Two Southern States Show Majority Support for Medical Marijuana

In another sign of the changing times, this past week two new polls have been released demonstrating majority support for allowing the medical use of marijuana in two southern states, a region historically less supportive of cannabis law reforms.

A poll conducted by Public Policy Polling revealed that most North Carolinians believe that a doctor should possess the legal option to authorize marijuana for patients. Support for legalizing medical marijuana is at 58% overall, with 33% opposed and 9% undecided. A majority of every age group under age 65 supports allowing for the medical use of marijuana. The poll surveyed 608 North Carolina voters between January 10 and January 13, 2013.

Another Public Policy Polling survey had the majority of West Virginians supporting the medical use of cannabis, 53% in favor to 40% opposed. Further, when asked which is a safer treatment for debilitating pain: the medical use of marijuana or Oxycontin, 63% responded medical marijuana. You can view more data from this poll here.

Legislation to allow for the medical use of cannabis is expected to be introduced in both states this year. If you live in North Carolina, you can currently use NORML’s Take Action Center to write your elected officials and tell them to support this legislation by clicking here.

These recent polls are indicative of the attitude shift towards cannabis that is occurring across the country. Check NORML’s Take Action Center to see if marijuana related legislation has been filed in your state and use our form to easily contact your elected officials in support of these important measures. Check back often, as new legislation is being introduced constantly.

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  1. Come on Georgia I am at least the 3rd person to say GA = Bass Ackward capital of the south east which totally needs medicinal marijuana legalization! If you are in a position to move do yourself a favor and go to a green state dont make the mistake of going to one a red one holding your breath hoping for things that are taking waaay to long to come about. The stinking alcohol drug and tobacco companies are all in cohoots with the lawmakers so deep that I do not know if these laws will ever be changed in some of these places where the lawmakers are already biased by religious or moral views, ignorant lines of thought, and under the financial influence of special interests groups and their “advocates.”

  2. Add Alabama to that list with majority support for mmj. Can’t site the poll, but it was over 50% for mmj. But being a life long resident, even though we have had mmj bills passed out of judiciary committee cor full debate in the legiature, I can say it will be years before the people here will see through the government propaganda of the last 75 years and vote it in!

  3. Overturning many of these old laws really is a bipartisan push and the states seem to be going much faster than the fed. Last year Georgia (another very southern state) enacted criminal justice reform and Rick Perry even wants to take a second look at many of these laws.

    So contrary to what many people think about the South, they seem to be leading the way on this issue.

  4. I’m 72, don’t care about smoking pot, but if others wish to that’s their choice; after all, I enjoy a glass of wine. I take hemp oil every day for good health and want the opportunity to take cannabis oil high in CBD for optimal health. It took a inner ear virus three years ago leaving me with dizziness and balance issues to start me researching. I am a believer and supporter; just do your own researching….

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