One Month Before the Election, Colorado Marijuana Legalization Still Up Ten Points

The University of Denver has just released a new poll of likely Colorado voters and the results are encouraging for marijuana law reform advocates. With just under a month until election day, Colorado’s Amendment 64, which aims to regulate marijuana like alcohol, is still enjoying a ten point lead in the polls.

University of Denver polled 604 likely voters in Colorado between October 4th and 5th. They found that 50% were planning on voting yes on Amendment 64, with 40% stating they’d vote no and 10% still undecided. These numbers are holding steady when compared to the Denver Post’s previous polling on the issue in September which showed 51% support to 40% against.

If you live in Colorado, be sure to get out to the polls on election day and vote YES on Amendment 64. We can end marijuana prohibition by taking this first crucial step in dismantling the drug war machine. Help us end the thousands of arrests in Colorado every year for marijuana possession and send a resounding message to the federal government that we will no longer tolerate their war against cannabis consumers.

Also worth noting is that later today the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol will be announcing they’ve received the support of over 300 physicians who have signed onto a letter stating their support for Amendment 64. This list includes notable physicians such as Dr. Larry Bedard, former president of the American College of Emergency Physicians, and Dr. Bruce Madison, associate medical director of the faculty at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and vice-chair of the Council on Legislation for the Colorado Medical Society. You can read more this development here.

You can read more about this poll here.

Learn more about marijuana in the 2012 election by reading NORML’s voter guide, Smoke the Vote.

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  1. Way to go Colorado! Everybody get out and vote yes so we can stop destroying the country.

  2. This great news my friends. We are winning this battle we’ve just gotta keep doing what we’re doing. 2012 will be a year of a great awakening. We will all be better off once prohibition is lifted.

  3. I read several articles about the three states that are about to (possibly) legalize marijuana. They mentioned the fact that Prohibitionists were screaming for support from Obama, but that he has been SILENT.

    What can he say? He’s a staunch Prohibitionist, but he doesn’t want to remind everyone this close to the election.

  4. As a member of the Armed Service, I wish the best for the success of Amendment 64. It’s about time that people recognize that marijuana is not any different than alcohol in the rationale of the politicians. It actually would be preferred by myself versus drinking and I hope Colorado is a step in the right direction.

  5. The Colorado tourist board needs to get ready. After all If California can promote it’s wine why not cannabis in Colorado. Seriously there are many questions to sort out -such as state borders and ‘drug tourism’ (which is a big issue in Netherlands and surrounding countries at the moment). I am sure Norml already has the answers – just ask.

    God I hope it happens !

  6. Mostly unimportant,

    I am getting emotional over this. I have been following NORML for years and haven’t really helped with.. anything…


    As someone who uses marijuana for various problems throughout life (situational use) I want to cry and praise the efforts of those who have turned things around for everyone.

    My future looks so less stressful. I don’t know how to thank everyone. I’ll start by thanking my brothers-in-arms who have (or haven’t) helped these movements to legalize marijuana on one level or another and by thanking NORML for the same thing but on an even larger scale (housing these efforts)

    I love you.

  7. On the subject of Obama – he’s gone to ground on this issue. He is a good enough political operator to see that he may be caught out on the wrong side of this debate if legalization gets a foothold. But he is also backed by people who wish to maintain prohibition. The coward sticks his head in the sand until the dust settles. Politicians the world over are following his lead as well. Ask yourselves – would George Bush (either of them) or Ronald Reagan have remained as silent as Obama ? American politics has changed !

  8. Criminalization of cannabis is completely ridiculous. I have been dismissed from University, I know people who have been robbed on the streets, and I have heard about people being killed in drug deals. Take marijuana off of the black market! This is not a harmful drug at all and science proves it. I am in a six month treatment program for marijuana. I am not an addict. They tell me that marijuana causes your kids to be born autistic and/or with ADHD. They tell me it is one of the most dangerous substances known to man just because it is fat soluble. All of their information is a load of bull.
    Please vote YES for Amendment 64, and bring an end to cannabis prohibition!

  9. They need to include more people in these polls. 600 should not be a representative sample for an entire state…

  10. To American Soldier: Thank you for your service and thank you for supporting cannabis freedom like a true American!

  11. Fellow users, and lover of the cannabis, plant. I want to make you aware of a fact that you may or not be aware of.
    When Uruguay decided to legalize Marijuana, and make it a state business asked if the U.S. was going to follow suite. President Obama was supposed to have replied ” not on my watch, it wont happen”.
    Mr. Obama, has admitted to having used it in both, High School, and College. He therefor should know what the effects of what the plant is. He should also know that it is not addictive, or harmful.
    My question is why has he left it on the schedule one list, when he knows that the schedule two list contains, Herion, crack, and other drugs that are both addictive, and that can kill you from.
    The only reason that I can see for this is, that he is under the influence of big business, that is making big money off of prohibition, and don’t want him to (rock the boat) such as the DEA. Private prison systems, Police,(forfeiture law), court and prosecution system (fines), Big businesses I.E. Pharmacy, Alcohol, tobacco, paper, Mr Dupont, and the list goes on, and on.
    I do not want a man to run MY government who I feel is owned by some else. He doesn’t have my interest at heart.
    Mr. Romney, because of his religious beliefs, is prejudiced against my god given right to do with my own body(that is the reason, why GOD gave me, my free will. I have to ANSWER to my CREATOR for what I do, Not Mr.Romney).
    Therefor the only solution that I can see for this coming election, in November is to vote the Libertarian party (Mr. Gary Johnson). because if I vote for either one of the other candidates. In my mind I will be voting for the lessor of two evils, and voting for the lessor of two evils is still voting for an evil.
    Voting for Mr. Gary may be a wasted vote, but I will be able to sleep nights, knowing, that I voted my conscience.
    If all of the people that loves that plant the way I do, thought the way I do, then Mr. Gary Johnson Just be our next President. I can Hope can’t I???

  12. “Ask yourselves – would George Bush (either of them) or Ronald Reagan have remained as silent as Obama ?” Absolutely not. If Ronald Reagan were president today there would be no dispensaries, no medical marijuana states and of course no serious ballot initiatives to legalize. Obama wishes you would go away, the Republicans will see that you do.

  13. “Obama wishes you would go away, the Republicans will see that you do.”

    Um….er…a..Obama’s administration and DEA goons shut down more dispensaries than Bush.

    Don’t try to make a Obama a hero, he’s not. At least we know where the other jerk-off’s stand but Obama lies about everything, even weed.

  14. Our government has to face that marijuana has become mainstream eventually at this point they are just making even bigger fools of themselves.

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