Marijuana Prohibition Puts Industry Women at Risk

1270896_chelsea As more women are drawn to Humboldt County’s marijuana trade and off-grid lifestyle, a local battered-women’s shelter has noticed a growing trend of violent encounters.  The Standard-Examiner reports that, “The bulk of… cases involve single young women aged 18 to 26, who may travel to the area and are lured to farms by promises of work, money and, often, romance. The women are hired for trim work, which involves cleaning freshly harvested pot and preparing it for sale.”  Most women who survive violence are hesitant to seek help in general.   The women in the pot-growing business however, are under even more pressure to keep quiet because they are part of a culture that promotes secrecy.


There is no doubt the pot-growing industry supports the local economy by pumping much-needed cash into the community.   The problem is however, that because farm owners and managers (most of whom are male) are running illegal operations under federal law, standard employment regulations such as working conditions and sexual harassment laws do not apply.   The Director of W.I.S.H (Women’s Crisis Center of Southern Humboldt), points out that, “Men managing the farms can be paranoid over the threat of raids or people stealing the plants. Women’s cell phones may be taken away and they may not be allowed to leave until season’s end. Some are forced off farms at gunpoint without being paid. Women may be beaten or psychologically controlled…”.

The cycle of violence is perpetuated by an underground, black market economy.  This is just one more reason marijuana needs to be legalized and regulated.  Moving the entire marijuana industry above ground will protect workers’ rights, hold employers accountable, and remove the culture of secrecy that continues to foster female exploitation.

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  1. The prohibition is over, we the people DEMAND it’s legaliziation. It will help our economy.
    Female Farmers can grow & profit using females who will not be abusedor harrassed. Washington can STOP cashing in with the WAR Lords in Mexico.IE: kick backs. from the $15 billion the tax payers are giving to the mexican GOVERMENT. IE: ( bribes). answers for Westeren hemisphere committe, hearing shows arrest are down in mexico 90% unless your american , Where the demand you pay the police BRIBES. If legalized here mexico can KISS that $15 billion goodbye. Not to mention Bolovia who take’s US money then throw’s the US out. How many bribe’s does it take? STOP PROHIBITION, STOP USING LAW-ENFORCEMENT. That was NEVER there job. Stop overcrowding our Jail’s & prison’s.( COST) BILLION’s to prison Corp. of Amercia lobbist. I would like to know how many senator’s own STOCK in this company?? Stop ruining our people’s lives with felonies, DUE to prohibition.

  2. Make a deal with the DEVIL , and where do you find 1000, AK 47 of the 2000 AK-47 given to the mexican GOVERMENT. AT THE CRIME SCENE’S. MEXICAN GOVERMENT IS THE DRUG LORDS. THE PEOPLE GIVING THE MONEY ARE PAID OFF RIGHT ??

  3. The unintended consequences of prohibition are terrible! Surely anyone who is capable of understanding the damage to our so-called free country would conclude that legalization/regulation is the best solution.

    It is very sad for all Americans that most of our elected officials still don’t get it…

  4. Any women who are currently working under these conditions, please contact the President of the United Cannabis Workers directly at 805-538-0243 or by email at Our President has spent the past 17 years working with victims of domestic violence and is an expert in legal proceedings including restraining orders and civil lawsuits. We are anxious to put a stop to this BULLSHIT! The United Cannabis Workers just needs you to come forward and be the one to say NO MORE! We will take it from there. We may also be able to assist with relocation and alternative employment options.

  5. I take my anger out on men. The real truth about domestic violence is that it has little to do with drugs or alcohol. All it takes is 2 people under one roof.

  6. “Voic of the Resistance” – While I empathize with your personal concerns/problems, this article is about workplace threats and violence and make the point that legalizing the marijuana industry would avoid such situations as being held at gunpoint, robbed, raped, held prisoner etc.

  7. What about the public officials that abuse their power and rank in our Military that is doing the exact same thing and their superiors if they hear about it choose if they are going to proceed with Court-Marshals or not.. I feel for you women.. Stats Quo beats true justice unfortunately.. A revolution would no longer work unfortunately because after 9/11/01 Bush enacted Continuity Of Government which in case of Nuclear War or other “Disaster” The same Government would continue to rule over us.. What do we do now when even the big stick doesn’t work? Infiltration will be followed by getting fired or made into an “Example” to others to thwart further tries..

  8. Unfortunately I have been through the ringer on this very issue.. It stems from communication problems and swells into a calamity when people that were not involved in the situation stick there nose in it and get half of the story which most of it at least in my situation is artificially inflated to get people on your side. People take sides and with 80% of America goofed by the priests we have what we have with our system, a disease.. Just look at how long it took “that poor little girl” Jody Aries to get convicted.. Don’t make this a pitty party guys can get molested too.

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