Marijuana Prohibition Responsible for Death of 2-Year-Old Girl

Alex HillMarijuana prohibition has taken yet another innocent life.  In January 2013, two- year-old Alexandra Hill was taken from her home in Round Rock, Texas because her parents had admitted to smoking pot after their child had gone to bed.   As a result, she was placed with an abusive foster mother, who subsequently beat her to death.

According to her father, Joshua Hill, who spoke with KVUE, a local ABC affiliate, “She would come to visitation with bruises on her, and mold and mildew in her bag. It got to a point where [he] actually told CPS that they would have to have [him] arrested because [he] wouldn’t let her go back.”  A few days later, the Hill family got a call informing them that their daughter was in a coma, and they needed to get to the hospital right away.  Two days after that, Alex was taken off life support.  Up until she was snatched from her family in January, the 2 year old had never been sick or gone to the hospital.

“When a parent who responsibly consumes marijuana after hours is seen as neglectful in comparison to a parent who responsibly enjoys a glass of wine, then the system isn’t just broken, it’s deadly,” said Sabrina Fendrick, Director of Women’s Outreach at NORML.  Little Alex’s fate was sealed the minute the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) determined that such behavior qualifies as “neglectful supervision,” and put her with a foster mother who had not been given a proper background check.

This is just one more tragic casualty of marijuana prohibition.  However, the practice of child snatching by CPS from marijuana-using parents is by no means unique to this story.  Current policy gives state agencies the right to legally kidnap minors and infants from their loving parents’ home (simply for the fact that they are cannabis consumers), and place them in an unknown, possibly dangerous or truly neglectful environment.  Hundreds of similar CPS cases pop up around the country every year.   Only when the government changes its view, and policies on marijuana can we truly protect the rights and integrity of good parents who responsibly consume cannabis after hours and out of their child’s view.  It’s time for CPS, the state of Texas and the federal government to step up, take responsibility for all of the damage they have caused, and commit to ending this disastrous and fatal policy.

