Latest Polling Shows Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization Initiative With Growing Lead

Colorado’s Amendment 64, which aims to regulate marijuana in a manner similar alcohol, is gaining favorability with voters as the November election nears.

New polling data, released over the weekend by DenverPost/SurveyUSA, shows Amendment 64 support growing. 51% of respondents said they would vote in favor of the measure, with only 40% saying they will vote against it. 8% remain undecided.

Previous polling, conducted several weeks ago by Public Policy Polling, had support for the amendment at 47%, opposition at 38%, and 15% undecided.

Click here for more information direct from the Denver Post.

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  1. It will be so interesting to see the outcome of legalization in colorado, especially a voter-apporoved bill. You can tell from letters to the attorney general that the fed is under pressure to enforce the CSA. The problem here is it’s taking away states rights in the most outrageous way. Denying a people of a state rights to change thier own laws REAKS of government tyranny to a new extreme. And the funny thing is, we all know the truth. Congress, the President, and I’m sure as much as its agents are brainwashed, even the DEA knows the truth. Marijuana is NOT a deadly drug. The deadliest thing about it is it’s prohibition. This will spark much controversy in government once this bill passes (amoung other things ;), and I hope to God it does. The end of prohibition may come slow and hard, but the people know the truth, and I’m confident they won’t stand for lies and tyranny once the cats out of the bag from this. The people want legalized marijuana, it’s time our government answer to it’s people’s demands!

  2. The only way to go for the good of our nation. Hope some day this want be a issue in any part of the country. Things will never get better until we stop punishing so many for something so harmless compared to all other froms of relief from socity and it challenges

  3. I am 60 and I want cannabis to be ligal in all the states to be legal.I have so much pain in my back.I know I would be better off with some cannabis I take so many pills please over the conutry please vote yes on all the votes legal.

  4. Yeah I really hope this passes because finally it will show that the people have really chosen for the obvious legalization of regulated Medical Marijuana! If the government does not make it happen people will lose their shit! But big backing from cartels who knows what will happen! Looking forward to November!

  5. As long as people don’t see the numbers and assume their vote isn’t needed…the only way to make those numbers a reality is to get out the vote!

  6. Can just Colorado vote on this or what ?? So stupid that a plant is a crime at all. Whiskey and Pharmacudicals are what’s wrong with this country, notice pot is free, no money for uncle Sam well not enough. Because its easy to grow dank and did I mention it’s free

  7. Yes you know it’s the RX company’s and ATF and the GOV. trying to make all the money they can off all the elderly people that live on a fixed income like they realy need it.I don’t know why,we could get out of all the money problems we are having,they just don’t want to admit they were wroung.

  8. Why don’t the attorneys of NORML take a new approach and go after legalization the same way the gays went after gay rights. In 1980, 6 gay men broke into the DSM office and held the board political hostage until they took homosexuality off the DSM as a mental illness. Tell the United states Supreme court I cannot take man made drugs because I get sick. Due to Montana’s policies the price of a a marijuana medical card went from 20.00 to 350.00 over night and they never sent out any warning of the price change. I no longer have a license and I’m sick because of man made meds. Please help legalize. Let me know if I can help.

  9. Honestly, do some people have nothing better to do with their time than bother other people who freely choose to consume the flowering tops of a common weed? Absent harm to another, anything any adult citizen freely chooses to do or not do, is none of anyone else’s business, nor is it the business of government at any level. This is obvious from a simple reading of the Constitution of the United States, something some people have clearly never done.

  10. I see a problem that poses a real issue for those of us who work for companies who espouse a drug free workplace. Employment law is still being ruled by the courts that employers can discriminate against marijuana users based upon drug test, initial or random. How can an employer manage this conflict between state law which establishes employment practices and federal law, albeit unjust. The only people that get screwed are the people seeking an honest living. I suggest that the legal conflct will create an unfair division in our society unless the u.s. Supreme court weighs in.

    For all you class action lawyers out there, please weigh in.

  11. bro

    sign me up for that weeeeeeed,….,, totally for maijana perposes for medicine. thats why itshould be totally legal for everyone.

  12. Forget the pain argument. Just legalize it because it is an amazing herb that relaxes and de-stresses the user. Perfect.

  13. I think it will win.

    BUT — How long will it take the brainless, steroided-up drones from the DEA to come in, AT THE POINT OF A GUN — and shut it down?

  14. I was on perscription meds my whole childhood 3 had base chemical compounds of meth witch is perfectly legal when perscribed.jr year i was told i couldnt function as a normal adult and me need sent to a home for being shy quiet suffored from constend mood swings and anxiety unable to focus nor comprehend what i was doing after i was told about beimg put in a home i slowly kicked the meds and began smoking pot i turmed my life around i have gone so far in so many carrers and am now someone people look up to but time and time again i have been descrimated for my smoking by the law yes its illegal i have stoped sevral times but evry time i do the anxiety mood swings return i dont want back on man made drugs and im sure there are similar storys out there how many storys have you heard of violence theft rape. Public in decency opposed to alcohal i guaremtee a 1 to 100 if not less what makes pot so unforgivable what makes it sooo bad that we should be ridiculed punnished and unforgivable i belive the passing of this bill will do so much less crime are prisons would not be so overwhelmed kids will not see pot as a drug witch is how they get into it pot seems harmless so isnt evrythingelse? I need this we need this amarica needs this to stop making the law seem like a joke

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