Tell Obama To ‘Just Say No’ to Joe

A White House online petition telling Obama to listen to the voters of Colorado and Washington about the future of cannabis legalization, not the famously anti-cannabis/pro drug war architect Vice President Joe Biden, only needs 7,000 more signatures to be brought to the president’s attention. The signatures are needed by Wednesday, January 9.

If you’ve not yet taken a moment to let the White House know that you too support the voters of Colorado and Washington, please sign the online petition to put it over the top, and get the White House on record to not interfere with the will of voters in states who no longer support cannabis prohibition and want it legalized and taxed.

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  1. Dear Obama,
    You need go to THC University in Denver,Colorado and you may learn something from school and you also need to say yes.
    You do not have to listen Joe, please listen to Colorado and Washington state voter, we got you second term we vote you, do you understand me?
    Please!!!!!!!!!!! all you have to say one word (YES)
    Remember Obama listen to Washington and Colorado.
    Thank you sir and let bget over with legalized it.

  2. Mr. President, I am a 59 yr.old man who has smoked marijuana daily for at least 47 years. How can anyone presume to tell me what I can or can’t put in my body? And most especially, how can they arrogantly make such a statement while sipping on a double martini and puffing on a cigarette? They ought to be ashamed of themselves. I beg you to break free of traditional and mainstream political thinking and do what is right for the people. America has a larger percent of it’s population in jail or prison than any other developed country in the world. Are we that bad of a people? Or could it be that America is no longer a government “for the people, by the people”?

  3. I signed the petition a while back and am disappointed that there are not enough signatures on it as I write this. I suspect a lot of people won’t bother to sign it, in spite of their great desire to end prohibition, because the last time we all came together to petition the Obama Administration about marijuana, they had their Drug Czar give his position on all of them. It was their way of not responding. I remember feeling outraged at the response and wondered to myself “Why bother if they truly don’t care what the American people want?”. I’m sure I wasn’t alone since every person I know believes marijuana prohibition should end. It is a very small group of people that are continuing to tell the masses what they can and can’t do and it’s embarrasing for us to consider our country to be a democracy under this kind of leadership (or lack thereof).

    I’ve since gotten over that incident and believe we have to keep hammering this out as loudly as we can because the old booze guzzling cigarette smoking farts that are currently holding seats in Congress don’t hear very well. Are you listening John Boehner? I doubt it…

  4. time to get out of the dark ages. Legalize marijuana. Make the laws for legalization “for the people” instead of “against the people”. Use the tax money for more constructive things…like paying down the debt ( fed&state), schools and the likes. OR does that make too much sense?? Might even slow crime down…ya think? Say no to Joe.

  5. Considering the federal govt. has been giving medical marijuana to handful of patients since 1978 it is time they own up and at the very least re-classify marijuana in the C.S.A. as a drug with medicinal properties. (YES You read that right FEDERALLY SUPPLIED MMJ) As evidenced by the latter, if they really didn’t think it had medicinal properties they wouldn’t be supplying this very select group with Cannabis.

    Talk about IRONIC!

    Check this out if you weren’t aware:

  6. There simply stalling in the face of mounting scientific evidence and look more and more dumb every day for doing so .

  7. Come on people, there are only 4,800 more signatures needed for this petition, if you havent signed it yet sign it now! It will only take a few minutes to set up an account if you dont have one, make a difference! Sign this thing!

  8. If only the average American could find the courage to support ending the destructive prohibition of cannabis… I believe the number of people who, given the chance to vote on it, would choose to legalize. The problem is that they are afraid of getting their name on a secret list that would then make it difficult or impossible to get a good job (particularly if it requires a clearance). I believe such a list exists and gets used all the time to blackball people from many things they should be able to get. It is so wrong!

    Probably, for every person who has the courage to sign the petition or help this cause in other ways, there are at least 50 others who remain in the proverbial closet out of fear; sometimes for their family moreso than themselves. This is not my idea of America…

  9. I do not believe marijuana is a drug. It is a natural plant that can be used for many medical reasons. Drugs are made by man, plants are made by God. Drugs are addictive and make you sick. Marijuana is natural, non addictive. It helps with cronic pain, cancer and many more conditions. How many bottles of drugs come with a warning of addiction. They also say do not operate machinery or drive UNTIL you see how you react to this drug. How many drivers are taking hard pain killers, and are addicted and in an uncontrolled state of mind. They are driving LEGALLY!!! No piss tests there! Driving with marijuana is controllable for MOST people. I would drive our highways with people smoking marijuana ANYTIME, but NOT WHILE DRUNK OR DOPED UP ON PILLS!! It is NOT a gateway to hard drugs, thats bull!

