Buy Your Tickets for the NORML Mid-Atlantic Conference on March 16th

NORML is pleased to announce the first ever Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Philadelphia, PA is just over a week away.


The conference will feature a day of enlightening panel discussions and speakers on topics ranging from new reform strategies, recent legislative efforts, the science of medical cannabis, and much more. Hear from some of the most experienced and insightful marijuana law reformers working the the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York area.

Pennsylvania State Senator, and sponsor of PA’s legalization bill, Daylin Leach will be giving a keynote address discussing his work on the issue, his recent legislation, and experience working for reform as a sitting politician. Don’t miss it!

(subject to change)

11:00 – 11:10
Conference Welcome – Kevin Clough, Executive Director (Philly NORML)

11:15 – 12:15
New Strategies for Reform
Moderator: Derek Rosenzweig (PhillyNORML)

Erik Williams, Executive Director (CTNORML & CampaignsWon)
Stacia Cosner, Associate Director (SSDP)
Diane Fornbacher, Vice-Chair (NORML Women’s Alliance), NORML Board of Directors


1:10 – 2:10
Medical Marijuana Moving Forward
Moderator: Mike Liszewski, Policy Director (Americans for Safe Access)

Mallory Loflin, Graduate Student (SUNY)
Jahan Marcu, PhD Candidate (Temple Medical School)
Ken Wolski, Executive Director (Coalition Medical Marijuana New Jersey)

2:10 – 3:00
KEYNOTE: Pennsylvania State Senator. Daylin Leach

3:00 – 3:10

3:15 – 4:15
Pot and Politics 2013
Moderator: Erik Altieri, Communications Director (National NORML)

Patrick Nightingale, Executive Director (PittsburghNORML)
Evan Nison, Executive Director (NJ NORML)
Gabriel Sayegh, State Director (DPA New York)

4:20 – 5:20
Cannabis, Canvas, and Culture
Moderator: Joe Forte, Secretary (PhillyNORML)

Rob Cantrell, Comedian
Marc Connuck, Activist (Pennsylvania Farmers For Industrial Hemp)
Rick Cusick, Associate Publisher (HighTimes) and NORML Board of Directors

Closing Remarks: Allen St. Pierre (National NORML)

Panel sessions will be held during the day in Claudia Cohen Hall at the University of Pennsylvania and the night will end with a private fundraiser featuring live entertainment from comedian Rob Cantrell and local musical act Cultureal. There will also be food, drink, a silent auction, and more at a private venue nearby. Ticket holders will receive fundraiser details prior to the event.

Reserve your tickets today, space is limited and going fast!

Hope to see you in the City of Brotherly Love next week.


6 thoughts

  1. It looks like you can sign up for the panels, and you can donate separately to the NORML fundraiser for Philly.

    By Saturday, I’m bushed and still have work that needs to get done on the weekends, and often. That’s when the laundry, cleaning, yard, groceries, errands, and the whole nine yards gets done. Then it’s a long drive, or an impractical drive for people hundreds of miles away. My point is donate to the Philly fundraiser. I’ll donate because I want another state to legalize. I’m happy to help Pennsylvania become the next car on the cannabis train. (I prefer not to look at it like the next domino to fall. Cannabis legalization will help us move away from prohibition, and build a more open society.)

    I mean, shit, we really really really need that money. Pennsylvania is really messed up. People are asking where the next bridge will collapse in the state because the minister or transport was on talking about a shitload more of weight restricted bridges. That means reducing the weight allowed on the bridge from what is was built to handle, or what it currently is. It could be the bridge is already weight-restricted, and will be further reduced/restricted. The pension is in the shitter. City schools are bleeding for cash.

    Will this be on PCN? On C-SPAN? I mean, I want to watch it. Are you going to be selling DVDs of the various speakers and the Q & A?

    I’m sure the pigs will have their moles there, their plants, getting pictures of everyone. It’s what a modern Stasi would do so why should American federal law enforcement function any differently? The Lives of the Others.

    I mean, you got a multi-state thing going on. You could put it on History or Discovery, keep the drumbeat of cannabis shows and series going. How’s about an East Coast version of Weeds? Why not? Run it up the flagpole and see if it will improve ratings? Too bad NBC is too pussy to put it on their network television. That could tip the tide. Who knows?

    I’m still deciding. You may get only a donation. Binghampton’s a long drive.

  2. if you release Helium Balloons this Spring with Happy Seeds Scotch Taped to them DON’T put your Name or Logo on the balloons

  3. I am assuming it is ok to just do parts of the conference? I only have a sitter for a few hours and am most interested in Senator Leach’s speech as well as the “Pot & Politics” segment. I have never attended a Norml conference so I am just curious if anyone knows.

  4. Dear friends at norml,
    I would like to ask that you strongly consider streaming these conferences online. Like some others have pointed out, not everyone can be available to visit the conference personally. They have their reasons, I have mine and all are equally valid while all of us would really like to participate in the reform movement. Myself personally, I am a college student and I condense my class schedule to the weekends so that I may work during the week to support myself and my partner. After telling her about this conference she advised me to drop everything and go but this is not exactly reasonable when you’re pursuing an engineering degree. But I digress.

    These conferences are a valuable resource to Americans in the interest of marijuana reform, not just along the east coast but nationally who want to take to the streets and become active members of a legitimate community. Furthermore these conferences can be useful to ensure that information disseminated second-hand be accurate and beneficial to our cause and not more rhetoric and hearsay than already exists.

    Please consider making these conferences widely available, some options include a live stream to your website or posting the conferences by session on youtube. While some negative attention is always to be expected we should not let this misguided backlash deter you from extending your reach further into the public. The availability of these conferences online can grow public awareness to norml and perhaps even help persons looking for answers to their own questions to make informed decisions.

    I remain fervently your supporter,

    [Editor’s note: NORML’s national conference were broadcast online from 2009-2011. Whenever possible, NORML-related events are broadcast online live…and versions of recorded conferences are archived online. Efforts are being made to broadcast the mid-atlantic regional from Philly on 3/16.]

  5. I have tickets to the fundraiser, but haven’t received any word about where “private venue” is located or the start time!

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