7 Simple Ways YOU Can Help Legalize Marijuana

We are entering the final week before Election Day and our efforts to educate Americans about marijuana law reform have never been more important. Polls show that victory is within grasp with Colorado’s Amendment 64, Washington’s I-502, and Massachusetts’ Question 3 all recently tracking towards a win, but it will still be a close race to the finish in all states.

Help us raise awareness for these important initiatives and Smoke the Vote next Tuesday by helping us take the message viral in the final stretch. Below you will find one simple action you can take each day before the election to help promote marijuana legalization. Let your friends and family know that you stand for rational reforms to marijuana policy and remind them to get out and vote!

1 – Wednesday, October 31st

Help Make Prohibition a Memory! To start off, set this as your Facebook cover image and encourage those following you to do the same.
(Click for full size)

2 – Thursday, November 1st

Share these images on your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more! (Use hashtags such as: #SmokeTheVote #LegalizeIt)


3 – Friday, November 2nd

Spend a Friday night in, preferably with friends and family, calling voters for Amendment 64 and Measure 80. You can either call voters in support of these initiatives by yourself, from anywhere in the country -or- you can pool your efforts and set up a phone banking party. At your disposal are SSDP and NORML’s phone bank to dial voters under 30 for Amendment 64 and JustSayNow‘s phone bank to call voters over 30 (also allows for dialing for Oregon’s Measure 80!)


4 – Saturday, November 3rd

Share the latest campaign ads! Post them to Facebook, tweet them at celebrities, email them to your grandparents, post one to your blog…just spread them as far and wide as you can. If you live in one of the states voting on an initiative or can directly target people you know who are, all the better.

WASHINGTON I-502: It’s Just Common Sense

COLORADO Amendment 64: Veteran’s for Amendment 64




5 – Sunday, November 4th

Share NORML’s Smoke the Vote Guide with your social networks. Remind everyone to confirm their voter registration and to check their current polling location, as it may have changed since they last cast a ballot. They can also get caught up on all the marijuana related voter initiatives and view the presidential candidates stances on cannabis.

Post something like:

Did you know the election is on Tuesday?! Check out this page to confirm your registration, find your polling place, and learn if you can vote on marijuana law reform on November 6th. Smoke the Vote!

6 – Monday, November 5th

Pledge to make some final “Get Out The Vote” calls! You can RSVP for a specific time slot here and get an email reminder when it is almost your scheduled time. These final calls are crucial to reminding our supporters to get to the polling booth and they are our final chance to persuade them to support our efforts! If you can’t make phone calls, can you at least pledge to personally email or facebook message 10 of your friends about the election? Anything you can do to help in the final hours of the campaigns take us another step towards legalization.

7 – Tuesday, November 6th ELECTION DAY!

Get out the vote! Share all the above images and videos. Tweet reminders to your friends to #SmokeTheVote (#YesOn64 #YesOn502 #YesOn80). If you live in a state with in-person election day voting, offer to drive your friends, family, and coworkers to the polls. Turn out is extremely important, we have to make sure everyone knows to get out and cast their ballot and to vote YES on the marijuana law reform initiatives.

After you’ve nagged everyone who will listen, dragged your last friend to the polling station, and cast a ballot yourself, come home and tune into www.blog.norml.org – we will be having live election night coverage giving you the latest from our contacts on the ground, exit polling, first results, and more!

Together, we can do this. Together, we WILL legalize marijuana. Let’s start on November 6th.

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  1. Illinois HB30 is going to be voted on soon also. Was wondering if we could get something posted about that? The state directory number is 2177822000. Maybe aske Illinois residents to call and ask their rep to support HB30. Professionally and politely of course. Also we will be having a lobby day on November 27. Maybe reach people here in Illinois that may not see our posts.

  2. If you live in a state that will definitely go for Obama or Romney, take time to vote for the Libertarian candidate Johnson. Get that percentage up a bit and maybe whoever wins the election will not laugh off the MJ issue like Obama has already done.

    Make your vote count by making the candidates count the percentage of people who consider MJ a real issue. Remember, it was Nader getting just enough votes from Gore in Florida back in 2000 to put Dubya in the White House. Going third party is not a wasted vote, it’s a notice to the two main parties that they had better wake up and smell the coffee, er, cannabis!

