HuffPost: Obama’s Big Marijuana Mess

Huffington Post reporters Ryan Grimm and Ryan Reilly publish one of the most comprehensive and insightful pieces to date on the current friction between state and federal laws regarding cannabis in America, and conclude that federal prosecutors at the regional level—not elected policymakers or department leaders in Washington—are largely creating an ad hoc enforcement policy from state-to-state.


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  1. He will never help us American Citizens. He is to busy getting as*fuc*ed by the big four “Prisons, Alcohol,Tobacco,Pharmaceuticals”. Oh yeah he loves it by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It’s highly criminal that this very useful plant,
    (for medicine, food, fuel, fiber and fun),
    is STILL viciously-illegal at the federal level;

    That those in Medi-Cann states who have been trying to provide a
    safe, consistent herbal agricultural product for in need of the unique
    and healing compounds it contains, are treated worse under present
    national law than bank robbers, sex offenders and murderers.
    (for a botanical that is safer than alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and many OTC medicines).

    Cannabis needs to be re-legalized federally A.S.A.P.
    (at least to the extent that alcohol and tobacco are;
    preferably like home brewing or “just like tomatoes” for personal grows).

    It’s no laughing matter, Mr. President Barack (“choom gang”) Obama!!!

  3. This is the main reason I didn’t vote for Obama. He’s a POS liar just like the rest of them. He already went against his word from the last election. I can get all the opiate based pain killers I want & keep my job but destroy my body OR take the lesser of two evils & smoke paka & get fired on my first random drug test. I could just live in pain every, single, day & watch others drink their troubles away while I can’t even touch the stuff. The IDIOTS in charge of this country makes me & millions of others just like me sick. “If there’s a new way, I’ll be the first in line. It better work this time.”

  4. @ PbN2Au Post#3

    Like the screen-name… ๐Ÿ™‚
    (Plumbum into Aurium / Lead into Gold ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    I didn’t vote for Obummer in the 2012 presidential election, either.
    (Voted exclusively Green and Libertarian Party candidates across-the-board).

    Never considered Barack’s vague pre-2008 election drug-policy discourses
    very reassuring, hopeful, or for that matter, valid.
    (His flippant response and dismissive chortles to #1 issue posted to
    Online Electronic Town Hall Meeting, Thursday, March 26th, 2009
    only served to confirm my worst suspicions).

    Am also in pain, daily.
    Prescription opiates are sickening, OTC remedies, ineffectual.
    Alcohol? Out-of-the-question…!!!
    (Eventually leads to violent, combative attitude / behavior).

    Cannabis provides effective, safe relief;
    Ought not be illegal / discriminated against any longer!!!

  5. @PbN2Au unfortunately Mitt would have taken a MUCH harsher stand against this. My preference would have been a more liberal write-in, but at least Obama has an open mind to the substance.

  6. Reading these comments upset me due to the fact no one is perfect and you people should blame, the people and prior Presidents rather then Obama. Your job may be easy but do you think running a Country, Family and other things he has going on is a walk in the park that’s why I’d never get into politics because ignorant people on here and in everday encounters. I highly agree it should be legalized but there’s steps that need to be taken for it to be done right without cartel making problems about it. It’s medicinal in how many States about 17 no where near being legal sorry to ruin every smokers dream for the time but one day I believe, I too have a dream that is to be able to sleep right, deal with my depression and hold a job without it being Arrested or fired, I am a young motivated human and deserve a Job like most other Americans without businesses saying I’m a danger to others because I’m not as fast as them false I’ve out worked plenty of people under the influence of marijuana, just received a dui and wasn’t high, I’ve got into two accidents in my life no one injured and honest to god truth both times I was sober, in Illinois where I live I also suffer like others and agree its ridiculous to see people destroy themselves with Alcohol but that’s a person with problems we Will never know about till their gone. Point I’m trying to make is be patient and let god do his work whether you believe or not I do.

  7. I feel if there were more people behind it, it will be legalized or medicinal in every State but not everybody agrees on it and Honestly the way society is it doesn’t matter if I were to die, when you have artist music, athletes, doctors making all this big money and a person who works twice as hard at a 9-5 5-7 day a week job making not even 10% of what they make have to stop and think what the help is really going on this Country I hate to say this but some days wish I lived in a different one “Country”

  8. I have been calling for the organizing of a march on the Mall in Wash., D.C., for this april 20th 2013.. If NORML is truly interested in ending prohibition then step up and help with putting 1 million people on the Mall this 4/20/13 so we can all light up at once, and we will send a REAL smoke signal to Mr. Obama…. THE TIME IS NOW !!!!!!!!!

  9. OMG…PLEASE legalize it already. This is a product that helped this country during Lincoln presidency. It turns otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals. These antiquated laws need to be changed for the chronic pain sufferers and also for Dispensary owners who are brave to open such a business, even with the risk that the FDA will swoop in to close them. Please President Obama, use your common sense and realize that this issue will even make enough money to lessen the national debt. If this is the issue you can fix during your time left as President, you will go down in history for more than Osama Bin Laden.

  10. This president was voted in solely based on the color of his skin. He was (less than) a one term senator and a hypocrite. As someone who promised change and brought nothing but the same old show I find it bewildering that this man was reelected. All of the false promises and lies about being safe as a patient was smoke up our collective ass.

    Maybe he’ll rediscover his recreational “choom” and man-up and let medical patients be safe, and maybe hell will freeze over.

  11. I agree with most of these posts, I did vote for Obama the first time with hope, and this time with fear of the alternative. I am sick of the two party system, but that is what we have. I agree with Scott, if we could organize a march on the mall, I would certainly be interested in participation. Perhaps we could reach out to other organizations like LEAP, DPA, SSDP, ET.AL, and see what we can do. I have given support within my means to the cause since prop 19, and I live in a state that sucks on this issue. I think it would be money well spent. Lets not rest on our precarious victories in Washington and Colorado, as no one knows how this is going to turn out yet. Thanks to all.

  12. I expect Obama to do something, but closer to the end of his term. Now isn’t the time. Let the states prove that they can do this with no major problems and then it all falls apart. Legal weed.

  13. Obama is a liar and a flip-flopper. You should have voted to Ron Paul like I did. No more picking the lessor of two evils. Don’t expect much from Obama. I don’t trust him now.
    He will reap his karma bigtime. Marijuana will be legalized thanks to NORML and supporters of NORML. Our government does not know how to regulate and distribute it.

  14. Obama led everyone to believe that at the very least he would stop the feds from interfering with states medical marijuana laws. That turned out to be a calculated lie. One to insure he would get the youth vote. Lets not be duped again by the next presidential candidate. Anyone who would incarcerate a citizen for simply ingesting a plant that grows in dirt is not worth our vote.

  15. Mr Obama , I think if you and the other people in the white house would put the pills and alcohol down and smoked some marijuana we the people for safe access for marijuana would all ready be legalized like alcohol and pill are , just think the debt won’t be in the shape that it is in now

  16. im sorry I didn’t have the best school to get educated in when I was growing up so what id like to know what is moderation mean ok, if that means rewright my words on the essue of medical marijuana here I go , mr Obama id like to not have to deal with the dealers on the streets to get my meds ok so if you could get away from politic and just think like a nomel preson like owr fore fathers did and smoke pot a grow it ,so America would then be free

  17. we have the right as an Americans to be free right , so all that sees this, ask around and free your state from politic we don’t need them anymore , so fire your stills up get your joints fired up and have life like we did 250 years ago AMEN

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