Allowed: Cop To Lobby For Marijuana Legalization

In St. Louis, Missouri Sgt. Gary Wiegert has been given permission by his chief of police to become an official lobbyist in the state to legalize marijuana for the non-profit organization Show Me Cannabis.norml_remember_prohibition_

While there are hundreds of former law enforcement officers lobbying with the non-profit group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), having a currently employed  law enforcement officer being given the ‘green’ light by their command to lobby for marijuana legalization maybe a first. Regardless, it most certainly will not be the last!

Article appeared from the AP in the Kansas City Star:

ST. LOUIS — St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson has reversed course and will allow a veteran officer to moonlight as a lobbyist for a pro-marijuana organization.

Dotson wrote to police Sgt. Gary Wiegert on Tuesday saying his request for “secondary employment” will be allowed.

Wiegert filed a complaint earlier this year with U.S. District Court claiming the department violated his First Amendment rights to free speech for refusing to allow him to lobby on behalf of Show-Me Cannabis.

Wiegert worked for three years as a lobbyist for the St. Louis Tea Party. In February, he submitted a new application to the department. The application did not require him to state for whom he would lobby. It was approved but revoked after the department learned Wiegert was lobbying for the pro-marijuana group.



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  1. Hundreds of thousands of people can’t pass a piss test. Get these stupid laws that support prohibition out of here!

    Way to go Sgt. Wiegert and LEAP!

  2. I am ex law enforcement in the state of Texas and we should be able to let our voices be herd no matter what law enforcement agency you work for or worked for I support the legalization of cannabis and hemp I am disabled and can benefit from cannabis. Thank you!

  3. When I was busted, I noticed subsequently that the officers involved seemed to have opinions that ran the gamut from sorry-we-bothered-you-in-your-home to must-be-a-dangerous-sociopath-to-be-watched-out-for.

    It took them six months to decide to arrest me, but the cop waited until I came home rather than walk me out of my workplace with handcuffs on. They were not all so considerate.

  4. I think that most of us know that there are both good and bad cops out there in the world.

    Well, as far as I’m concerned, Sgt. Gary Wiegert is one of the very best for showing the courage it takes to speak out on this issue.

    Sgt. Gary Wiegert – SALUTE!!!

  5. Way to go, Sgt. Weigert and thank-you!

    Use of a plant like cannabis that has many therapeutic advantages and benefits, along with decades of “safe experimentation” by hippies and millions of other types, should not cause the individual who uses it, grows it or sells it for an others benefit, to fear for their life, personal liberty and safety by law enforcement UNLESS, they are actually hurting others! Or about to hurt others, including animals and property.

    Time to end the insanity of cannabis prohibition, and regarding medical cannabis? You can get Oxycontin, Xanax, Prozac, morphine, and even cocaine and much more with simply a prescription… have people seen what’s required for a medical marijuana card in many states? It’s an abomination of our rights as citizens of the country and quite unnecessary. That kind of governmental control of it’s citizens is way over the top.

    It’s a psychological and physical burden the states feel they have the right to enact, and they’re supported as some people do benefit, and we don’t want to rock the boat.

    Cannabis is an herb and the DEA is not a branch of the government approved by the US Constitution. It is a dept. of the federal government it’s job, as well as the ONDCP is to enforce laws that are scientifically and realistically viable, of which cannabis is obviously not viable in the sense of being the public danger the laws in this country make it out out be. Simply put, it’s safer than fermented grapes, hops or smoked tobacco, and without a doubt safer than the result of prohibition in the form of synthetic cannabis, bath salts and rope (choking games).

    I’ve been a member of LEAP for 5 years… they are legit!

  6. Way to go brother
    This is how a civilized society becomes a Utopia
    The flower has so much potential
    To help us get along with one another.

  7. Thanks Sgt Wiegert, you’re the kind of officer we need on the streets.

  8. When cops join LEAP, they are taking a sideways step towards decency. However while they join LEAP and continue to arrest people for self ownership, they are placing a higher value on obedience to a stupid law than to doing the right thing.

    The solution isn’t to “tax and regulate” or “do your job” when the doing of it is morally wrong. The solution is to leave people alone that don’t harm others. To tax and regulate a plant assumes that none of us own ourselves and we must have “permission” to do so. THAT flys in the face of freedom. Fuck taxing and regulating freedom ,fuck getting “permission” to own myself.

  9. how many may agree that the federal government is protecting the black market? is that not what it looks like ?…what the hell else could it be?….