  3. Missouri’s Show-Me Cannabis initiative may not have made it on the ballot but maybe we get behind these other states and we can show the hold out states the way. Missouri legalization in 2013!!!

  4. I am a 56 year old mother with degenerative joint disease. I was taking one each of vicodin and flexeril trying to handle the pain Did I emphesize one each at night before bed? Yes, well, I almost killed my son on Christmas day headbutting him while he was trying to control me as I snapped. When I did calm down, I threw the pills away and have been smoking medical marijuana since. I HAVE TO HAVE IT LEGAL OR I WILL BE ILLEGAL AND I WON’T SUBJECT MY FAMILY TO THE FEAR OF ME SNAPPING!!!!
    Therefore, without these laws being in effect, I am going to be suffering sevierely because I won’t take chemical pills again ever!!!!

  5. Watch live news coverage of Cris Ericson,
    United States Marijuana Party in Vermont
    on WNYT News Channel 13 Albany, New York
    (Albany is the Capitol of the State of New York)
    Friday Nov. 2, 2012 at 5:28 PM
    and on Monday Nov. 5, 2012 at 5:28 PM.

    Please tell all of your friends
    because Hurricane Sandy
    broke their streaming video capability,

  6. I currently have: Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, sciatica, had the left side of my body crushed in 1999 resulting in two metal bars and PTSD from watching my friend die impaled on a steering wheel, manic depression (which I suppose is called bipolar disease now, so that should tell you how long ago I was diagnosed), and insomnia. Besides the pain killing, stress killing, ability to keep food down, ability to turn to something other than alcohol, ability to sleep, and ability to be happy, canibus can help myself and many others in so many ways. Legalized canibus leads to more jobs, less dependance on perishable crops such as lumber as well as oil, more tax money to be used for things that are really important such as public education and health care, less crime due to canibus being left in the hands of criminals, more control over children who do not need it medicinally from getting it, and a lot less money being spent on a victomless crime that is far safer than most “legal” drugs like alcohol, tobacco, and McDonald’s. (Though I admit, legalization may lead to more McDonald’s usage.)

    Tobacco gives you lung cancer. Alcohol gives you liver disease.
    Canibus inhibits cancer growth and helps with many, many mental and physical conditions.
    And adults have the right to use canibus.

  7. Remember them eggs in the frying pan commercial “this is ur brains on drugs”? Doesnt it make U sick that at the time they were lumping cannabis in the same category as the Drugs they were portraying! Nothing in the world could B farther from the truth about cannabis Cannabis is the greatest mind expanding substance known to Man As long as Mature Adults Partake

  8. I do not smoke or even take marihiuana, yes, I nspelled it right, but I do support the decriminalization of such plant. I have a great friend that is losing his family for supporting this issue and he is very stubborn at it. We must decriminalize this plant and it’s properties to best satisfy our greatest issues. Tax marihuana, as alcohol, and it will make our country rich!!!

  9. Marihuana is the best side issue besides alcohol, it alters our minds, not as much as alcohol, but it makes us see the real things that are our issues. We laugh at them, make us stubborn, but we see two sides of things instead of one! I do not smoke or take, but every now and then I do. I can’t because of my lung issues but if I had enough I’d make some candy. Decriminalize marihuana now!!!

  10. Why don’t we just go down to the courthouse on april 20th. And give the state around $300.00 each, for every one of us who smoke the marijuana.They could give us a green sticker for our car and house, and a card to carry in our wallet.Things should be simple .We don’t need Drs. or dispensaries,but a store would be handy .Dealers could pre pay accordingly and get red stickers. However they should have to pay more.I’m just saying ,everybody should come clean and admit that you smoke, if you smoke. Being in the closet about this only screws things up.

  11. How in the world can the Church of Jesus Christ, THE ANNOINTED ONE, not stand up as a whole to get all these Bills passed!!! Make sure to please contact Churches in these states and see if they will awaken in last Sunday before election. This is BS that people have to suffer and Gods plant for the wellbeing of mankind it illegal.

  12. and I’ve been smoking cannibus since i was 17, over 5 yrs now. I never knew a site like this existed until now and I support their determination to help legalize marijuana. I feel that if used responsibly marijuana should be free to be used to all that enjoy using it. Legalizing it would be the one of smartest choices this country has ever made.

