Brookings: Logical Alternatives To Marijuana Prohibition?

One of the most important Washington DC think tanks, the Brookings Institute, is hosting a panel discussion on states’ efforts to legalize marijuana on April 15.

Marijuana Legalization: Are There Alternatives to State-Federal Conflict?

Event Details

Event:      Marijuana Legalization: Are There Alternatives to State-Federal Conflict?
Time:       2:00 PM
Date:       Monday, April 15, 2013
Location: Brookings Institution, Saul/Zilkha Rooms, 1775 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20036

To register to watch this event online, go here.

Panelist include Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), sponsor of legalization legislation in Congress; Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson; UCLA professor (and Washington state’s new ‘cannabis consultant‘) Mark Kleiman, Ph.D and legal author/essayist and Brookings Institute scholar Stuart Taylor, Jr.

Moderator: Jonathan Rauch, Brookings Institute

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  1. Excellent!

    I look forward to this.

    Again and again
    we should all thank NORML for much of the strides we, as a nation, have gained in this have been due to their hard work.

    Thank you, team NORML.

    – Ben

  2. “I think it’s a good idea to legalize a plant that prevents cancer and is the safest alternative to any other drug especially alcohol or tobacco.” (meeting ends at 2:01pm april 15th 2013)

  3. My husband and I are in our 60s and I am disabled. Without pot I have too much pain to do anything. Last year the police came and took my medical pot and put us through the ringer. Granted I had 12 ounces but that had to last until the next harvest. I had a license (that costs $200.00) but you can only have one ounce. This is crazy. Now I have to wait for our next harvest and be in pain. I hate these stupid laws. I barely make enough to live on and there aren’t any places to buy any, not that I could afford it. I’m sick of this.

  4. For Christ sakes its 2013 we have all the hell and other craziness in this world, by god just legalize it already.

  5. I want Network News to latch their jaws onto this and not let go. Cable News will be the echo. Take turns singing backup for one another.

    I recommend the media, print and broadcast, take the position it’s time the Congress took the cannabis issue seriously.

    If they can waste all that money on whether Clinton got a hummer, W taking care of the family vendetta in Iraq, you Hussein took the bait when someone suggested the U.S. would not intervene if he occupied Kuwait as one its provinces, set him up for that, and the taxpayers fund that excuse to have the military there to secure the oil and gas fields. The dead, injured and collateral damage and military costs are the true cost of fossil fuel.

    It costs a lot. It’s time to pay the piper. It’s money you didn’t have before. It’s money you’re not getting from somewhere else because the cannabis community is basically the only part of society that is saying “tax us.” Nobody else wants to pay more of the current levies.

    I want the feds out of states that have industrial, medical and/or recreational cannabis laws–total non interference.

    It’s on HuffPost now, an article about the drug war nearing an end.

    Run with it.

  6. ~~~ Manford Mantis ~~~
    Call it what you may ~ “but to all” it is a “Sacrament” to one’s Faith ~ if it just be to one’s self. Even a “Sacrament” to Lucifer. The only other “Sacrament” there could be is a “Sacrament” to a Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. It would seem that there exists a fight over “Sacrament.”

  7. I think there is something wrong with most people’s view of the meaning or definition of conflict.

    Conflict is not a bad thing. Neither is it a good thing.

    Conflict is * neutral *. How people deal with conflict is either “bad” or “good” in a subjective sense.

    IMO, this is truly a decades-long and absurdly unnecessary conflict, pushed by invisible money powers, legitimized by congress, and enforced by the judiciary.

    There is definitely conflict and there is no way around it. There needs to be appropriate sanctions, punishments, and sentencing. Kicking them out of their undeserved and ineffective “job” positions is the least that should come.

    Why on earth would anyone think (“think-tank” haha) that conflict should be avoided. The whole drug war was been one of aggression against the citizenry through Federal tyranny, another profit scheme hatched by Nixon (thank him for the drug war and the HMO-trashed health care system).

    Conflict is coming. It won’t be violent, but nonviolent, like all righteous causes, there is no coercion or brutality, but this “conflict” created by special interests working within the bureaucracy, will find resolution.

    The feds will lose against the states. This is tantamount to saying that government workers will LOSE against the population in its entirety, and whose tax revenues pay for their so-called jobs and corrupt activities.

