Melissa Etheridge Endorses Amendment 64 to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in New Ad

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol has just released a new radio ad in support of Colorado’s Amendment 64, which aims to regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.

The ad, which will be airing on terrestrial radio as well as Pandora in the state of Colorado, features Melissa Etheridge relating her personal journey with marijuana. Through her experience of medical use during her struggles with cancer, Melissa realized the positive aspects of the plant and the dire consequences of the war on drugs and is now calling for legalized and regulated cannabis, which starts with voting YES on Amendment 64 this fall.

You can check out the radio ad with Melissa Etheridge below, in addition to the campaign’s latest television ad, which is currently airing across the state. To learn more about the campaign, visit their website here.

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  1. Awesome!! I never thought I’d see the day. Having all these TV ads for pro Cannabis!! With celebrities and politicians too! Prohibition will be over soon!

  2. Having parkinsons and seizure disorder i can relate the medical cannabis story quite easy. there have been many a day where i would have not gotten out of the of bed if not for this plant. i truely hope that we see regulation soon

  3. Why aren’t other famous people getting behind this like Jack Black, James Franco, Seth Rogan, Doug Benson, Elijah Wood, or Woody Harrelson? There are so many successful a listers and musicians that are just like us, why can’t we get a little help from them to increase amendment 64, I-502, or Measure 80’s exposure?! Things are eerily silent, hate to say it but it doesn’t feel like there’s enough hype for these legalization initiatives. Even though the polling numbers are decent for amendment 64 and I-502, I figured we’d be throwing a legalization concert or benefit or festival of some sort with these people helping us…

  4. I was able to give up 25 years of alcoholism with cannabis use. When my mother found out I smoked cannabis at age 14 she noticed that I started to think more and was astounded by it. I went on to attending 9 years of college.

  5. Melissa dealt courageously with her disease and continues to do so to this day. A story of triumph we can all look up to. I like emphasizing the medicinal uses, the anti-drug cartel spin, and the more money for schools instead of the criminal underground stuff.

    Now if they come up with an add wherein Dr. Grinspoon tells the story of his son’s battle with leukemia and the side effects of chemotherapy, I’d be in heaven.

  6. Why on earth did they use the slang term “Marijuana” for these adds? People would take this plant much more seriously if people referred to it as Cannabis. just saying.

  7. Colorado has enjoyed medical weed for 12 years Melissa, A64 only “legalizes” half the amount we’re already allowed. Seems your pay-off for this Amendment is mis-guided and 12 years late.

    [Editor’s note: A64 does not affect the amount of product people who assert a medical need can possess…like in WA, patients in CO are largely exempted from the legalization reforms.]

  8. Zack, both marijuana *and* _Cannabis_ need to be legalized. Both are covered by different laws, and all of those laws need repealed. Because they were designed so poorly, we can see the cracks–too bad our judges have had their eyes put out 🙁 And refuse to act on the truth. These laws were designed to stop the American Dream via gossip and since talking shit is “protected speech”; our judges pretend they don’t have to do their jobs.

    Also, banning hemp is completely unneeded by the USA, it hasn’t helped us in the slightest and only caused harm. Where is the “profit” in hurting your neighbors? It is just more cracker bullshit, the kind we don’t want anymore; that we fought a civil war over, but it just keeps coming back–even to the point a wolf in wolves’ clothes is protected by our judges.

  9. @LiBill “Whose, Malissa Etheridge ?”

    Not sure why you don’t just goggle this, but

    She’s a singer/songwriter who used marijuana to ameliorate the agony of chemotherapy.

  10. I believe Melissa did one performance with her head shaved bald at some point during her disease. A quick flash of her in this shape would have added to the appeal of her message for CO, I think.

  11. suffered a fractured skull back in 2000 which more or less made me a walking talking vegetable. after tearing up the house for months looking for where I had stashed my weed I finally found it & was back to normal in a matter of days. My neurologist explained that it had caused my neurons to start firing again

  12. oh no not cracker. only dumb pieces of shit use racial crap. And evil people come in all skin colors. Fuck them.

  13. Mike, acting like a cracker (authoritarians without legitimate authority or selfworth) is no good, for anyone, regardless of one’s ethnicity… It was the only thing Bush II got right in his whole eight years as president. Too bad his party is filled with ‘em though.

  14. For example, I believe there has plenty of evidence directly from some of the Republican candidates that they are indeed crackers, and this included that guy, uh “Mr. 9-9-9”. I recall he had nothing but criticism for the folks who’ve lost their jobs, their careers and even their retirements. And he’s serial cheater too boot. Women and poor people would seem to things he steps on and drags through the mud and talks about it like his behavior is a good example.

    I really don’t think race has any bearing on much of anything. But our media, just can’t let it go… Its so sad. How many ethnicities are in the USA? 180? The Pakistani and Indians can get along fine here; why are we still hearing (in some cases bombarded, like with OJ) about blacks vs. whites as if the last 20 years didn’t happen? I think its just all static designed to keep Americans divided and weak. How many more times are we going to hear about “the black vote” vs. “the white vote” before the election? Its racist static.

  15. I had no idea what a ‘cracker’ was. Now I know, ‘authoritarians without legitimate authority or selfworth’.

  16. @Dave

    “I really don’t think race has any bearing on much of anything. ”

    As an old white guy I agree with this, but every so often I’m shown how subtle racism can be. I talked with two black folks at a recent computer programming seminar. After a few minutes it suddenly occurred to me that I was dealing with two of the most brilliant minds I’d ever had the pleasure to talk with. I was surprised! Intellectually I realize I’m seeing a changed society where such talent can rise to the top, but I grew up in an era where black folks like this laid cinderblock and such to make a living. I was actually SURPRISED by how bright these folks were!

  17. Galileo, sure and that is why we need to stay on top of making sure crackers don’t have the authority they crave. They will abuse anyone they can, use any excuse we let them employ to justify their antisocial behaviors. It is very much like that old saying, you give an inch and they take a mile, but in this case it is the rights of everyone that are being taken–to the point of wasting billions of dollars. It is not their money they are spending. Think about it, the USA is borrowing money so crackers can continue their war on marijuana. The stupidity actually amazes me. How can anyone stand up and defend it? Oh yeah, only if you lie.

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