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  2. Target: Texas Mentor Program.
    I didn’t even want to read this article. It was so painful to watch. I’m a grown man with two small kids of my own and I found myself fighting tears in my eyes in a public library.
    But I’m glad I watched the video. I suppose the story I’m about to tell is the reason I have been an activist all these years. The privatization of child incarceration is at the very root of evil in the corruption of our law enforcement in the Department of “In”Justice today.
    I live close to Austin. I know people in Round Rock. What’s more, I had my own run in with CPS 25 years ago when I was 10 through the Deparment of Human Social Services. I witnessed first hand how private facilities control the distribution of foster children for profit through State and federal funds for nearly two years while my mother exhausted all her inheretence– and the entire year’s budget from the Comal County DHS office– to get us back. She took down 4 cops– three men and one woman, fighting to keep us from being taken. By my standards, law enforcement had already removed the threat to my family when they arrested my stepfather on some trumped up drug charge– not for the illegal drugs he used, but for the legal alcohol he was addicted to. The “placements” my 6 siblings and I were separated to would stage “fundraisers” and auction off eligible children who had been in private custody so long they could be adopted. I was sent with one sister to a private facility near Boerne Texas called “The Mesia” ran by a fundraising woman named Anita who wore too much make up and smiled through dark, evil eyes. Would-be parents, elderly investors and foster care contractors were ushered into the gym where they would donate money and peer at children– some with delusions of a happy family– others like slaves on an auction block. The placement would put kids on sedatives and clean them up for “adoption day” filling their heads with hopes and dreams, while disguising the severe mental tantrums kids experienced from being detained and separated from their parents against their will. It’s all about the money; Our government sponsors the traumatic separation of families, and now I find that drug policies have been fabricating the unjust authority for private industry to gain lucrative custody of children for government sponsored profit.
    Well I won’t let it ruin my poker night! I’m still raising money for NORML in my “Pot for Pot Poker Tournament.” Still, I feel that aside from being theraputic, my story should be told.
    The marijuana user was my stepfather, who deserved to be put away the day we were taken by force by police– but for alcohol abuse (if anything the marijuana was the only calm memories we had of him). It was the year and a half they kept us from my mother that started up the real fight. 7 kids pays a lot of bills for soome foster care contractors. Some of us went to individual homes, some to placements. One of my brothers was placed in juvenile detention! He still isn’t right to this day. Can you believe the State of Texas would punish an 8 year old child in juvi after taking him from his mother? What’s the lesson? “That’ll teach you to love your mother and trust the system! Now learn how to be a deliquent!” The DHS used tax payer dollars and bought out judges that sympathized with us. They bribed our lawyer. Social workers made promises we would “go home one day,” but meanwhile all of my siblings were seperated into different foster homes to maximize private profits on what can only be described as a state-funded child incarceration and extortion regime for profit. We were told to behave “or you won’t get a visitation from your mother.”
    I was ten, but the youngest was still breastfeeding at 10 months. We were building a house. I would be the first to admit that the mobile home we lived in before the house was finished wasn’t up to standards, especially with a violent drunk who needed to be arrested always breaking the furniture. But the whole case and premise for the DHS to keep us from our mother (after they forced her to divorce my stepfather and deported him) was that “she would find another man like him.” Is that reasonable grounds to award state custody? I mean even if it was TRUE?! The DHS used evidence from my stepfather’s association with drug dealers to prove this point. Until I write this now, I have to say I never wondered where they got their information?
    As I found out after the lawyer drove away with a mercedes and the judges all but cried and gave up, that the reason we were detained so long was not only for profit motivation from the private foster placements; after investigating our lawyer, my mother discovered that the DHS knew they had an indefensible case to detain us for so long; they were just waiting for the Statute of limitations to expire so we couldn’t sue the County for collateral damage.
    During those long nights away from home as a child, I told myself that if God would let me out of the Hell I was in that one day I would fight to make sure these things stopped happening to children in the State of Texas. I’m surprised that I supressed the pain over child protection cases and picked up on drug policy to satisfy my need for activism. All those faces from all those children still haunt me, I suppse, and quite often the negative narrative for prohibition is too overwhelming; our senses kind of shut down to protect ourselves after a while.
    We kept our sense of humor and have stayed tight as a family over the years. We even forgot about what happened to us after a while.
    But this case called me out. It should call all of Texas and America out. We can donate to NORML, we can write our Congressmen, but I propose we start marching.
    We need to get organized and get pictures of this girl, get the Texas Chapter of NORML and we need to march to the steps of the capital in Austin, and demand an end to cannabis prohibition and CPS drug policy. If law makers are waiting for the money and the votes, we’ll get there; but for the sake of this little girl, we need to do things the old fashioned way.
    Mr. Armentano, I know I’ve probably worn you out with my blogs that take up a minute just to scroll through, but if I “Dare” ask anything of you, I have one favor to ask:
    How can we organize a march in Austin for Alexandra Hill? I will attempt to contact Texas NORML. Please advise.
    Hope I win at poker tonight to help the cause.

  3. the same thing happened to me i lost both my kids for just possesing a plant 10 years and guessing 20 grand later i still dont have my son or daughter my wife did nothing wrong i possesed the plant- the cps ladies put my wife through hell she was crying for years the kids are now with both sets of grandparents who look at me as a horrible drug user — i only smoke weed — one kid in Missouri and one in florida they dont even know eachother or me as long as i stay out of the picture they let my wife at least speak to the kids — our 3td kid my other son who lives with me asks about his brother and sister all the time the whole thing is so twisted man i did nothing wrong but possess some weed wtf

