Marijuana Decriminalization Measure Approved for Fall Ballot in Springfield, MO

Residents of Springfield, Missouri will likely be voting on a marijuana decriminalization measure this fall. Initiative proponents, Show-Me Cannabis Regulation, submitted their final round of signatures to the city clerk in the past week and received word yesterday that they have met the required threshold of signatures for qualification. On Thursday afternoon, the Springfield City Clerk confirmed the petition has officially qualified with at least 2,132 certified signatures.

The petition now moves to the City Council, which has the opportunity to enact the measure into law as written or place it before voters in Springfield this November. The initiative aims to lower the penalty for possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana, currently a misdemeanor punishable by arrest, to a ticket with a maximum fine of $150.

NORML will keep you updated as this initiative progresses. For information on other Election 2012 reform efforts, check out NORML’s voter guide, Smoke the Vote.

View the campaign’s website here.
Read more media coverage here.

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  1. It’s about time, man I was just released from the county jail here in spfld. I’m in drug court, and because the thc was still present in my system after the 30 days, I was sanctioned. From what I hear the second sanction should have been 48 hours, mine was 7 days, then 2 more days! Wtf!!! All this over 40 grams of cannabis, I’m so happy the citizens of this town will be able to vote, and hopefully pass the cannabis ordinance, no one should have to go through the hell I have endured just for possessing cannabis! Congrats Spfld, job well done. Also big shout out to the Show-Me Cannabis Coalition, without them none of this would be possible!

  2. I was hurt on the job 3 year’s ago. I have had the surgury they suggested,now I take pain med’s constant stomach pains nausea ect ect anyone who’s had to take it know’s.The only thing I found that really helps is cannabis!!It is not a cure all but at least I can enjoy a meal and be awake oh yeah anonther side effect of the medication’s some of them I truely need but cannabis would knock off at least 3 I know of.. I beleive its time to stop feeling like a crimminal whenever I need cannabis…

  3. I here in Texas they are talking about letting all the men and women doing time for this dangers drug out for a 15 minute walk in the prisoner yard. But they are not sure if that would be safe for the rest of the inmates and it would send the wrong message to our children

  4. More and more States are acting like true members of the United States instead of subjects of the American empire.

  5. Congrats Springfield!! I’m thankful that I live in prob the most lenient city for mj in the state (Columbia). Next step, decriminalization and legalization baby! Trying to stay optimistic about misery, my bad Missouri and I signed that petition to vote for legal use 21+ but man that was bull shit that physical signatures were required and there was no way to sign online!

  6. I worked to decriminalize in Nebraska in the late 70’s. It has been beneficial here and will be beneficial in Springfield, too. It is a good step in the direction of legalization.

  7. yes it is about time. living in cali has become much of a burdin with rising cost of living so much more then the other states. and to move to mo. and provide safe quality med for people whom are truly in need of releaf without harsh laws. i feel it would be a good move for my family and a slower pace of life.

  8. I live in cali now but am a former member of the peoples republic of misery, oops missouri. I was actually arrested and jailed for a joint I never had or even got caught with due to a stolen id and the officers just handing out a ticket. That was shitty. You obviously know why I moved to cali, the legalized medical marijuana. It is great for the community and for people suffering from medication pains. I have scoliosis and the pain pills made me sick as hell cannibus on the other only has the side effect of not being able to get past my fridge or my couch. You tell me what’s better please. I say hell yes join the west and blaze your meds not swallow some crappy nausiating pills…………………………………..420

  9. I am perfectly willing to pack up my family, and take my creativity and intellect to a place that wont punish me for smoking an herb. I have no desire to live in a place that can’t respect the rights and privacy of its citizens. I am an asset wherever I go. So I ask, is it worth loosing the best, brightest and most creative minds just to apease a bunch of worthless do nothing conservative liliputians?

  10. yes its about time im in Kansas city mo will this be for the whole state ? And where and when do I vote please let me know asap thanks

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