authority.

    Yet, it will spend billions of dollars, and turn millions of first time offenders into criminals for simple possession, defending their anti drug policy.

    The government will never be successful stopping cannabis use in teenagers because the government will never stop teenagers from questioning authority.

    That said, once a teenager realizes the government lied to them about cannabis, the illusion of the integrity of our government is further diminished at an early age.

  8. To me it’s obvious, in the constitution: “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, these are RIGHTS.

  9. @Fireweed – My story is very similar to yours! I’m a successful 56 year old and have been using cannabis for about 40 years. I served in the Marines and currently have zero health problems! People like you and I don’t really exist as far as the Fed Govt is concerned…

    @ Bob Dean – Regarding Doctor’s opinions on marijuana I have found that after telling my last several general practicioners of my cannabis use, not a single one of them so much as suggested that I quit! It seems that they are well aware that it is NOT a dangerous drug or anything that someone who cares about their health needs to be concerned about.

    Seriously, I believe that I am in better mental and physical condition than 95% of our nations senators and congressmen; this after many many years of cannabis use!!!

    We’re not alone, people like us, we’re just invisible to the prohibitionists…

  10. I feel that the real problem is that those in charge don’t want us thinking for ourselves. If more people would admit that they smoke or use pot in some other form, then we could gain the upper hand in this so called war against drugs. Our govt has WASTED millions of dollars every year in a fight that can not and should not be won. Treat it like booze and tax it. Plain and simple fix to the so called problem. Not only would it save the country money if they’re not fighting this so called war, but with out people in prison for minor drug charges just think of how much we as a country could save the tax payer. Not to nmention that there’s be a lot more space in our prisons for people that really need to be there.

  11. I remember being a little squirt in elemaantry school, and in my opinion drug education programs promote drug use, the officer was honest about mj being relatively harmless, and at that age I wouldn’t even know what drugs are if not for our great public schools. — ok now how do we screw these kids up even more… Ok sex Ed at age 10 Great! / sigh sarcasm

  12. im 56 and have rumatoid athrites after taking antiinflamitory drus for 3 years it finally ate a hole in my stomach, i switched to weed and it has made me feel better all around,it has helped tremendously,i will continue to use it daily,why? because it works for me.
    these politions and doctors need to wake up and get rid of there backwards thinking

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