  13. and I’ve been smoking cannibus since i was 17, over 5 yrs now. I never knew a site like this existed until now and I support their determination to help legalize marijuana. I feel that if used responsibly marijuana should be free to be used to all that enjoy using it. Legalizing it would be the one of smartest choices this country has ever made.

  14. Why is this not legal in Missouri??? I want to be able to smoke when Im off of work in my living room without cops comming to lock me up for a gram its rediculus everyone has rights im yelling fuck the gov marijuana is not a drug if anything alcohol and ciggerettes are worse

  15. i was going to loose my kids if i continued to smoke, so i quit. i went back on the pills from the dr. the pills make me sick, anti social, very moody, almost violent.They still don’t kill the pain, so i don’t fell like moving much. They try to put me to sleep and i can’t think, i’m in a fog and sick,don’t wanna talk or be talked to.So i can’t enjoy spending time with my kids at the moment. i have ptsd,i suffer chronic pain due to degenerative disk disease.Including two herniated disk, with a ripped disk between leaking fluid causing even more pain( Already a double neck fusion turned into a triple).Bi polar and ocd. on top of adhd diagnosed as a kid.to keep my kid the justice and dcfs system has forced me to put my self back into major pain.when i smoked i could be normal, go out and have fun with others,was fun to be around. IL. needs to legalize at least for medical use. So i and my kids can once again enjoy each other. i would love to go out and toss the ball around once again.

  16. I don’t know why it is the government gets away with the BS.The lies,and the cover up.I know they took millions from the medication ind. and the forestry dept. to let it become illegal. If it weren’t, people wouldn’t need their pills.With all their side effects and dangers as dangerous drugs. And the forestry would have lost out by half, as hemp acre for acre produces more paper than wood. its been proven in so many ways to be helpful,medically,including reduce and even kill cancer. so some one please… why is it still illegal.

  17. The fight needs to continue in Utah to end the prohabition sooner. Utah is the smack dab in the middle and is the most strict on liqiour laws. It will be easy to legalize it as long as wehave numbers. We have research, history and money to back upwhy it should be legalized medically and/or recreationally.

    Sorry for my misspelling used to auto type and short on time.

  18. Weed ended 20 years of severe alcohol abuse. Half my life.
    It saved me from complete misery and made me a happy, social, spritually complete human, far, far from where I once was.
    Any “drug” that can do that for someone should be mandatory, not illegal.

  19. I been smoking for awhile now and I love it. I shouldn’t be in trouble with the law for Smoking a plant that grows naturally in the ground. I got caught with two pipes in the state of Illinois and ended up with a 500 $ fine and 50 hours community service and I didn’t even have any bud on me. Legalize and it’ll make the world a better place. Oh yeah and I’m not payin that god dam ticket. Thanks for reading an keep Tokin’ 🙂

  20. Marijuana is what keeps my anger issues in check..it relaxes me and makes me happy..less anger equals less violence in the world…legalize

  21. I am a law abiding, tax paying citizen of the United States and my honest living gets spent locally here in my native state of Missouri. However I love smoking weed, I can’t anymore because it threatens my job security and I can’t stand that. Thousands of people go out and liqoured up all the time and as a result innocent families pay with they’re lives. And yet these drinkers are still employable?? I’m not saying I want to go to work and stay high all day. But I would like to relax during my time off. I want pot to be legal in the state of Missouri. I’m a hard working tax paying citizen and damn it I deserve it.!!.

  22. We need immediate national legalization at least at the medical level. I am a multi diagnosis prescription resistant disabled mental health patient. I was hospitalized 4 times in a year and a half and was on 13 prescriptions all at max dose and still could not function to even keep house. Frustrated I tried smoking mmj. I am now stable have not been hospitalized in over a year and can even function in public alone! Miracle medicine made by God / nature and in Oklahoma where I live still highly illegal. Why? How? Wo made them smarter than god/nature? I just want to be well legally. Please help any way you can.

  23. Marijuana may be the boon to the populace but a challenge to the big pharma profits. We need to look closely at the possibility of MJ being a way to end the opioid epidemic and crisis. Some European countries are taking that action.

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