  10. Don M it’s not that the supporters don’t exist and some may be afraid to reveal them selves. But mostly people don’t even know the petition is up. It’s up to us to spread the word. It’s not like fox news is going to tell anyone. PA my state is now offering a petition. I am telling all of my friends and getting them to tell all of there friends. We have to pull together to make this happen. My question is if we pass this will the folks that are locked up for this violation be freed? But I’m sure it’s not that easy. But we have to keep trying. There is a change in the wind. We the people have to make our voice heard by taking command.

    [Paul Armentano responds: There is no ‘petition’ for legalization in Pennsylvania because the state does not possess a citizens’ initiative process. There is legislation that will be introduced regarding legalization. Like all proposed legislative measures, it will be assigned to a legislative committee. Hearings must be held, committee votes, etc. Passing legislation is a long and arduous process; become involved in the process:

  11. Joe Biden? you serious Clark? Joe Biden is somehow involved in marijuana reform discussion? How do I say this?….I know as i write, that Big Joe is knee deep in attempting to secure America from gun toting crazys…but youre saying that Joe is an expert on marijuana issues as well. Did he learn from Michele Leonhart? because that girl SURELY knows her a– from a whole in the ground…PEOPLE…look at it this way. If common sense never prevails,and youre still smoking illegally in the future…you TRIED to do the right thing…but the powers to be couldnt sift through the FACTS….so, if its the cartels who continue to proffit at our countries expense…let them take thier earnings, develop utopia in Mexico, and we’ll all move there!

  12. Johnny except it don’t work that way. The cartels are like rabid dogs eating each other and everyone else. Prohibition is designed to fuel this crime. All of our policatians are aware of what happened to Chicago during Prohibition and they applied it wholly to Mexico; which is why most of the violence is in Mexico. All the while our executive branch keeping growing to keep up with all the crime they are causing in a never ending crcle that looks just like those stupid anti-coke adds. “I do coke, so I can work longer hours so I can do more coke”.

    But the government does, “We lock up and criminalize innocent people, take away their future. Where is all this crime coming from? We have to lock up more people and end more futures. Build more prisons!”

  13. I’m a senior citizen. I have to take narcotics daily. No telling how dangerous that is . My health would be great without the expense of narcotics.
    . Please let my grandchildren have a better old age with no worry about jail for such a minor infraction. Please, oh please rethink marijuana laws in this country.

  14. Mr. Obama, I am almost 56 years old and I have had 4 knee surgeries, I have anxiety attacks strong enough I had a stroke a few weeks ago, I have high blood pressure and depression. I have responsibly smoked marijuana for most of my adult life because it helps ALL of those issues. The “prescriptions” of anti depressants, pain killers, blood pressure medication,….ALL have nasty, if not life threatening side effects. Why should I have to take a bunch of “chemical meds” when a plant, put on this earth by God, takes care of ALL my physical issues. The 4 plants I was growing for my OWN PERSONAL USE in Missouri have now got me facing a life sentence. I have never sold, nor would I EVER, sell my cannabis to ANYONE! Can you tell me how that is right, just, or fair?!?!? And who have I hurt?!?! I do not support the drug cartels~ i simply grow MY OWN! How are those 4 cannabis plants any different than my tomato, cucumber, corn, green beans, peas, kale, peppers that I grow in my garden? One might ask why I am in Missouri instead of Colorado where it is now legal? For one simple reason, My fiance and I are taking care of my 72 year old mother, who had a massive stroke. Things need to change! Nobody smokes a bowl or a joint and goes to a school or movie theater and murders innocent people…nor do they get behind the wheel of a car and kill innocent people.
    I believe that if responsible adults could grow their own 2-4 plants…the drug cartels would go right out of business shortly there after!

  15. That petition just fell short, on January 11, 2013 I started this one, we still have a few weeks to get enough signatures. Please read, sign and promote.

    What is unique about this current petition is that it lists specific actions that can be taken by the Executive branch WITHOUT legislation.

    Again, please don’t delay to sign ASAP and promote with URGENCY of the deadline of 2/10/13 to have 25,000 signatures!

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