  10. IMPORTANT (Please, Team NORML, help us!)

    There are multiple petitions hitting the whitehouse regarding legalization (etc.) of cannabis.

    Here are 2 of them.

    We cannot count on these guys to associate them, legally, (nor even logically.)


    PLEASE help us to identify the most IDEAL petition, as well as to get it the attention it deserves.

    The politicians know they have to craft an answer for handling cannabis, and poorly defined laws, mishandled and duplicate petitions will only make our footing unsteady.

    We need to mobilize! OCCUPY THE WHITEHOUSE!

  11. @ Bob Constantine…

    You’re absolutely correct!The problem is those in power, those to have the power over the people, don’t “get it”! It’s a plant, as you say, it’s not manufactured and those who use it are not hurting people by using it. The question becomes, how to bring about sane policies towards cannabis? No question for me, cannabis should not be taxed or regulated. We wouldn’t have the problem we have today if cannabis wasn’t made the scapegoat to illegal immigrants and prejudice. And we wouldn’t have the lucrative anti-cannabis corporations as in drug testing, prison reform, diversions to Big Pharma, alcohol and tobacco without cannabis prohibition.

    Imagine treating people who drink coffee, camomile tea, or use ginseng the same way?

    It’s madness…

  12. BobKat, I agree. Can anyone explain why Cannabis is a drug even though it’s a natural plant, yet no herbal remedy can be called a drug because they are natural plants?

  13. @Ben and NORML – I too wish that we could have some leadership on getting this issue out and into the face of our Government! If NORML would only get someone to write up a proper petition and encourage people to sign it I’m pretty sure we would.

    That said, I fully realize what happened the first time we all signed the first of these petitions only to be answered by the friggin’ Drug Czar; which was really not an answer at all… I still believe we have to keep trying though and am motivated to keep trying and optimistic that we are winning this war; that’s right – motivated and optimistic in spite of 40 years of marijuana use!

    [Editor’s note: Non-binding Internet based petitions are 100% useless ending 75 years of cannabis prohibition. Obama and company have already answered the oft-asked Internet-generated question about cannabis legalization (Obama: “No, I don’t support legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana”).

    What changes mj laws are:

    -binding voter initiatives in approximately 23 states that have them
    -state or federal legislation
    -court challenges

    …everything else is largely hype and non-impactful.

    Seriously, cannabis prohibition is not going to end in America because of an Internet petition.

    Get real…get really politically active (in the flesh) to hasten an end to cannabis prohibition laws!]

  14. It’s nice to hear that cops have a choice to become human and relate to the citizens he is protecting.

  15. I would hope and expect that a whole lot of us would be happy to march on Washington DC, in the flesh, if NORML and some of the other Pro-Sanity groups (Like the DPA) would all decide on a date to meet up there.

    Can we make that happen? Or, can we expect that if we did that the result would be a major head-bashing like what happened in the 60s when they tried that? I don’t believe that would happen with Obama as president since I, once again, am optimistic that deep down he is not as big a jerk/A-hole as Nixon was…

  16. @GEM

    Cannabis is “a drug” because in the 1930’s Yellow Journalism used the Mexican name for cannabis, Marijuana, to create a fantastic connection to illegal immigrants from Mexico, and fear of Black people as a result of Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. The idea was the Yellow media wanted to spread fear, loathing and terror within America so that Americans would support a never before “cry of rage” against a plant/herb. They succeeded!

    Then like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, the 60’s came along, and we all know what the 60’s was about… okay, so hippies, free-loves, sex-drugs-rock and roll and the Vietnam war.

    Cry One was in the 1930’s. Cry Two was in the 1960’s with Americans who were generally over the age of 30 crying out once again in rage.

    The Marihuana tax Act – note government’s misspelling, was found to be Unconstitutional in the late 1960’s. That led to “Cry # 3”. President Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon who peace symbol and all was not at all into peace…

    After cannabis prohibition was found to be Unconstitutional, Tricky Dick created the framework for the 1971 Drug Control Act, and as a precaution, had cannabis, still called marijuana by the bigots, placed into temporary Schedule one until the findings of his Shafer Commission were released.

    The Shafer Commission voted that cannabis should not be illegal. That was not what Nixon or his newly formed DEA wanted to hear!He ignored the Shafer Commission and prior to impeachment made sure cannabis was buried… ahem, I mean “marijuana”.

    That is the reason cannabis as a plant and herb is illegal… the boy cried wolf three times, he was lying, but as long as it is called marijuana, it is not a plant or an herb, as cannabis is, it becomes a drug because marijuana has 80+ years of being that diabolic drug that leads to the destruction of youth, to harder drugs, and then death.

