NEW I-502 TV Ads: Former Federal Law Enforcement Officials Support Marijuana Legalization

New Approach Washington, the campaign behind Washington State’s marijuana legalization initiative (I-502), has just released two new television ads that began airing today. What makes these advertisements even more notable is that they both prominently feature former federal law enforcement officials. The importance of this is perfectly summed up by former NORML Board Member and writer for Washington’s “The Stranger,” Dominic Holden:

This is a big deal: The new ads for Initiative 502 that begin airing today, which encourage Washington to become the first state to legalize marijuana, star former federal law enforcement.

I know—if you watch politics around here, you know they’re on board and their endorsement seems… banal. Don’t be jaded. Former US Attorneys John McKay and Kate Pflaumer, along with the FBI’s Charlie Mandigo, make the most persuasive case for legalization: Pot laws result in using limited law enforcement resources that should instead be focused on violent crime.

Every time that pot legalization—even decriminalization—has gone to voters in other states, federal law enforcement have delivered the coup de grace, largely by virtue of their credibility. This time, it’s the opposite. These prosecutors and an agent get in the first word for legalization, and with $1 million in the bank and up to $2 million more on the way, the New Approach Washington campaign is going to hit this message hard. This is a coup.


Together we can end marijuana prohibition, let’s Smoke the Vote in November. Previous polling for I-502 in September had support for the effort at 57%, help us keep up the momentum going into election day by educating everyone you know about the importance of cannabis reform in the 2012 election. You can learn more about these initiatives and the presidential candidates’ statements on marijuana by reading NORML’s voter guide available here.

YES ON I-502!

You can visit the campaign’s website for more info here.

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  1. Hm, what to say about this. Why former and not current and former federal law enforcement officials?

    Little to *cuss word snipped* late for this, don’t you think, former US Attorneys John McKay and Kate Pflaumer, & FBI’s Charlie Mandigo? When you guys were current, you could have done something about it.

    Guess the cash ain’t flowing in to the “formers” anymore I am guessing?

    And it takes it to be a former to realize the profits go to the cartels and waste of time of law enforcement and courts over the war of marijuana prohibition?

    What a convenient time, someone cut you guys out of the some monies?

    This is not negativity, so please let this comment pass through to be posted.

  2. Its nice to see this 502.It gives hope to people like me from a small town in Kansas..I am a felon from a intent to propagate charge.Becuase of this feloney I cant vote.I cant own a gun,and its impossible for me to get a job..I also have had the privlege in my life to live in Issaquah Wa.I worked at Fred Myers in Redmound Wa and smoked daily.I have a bi-polor disorder.I use cannabis to help with mania.It also helps with my depression.I have tried and tried again pills given by doctors to control my disorder and everytime I get bad results from them.Cannabis isnt for everyone.But for those it helps please leave us alone and stop tellng sociaty that we are criminals or bad people.Stop ruining lives by harsh laws on cannabis.Stop the lies.please Wa vote I-502.

  3. For 20 years + I have refrained from having 1 single drink, I however enjoy the weeds, lol daily I use it, I own my own buiss and am very successful, I have refused to be part of the med system as it was just another way to lie about who I am, I am a MJ user who benefits from it seriously, I was raised in a horrible alcoholic home and have been on my own since 13, these early events in my life left me NEEDING help to relax, to not be anxious, to help anger, and Oh yea to STAY OFF of the strongest drug out there alcohol. I am shocked that people still do not understand the truth, I HAVE SPENT 4 YRS ON COCAINE 4 YEARS ON METH I HAVE DABBLED WITH OPIATES I DRANK LIKE A FISH FOR OVER 8 YRS, ALL OF THAT NEARLY KILLED ME THESE DRUGS WERE LIFE DESTROYING BUT THE WEEDS THE WEEDS? Give Me a break man! I do EVERYTHING on the weeds, work, drive, extensive math, excel formula creation, I have never ever had a problem doing any of these things on the weed BUT BUT you just try standing up after having a 40oz of OLE English or a bunch of shots of hard A, Oh man the hypocrisy is UNBELIEVABLE! in the year 2012 in the USA I can be arrested! by a cop who then goes home and drinks the hardest drug available! booze! I feel sick talking about it, BOOZE IS THEE STRONGEST DRUG! I KNOW!!!! I never ever ever did 1 crime on coke, on meths, but booze?!?!?! OMG thee first thing I would do was to commit a crime the booze made me feel Like A DIFFERENT PERSON! LIKE I COULD DO ANYTHING LIKE I WAS SUPERMAN! Coke AND METH never EVER EVER DID THIS TO ME Those drugs just make you into a total looser but never ever made me FEEL so totally differently than i normally do other than the Hi, and on the other Hand Booze made me into a MANIAC! I have 2 not 1, but two! violent felony’s! from fights when you guessed it I was DRUNK! People are soo foolish to not know the deal with drugs yey they are allowed to vote on the subject? Ingnoranus almost ALL! weeds have never caused me any problems in life ever! Coke and Meth nearly Killed me BUT BOOZE NEARLY KILLED ME AND A BUNCH OF OTHER PEOPLE THAT i GOT NASTY W WHEN I WAS A DRUNKard. ALL these years later the ignoranus public wants to vote to make it ok far too late , you who have supported the control of the weed laws are thee ones directly responsible for ruining the lives of many many folks who have had to hide thier faces for fear of heavy judgment and that they may be arrested, I hope this law passes but I will never pay 1 penny to anybody for my weed, I can easily grow it and keep everybody else from making a profit on what I freely want to do, just a heads up this new law makes the gov the new cartel LOL they probably just want it here in wa because we just kicked them all out of the highly hypocritical selling of booze, lol go f off state and gov!

