Presidential Debates Should Address Marijuana Prohibition

The Brownie Mary Club Democratic Club of California is hosting an online petition to be presented to the chairman of the Presidential Debate Commission to include at least one cannabis-related question in the presidential debates.


Seventeen states and the District of Columbia representing over a third of the U.S. population have legalized the use of marijuana when recommended by a physician, six states have marijuana initiatives on their November ballots (three legalization and three medical), $20 billion taxpayer dollars are spent every year enforcing marijuana prohibition ensnaring over 850,000 Americans in the criminal justice systems and thousands are killed along our border over illegal importation of marijuana into the United States. There is no other issue that costs so much and directly affects the lives of millions of Americans yet is so totally ignored.

It is time that this issue is given the attention it deserves. We respectfully request that one or both of the following two questions be asked in one of the three presidential debates.

1. Colorado, Oregon and Washington have initiative measures on their ballots that will legalize the sale and distribution of marijuana for any purpose. If one or more of these states pass a legalization measure, as polls indicate is likely, what will be the response of your administration?

2. With seventeen states and the District of Columbia representing over a third of the U.S. population having legalized the use of marijuana when recommended by a physician, there is a direct conflict between federal law and state law. Three states have medical marijuana initiatives on their ballots in November and several more states are expected to enact medical marijuana laws over the next two years. Will you do anything as President to help reconcile the differences between federal and state law?

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  1. I doubt they’ll give it serious consideration if the topic comes up. I’m expecting Romney to be out and out against it, and Obama to make a quip and brush it off. Then, it’ll be a Robert McLaughlin style NEXT QUESTION dash to get as far away from the subject as possible.

    Keep running the world economy into the ground so that it doesn’t matter who is POTUS because everybody needs the money and the jobs at the state and local levels.

    Just get federal legislation to stop the feds (DEA, DOJ, IRS, etc.) from interfering in MMJ states. After that, MMJ states with their brick and mortar programs on hold will take them off paper and have them for real, and other states will see the cash cow and jump on the money train. Once enough states are MMJ states, the whole folly of cannabis prohibition will topple, and soon it will be legal for industrial and adult recreational purposes.

    Cannabis is very popular in the Muslim world, despite its prohibition. It’s a great calmer of the masses, and gives the NGOs a foot in the marketplace while giving intelligence agencies a few shell companies. Above ground, you can trace who the money goes to. Under prohibition, you can’t trace who the money goes to, so if it goes to terrorist organizations you don’t know till it’s too late.

    It’s instant jobs in the Middle East, Afghanistan and everywhere. Traded in U.S. dollars, it’s hard currency for our poor brothers and sisters on the planet, which is better than the current form of militarizing the drug war and having it suffice as a major source of economic aid. People in the Middle East are rioting because there is not enough work. Get the governments to become westernized by dangling cannabis jobs to the people in order to pressure their governments to westernize enough also for cannabis to be legal, even if alcohol is not, legal at least for export.

    Keep running the world economy into the ground until cannabis is legalized.

    Romney or Obama will have to sit back and watch more states become MMJ states, and legalization will happen.

    There is simply too much death and suffering, too many shattered lives under cannabis prohibition.

    Holder, get on board!

  2. well cannabis well better our economy greatly .. healthy 4 earth! unbelievable medicinal purposes .. I believe in the herb ..ITS THE FUTURE! ! IM from TX I wish it wuz decriminalized or legal.. and cannabis laws here are strict! ! I would devote my life 2 this amazing herb!

  3. Mitt Romney Notice Men who hide behind thier phony “morallity” always harbor the most ill-will & contempt for all humanity

  4. whether any questions get asked in the debate or not would not really matter.even if one of them was for it wouldn’t really matter as there is only 1 vote per person.what really matters and is going to turn this thing around is getting the whole truth about all aspects of cannabis out there more and more every day.

  5. Big corrections gives a lot of money to both sides and are guaranteed %80 cell occupancy. Big reefer includes not only private prisons and the Mexican border war but the military budget includes marajuana “interdiction” in Latin America and a there is a raft of other big business entities. Neither side wants to talk about it

  6. no, rephrase that; “neither one has balls…”

    just because they fathered children, doesn’t make them men. they would sell their children for a barrel of oil and a fabricated ACORN vote…

    values do not exist in the government. if they did, this would be a just nation fighting for the God-given rights of man all over the world.

