Most Statewide Marijuana Initiatives Lead Solidly In Polls

Four of the six statewide marijuana initiatives appearing on the November 2012 ballot are solidly favored among likely voters.

Voters in six states – Arkansas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Montana, Oregon, and Washington – will be deciding on marijuana-specific ballot measures this November. In Massachusetts, voters will decide on Question 3, a statewide proposal that seeks to allow for the physician-recommended possession and state-licensed distribution of cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Arkansas voters will decide on a similar measure, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act of 2012. Montana voters will decide on Initiative Referendum 124, which is a referendum on Senate Bill 423 – a 2011 measure that seeks to restrict the state’s 2004, voter approved medical cannabis law.

Colorado voters will decide on Amendment 64, which immediately allows for the legal possession of up to one ounce of marijuana and/or the cultivation of up to six cannabis plants by those persons age 21 and over. Longer-term, the measure seeks to establish regulations governing the commercial production and distribution of marijuana by licensed retailers. Oregon voters will decide on Measure 80, the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, which provides for the state-licensed production and retail sale of cannabis to adults. The measure does not impose state-licensing or taxation requirements upon those who wish to cultivate cannabis for non-commercial purposes. Finally, in Washington, voters will decide on Initiative 502, which seeks to regulate the production and sale of limited amounts of marijuana for adults. The measure also removes criminal penalties specific to the adult possession of up to one ounce of cannabis for personal use.

According to the most recently available polling, several of these measures hold firm leads among likely voters. In Colorado, 47 percent of respondents say that they are backing Amendment 64, according to a September Public Policy poll of 1,001 likely voters. Thirty-eight percent of likely voters said that they opposed the measure and 15 percent were undecided. [UPDATE: Just released polling now shows the measure leading by a margin of 51 percent to 40 percent.]

In Massachusetts, a majority of likely voters support Question 3. A Public Policy Polling survey released in August reported that 58 percent of respondents favor the measure versus only 27 percent who oppose it.

In Montana, a majority of voters do not support enacting limits on the state’s medical marijuana law, according to a just-published poll of 656 likely voters.

And in Washington, nearly six out of ten voters say they intend to decide in favor of I-502, according to a Survey USA poll released this week. Fifty-seven percent of respondents said that they will vote ‘yes’ on the measure, versus only 34 percent who said they would vote ‘no.’ Nine percent remain undecided.

In Oregon, a July poll not specific to the initiative conducted by Public Policy Polling reported that only 43 percent of Oregonians believed that cannabis use should be legal, versus 46 percent who endorsed it remaining illegal. No recent polling is available in Arkansas.

NORML has additional details about this November’s statewide and municipal ballot proposals at our ‘Smoke the Vote’ webpage here.

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  1. Why Not Texas??? 1.possibly Decrease violence along The Border. 2. Being the agricultural state We are, It Would Help Provide Jobs! 3.Also Increase Tax Revenue. An If You Ask Me….Its A better Thing To Do Then What Were Doing Now.

  2. Is there a way to start up a program or be a part of an existing program in PA for full legalization? I’m familiar with Pittsburgh NORML, but usually unable to attend any of their functions because of being a full-time college student.

  3. AG Eric Holder needs to keep his mouth shut, muzzle anybody who wants to influence the will of the people. The former DEA heads have sent Holder a letter telling him to speak out against the marijuana measures. Those fucking bastards! Where the hell were they when he was getting all that shit for Fast and Furious? Pot is considered a left-wing issue for Democrats, and then there are single-issue Republican and Libertarian voters who, like Reagan Democrats, will cross party lines to vote democratic because any other candidate that has a statistical chance of winning is not a friend of cannabis. The Romney ticket is a foe to all things cannabis. Gary Johnson, as much as I admire the man, statistically can only detract Republican votes from the Republicans who are single-issue cannabis voters who don’t want to vote for a Democrat. Hard core Libertarians will vote for Gary in any case, and are not likely to cross party lines. Holder, if he speaks out against the measures or lets surrogates speak out against them, risks alienating some of the base of Democrats, who might vote Libertarian for Gary Johnson rather than Mitt if they think Obama is going to keep on giving them a screwing. That would be a dumb move for Obama.

    I keep saying the sequestration or whatever fucking cuts they make at the federal level need to prevent the feds from spending any money whatsoever in the states that have decided to legalize medical marijuana, legalize adult recreational use of cannabis or legalize industrial use, hemp farming UNLESS their meddling (IRS, DEA, DOJ, etc.) is REQUESTED by state authorities. Local governments and low-level state authorities must use the chain of command in the state and can NOT be allowed to sidestep it.

    State and local governments need the savings and the revenue. There has been far too much suffering and have been too many deaths because of cannabis prohibition, and it can’t go on.

