Vermont Update: Pro-Reform Candidate Gov. Shumlin Holds Massive Lead

New polling data released this week from Castleton Polling Institute shows pro-reform incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin (D) holding a massive lead over his challenger, Randy Brock (R). A survey of 477 registered Vermont voters taken from August 11th to 21st found they favored Gov. Shumlin by a full 34 percentage points, 60% for Shumlin and just 26% for Brock.

This is notable considering Shumlin’s longterm support of marijuana law reforms while governor and that this data comes just over a week after he contacted NORML to explicitly express his desire to continue his push for decriminalization. Attempts by his contender Randy Brock to cast Governor Shumlin’s support for sensible law reforms as “sending the wrong message to kids” seem to have failed in eroding support for the popular sitting politician. And it is no wonder, recent Vermont polling conducted by MPP this February shows that 63% of Vermont citizens support decriminalizing marijuana possession. Perhaps even more telling is that 52% of respondents stated a candidates support of decriminalization made them more likely to vote for them, 21% stated it would not alter their decision, and only 25% said it would make them less likely.

All other candidates take note, as we saw earlier this year in Oregon and Texas, the majority of Americans are ready to see an end to our seven decade failure that is cannabis prohibition. Coming out in support of these sensible reforms will no longer cost you an election, but it just may win you one.

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  1. Brock doesn’t get it. It’s the Prohibitionist policy which he endorses which puts kids in jeopardy. Mr Brock, in you ignorance, you’re part of the problem and not the solution.
    If they really cared for the children they’d legalize and regulate marijuana. If they really wanted to keep any substance out of the hands of “The Children” they first must take control of distribution away from black market dealers. They haven’t accomplished that in 40+ years at a taxpayers cost in the hundreds of billions. It’s time to treat marijuana as we do alcohol. My 27 year old daughter still gets carded when she buys alcohol, yet your 13 year old can buy anything the black market dealer has for a price whether it be money or “something else”.
    FACT: Your kids have a better chance dying at the hands of someone enforcing marijuana laws than they do from ingesting it.(ZERO %).

    LEAP member, NYPD, ret.

  2. Good of NORML to keep informing us of these things . I think people are finally tiring of the lies brought on by the prohibitionist . If they’re so concerned about children then make ads promoting alcoholic beverages illegal . Think about it… alcoholic beverages often causes irreversible health problems, death , murder, violence, spousal abuse, highway fatalities, alcoholism & more . Ads promoting alcohol are purposely & intentionally placed around schools & areas where kids congregate .

  3. Thank you Norml, for bringing us this information. These numbers tell a huge story. What I take away is that politicians who continue to support prohibition don’t care what their constituents think, in all probability because their votes are bought and paid for those who profit off it. I would prefer to live in our collective delusion that our representatives want what’s best for our nation, but my credulity can’t stretch that far.

  4. Good news. What I don’t understand is why wouldn’t you want to be that guy in the oval office to decriminalize/legalize Cannabis? Why wouldn’t you want to be remembered as the president who passed legislation like that? Instead, Obama wants to be remembered for other things……

  5. This is really good news!!!

    All you holier than thou status quo prohibitionist politicians take note – we’re tired of your BS and we are working to remove you since you don’t represent us!

  6. Vermonts’ effort to decriminalize cannabis last session failed to even come to a vote due to the efforts of Shap Smith. If Shumlin can’t even get a fellow democrat to tow the line on this issue how does he expect to get republican on board?

  7. I blazed in VT with friends when Katrina happened. LOTS of hippies there. Beautiful place especially in summer and fall. That’s where Phish came from.

  8. @Mike Parent

    Well said. I would add that prohibition not only puts our kids in jeopardy, it helps no one but the homicidal sociopaths in the drug mafias.

  9. Fact: marijuana laws in their current form are there to allow unreasonable people the chance to abuse people and treat them like shit for no good reason. As replacement for American racism, but even less overt and more insidious. Just being a member of the minority (finding marijuana useful) guarantees your criminal status.

  10. To John J. Keogh,

    Sounds like you’re blaming Shumlin. In case you haven’t noticed, most of states and their politicos are still resistant to decriminalization and legalization. Be happy that we have a pro-canabis politico in there on our side. Geez.

    BTW, in answer to your question–how do WE get MORE GOPers to support the cause? Perhaps you should be asking that.

  11. Enough talking stop making criminals out of good people. These laws may provide job security for law enforcement but distroy the average citizens civil rights. Ladies and gents it is time to make cannabis legal again.

  12. Part of the miscommunication is the fact that canabis does in fact cure cancer. There are inumerable canses where canabis oil is used to cure skin cancer in less than several applications. Internally the story is similar in that the active ingrediants really do stop cancer growth. With just those simple facts, why is it that the Govt would restrict its use and cultivation … I cant find one. Also, our history books are rife with examples of people growning Canabis for personal use .. Freedom is a word whoes meaning has been maligned over the past 50 years … Its time to correct this issue.

    [Editor’s note: While cannabis appears to hold great promise as a potential therapy for treating cancer, unfortunately, it is a stretch to currently declare that ‘cannabis cures cancer’. Science, even in the epoch of cannabis prohibition, is getting closer to answering this important question, but it can’t be stated yet as ‘fact’ that cannabis cures cancer.]

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