    It’s all in a name.

  17. To all who favor freedom,

    Our nation watches and the resolve builds to end Marijuana Prohibition in the United States of America.

    We have to keep the pressure on our government to decriminalize marijuana.

    Please sign the new whitehouse petition,

    Decriminalize marijuana, and pardon all marijuana convictions. Over 100,000,000 U.S. Citizens have used marijuana.

    With over 500,000 marijuana arrests costing over $13 billion annually, and with more than half of U.S. Citizens favoring legalization the time is here to end marijuana prohibition.

    Marijuana prohibition is very costly to society, wasting billions of dollars and billions of hours in law enforcement, justice system and penal system time, it also destroys families and personal lives and futures.

    The effects of marijuana both physically and socially are less harmful than alcohol or tobacco, and adults should be entitled to make the decision whether or not to consume marijuana.

    It’s time to finally put an end to the criminalization of marijuana, This would not only allow our government to save billions of dollars, but could be a source of income and bring in billions of dollars in revenue.

    Please help to spread the word on any social media you can, we need this petition to go VIRAL!

    Thank you,

  18. @ Bob Kat, err I know what you’re saying, but so damn what? Marijuana is awesome. Stop trying to make it sound like there is something wrong with using the word “marijuana”.

    The only “problem” with marijuana are the “crackers/fascists” that think or believe they own us and our futures.

  19. Glad to hear that Sgt. Wiegert’s superiors have given him the go-ahead to lobby on behalf of this cause. Their efforts along with those of LEAP are a clear indicator of where at least *some* United States law enforcement stand in regards to this issue.

  20. Does anyone here know if any states recognize the right of a medical marijuana patient to use dispensaries not in the state of recommendation? For instance, if I am traveling to Oregon or Arizona from California, may I use my CA rec to obtain medication in OR or AZ?

  21. @ Ken Larson

    I’ve read the laws in VT and ME and my understanding is the answer is “yes”. However, when considering the extreme regulations that are inherit in medical cannabis regulations, you may have to take an IQ test, or register with the state you travel to, or provide a sample of your DNA.

    You need to use the internet and a search engine like Google, pull up that state’s medical cannabis law and research your rights in that state. I’m pretty certain you’ll get your medicine while traveling, but do your research.

  22. @ Dave Evans

    You said: “I know what you’re saying, but so damn what? Marijuana is awesome. Stop trying to make it sound like there is something wrong with using the word “marijuana”.”

    Dave, yes, “marijuana” is awesome, but the term marijuana was and is used by politicians as a derogatory pseudonym. Black people are beautiful too, but calling them by the N word is not right! The same with the term marijuana, it’s based on prejudice and is historically used to denote a dangerous drug.

    I accept, that if the federal government get’s off it’s asses and recognizes finally that cannabis is indeed safe, safer that alcohol or tobacco, or plain safer for public use, with social benefits and they legalize it, then yes, maybe the use of the term “marijuana” will become cool, and past prejudices will be forgiven.

    But for now it’s my educated opinion the term marijuana is used to denote a menace to society, and users a danger to society.

    I’ll call it cannabis if you don’t mind. That is the name of the plant in scientific terms, or I’ll call it ganja, which is what Americans called it prior to the 1930’s.

  23. @bobcat – I use the term marijuana purely because that seems to be the word most people know. Only the more educated among us realize the proper name is cannabis (sativa). Even though we know it is all part of our Govts game strategy when they decided to call it marijuana, it is the word that works when you’re trying to communicate with those less educated on the subject.

  24. ‘marijuana’ is a coined term by the pukes that keep it illegal. i have much respect for it as it has helped me to ‘unscramble’ many thoughts that run through my tiny brain at any given moment….

  25. The “N” word that express hatred towards marijuana, is “Narcotics”.

  26. @ Miles, lockedoutoftheshed and Joel – the othe Joel:

    Miles, to reduce yourself to the lower levels of others is not progress. There are those who still use the N-word to describe people of certain races, and I’m not one of them. My own doctor calls cannabis marijuana, yet doctors up until the 1930’s called it cannabis.

    My doctor should be and overall is intelligent, yet when he uses the N-word, marijuana, he comes off as being ignorant and biased. Reform begins with the proper terminology.

    As lockedoutoftheshed says, “…pukes use it to keep it illegal.” And he’s correct!

    It is a Joel, the Other says too, it represents the N-word which in this case is narcotics.