    Keep running the economy into the ground until cannabis is legalized, regardless of which candidate wins the presidential race, regardless of which parties control the House and the Senate, and most of all, regardless of whatever attempts at stimulus the government may try. Keep stockpiling all that cash and increase company cash reserves. Big business should not open the money valves because as long as the federal government insists on enforcing cannabis prohibition they still have a mindset that they can waste money. If ever there was a lost cause, marijuana prohibition enforcement is it. There are millions of consensual transactions needlessly criminalized on an ongoing basis, which has gone on long enough. It’s a shameless waste of money to keep throwing any money at all at cannabis prohibition.

    Once the feds are prevented from meddling in states, other states who have their brick and mortar MMJ programs on hold will move forward and other states will jump on the money train. If states legalize for industrial and recreational use and the feds are prevented from shitting up the works, other states will jump on that money train, too.

    Cannabis prohibition, as we know it, will come to an end sooner than later under that scenario.

    The Beat Goes On


    Sonny & Cher

  4. It sure is a shame that Ohio wasn’t able to get theirs on the ballet. It should have been easy to get enough signatures in time. Someone did a terrible job at getting the word out. Was there that much resistance? Anyway, I believe we should stop the state by state stuff and try to change the laws for the whole Country.

  5. Fantastic! Guys, we are the majority now. That means the only reason we still let these politicians control us is because we are too lazy to vote. Just once, GET OUT AND VOTE! 🙂

  6. I despise superstition, but I’ll have my fingers crossed in November anyway.

    I may even tape them crossed for a week for good measure.

  7. Putting limits and restrictions on amounts a person is allowed to posess is just a recipe for continued corruption and enforcement of a still unjust law.

    Example – cop stops an unsuspecing motorist for traffic violation and finds an ounce of weed. He adds a few drops of water to the weed at the police station, and bang! YOU are now guilty of a much more serious charge -possession of more than one ounce of pot.

  8. What happened to California Regulate Cannabis like Wine?

    [Paul Armentano responds: Proponents failed to gather sufficient signatures to place this measure, or any other proposed marijuana law reform initiative in California, on the 2012 ballot.]

  9. A solid win for reform initiatives will null and void national and international law and the drug war will fall as fast as a Berlin wall.
    War is Over!

  10. Dear Fellow Smokers,

    We love it when internists are speaking about the health effects of marijuana and say, “in light of the new evidence…..and all the new studies…..” and We break in and say, “shut the fuck up, You side talking, greedy bastard, the only difference now is that You make money”….

    Internists are all about the money, and would write a prescription for dog shit, if You had to pay them for that prescription….In fact, if there was any money in dog shit, a large pharmaceutical company, would manufacture a synthetic version, (extracted from real shit), then lobby, to pass a law to make it illegal, for any dog to take an unregulated shit, have any dog that takes an unregulated shit, fined, or jailed, and then come up with some reason why the synthetic shit They manufacture, is better than the natural shit from Your dog…..Then, They will insist that dog shitting, must be done under the care of a physician.

    But that’s after a physicians study, funded by a pharmaceutical company, pushes a national media campaign, subsidized by the Government, called “Above the Shit”, where They push the new slogan: “No Shit”, to children in schools–which will scare the shit out of the kids into thinking that dog shit, is as dangerous as a, drunken, armed terrorist, in Times Square on New Years……..The kids will listen, because doctors know best, and always have thier best interest in mind, because of that hypocratic oath and all….They are ALL so full of shit, especially on the marijuana issue.

  11. NORML should run stories prior to the election about why it’s necessary to change the state laws towards legalized marijuana, even though it’s federally legal. If they legalized it tomorrow on a federal level, there would still be laws in all 50 states banning marijuana. Some of the first prohibitions against cannabis started at the state level, so why wouldn’t we start in the states to decriminalize and move towards legalization as much as possible. Arguing for apathy towards state recreational legalization and state medical marijuana legalization hurts the movement, and has become common rhetoric, even within the pro-marijuana community.

  12. (TO OWEN ) I am 55 years old believe U are way to young to under stand this. But I will try. It is better to have restriction and be able to buy it with out being put in jail and smoke it with out being put in jail. than to cry and say I want vote for it unless there no law governing it. But then u are not even register to vote so your open don’t count

  13. I am moving myself, my family and my business to the first state that legalizes cannibus. Thats the best way I can think to show my support for legalization and I will be happy to give my tax dollars to a state who actually represents the people of their communities and what they expect and want from their .gov. I am sick and tired of my tax dollars being wasted by farce politicians doing what they think is best or what their party is doing instead of what their actuall constituents want…

  14. I love everyone on this site and have learned a great deal. Remember here we are mostly preaching to the choir. If anyone knows someone in the places lucky enough to have legalization on the ballot, please remind them to vote for it and spread the word. We have to start with one state. Prop 19 loss sucked real bad, though it may have not been perfect, I was devastated, now we see how important it was, they have nothing on the ballot for this year. Peace.

  15. it started by each state having dfferent laws on pot so let them change them back without the federal goverment not having any say so they have everthing fucked up anyway, you know all of them being asshole buddies anyway


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