  4. this happened to me luckily my kids are not in foster care but with my parents and my wife’s parents who view us as loser drug addicts because we smoke weed my son is in florida and my daughter is in missourrii we live 30 minutes away from our daughter and as long as i stay away they will let my other son our 3rd kid and my wife see our daughter – they took both my kids for just possessing a plant its over 10 years and im guessing 20 grand later as long as i stay out of the picture they will at least let my wife speak to our son and daughter they are with both sets of grandparents who view me as a horrible drug addict – i only smoke weed – the kids are in two different states and don’t know each other or me – my wife did nothing wrong i possessed a harmless plant and the cps ladies put her through hell she cried constantly for years they dragged it through the court system to drain our money till they knew we couldn’t do any more and when they knew they were winning they confronted us like we were criminals and insulted my wife i got mad and yelled at them then they claimed i was violent these people played us good at the time going to court losing time with our kids and seeing my wife sad plus diruption of life had takin such a toll i told them off i am not violent these people are so sick — our other son who lives with us asks about his brother and sister alot his biggest joy was playing xbox live with his brother in florida when they found out they took my son in florida off of xbox I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I DID TO DESERVE THIS all i did was possess some weed i never harmed anyone the whole thing is twisted man wtf

  5. I grew up in foster care, and I’ve testified about this before on this web-site. Kids end up in abusive homes because CPS sees the foster parents as upstanding, church going, parents who will bring discipline to incorrigible kids. This could have been me. My first foster father took me down in the basement one night, and beat the living hell out of me because I had run away from school. It’s lucky that I didn’t have to go to the hospital. And It’s not just physical abuse but mental abuse as well. My second foster home with people of the Mormon faith was a little better but not much. They will say such things as,” I know all about your tricks I’ve read your rap sheet.” Or if your parents get visitation rights, after they are gone, they will tell your child such as; “Your mom is an addict I can tell by the way she acted that she hasn’t had her fix today. And I still got the hell beat out of me because I didn’t want to go to the Mormon church! Well I’m not Mormon and have no obligation to attend the Mormon church, you got that prohibitionists?

  6. I believe in this case it was not marijuana prohibition that was directly responsible for the death of the 2-year-old girl, but rather the abusive foster mother who had not been given a proper background check by the CPS.

  7. “According to court records, Alexandria’s mother has a medical condition that does not allow her to be left alone with her own child and Hill’s marijuana use had become so bad he almost dropped his daughter down the stairs.”

    ALMOST dropped her? Because of pot use? Somehow I suspect this guy was NOT using high grade concentrates. So I really question his pot use being so inebriating that he almost dropped her.

    “The TDFPS concluded that ‘Through the assessment of the Department and family members of the parents, it appears the parents have limited parenting skills and need to develop their understanding of being protective of their child. Until these services are offered, the Department does not feel either parent can be the sole caregiver for the child.'”

    The Father says they took her because they smoked pot, but the state says CPS became involved because “the family disagreed who should take custody of the girl and decided to involve the CPS themselves”.

    If involving the TEXAS CPS in your child’s life is your only option, you likely have much bigger problems than a weed habit. This seems to be the case implied here.

    R.I.P Alex.

  8. This is appalling! This happened very close to me and hits home. I have children and to think they could be taken from me for being a responsible mom is very scary. I have a neighbor that drinks excessively. He even has a court ordered breathalyzer in his car. Most nights the whole house including 4 young children stay up till early morning while the adults get drunk in the garage. The youngest even told me his mother let’s him drink beer! If I called CPS it would be ignored. Alcohol is legal. Does that make any sense? These caring parents lost their beautiful daughter for no reason while my neighbors can raise mini alcoholics and get away with it! Obviously our country needs a huge revamp of priorities. This makes me want to stand outside of that CPS office and protest the extreme penalties they have brought on. Those parents will never get a second chance. How can this country prove parents unfit then place them with murderers. Seems to me it is the government is unfit. Just think how much money the government paid for the life of that little girl. They paid for the investigation, the professionals involved and not to mention the monthly allotment the foster mom was given. The government took this beautiful girl from her parents where she would have remained happy and health and instead paid someone to kill her. This must change! We must let the government know this is not OK!

