Expected Soon: More Decriminalized Marijuana In Michigan

As part of an ongoing cannabis law reform effort in Michigan, voters in three more Michigan cities will soon have the chance to do what their elected officials regularly fail to do: pass laws that decriminalize a small amount of cannabis for personal adult use.norml_remember_prohibition_

The Detroit Free Press reports today that three Michigan cities–Ferndale, Jackson and likely Lansing–will have binding voter initiatives that effectively decriminalize cannabis possession in these three municipalities.

Numerous other cities in Michigan have already adopted decriminalization, as have 17 other states overall, and as former MI NORML president and current chair of Coalition for Safer Michigan Tim Beck notes in the article that passing these three decriminalization ballots will likely be the ‘tipping point’ for state legislators in Michigan to pass state-wide reforms.

Let’s hope so!

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  1. Well at least we are making progress. Too bad instead of only 3 cities in Mi doing this that all the cities in Mi should do the same to help end this wasted war against the people that should never have been to start with. Legalization N taxation is the way to go instead of wasting $$$ on trying to keep it illegal.Wake up America and lets put an end to this ignorant stupid war by legalizing and regulating it like alcohol.

  2. Yeah it’s too bad Flint city council refuses to acknowledge 57% of voters who wanted to decriminalize marijuana and are choosing to stick by state laws.

  3. I love the logo on the front of this piece. It emphasizes the truth about prohibition. The government is actively funding criminal organizations by continuing this war on a medicinally helpful plant. Additionally, since we are thoroughly aware people are going to attempt to alter their state of mind, would you prefer people who are aggressive and unpredictable or people who are going to order take out because they are too lazy to make food for themselves?
    Easy call in my humble opinion.

  4. Prohibition didn’t work the first time around and its obviously not working now. Hopefully the rest of the state will follow suite with the county and pass the decriminalization.

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