NORML Founder Keith Stroup

NORML Founder And High Times Publisher Tell MA Court: Make Private Cannabis Use Legal For Adults

Harvard Law School Professor Charles Nesson will be arguing the appeal of my marijuana conviction for sharing a joint at the 2007 Boston Freedom Rally on the historic Boston Common with High Times associate publisher Rick Cusick. We both took the stand at our trial and testified under oath that we were certainly sharing a joint, and were protesting the constitutionality of the very marijuana laws under which we were arrested.

Marijuana Justice

Boston Update: Motion to Reconsider and Additional Affidavits Filed

The defendants had previously filed a Motion to Dismiss, along with an extensive supportive affidavit from Lester Grinspoon, M.D., requesting a full evidentiary hearing where we would proffer testimony that would support our position that there is no longer a rational basis for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to criminalize the personal use of marijuana by adults.