    Eight former heads of the DEA wrote to Eric Holder, pleading for a stop to legalization. What they are asking for would require martial law and catalyze a rebellion that will make sure these bureaucrats are not just relieved from their ‘jobs’ but also punished for corruption and human rights abuses.

    “The universe is on the side of justice. Truth is universal and human society and each human being is oriented to the just sense of order of the universe. The fundamental values in all of the world’s great religious include the concept that the moral arc of the universe bends toward justice. For the nonviolent practitioner, nonviolence introduces a new moral context in which nonviolence is both the means and the end.” -MLK

  8. I swear, after we win this epic struggle, There’s a movie to be made of this with Norml at the center of the plot.

  9. Eyes wide open. Brookings is the same think tank that wrote the policies currently being followed by the US to destabilize the Mideast. From the lies use to start the Iraq war to bombing Libya back to the stone age to the arming of Syrian rebels and next Iran. Be careful.

  10. Cannabis is no longer being looked at as a wicked substance for the counter-culture. It is an important valuable resource for America and the world.
    Let this serious meeting begin with rational open minds and to seek the benefits for making this plant legal.

  11. Wow! You mean there are alternatives? And LOGICAL alternatives as well.

    Do the Vulcans know about these alternatives?

  12. I love that s but it wont matter. As long as the USA keep getting their money from the Federal Reserve….nothing gets better.

  13. Is there going to be a way to watch this event after it is over? I would be interested to see the debate but will not be able to watch it live.

  14. One thing is for certain the Brookings Institute is taken seriously and it’s findings are often a pre-cursor to a change in political thinking. Another step on the road. Remember politicians cannot just do a complete 180 turn on this matter they need to be coaxed or dragged no matter what there own views are otherwise they will look like the liars and opportunists they really are.

  15. re: phrtao says “… Remember politicians cannot just do a complete 180 turn on this matter they need to be coaxed or dragged no matter what there own views are otherwise they will look like the liars and opportunists they really are.”

    Agreed, now… what do we think it would take for our Choomer-in-Chief to turn around and state publicly, for the record, and for the well being of America and her citizens, the real, demonstrated, 1st hand knowledge that he, and many of us have, with this virtually harmless plant?

    (to all)
    yes, I know ‘the president cannot set all policies alone’ etc. etc.

    2 points:

    1) he is a celebrity as much, (if not far more so than he is an actual leader), so his effective power is greater than many previous presidents

    2) he has, to my knowledge, utilized several tactics that, while some/many have been employed by others, have yielded his goals more results through possibly even more stretching reaches than his predecessors

    such that, his hold on our system ends up being of particular significance in this issue…

  16. There HAS to come a threshold where he, if for no other reason, is compelled to speak in favor of it, as the tide is turning and he cannot lose face for not agreeing with the majority.

    (not that he is democratic [will of people for the people], but that he ‘leads’ from behind)

  17. Notice how the cigarette which does not cause diseases MMJ; is Illegal; whilst the cigarette which does cause diseases is Legal!!

    Tobacco causes many known disease; whilst Marijuan CURES many known disease! a sick gov.

  18. If Tobacco causes “kidney disease”; and if MMJ(extracts;oils) prevent + treat “Skin cancer; then why is Tobacco Legal and MMJ not Legal ?

    The Gov. the last agency to get on band wagon!
    They alone prohibit the world’s greatest Herb!

  19. Its complicity, with the medical industry turning away from psychological responsibility, our nation is pulling itself apart at the seams. The medical community is willing to perscribe lab fabricated drugs that are killing people globally while the cannabis plant is villified and degraded by offical although ignorant proganda techniques perfected by alcohol prohibition advocates decades ago. How long will the american population turn their heads away from the truth for the ease of ostrich reactions to stress and strains? How many people will the feds incarcerate or kill to have their busses filled? How long will the people be content with the building of prisons while the schools are closing their doors and programs to enlighten ended due to their anti-federal messages?

  20. this may be unrelated however i think it would be awesome if there wer normal legalization pinwheels wth pot leafs on the front or the blades

  21. AN johnny pot seed tshirts wth the revelations tree of life depiction an cartoon pictagraphs of seeds being thrown into fields an streams ect ect

  22. I always liked the “Green Leaf Jewelry popular in the 70’s…like the MJ Leaf neclace

    I like the MJ Cannibis Leaf t-shirts and hats!

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