  7. Prohibition of Cannabis is not constitutional,

    We have the right to the pursuit of happiness

    We have the right to practice the religion of OUR choice, not one chosen by another person, and cannabis is integral in bringing the love of God into my life, prohibs who happens to either hate cannabis, or gains money from its illegality –
    freedom is something the usa touts until a cannabis consumer finds bliss, or heaven for a few minute perhaps, is it that the low lifes are just jealous cause MONEY can never buy happiness, and yet some one with no money what so ever can be the happiest person on the planet?
    I think its part of it, and i will toke the next one in spite of the anticonstitutional low lifes

  8. These are the best questions we can come up with? What about cutting funding to programs that do not work both canidates have said such, and drugs are bought and sold in high schools as they have been for 50 plus years, The program does not work. How about asking the canidates if they support the current free for all policy of unregulated marijuana or a regulated system that puts power back into the hand of parents. We can force walmart to stop selling to children yet we take our lives in our hands should we approach a car on the street corner dealing in the manner that has been accepted and enforced by the curret policies of the US government.

  9. Mitt Romney’s stance on all things marijuana are unfortunatly typical of the republican party. Paul Ryan on the other hand has stated that he and the tea party though don’t support legalization, they completely support the state’s (voter’s) rights to choose their own laws. Its my hope that Romney will listen to the will of the people. Obama surely refuses to listen or care.

  10. I know my vote will go to one who answers this question right, otherwise my vote will go to Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheenan whom are also on the ballot for president. Come on guys instead of being known as the president who started a war, or the one who did something worse, why not be the President who ended marijuana prohibition and saved our countries economy.

  11. I agree that this question should not be asked, as it will only give both guys an opportunity to insult and re-poison the debate, of which debate we have managed to pull control from their hands using the internet, for the Main DStream Media -love- their prohibition. It makes for much better news pictures than all the =cannabis peace in Amsterdam. That is why you never see the MSM covering the story in Amsterdam… because there isn’t the story they expect to see, which is utter societal destruction and chaos, which is what Both Presidential candidates will promise when asked.

    Better they have to deal with it after at least 1 of 3 states votes to legalize.

  12. I won’t vote for any of these fools. I am going to skip to voting for Medical Marijuana in my state maybe write in Ron Paul if you can even do that then I am done. I refuse to take part in voting for “the lesser of two evils” game they want us to play. Not voting for any of the candidates is a protest of its own and will be easier on my conscience.

  13. Evil people are trying to keep it illegal. Look at Sharon Tate’s conspirator. He tried to ruin peace and love. There are many free dark people still trying to win. I send them orange winged angels called Carrions to “blanket” them and their negativity. Try it. Then talk about legalizing. We have to fight! They’re not going to forfeit. Feeling good should be legal! It has been for thousands of years and we never heard 1 single bad thing about pot. We’re not asking for Crystal Meth to be legal.. Cannabis. Yes we cannabis! Go fight.

  14. To Tell you the Truth…I am sick of both of them…they are so out of touch with the REAL people of this planet…they want us to play this election game with them in the football season with OUR LIVES… lower and raise taxes, gasolne prices soring through the roof, behind our backs…taking their stocks, bonds, and money out of the you don’t notice ..only fit for the rich..guess well be riding they do over in Eruope…when it is all about themselves. LEGALIZE Cannabis…put the people back to work at what they do best…Agriculture Farming of Cannabis; Industrial and Medical! Import and Export, find out what other research can be done as they are making Hemp oil…why not as a alternative fuel…with the threat of $6.00 a gallon in the next few months…we can do so much with this plant it is not funny. They are making us become wasted in mind and body with the pharmacutial garbage they have pump us up with and taken our liberties away from us, and our children are not any better…look at the hate, selfcenterness, bitterness already at age 5 and up..their moral charater shot dead in the water…their Elite-stress is their’s not our stress,while cannabis let us rest while they STRESS…the same junk they shove down our mentality should be shoved right back where it belongs with them…eat your own crap!!! Looks like the pigs are squilling loud and strong…they don’t want to turn the money they can take it with them…it will come back to us! When the devil and his cronnies are dismantel…they don’t like that one bit..they don’t believe their crap STINKS…lol CANNABIS smells like HEAVEN inside and outside my being!!! The elites play this game to pick your pocket dry…Man if the shoe was on the other foot…what would life be like…make the rich poor for a change! They will do it to themselves…they don’t need our help…watch them and their behavior from now on…see how they go crazy!!!

  15. If you really want Marijuana legalized by someone who is running for the presidency ,you need to check out Gary Johnson ;LBT . He is adamantly for legalizing it and is on the 2012 ballot.

  16. Tell me somebody…what issues have Gov. Johnson handled concerning: Abortion, jobs, foreign relations, new currency, economy, taxes, social security, housing, internet, gay marriage, Military spending cuts, gross money deception; go for it!
    Most media have not carried Gov. JOHNSON LIVE. What is really going on. I huged and kissed my real self a snake, my ego RAN

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