    To return to the objective of this post by NORML, the intro was:

    “…St. Louis, Missouri Sgt. Gary Wiegert has been given permission by his chief of police to become an official lobbyist in the state to legalize marijuana for the non-profit organization Show Me Cannabis.”

    Well, Show Me Cannabis already, and I’d ask the states to stop using the N-word to appease the ignorant, or to subscribe to such ignorance.

  27. @ bobkat, no you cannot be more wrong. Marijuana is the English version of Marihuana; which is a Spanish word, not some gringo bullshit as you describe. You’re just making up some thing to protest that isn’t, in this case, even real.

    Calling it _Cannabis_ instead of marijuana and expecting people to somehow not realize you’re talking about marijuana (the exact same thing) is a joke.

    Also, equating marijuana to how the Klan uses “nigger” is so disingenous as to be promoting ignorance. Are you serious? If so, do study history *a lot* more. And get a soul while you’re at it.

  28. I feel this is very important. We cannot act like words themselves are a cancer. It is the way ignorant and hateful people use them that causes hurt feelings. Their hate is the problem, not so much the words they use.

    If we stop using the marijuana in a positive way, we are literally conceding a part of our culture to piece of shit crackers. They don’t own our language and they do not own us. They also do not own the means of the words _Cannabis_ nor marijuana. _Cannabis_ is the Latin word for the genus of all plants directly related the first one named, C. sativa. There are kinds of _Cannabis_ plants that cannot even grow marijuana. These two word are both useful and are not interchangeable.

    A cannabis exact can be used as medicine. Marijuana is the dried female flowers of the _Cannabis_ plants.

    Instead of promoting the ignorant use of the word (and ignorance in general), try teaching people the correct usage–there isn’t any baggage there.

  29. @ Dave Evans…

    No Offense meant… I’ve studied cannabis/marijuana since the mid-1970’s. I challenge you to find an encyclopedia or dictionary that prior to say the 1920’s or even 1930 that lists the word marijuana in the English language. You will find cannabis, ganja, hashish, but I doubt you will find marijuana or marihuana. It’s origin is Spanish, used by Mexican’s, and used to sow fear, hatred and terror by William Randolf Hearst and other Yellow Journalist in the 1930’s. That is fact.

    @ Dave Evans 2ND Post – I agree… the term marijuana is here to stay… what I don’t like are politicians using the word to breed fear, hate and terror among us!

    Let me know what you find prior to 1920 – 1930?

  30. Yes, the creepy yellow journalists did adopt “marijuana” as a way to discredit its usefullness, but this wasn’t by way of the name per sey, but because they were looking to capitalize on long standing prejudices against Mexicans. They just used the word the Mexicans already gave it. They jerks don’t own the word so we are and will continue to rehabilitate it. It is not taboo, it is a godsend for many.

    Specifically, what is wrong with English language folks using Spanish words? They are our neighbors and we should embrace what is good about Mexico and Mexicans, and stop fueling their criminals. There is a lot more wrong about the way things are setup than people hating on “marijuana” even remotely being the cause the problems we have. And people are already at 50% support for legalization.

    We do seem to have this underclass of polticians that are war and hate mongers. And another underclass that just hate anything with common sense, like back ground checks to make sure criminals or nuts aren’t buying guns are an issue they can’t support. Legalizing marijuana just makes too much sense and so these dyslexic whack jobs again can’t support it.

    But anyway, if we aren’t going to call it marijuana, then the next most accurate name would be “ganja”, an Indian word. The only English words for it are “weed”, “trees” and “pot”, which are kind of lame and not original…

  31. And trust me, there are plenty who will continue hating on “bud” regardless of what we call it. Our “nugs” our prohibited by some religions like Mormonism; they strongly discourage even mind altering substances like coffee and tea. They are not going to care one bit what it is called, we have to show these ignorant fools that it isn’t a threat to them or their families with facts. The only “cures” for ignorance are education… or death. The first one is much, much better methinks.

  32. Just one more example, which should help make things are little more clear:

    _Cannabis_ includes all species and varieties, includes males.

    “Marijuana” is only the dried female flowers. Not the stems, or leaves, roots or even seeds. And male plants cannot grow any “marijana” at all. Half of the individual plants of the species cannot even qualify as “marijuana” plants. Think about, if you were just growing _Cannabis_, would you care about the sex of your plants? “Marijuana growers” do care, so much in fact they buy female only seeds.

  33. @ Dave Evans…

    Agreed! Especially celebrating the Mexican term for cannabis! It’s like we’ve been fighting this war with Mexico for 100 years and I for one think it’s time it ends.

