Women Needed to Legalize Pot

Colorado, and the multi-state effort to legalize marijuana in November needs you now more than ever.  In Colorado especially, polls are showing an encouraging growth in support for Amendment 64 among women (from 49% support in September, to 50% support in October), but female support still trails their male counterparts by 5% points.  Fact: this election will be decided by the female vote.  Marijuana can only be legalized if we have a majority of support among women.  It is crucial we do everything we can to support the work of Colorado’s Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol and make history on November 6.

Our friends at Just Say Now have created an online phone bank you can use to make calls from anywhere in the country.  This tool includes its own woman-to-woman phone bank that we can use to reach out to women voters in Colorado and inspire them to support Amendment 64. The website makes it extremely easy to jump in, organize and get involved.

The NORML Women’s Alliance is calling on women nationwide, who believe in the controlled regulation of marijuana to host a phone banking party with your like-minded sisters and encourage women to vote “Yes” on CO’s Amendment 64.  Organizing a phone banking event to call women voters in CO is the most important contribution you can make in this election (and the cheapest).  We need to reach as many women as possible.

Phone Bank House Party – Sign Up
Phone Bank House Party – Host Packet
Phone Bank –  Log In 
(When you log in you’ll have 3 options on the left side.  Choose the second option down that says “Call Women Voters for Amendment 64”)

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  1. Easy solution, just call Mitt Romney he’s got binders full of women, or bookfulls of broads whichever you like.

  2. Can we get any info on any candidates for judges? Is so important when we realize judges are the ones to define marijuana laws.

  3. Re: Washington State’s I-502
    I am disappointed that NORML is supporting this bill, knowing it’s a bad law. That’s selling out. We aren’t desperate here in Washington, that we’ll take anything we can get. It’s more difficult changing something that already exists, than just doing it right in the first place.
    After reading through I-502 (which is supported by law enforcement, DA’s and the government),and listening to the marijuana community, I am going to vote NO. We have waited this long for marijuana to become legal, what is one more year to get the right initiative written up and passed??? I-502 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!
    This is ridiculous to punish anyone for possession of any amount of marijuana above the proposed allowed amounts, of only 1oz pot or 1pound of an edible. That’s like saying you can’t have more than 1 bottle of wine in your house, or no more than a six pack of beer!
    You could get a DUI, when you know that pot stays in your system for weeks.
    I-502 is pushing to have an unrealistic sales tax of 25%, which is additional to the 8.9% sales tax we already have. That is close to a 34% tax!! That’s crazy and SO unfair to the citizens of this state.
    I’m for the legalization of Marijuana, but not the way this present initiative is written up!

    [Editor’s note: You’re so wrong in so many ways….

    Selling out??

    You’re right, NORML, ACLU, MPP, DPA, DRCNet, LEAP, SSDP, etc….ALL of the drug policy reform groups support the initiative are “sell outs”. Interestingly, or not, about the only folks in opposition in WA are the cops, pee testers, rehabbers and folks making mad money from the medical cannabis industry.

    Apparently they can live with prohibition laws and prohibition-priced cannabis…but patients, consumers, non-profit drug policy reform groups, social justice organizations and, thankfully, it looks like a majority of WA voters don’t favor the status quo.

    Re DUID…with no DUID standard today in WA, why have there been no discernible medical cannabis-related data re patients getting busted going back to 1998, when WA voters passed medical cannabis laws–brought to them by the SAME funders and organizers of today’s legalization initiative?? Why would the very funders and organizations that paid for both WA medical cannabis initiative in 1998 and Seattle’s I-75 possibly want to ‘throw patients under the bus’?

    The bus they created and paid for??

    An actual DUI standard, as compared to medical cannabis patients’ anecdotal claim that they can drive high well and when ever they want, makes more common sense and addresses obvious public safety concerns that kept CA’s Prop 19 from passing in 2010.

    WA’s law reformers involved in the initiative were smart about learning the lessons of Prop 19.

    The only visible ‘sell outs’ in WA and the US are those who grow and sell cannabis, or have found some way to financially prosper from prohibition laws, that actively oppose legalization efforts…and now are partners with long time prohibition profiteers like narcs and pee testers to keep the untenable status quo in place.

    Lastly, your state already has some of the highest alcohol and tobacco taxes in the country, that is an argument against your high-tax politicians not being re-elected and tax reform undertaken–not a rational reason to keep failed and wasteful cannabis prohibition laws in WA.]

  4. Linda,what is this mysterious initiative that you are talking about, and who is going to fund it? It reminds me of when prop 19 was floating around and people where saying “No man,thats not good anough, just wait until 2012 and well get this ‘Jack Herer Cannabis Hemp&Health’ Initiative off the ground”.Well…im still waiting? an initiative like I-502 needs endorcements and it takes Funding,otherwise it’s just a pipe dream.

    And please don’t compare an ounce of cannabis to a six- pack of beer.
    A whole ounce of cannabis for a single smoker could last weeks or month’s and even for even a seriously chronic aqualung,a few days at the very least.

    So don’t make it seem like you are going to toke up an ounce and be “stranded over night like you could with a six-pack of beer or a bottle of wine and have to wait until the next day to buy more… “Oh my God,life is so unfair”. Give me a break! Take what you can get when you can get it. And an initiative like 1-502 does not occur anytime you want for your convenience’ sake… so don’t hold your breath for the next one.

  5. Linda, no it is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You need to vote for this legalization now. There is no such thing as “lets just wait another years for a better bill”. This is it, please pass it!

    The new test isn’t for CBD, which is indeed a bullshit test, the new test only tests “high” people as positive. CBD can’t even get you high, so what it the point of testing people for it? Oh yeah, that is all part of the old scams. This new law is focusing on real data, not some bullshit fantasies someone made up–which is what the current law is.

  6. what makes me mad they will only let four places vote on legializing marjuana in michigan, when it was suppose to be the whole michigan… this is not right let four places do it and not the whole michigan i am irrarate it shouldve been in the votes… and they never said anything about petetions… i am not happy the less that would be sitting in jail and alot of people cant afford paying for the cards…

  7. they gotta consider alot are on disability that rather have this then pain killers they say marjuana is the gateway its the damn pills that doctors push out… they are the people that resort to breaking and entering stealing even killing because they have to have their pills or they find other ways..

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