  4. It is all about harm reduction! People don’t get it because it is classified with heroin! And of coarse we all have been brain washed since we were born by our senseless government and media whom propagate the lies for political and monetary gain from corporations.

  5. C’mon WA!! The world is watching you! I live in NYC. The marijuana arrest capitol of the world! We in NYC can only dream of being able to smoke and possess without fear of arrest. We have no ballot initiative. We don’t even have medical. ALL our patients are thrown under the bus, even without driving.

    Please. For the rest of the planet. We implore you to think not of yourselves, but of everyone else who has it far worse than you. Pass this initiative for us. This is our Berlin Wall. It’s time to dismantle it.

  6. Washington WILL legalize marijuana! WOO HOO! Colorado is going to be close, but because it is an election year, I think enough voters will turn out to push it over that 50% cliff! WOO HOO! Oregon—- I know they are down about 4%, but it is still possible! I say this ONLY because there is an unusually large amount of undecided voters at 22%. This number at this point of the race is generally around 10%. So, I’m not quite sure why there are so many undecided voters at this point in Oregon. If these voters break dead even at 50% Yes 50% No— then Oregon would have 48% YES 52% NO—–so a 2 to 1 break in favor of YES would put Oregon at about 53% YES 47% No. While this is not likely, I can’t say it will not happen, because like I said—a 22% block of undecided voters is a very large number sitting on the fence for some reason or another and is a bit strange. If everything falls just right, Oregon could be the Victory upset game of the week. NEVER GIVE UP! GO OREGON!



    Online video of Oct. 9, 2012 CCTV
    Vermont Governor candidate debate
    in the television studio live
    with USMJP Cris Ericson,
    United States Marijuana Party in Vermont,
    and Emily Peyton – independent,
    (and by telephone only, Dave Eagle, Liberty Union Party).

    Cris explains that incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin
    will only decriminalize marijuana,
    but she will legalize marijuana.

    Cris states that God was the first marijuana legalization
    activist because He gave us Every Seed Bearing Plant
    in the Old Testament Holy Bible, Genesis.

  8. I live outside the US so I have not seen the No campaign ads but I think it is going to be hard for them to refute the comments of these people. I hope these ads will change some more minds and you get a massive majority in favour which no one can argue with. If the Feds go against the kind of majority public support that looks possible they are going to seem corrupt and out of control to the rest of the country and the world. Dare we hope that the edifice of prohibition is really starting to fall ?

    God speed ‘New Approach Washington’

  9. to jason….dude i hear the same old crap from lots of others just like you…B.S. sure i can grow it myself screw the gov. and state bla bla bla. Why dont you just grow your own tobacco, vegetables, meat, wheat,…make your own radio, flashlites, guns,t.v.’s, homes,cars,gas,electricity,…and all this other crap people like you keep complaining about…dude just be happy that one day, just maybe one day it will pass……cause i will surely buy it even if it is from a big corperation…hell I’ll even work for that corp. an get free buds every Christmas….I’ll be happy to be able to go to the liquor store to buy bud without having to worry about going to jail or losing my job…I’m sorry about your felonies…it must suk arse but you would probably vote against 502 because of issues you have against buying it, so it’s probably a good thing that you can’t vote anyway because you would make the rest of these hard working peoples lives who have come a long way to make it legal,…harder……good day to ya.

  10. Criminalization of cannabis is completely ridiculous. I have been dismissed from University, I know people who have been robbed on the streets, and I have heard about people being killed in drug deals. Take marijuana off of the black market! This is not a harmful drug at all and science proves it. I am in a six month treatment program for marijuana. I am not an addict. They tell me that marijuana causes your kids to be born autistic and/or with ADHD. They tell me it is one of the most dangerous substances known to man just because it is fat soluble. All of their information is a load of bull.
    Please vote YES for I-502, and bring an end to cannabis prohibition!