    One inside tip, so to speak… ganja may be an “Indian” word, but it’s what we Americans and Europeans called it prior to the 1930’s.

  34. As per some dirtbag, ‘Marihuana has the effect on degenerate races, as to make them think are on level with white folks. Maybe even hit on while women.’ Really? This is a drug that helps people realize that their leaders and lieing pieces of shit? That people don’t belong in racist little boxes and that everyone is more valuable than they say we are?

    We should plaster these pieces of shit’s words all over the place so folks understand better exactly what they are supporting by way of supporting the War on Drugs.

    Republish all the original propaganda like it’s current. Hand out fliers with all these ridiculous statements to highlight why this war was really started and keeps going: To replace slavery and then to reign in Civil Rights.

  35. @ Dave Evans

    On the one hand you have suggested something profound… publish ALL the crap used to demonize marijuana back in the 1930’s. As much as it’s a great idea, it would accomplish nothing. Few people would be interested, fewer still would make the connection to the “War on Drugs” created by President Richard Nixon in 1971.

    Nixon and many others knew the lies were a farce. And by 1971 Reefer Madness was already the biggest joke in our history. And perhaps the largest gaffe in history was that Elvis Presley wanted to be a DEA agent, and personally asked Pres. Nixon to be instated. That’s how convoluted the whole “Scared About Marijuana” War was back then.

    So Nixon invented a new tactic. Elvis was denied the job, and the Drug Control Act of 1971 was born. It was designed to use SCIENCE to establish which drugs were bad, and to place them into DEA Scheduling – 1 – 5. One being the most dangerous drugs known to humankind. Nixon’s plan… forget the farce that made marijuana illegal in the 1970’s and use science to prove it was one badass drug!

    He assembled an elite team of professionals called the Shafer Committee, which I’ve spoken of previously. Nixon had marijuana placed into Schedule One “temporarily” while his elite committee thoroughly eviscerated and examined every piece of science and all data related to cannabis.

    According to Nixon at the time, the status of marijuana was in the hands of his Shafer Committee. Based upon the committees findings after a thorough inquisition they found no reason other than the users of cannabis tended to be “unconventional” to prohibit marijuana whatsoever. Summary… regulate it like alcohol!

    Many people credit Pres. Nixon with ending the Vietnam war… and he did, but not because America was suffering. He simply signed the treaty that ended the war. And created a new one. The “War on drugs”, and he ignored his elite committee’s recommendations and saw to it that cannabis was permanently placed into Schedule One drug status.

    That was back when a human brain was compared to an egg, when monkey’s were forced to breathe pure smoke from cannabis and died from carbon monoxide poisoning, and their deaths were ruled as science supporting the dangers of cannabis use. Additional studies found that brain cells were destroyed and sperm mutated. Users of cannabis exhibited symptoms of opiate addiction, and a connection was established linking cannabis use to heroin and cocaine.

    Forget the 1930’s… Nixon reinvented the whole stepping stone equation that linked marijuana to drug abuse and death. He propagated the “fact” that all addicts to illicit drugs began with marijuana. He established “science based” logic that “proved” marijuana was – unlike the destroyer of youth in the 1930’s”, the modern day destroyer of youth in the 1970’s.

    So, whereas your idea to redistribute flyers with 1930’s propaganda is a great idea… Nixon rather screwed with all our heads on that one. Only president Jimmy Carter saw through the ruse! In 1978 he legalized home-brew beer, wine and cannabis. The DEA trumped him with the cannabis, but thanks to Mr. carter we can at least make our own beer and wine today.

    President Obama and his White House beer has never paid tribute to jimmy carter, but without him, Obama Beer would be illegal. See, when Alcohol Prohibition ended they neglected to allow home-brewing. So one could say, Carter righted the wrong imposed in the late 1920’s with repeal of alcohol prohibition, but failed to right the wrong imposed by the crap you referred to that brought about cannabis prohibition. And for that, we can thank Pres. Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon.

    Obviously there are those on Capitol Hill that profit immensely from the War on Drugs. And until we find a way to weed them out and make them accountable, cannabis/marijuana prohibition will remain a federally sponsored “act of terrorism” against the American people. I say “act of terrorism” as science in 1971 did not support a war on cannabis nor does it today. Do you think for a minute that 21 states would have medical marijuana laws in effect, and two states would have complete legalization if the federal stance on cannabis were the truth?

    Wake up America… I smell dead fish!!!

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