Los Angeles City Council Overturns Their Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban

In a 11-2 vote, the Los Angeles City Council voted to overturn their ban on medical cannabis dispensaries. The council had previously voted 14-0 in favor of banning all dispensaries in the city.

Advocates vowed to overturn the ban and collected the more than 27,425 signatures required to force the council to either repeal the ban on their own or put the issue before voters early next year.

This is an evolving situation and NORML will keep you updated as it develops.

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  1. The government needs to put everyone in jail if they want to maintain the war on hemp! What a bunch of Babylon pigs. Nimrods!

  2. I’m curious what’s NORML’s take on the australian study comparing cigaretter withdrawal to cannabis!!??It’s obviously a small study funded by prohibitionist. I was wondering how it broke down because someone anticannabis was trying to rub this in my face the other day and I use it for chronic testicular pain/pelvic dysfunction/neurological lyme disease

  3. Yay! Good news! I really do hope that they legalize it. I personally hate the effects alcohol and prescription pills have had in my family. I can’t believe how deceived I was for so long. Children definitely should not do it. When I was a teenager, I would try and keep pace with my friends who were smoking it by the bowl-full. But when you’re 84 lbs and just under 5′ that’s not a good idea. The good thing is, unlike with alcohol, I always knew when I’d had my limit. It has that ability to humble you. Whereas with alcohol and prescription meds–not so much!!

  4. Why can’t flat earth folk get anyone to believe that the earth is flat? Yet, the Flat Earthers have convinced most people of late Marijuana should be taboo. While we don’t listen to them about the “flatness” of the earth, why do we listen to them about the “dangers” of marijuana? Anyone can verify that the Earth is a sphere and Marijuana is the safest “drug” on the Earth.

  5. LOL, the study comes from “The National Institute of Cannabis Prevention Center in South Wales”. Gee, they aren’t going to be biased or anything.

    Well, I quit smoking cigarettes and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The migraines were the worst. I’ve quit smoking cannabis several times in my life with zero withdrawal. The longest I’ve gone has been two years. Just didn’t feel the need to smoke, so I didn’t, no big deal. I’ve always smoked when I wanted to smoke, never had to smoke (except to help with medicinal use). If somebody has some sort of withdrawal, it’s some other pain that the cannabis is helping with, and the pain probably returns without the aid of cannabis. Thus there could possibly be an illusion of withdrawal, but to compare that to tobacco withdrawal symptoms is absolutely ludicrous.

    Tobacco helps with nothing, and there is a strong chemical dependency that goes with it because of the nicotine (and pesticides and other chemicals) that’s put into the tobacco.

  6. I was thinking of moving out to California for my education and chosen career path – I am working on my BA in computer programming, and hope to break into the game industry. My inquiry, however, has to do with MMJ patients who grow their own medicine. I get no relief from my arthritis at all – everything below my waist is pretty much a pain-filled zone, and I live in constant fear of the flair-ups (oh, gawd are they miserable!). But pot sends all the flair-ups and pain packing. I’ve been on percocet, darvocet, and just about any other kind of cet you can throw out there. They even wanted me on morphine, to which I said not no, but hell no. I know the dispensaries get busted, but how often do legal MMJ patients get put in cuffs for growing in their home?

  7. First the vote 14-0 to close dispenceries then a few months later vote 11-2 to reverse the ban.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA must be close to election for some of these council members. What turds…typical demicans and republicrats

  8. There must be an interesting story about how those votes turned around. 14-0 in favour of a ban turned to 11-2 in favour of at least letting the voters decide is a big swing. If it were the same council members voting I can only assume it was originally rushed through on a nod and a wink without anyone really paying it proper scrutiny. Politicians are so fickle – Maybe lessons worth learning for elsewhere.

    Well Done guys and great news for those in genuine need.

  9. Great Great news California use to be known as the coolest place in America.So lets get back to basics,California the home of fire weed, beautiful women and good weather. Peace

  10. we should be allowed to feel good when and how we want to if it’s safe. that’s why everyone does it, to feel good. It’s not a wrong act. It’s illegal to feel good. We’re allowed to dream at night, why not in the day! Freedom of reality. Jesus! Think positive!