  11. Law enforcement, police unions/ DEA are still the largest enemy, (regardless of a few who are on Our side) so it’s like saying “the good nazi”, when referring to a small group in its favor… They need to arrest and fine Us to keep their jobs, and They know it….Jailing a child to keep ones job is pathetic.

  12. Wonderful! We need these kind of folks telling the prohibitionist infidels what they need to hear.

    I like focusing on drug cartel profits. I’m sick and tired of paying taxes to help guarantee the drug cartels’ profits.

  13. @jason

    Thanks for sharing your experience. When I watch episodes of ‘Cops’ on TV and tally the problems encountered by drug use, it’s always alcohol causing bizarre, bellicose, belligerent behavior. I came of age in the 1960s. By far the worst drug I’ve ever seen in my life is alcohol.

  14. I gotta say, coke and alcohol are the worst drugs to me. Just watching drunks and coke heads makes my stomach churn–the idea of them driving is truly frightening.

    I wish we could collectively move past the intense association we have where pot is constantly compared to some really shitty drugs like cigarettes or heroin. Every single person I know the that smokes both tobacco and marijuana has told me, “I wish I never started smoking cigarettes; ’cause now I can’t quit them. But I love weed and I don’t understand why its illegal.”

    Every time someone says pot is a “gateway drug”, I say, “No, cigarettes and oxycotin are gateway drugs. Marijuana doesn’t work like hard drugs, it has a completely different chemistry that works with our bodies’ systems.”

  15. @bkzombee, Bro you are way! off base, First off I dint say I could not vote, my rights were restored Years ago, I will vote yes on it because it is alot better than what we currently have, as far as why don’t I just make my own radios, etc, and everything else I use , LOL give me a break man, Good radio = hard to make not $ saved either, grow own MJ = WAY lower $ and Easy to do, I don’t mind others paying for it or look down on it, its just not for me ok, If it doesn’t bother you that THEE only reason the feds want to legalize it is so as they say they can have the $ the cartels get and it doesn’t bother you that your rights were stolen from you on this subject fine, I dont mind however please allow room for thoses of us that are sickened by the feds and the so called gov and the twisted reasons that they now want to legalize weeds. Um LOL I should just be happy that it may be legalized now? I believe that this is the very attitude that allows the gov the steal your rights folks who are just happy to get a tiny slice of the freedom they were guaranteed by their forefathers sacrifices are not representing courage and riotousness, judging by your response you seem very young when you get older you will most likely feel differently unless you use your time to be hearded like a sheep rather than that try to use balanced thought PS I am building my own house and I will save around 150,000 Ok bro thx.

  16. jason,
    gee, sounds like something i wrote in awhile back. alot of the same things. thanks for letting others read the truth…but we are preachin to the choir folks. how can we get our personal truth to the folks that do not read normls truth.those who do not know must here it from those of us who know FIRST HAND . the feds will find a way to squash this bill. in my opinion they must because, the crystal palace, those who really run this country, big buisness that is, stand to lose their big profits from legal hemp and, big pharma will lose from cannabis…it is not any safety or moral issues..we must ALL get off our asses . find a way to step out of this circle of fear that keeps us such sheeple….how do we do that folks????

  17. just a thought folks, how bout, we start explaining how cannabis really works for us. in a more personal manner.that is something i really dont see a whole lot of and, im on this blog every couple days or so. if people who dont know are curious enough to get on this website and they see more of the good that cannabis really does for us…dont you all think that would be a benefit for the cause? most of us older folks have found much more benefit from it then ‘just a party tool’. i have found great benefit from just a few sessions from the pyrex after work most every day.they dont need to here ‘oooh woow myann like….i am sooo stoned bullshit. i mean yes, i enjoy the buzz like crazy but, it is soo much more then that. its peace for me….(an jason) from all the bad shit in folks lives and that our government keeps legal.i like being the person that i am when i indulge in cannabis and, it doesnt have to be all he time or in massive quanties. i have found things like temperance, understanding. kindness and well being to be multiplied when consuming the remedy. so, when those who look for understanding as to why we consume cannabis read here that it causes people to, laugh,feel better about themselves and, generally be better people to our neighbors…we may add some more yes votes where they are badly needed. they probably wont think too much of cannabis after reading about a constant barrage of complaints about the federal government!!altho, pointing out why they are really keeping it illegal helps too….. anybody feel that ?????

  18. John K, there is something very important sort of hidden in what you say. Even though there are thousands of police officers who believe the war on marjuana is a waste and not very legal their money get taken from them in the form of “Union Dues” and the unions go on to represent some other folks’ polical agenda of keeping marijuana illegal, not actually representing those providing the money.

    It has got to be extremely frustrating, to say the least. I think we need to ask the police to tell their unions to help the country by supporting legalization.

  19. Just imagine, some day…

    CLERK: You got $20 in gas and a Mt Dew. Anything else?
    CUSTOMER: Yeah, gimme a pack of the Colombian Golds.

