Nashville: Tennessee NORML Launches Pro-Reform Billboard Campaign

Congratulations to Tennessee NORML for their Saturday morning unveiling of a new billboard campaign in Nashville supporting now annual legislation in the state to allow patient access to medical cannabis.

Please join your local NORML chapter, or establish one in your region, because one thing is for sure: The cannabis plant can’t legalize itself!

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  1. Excellent.

    Again, well done Team NORML.

    Consistently why I recommend you for those who wish to research the battle for repealing the prohibition of cannabis.

    You are well informed, well worded, and a clear and focused voice for us, the forward thinkers on this topic.

    Very well done.

  2. I am also a grandmother who lives in pain rather then face the very real threat of going to jail. I have MS and I am legally deprived of medication that it has been proven can help me.
    How, in any stretch of the imagination, is this ok?

  3. Dear god please!! tennessee is like ten minutes away from where I live. I could easily move there and be able to safely medicate with the funk.

  4. Yes it is time to be free of the pharmaceutical companies take care of ourselves naturally. Good support and testimony will prevail! Don’t be afraid be honest !!!!!

  5. Couldn’t they pick a better URL for a website to put on their billboard? Even if it just redirects back to TNNORML? On a billboard or a TV ad or any offline advertisement, people have to remember the name of the website to go type it into their computer or phone. You and I can easily remember TN NORML, because we already know what NORML is. But to the average folks driving by the billboard, it just looks like a jumble of letters that they will never remember when they get home.

  6. Who on earth would oppose Medical Cannabis? Have these people have no compassion? I’d imagine those who oppose Medical Cannabis are the first to go running to medicine whenever something ails them or thier loved ones

  7. Its great to see Tennessee on the leading edge of this issue in the South. The people of Tennessee have always been a fiercely independent group of people and this is right up their alley. People of Tennessee have lived hard and worked hard and know exactly what it is to hurt and not have the money it takes for Doctors and pain relief. They have been a forgotten people in the Appalachian Mountains and for the first time in their lives they could ease their suffering right out of the hills and mountains of Tennessee, thats a wonderful thing. For the most part any individual in Tennessee thats ever had anything to do with the government in any way, knows that they are far better off going against the government, than listening to the governments bias agenda. Go Tennessee, Go vols, Go NoRmL in the great Volunteer state. If they pass this in the great state of Tennessee, I will go home forever.

  8. Knowing, Tennessee the poster will be ripped down & those found responsible will get 10 years in Prison .There’s no hope for the South, at lease for now .

  9. OMG, finally! yes please God let this pass…i am HIV+ with depression and neuropathy and being that i am already taking medication to keep the HIV suppressed i am reluctant to take even more pills that have more side effects… Marijuana helps a great deal with the depression and pain without side effects that other prescription medications cause… I know the majority of Tennesseans must have some compassion… so please pass this… i beg of you the peoples of Tennessee!

  10. Dear NORML,
    Please remind us to vote, as it is clearly the majority of Americans that want legalization, a firm reminder to vote will increase the chances of pro-cannabis legislation passing.

  11. An interesting advertising campaign and a step in the right direction. But. Even though I try to remain optimistic this is going to be a long slow slog in Tennessee. We don’t have the option of voter sponsored initiatives or referendums here. We have to rely on the legislature. And most of them – in both parties – are terrified of alienating the religious conservative component of their base.

    Medical cannabis will eventually be legal here but barring some action by the fed it will be a matter of the legislation inching a little further each year before dying in some committee or other until it is no longer seen as politically dangerous to vote for. Maybe in five years or so. I doubt it will happen in less than that and it could easily be ten. Consider that the sum of the legislature’s accomplishments toward medical cannabis last year was to advance the bill one step further into committee than the year before and to remove one objection of the opposition by amending a DUI law to specify that a prescription for medical marijuana would not be a defense for driving under the influence.

  12. Dear Mountain Dude, I think the joke is really on all of us… How do you suppose Jesus was healing people? One of the sources for his miracles was his treating people with marijuana (it just had a different name then). And now, in denial of reality, marijuana is illegal and “conservative Christians” seem to be one of the main groups opposed to it.
    Too bad Jesus was a liberal whose mission was to help people in various ways mostly through good advice. Doesn’t sound like any “conservatives” in leadership positions I know of. All they are worried about is punishing folks. There is no such thing as a Marijuana DUI, but the law is so corrupt they don’t even need to test you for impairment; you’re automatically guilty–which is truly illegal in this country. If the police don’t bother to demonstrate someone is driving impaired, then they legally are not impaired. How did police and prosecutors get around the law??? They can’t get around it for alcohol; they have to demonstrate some level of impairment.
    Once this information actually gets processed by our legal system, nearly all marijuana DUI’s are going to have to be reversed as no evidence of impairment was ever presented to the court. What a waste of time and money… And “conservative leadership” are the folks most insistent on maintaining this corrupt status quo of automatic punishment, automatic guilt when no crime has even happened. To me, this is a very “liberal, the government has control of your life” way of looking at public policy. And this is completely at odds with Republican Party’s “individual rights and responsibilities” rhetoric.
    Like, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people using guns after they smoke reefer. So guns are safe, but pot is not!” When really, “playing with guns isn’t safe” and marijuana doesn’t have much effect one way or the other. If you don’t feel steady for any reason, don’t pick up a gun or take it out of the closet.

  13. I live in TN. All support is very much appreciated. Get out and vote!! Thank you. Right now it’s illegal for me to not hurt(from the point of view that needs not be explained)!

  14. Heading back to TN after a few seasons farming in California…those in need, we are on facebook.

  15. This is great,I just moved from Nashville and could gladly move back. It will also be a good jump start for the south to start pushing towards legalizing medical herb…..

  16. It is about time to be legal cause big drug companies make millions on dope that can make some people feel sicker instead of better & cannibis is a natural pain killer so it should be available for medical use:)After all God made for medication!

  17. I am a medically discharged veteran and was awarded 60% disability. I have gone the pill route for a while and it was killing me. For me to live a life in pain has become my biggest and toughest daily battle. to have a legal alternative to “pills” would be the answer to my prayers. Please help make medical marijuana legal in my state. One way or another thousands of Tennesseans will find a solution to make their lives more comfortable, but we all need the comfort of our help be legal. I know alternatives work.

  18. Fuck that, weed should be legal for everyone 21 and up. Way to aim low and sweep aside the worst and most detrimental affects of marijuana prohibition. Glad to see the best organization capable of endng this “war” against American citizens has sold out to the powers that be. This shit isn’t good enough….

  19. Tennessee is in the Bible Belt. To expect Religious Southerners to be open minded…is expecting too much. I hate to think how long it would take for these people to “wake up.” They don’t mind the Hillbilly Moonshine…but Cannabis? Hell…they can’t even spell Cannabis.

  20. Tennessee actually just passed hemp for industrial use the problem in tennessee is all of our lawmakers make decisions for us. As a tennessee citizen they don’t let us vote on much other than the elected officials they put in front of us. Ever wondered why tn won’t let it’s citizens vote on legalizing marijuana? It’s cause it would pass and they don’t want that to happen.

    [Paul Armentano responds: Tennessee’s hemp bill, SB 249 is presently awaiting the Governor’s approval.]

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