Marijuana Law Reform Activism In Full Display At Famous Michigan Bridge Walk

Another great example from the field this past weekend from upper Michigan, where numerous volunteers from Michigan NORML chapters showed the reform colors (green of course!) at a famous annual event in the state that historically marks the end of summer in the region.

One of the best ways to get more and more citizens involved in cannabis law reform via the NORML chapter network is to participate as an organized group at major local events, parades and charity walks (i.e., for a number of years Oregon NORML was an active and vocal supporter of Portland’s annual Breast Cancer Awareness March).

Below is the enthusiastic field report from Michigan.

Hi folks,

Attached is a pic from the inaugural Michigan NORML Annual Bridge Walkto End Hemp & Cannabis Prohibition. This year marked the first time Michigan NORML hosted their Bridge Walk to End Hemp & Cannabis Prohibition, but we have already started to organize next year’s crossing!

Our inaugural crossing included nearly 60 MINORML members and supporters who made the 5+ mile walk across the Mighty Mackinac Bridge and the Mackinaw Straits, the place where Lake Huron and Lake Michigan meet, in just over two hours. The weather was perfect, low 60’s at 7:00 a.m., and over 70 by the time our group reached the finish line and more of our supporters on the other side.

This event draws 40,000+ annual walkers including politicians, families, businesses, and organizations from across the state.

Michigan NORML was announced at the beginning of the walk on the radio and to walkers by a local country radio station doing a remote broadcast from the event. We were cheered by our supporters and a surprising number of people who were not officially with our contingent as we completed our crossing, just ahead of a 94 year old walker!

More images are available at

Thank you,

Brad Forrester
Local Program Director
Cheboygan County Affiliate of the Michigan Chapter of the
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

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  1. I live in Michigan now, but have lived in different states. I LOVE it here. Natural beauty, wonderful beaches, crystal clear water and really Great people, what’s not to like !!
    Oh, and don’t forget NO SHARKS !!! LOL
    It’s the North Coast…if you have not had the opportunity to visit our Great State, put us on your list.
    Pure Michigan is WELL worth the time.
    Live & Let Live…

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