  20. @lockedoutofthesheddammit you assume that I dont share these thoughts with AS MANY non knowers as possible at my own risk, I nearly lost a job over revealing these things so thanks for the appreciation in my sharing of the truth but No thanks on ASSUMING I share only where it is safe, thank you very much. I am a activist ok bro…..

  21. You know, I do hope I-502 will get passed. I hope the other two states voting on this will pass it as well. I hope to also live in one of these states in the next couple of years if it does get passed. That would be great. Or Virginia could just make it legal too, but I seriously don’t see that happening.

  22. I like the adds, @John K, just a thought, but I think some people sell their souls to feed their families, and that is just the way it is, also it takes time to change your mind after years of not knowing, or being told otherwise, for example, I know people who have gone through life gay bashing and then have a family member come out, then they have to reevaluate, as for law enforcement, their must be enormous pressure to keep the status quo in effect, I understand some members of LEAP have lost their jobs for speaking out, plus the years of misinformation are just now finally getting reversed by all the years of work from many folks. I hope we can agree that with the time left before the vote, we need to talk to anyone we know in the states with initiatives and ask them to do the right thing. Thanks for your thoughts and work. Peace!

  23. why have alcohol and tobacco legal but not cannabis? Why was it made illegal? Riddle me that. There are no good answers! It was made illegal because people in arizona and new mexico had a problem with mexicans and their way of feeling good. It’s still illegal because lies and propaganda worked until now. People are getting smarter and we don’t like hypocrisies! Pot is safe and fun AND it’s as valuable as gold AND it grows on trees. $10,000 a pound black market prices and you can grow it. Good job so far but keep it rolling, moving, keep making it better!

  24. For healing,caring for the body, natural healing medicine,seeds,growth,harvest, partaking,thanksgiving. Beautiful amazement,natural healing medicine, compassion for individual pain sufferers,vote yes marijuana (THC)
    Michael lr

  25. jason, dude, i meant nothing of the kind my friend.. i was only agreeing with your writing. i assume nothing about how you conduct your feelings about cannabis as i do not know you.i am thankful that you would step out about something so important. i was only suggesting to those of us who do not speak the truth about the herb.i know people who really live in fear about others knowing they consume and was only trying to get someone motivated. we all know cannabis is a great thing and it would benefit the cause if more folks could speak out.this was , as usual, more of an open letter to all.i hope this helps and, have a great day fellow consumer!

  26. 502 is not the great thing everyone thinks it is sounds cool. But what happens in a year when the feds tell the state that the money from taxes was obtained illegally. And the way they are wanting to tax it at every level farmer to processor 25% processor to reatiler 25% retailer to customer 25% it going to be 400 an oz you think everyone is goning to pay that retail. then also the liquir board is in control of how potent the product can be retail Will be SH&T weed. This will back fire because the feds will try to make an example to may fed job are dependant on marijuana being illegal.

    [Editor’s note: Why would the feds try to steal WA’s tax money for legalized cannabis when they’re not doing this right now in states like CO, NM, AZ, ME, etc….? Aren’t they breaking federal laws right now by allowing the sale of cannabis under the guise of medical use? How can the CO Dept of Revenue’s Medical Marijuana Law Enforcement Division have collected millions in taxes, patient ID and business fees in the last three years?

    Lesson: If the state passes tax-n-regulate laws, the feds generally leave the cannabis-related businesses alone and certainly don’t raid and take state tax money derived from cannabis cultivations, sales and patient ID fees. If a state does not pass control models by initiative or legislation for medical cannabis, this allows the vacuum for the feds to rush into.

    If the feds do try to stop a state from collecting taxes on cannabis sales–for recreational or medical use–the US Supreme Court will almost certainly get an expedited petition and hear a case where a state (or states) are pushing the feds, not just the reformers.]

  27. I justVaped
    ahit on to kool knives got a tiny vapor and coughed for 10 min, Hi-er than I EVER BEEN! It was to Celebrate the fact that I just Voted Down Party Lines, Not for Osamah bin,denladen and Oh yeah YES on WEED and lol yeah I voted NO on well you know taking away my grandmas right to rent her christian hall to gays in everett for marriges she thinks shed go to hell if she allowed it so well you know I said NO to it, leave my grandma outa it and maybe it woulda been different even though im christian, ok off the point I voted YES ON 502 just now!!

  28. I hate when some dumb smokers make the rest look bad. You have to be an idiot retard to vote romney if you’re not a millionaire, even then, that’s the evil greedy choice anyway. People who vote shit r. should be arrested for treason!

  29. ST Nick if you hate wealthy people so much why dont you quit your job it was created by a wealthy person you and your type are the ROT of good times and the path to poverty you make me sick but more than that THIS FORUM IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT THE WEEDS GET A CLUE DUDE!

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