  9. Julian, I would love to be a part of the march if we can get it together. Also how can I get involved in these poker games??

  10. This is heartbreaking, along with others’ previous personal comments. Another case of “The-Powers-That-Be” using marijuana misinformation and paranoia to dictate public welfare policy, with FATAL results. This should’ve NEVER happened!

  11. Look, there are many things marijuana helps with, including depression (which I suffer with daily). I am quitting smoking marijuana now so that I can find a job that will afford me the opportunity to truly and properly care for my son, but it is going to be a challange, as I cannot take most antidepressants due to the side effects (which range from extreme dizziness to insomnia to actually causing suicidal thoughts to extreme migraines)…I can’t have these side effects and care for my 8 month old (single mom). There are many many people who don’t use it to get high, the use it for things like depression and anxiety (which is what I have been doing). How can you take away a child from a parent because of this? I don’t understand the system at all, and doubt I ever will!

    Complete, utter BS!

  12. What i want to know is if the foster mother/father is in jail for abuse and child endangerment and I’m sure a few other charges after an investigation, if they aren’t in jail why NOT!!!!! I also think the actual parents did the right thing by smoking after Alex went to bed I personally think that is called adult responsibility!!

  13. I respect all views, even though I might not agree with them. As they say “I might not agree with your view but I would fight and die for you to have the right to express your view.”

    A comment above said that a more thorough background check of the murderer who solicitited the privilege and responsibility of child care not out of genuince concern for the welfare of those abused or neglected.

    I would respectfully disagree with this. Think of all the serial killers / shooting rampagers who had no criminal record and so could purchase firearms en masse to commit some horrid final crime/atrocity/massacre.

    These sorts of individuals can’t even be profiled to try to pick them out, to prevent tragedies that we hear about sporadically and attract almost complete media attention, make our stomachs churn, and worry about the future of this country and the world.

    Yet in the land of the free, a drug conviction can stigmatize a person forever, even when they are non-violent, non-criminals who happened to get dragged into a legal quagmire, that is exasperating, costly, and demoralizing, simply for possessing a plant that all the founding fathers grew, that buttressed the growing independent economy of the states, and has been medicine and companion to humans for millenia. As most can observe firsthand and from documents, cannabis is about as relatively harmless as substance can be. Even drinking too much can cause a water intoxication that disrupts electrolyte balance so much that people can die from it.

    Yet weed is “schedule I” in a BS scheduling charade, non-scientific, even blatantly dishonest, and this has gone on for decades. Nixon did not start the CSA drug war because of concern, he did it because of another reason.

    Harvard professor Timothy Leary had been caught in possession of cannabis in Texas. His case went all the way to the Supreme Court. In order to get a “marihuana tax stamp,” a person had to disclose how much they had in possession or planned to grow. This is self-incrimination, self-entrapment, and an unjust pile of nonsense. Leary won this Supreme Court case, making cannabis prohibition UNENFORCEABLE, period.

    That’s why that corksucker Nixon, passed the CSA fraud, causing social problems on a scale so large that people are not able to link the drug war together with the PROBLEMS IT CAUSES DIRECTLY. Liar, Nazi, war criminal, and sycophant to wealthy elites, Nixon was controlled by American Nazi Prescott Busch, father of GHWBush, and grandfather to the GW Bush. (source: Dark Legacy: George Bush and the murder of John Kennedy).

    I would wager that it was specifically cannabis becoming legal, that panicked the biggest, greediest, racist a-holes into making a handful of drugs “illegal” with cannabis topping the list as if to mean it’s among the worst substances. And that is most absurd about all of the drug war nonsense. Without a guise of “concern” for public safety, people would see that it’s simply TRANSPARENT CORRUPTION and human rights violations. Therefore, to continue for decades, they had to LIE and also fund agencies made up of liars and well-meaning ignoramuses. They don’t give a sh*t about people, which they probably believed was the case, at one time, to HELP people. IMO a person would need to constantly engage in self-lying and rationalization to not realize that they are working in roles that makes them the ACTUAL scum of society. Get real jobs. The lie is ending. Contribute to society instead of making a mockery of justice while terrorizing people for a NON-CRIME.

