BREAKING: Medical Marijuana Initiative Approved for the Ballot in Arkansas

This afternoon, the Arkansas secretary of state’s office announced that an initiative that aims to allow Arkansas patients with qualifying conditions to use cannabis for therapeutic purposes has qualified for the ballot in November. The campaign backing the initiative, Arkansans for Compassionate Care, had submitted their initial signatures for approval in July, only to come up short. The state allowed them additional time and the campaign was able to meet the required threshold of 62,507 valid signatures.

Arkansas now joins Massachusetts and Montana on the list of states voting on medical cannabis measures this fall. These measures, taken with the legalization initiatives in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado and the numerous local ordinances being placed before voters, make this fall’s election one for the marijuana law reform history books.

Help us deliver the fatal blow to cannabis prohibition in November. Register to vote and get informed on all the details regarding marijuana and the 2012 election by reading NORML’s voter guide “Smoke the Vote.”

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  1. This is so cool. Maybe I won’t have to move after all. Let’s hope it passes. I will be promoting this to everyone I know in the Natural State of Arkansas.

  2. this is great news! i’m very impressed with all the hard work that went into making this happen. now be sure to vote yes in november!!!

  3. Fantastic news for the Razorbacks!

    I’m hoping the automatic cuts in 2013 gut the federal enforcement and prosecution of cannabis laws. Clint Werner was on C-SPAN’s Book TV and nicely summed up how many billions the U.S. wastes, and any thinking person with intellectual honesty knows that the war on cannabis is a lost cause.

    I’m hoping that Congress acts after the election and prior to 2013 to avoid a recession, which financial analysts at the CBO are predicting. I’m hoping (Obama) for change (Obama) that the feds will not be allowed to enforce federal cannabis prohibition in medical marijuana states and states that have legalized recreational use. In other words, I am hoping that the policy or the federal law will prohibit the federal government from enforcing cannabis prohibition in states that have taken it upon themselves to regulate cannabis for medical, industrial or recreational purposes–at the very least for MMJ.

    If the feds are prevented, obviated from enforcing the federal ban on MMJ then states with their programs on hold will move forward and implement to bricks and mortar instead of having things only on paper because of the federal threat. Other states will see the savings and revenue stream income and jump on board.

    As reported in The Examiner and Cannabis Culture about Why the Federal Governmetn Will Not Reschedule Marijuana, that fucking international treaty, the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, has been a stumbling block to get cannabis moved out of Schedule I, but article 28, they ponder, allows for its cultivation.

    The U.S. is the 800-pound gorilla in the room, and if the U.S. finds a way to let the states regulate, even if only for MMJ, with the feds out of the way, nearly every state will have MMJ in brick and mortar, from plot to patient, plant to person, in a few years.

    That’s the end of cannabis prohibition, the beginning of the end.

    The next phase of the slippery slope, as prohibitionists view it, is for authorities to overlook the recreational use of cannabis by adults. Other countries that have wanted to do that for years already will move forwards, and before you know it people will be ignoring the convention like crazy. If the U.S. and the West are doing it, they certainly will not impose economic sanctions on other (poorer) countries.

  4. Of course this is not the good time for the head DEA Michele Leonhart to ask the Obama administration for more money to crush against states policies and their rights.

  5. Why oh why isn’t there something good on the books in MN? At least it’s only a fine for small quantity possession here, but I don’t have an extra $200/300 if I were to get unlucky. Can’t we at least get the fine down to $20 or $50?

  6. This is good news, but I do not think it will pass due to the amount of conservative bible thumpers that vote in AR. If it does, I’ll be very surprised. I mean, CA couldn’t even get a similar measure passed. Let’s hope AR voters will finally do something to be progressive.

  7. Imagine if the U.S.A. could grow I
    crop that provided us with PAPER, CLOTH, ROPE, FOOD, OILS, PROTEIN, FUEL, beauty products, nourished the soil ,was continuously recyclable, created 1000’s of U.S. jobs, grew in every climate, was easily identified, supported our economy, did not need pesticides or herbicides, absorbed emissions & created clean oxygen, was used and promoted by our forefathers, was not dangerous to the land or its people.
    HEMP its not its weed , its an industry.