  11. I was a resident for 7 year until June 2011 and patient till Aug. 2011 when my card expired, but live in another state and deal daily with unbearable chronic pain gi problems and a chronic liver issues for 20 years I’m 27 yrs old… I am on disability I relocated away from California only expected short term, and it felt like a kick in the stomach when I found out what california was dealing with, I recently started to document my pain and my journey being sick, dealing with the need and importance of cannabis to eat function be out of pain, I think ifIt wasn’t for cannabis I wouldn’t eat and loose all will to live it’s truly is the most harmless yet misrepresented herb in the world… it’s fear of the unknown uneducated people controlling corporations to push drug companies agenda. In retrospect the fight is far from over I heard last week Colorado’s next in Nov. Dealing with bans in boulder Colorado… I want to see change that is embraced and protected fully… I have volunteered and have been heavily involved ninth cannabis community in southern California I have shead so many tears for the locals I knew when worked or were a patient, this whole govt sweep is completely a stands against an invisible problem, freedom of choice send freedom of self preservation,I am not mentioning recreational use I’m mentioning “a standard of quality of life US ill patients are seeking rightfully ^as humans” (no one should have to live in discomfort if there is a real approach to your treatment of symptoms”
    Subscribe to my YouTube if you too are fighting for a voice!* thank you all for your messages it’s so touching to be in the war on bullsh** lol..

  12. Considering how New Jersey was the last state to “outlaw slavery” (how do you outlaw something that was never legal?) I’m sure NJ will also be the last state to legalize pot for personal use. Why is New Jersey always last at getting anything right?

  13. I have been smoking pot since I was in Vietnam in 1969 or for 42+ years. When I see my doctor they put a laser clip on my finger to see how much oxygen is in my body and it’s always 99% to 100% and that’s not true with tobacco smokers. The physician then examines my lungs and reports to me my lungs are as clear as a bell. Tobacco kills and Pot is safer than alcohol or tobacco!

  14. I’m feeling seasick – to much to and fro, rocking back and forth. It’s great the los Angeles City council reversed their decision, but why is there so much controvercy? Anyone with a brain can see that cannabis use is not dangerous, it’s not addictive to the point you can’t quit it, if you need to, like if your spouse gets on your case, or you find it’s a hinderance to your ability to be your best? Years ago I quit for a year when the feelings of paranoia grew to be too much, and why not? It’s an offense considered on par with forgery, rape, and kidnapping in many states, and in our Federal gov’t. And since I turned 50 years old it’s rare I meet someone with pot to sell. They all have their private sources.

    Regardless… let’s legalize already!

    I use(d) it, simply to unwind safely at the end of a day of work. Have eraned several college /univ. degrees while using it, and my gpa went up and up… last college I graduated I got a 3.9. So why not a 4? Well considering at 19 my second year college gpa was 2.3, I think a 3.9 is pretty damn good – and I started using pot moderately around age 20 to age 50. I have been in computer tech support for the last 13 years, and I live in America.

    I live in America, and the last 8 years proves the gov’t doesn’t believe in or practise Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness… I mean we have freedoms the rest of the world doesn’t, but if people are going to prison for cannabis, that’s plain wrong. Opens up the whole question of Right and Wrong, when it should be a of what’s harmful/what’s not, and everything in-between.

    Legalize already!

  15. What ever happened to “Land of the Free” I’m 37 and after years of prescription med’s messing up my system Cannabis has been all I need and I’m Happy and Functional something prescription med’s did not let me be

  16. Now they will just have the federal gov do their dirty work so they can just sit back and pretend to be on your side.

  17. At first they got bribed from the cartel & now with the rapid change in opinion you know it’s coming up to election day . Anyways,for the most part nobody in California gets elected if they’re oppossed to marijuana legalization or otherwise . Don’t vote for, Feinstein . Nobody can teach an old dog new tricks .

  18. Perhaps we could identify the two los Angeles city council members who voted against the overturn and send then to Russia to live. Give them a taste of Government control out of control.

  19. The Medical Marijuana facilities suffer from an identity crises. You say the wrong thing and it will cost you an arm and a leg. This whole country is in a massive debt and everyone working in the government or are in office are eating each other alive.
    Marijuana needs to be legalized for many reasons.
    I have never heard of anyone performing any illegal sexual favors for marijuana, but when it comes down to other drugs the stories of that nature are endless.
    There is more to what meets the eye.

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