Sen. Elizabeth Warren Takes Dig at Pro-Legalization Senate Candidate Dan Winslow

At a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast in South Boston this past weekend, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) took a jab at pro-legalization Republican State Representative Dan Winslow (R-Norfolk), who is currently vying for the Republican nomination for Senate in Massachusetts’s upcoming special election.

Addressing the crowd, Senator Warren said, “I advise everyone to pay very close attention to Dan Winslow’s platform. He has a 100 percent ranking from the gun lobby and he’s for the legalization of marijuana. He wants us armed and stoned.”

According to statements received by VoteSmart, Rep. Dan Winslow’s stance on marijuana policy is as follows:

I disfavor decriminalization of marijuana because it increases demand from illicit sources. Instead, I think we need to legalize marijuana (likely starting with medicinal marijuana in view of the current federal prohibition) and then regulate it and tax it. Only be lawful production of marijuana will the cartels, crooks and drug dealers be put out of business in the US. – State Representative Dan Winslow (R-Norfolk)

Representative Winslow is currently engaged in a primary for the GOP nomination, if he were to receive it he would face either Democratic Congressmen Stephen Lynch or Edward Markey in the June 25 special election.

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  1. If Warren is a pot prohibitionist, she loses my support and I have been talking her up for President.

  2. This is what concerna me about her and Hillary. That anti-weed attitude means higher prison rates like we had under Bill Clinton. Hopefully Obama will encourage legalization by 2016 or we are doomed.

  3. Elizabeth knows the danger of more stupid republicans.
    This guy is bad news, the Republican Party is who brought you the drug war. Never trust a snake like this!

  4. I agree that Elizabeth Warren knows a lot about the economy and the negative fallout from big business banks. Her stance on Marijuana is ill informed and her lack of social reality is tragic. My vote would go to the candidate that supports legalization. By her stance on Marijuana I believe that she may not even get reelected if her opponent embraces legalization and she does not.

  5. I was interested in Elizabeth Warren and possibly supporting her for President until I learned of her backwards views on cannabis re-legalization. I cannot in good conscience support any pro-Drug-War pro-Prison-Industrial-Complex politician ever again. The Drug War and mass incarceration are absolutely destroying this once-great country. She won’t be getting my vote any time soon.

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