  8. IT IS OUR DUTY AS CITIZENS TO TRAVEL TO ANY, BOTH, OR ALL THREE IF LEGALIZATION IS APPROVED AND SPEND AS MUCH AS WE CAN AFFORD TO STIMULATE THE ECONOMY AND SHOW AMERICA THAT THIS IS A GOOD THING. We need to band together and make a statement. Marijuana should be as legal as lettuce, and the sooner people realize this the better. This plant and it’s uses are invaluable, and the prohibition of it is a crime.

  9. I am a Republican living in a Democratic state. I am so happy to hear that the people of Arkansas have allowed this to be on the ballot. Wake up America!!!! It’s as natural as can be, i.e. GREEN.

  10. Arkansas has a chance finally after 10 years to vote for MMJ.
    If this is not approved in 2012, it will be a HUGE MISSED economic stimulus for this poor and crime riddled state.
    Voters, now is your chance to suppress the ignorant and misinformed who have been dominating Arkansas for years!
    Rock the Vote Arkansas 2012!

  11. Good job Arkansas!!! Now we need to get some more of the South on board. We have NC on the east coast and AK on the west plus MO from the north. Come on GA, TN, AL, FL, MS, LA, and KY we need to get things rolling.

  12. It can give you your life back if you suffer from Multiple Sclerosis!!!!!all ready on the world market..The feds do not
    want any one to have it unless you buy it from them for ten or twenty times the price that you could make it for..25 year contract done deal… GW Signs Exclusive Licence Agreement to Commercialise* Sativex * world wide.All other cannabis,hemp,oil will not be legal under fed. law here in USA. DEA has known all along that cannabis can help heal even CURE sick people .GREEDY RATBASTURDS..people in pain will pay any thing to not hurt. GW Signs Exclusive Licence Agreement to Commercialise Sativex . People should know Marijuana could replace almost every Sleep/Pain/nausea medication on the market – as well as a lot of the Psychoactives. That is why the biggest opposition to Pot is the Prescription Drug industry. I use about a half an ounce a month – cost $200. Anne Romney has Multiple Sclerosis – preferred treatment is “Copaxone” cost $4,000 a month – for those who can afford it – but Mitt is promising to repeal “Obamneycare” – wonder if he would feel the same if he was working for 50 K a year with no insurance and the best treatment for his wife cost 48K a year?

  13. Why would the US government not want you to know about cannabis oil curing cancer? In the state of Oklahoma you can be locked up for LIFE for cannabis oil.
    When I was told that my cancer was moving in to stage 4.With my min wage job no sick leave or insurance.I knew that I had to try to heal myself holistically or die…I am still here, healthy and cancer free..
    The cost for 6 syringes, the full dose I needed to ingest to kill the cancer,
    which totaled 60 grams of oil,= $2500 US Dollars.I did not have time to grow it myself.I was lucky to even find any at
    all. One dose is a drop on your finger about the size of “half a grain of rice”. The syringe is the easiest way to store and produce one drop of oil at a time. Most people take it all in about 90 days. It is safe to use ,
    no one has ever died from eating cannabis.
    There are loads of sites about cannabis oil, one of the best is Phoenix Tears, if you are looking for more information on the subject. The testimonials of people who have been cured are incredible.
    RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story ,

  14. I gathered quite a few signatures for this hopefully it will pass. From my experience in gathering signatures at least 8 out of 10 people support it but it is probably 9 out of 10. The main reason I got refused a signature was fear of being seen signing it or fear of having their name seen on it. I think people will be less scared in the voting booths and that this has a high chance of passing.

  15. I am one of the people in arkansas that got out there and asked for signatures and most of the people that signed where very supportive but the thing that worry’s me is the babtist lobby.They are very powerful in this state.Many times I have asked for one of there signatures and it wasn’t a plesent responce.I am hoping that there are a lot more forword thinking people out there.Please vote YES in november

  16. When I lived in California I had a Rx for med marijuana that helped me to live more peacefully with the debilitating pain, and with far fewer side effects than all the drugs I had used over the years. Now that living in Texas again, I’ve had to go back into the closet. It’s just absurd.

  17. for all those baptist coalition followers out there look through your bible and find the part were moses was wandering the dessert and one of his followers was bitten by a poisonous serpent and god gives a recipe for a salve that would heal it the main ingredient was kana bozem and look at the hebrew translation …..(cannabis oil)

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