    Douchebag narcs, career politicians, prohibition lobbyists, prohibition fanboys (includes all drug dealers), and other mental defectives who “support” oppression and injustice….YOU don’t do any good for anyone. Your views were handed to you, not the result of examining the facts, using critical thinking.

    These sorts could all go DIAF and the world would be a better place. (sorry if you have to look up DIAF).

  14. This is nothing short of appalling. Those responsible for placing this child in the care of an abusive foster parent should examine their screening, placement, and checkup processes.

  15. I don’t disagree with many people here, I think marijuana is generally harmless. With that being said, I would not touch it being that it is illegal and I do have a daughter that I couldn’t live without. Come on people, if you can’t give up your weed to ensure that your child has the best life with their own parents…then what’s wrong with you? Risk your child’s welfare to prove a point that pot should be legalized? Prioritize…

    [Editor’s note: You’re a prohibitionist’s and an authoritarian’s dream. This discussion about a dumb govt prohibition regards cannabis. However, if govt bans coffee (again), tobacco (again) or alcohol (again), should parents abate from using these substances too when made illegal?

    Parents should ‘prioritize’ for freedom and stand up against these illogical laws, like previous generations of parents did re the above listed dangerous and addictive drugs, rather than be subservient to failed laws. Why deny parents’ stake-holdership in reform?]

  16. I don’t like to drink. It makes me stupid, gives me a headache and makes me feel nauseated. I have smoked pot all my life since the age of 15. I used to drink also when I was younger but haven’t had anything to drink for many years. It’s a sad world with so many people in it yet hard to trust anyone and make good friends. Pot sometimes is my companion. It soothes me, stimulates my mind and calms my blood pressure and my rheumatoid arthritis pain. It does many things for me without filling my body full of man-made chemicals. I choose to smoke pot for many reasons and do not see it causing harm to anyone. I do it in the privacy of my own bedroom or sometimes out on the patio.
    I know that if you took any city street and lined one side with bars that sold alcohol and the other side with bars that sold pot, the results would be violence and anger and car wrecks on the alcohol side and none of this on the pot side. People don’t get angry when they smoke pot. Only if they add alcohol with it. And pot is not man-made and doesn’t have the physical side-effects of alcohol. Yet alcohol is socially accepted.
    I can’t understand why the government doesn’t want to make the money they could from pot. I think it’s simply because they are too embarrassed about legalizing alcohol and all the problems it has caused that they are afraid that somehow pot would be the same. It’s not the same at all and shouldn’t even be compared to alcohol or even to the other man-made drugs it is lumped with. Pot is all it’s own and has very unique and positive benefits. Besides being relaxing for the mind, it is medicinal for the body in many ways. There is all kinds of proof of this yet people have such a mind set and are so stupid to not take advantage of what God has given us.
    Now, look at what these idiots have done to this little girl because their parents would rather smoke pot (not to make a statement or because their priorities were screwed up!) because of medicinal purposes and to not give into the social mores of others by instead drinking alcohol.
    I think it’s ridiculous, stupid, unwise of the government and people in general, to pass up such a useful and purposeful plant because some asshole government person said it’s the same as crack-cocaine. Pot is it’s own category and should be given the respect it deserves instead of being used for political power and taking the lives of little children just to prove a point!
    God help us. Forgive us for our stupidity. And bring change to our world. Bring peace, intelligence and love.

  17. Hein, let me point out to you that she wouldn’t have been placed with an abusive foster parent if,… you guessed it! Marijuana wasn’t illegal. Oh gee. I did have a good roll on the floor laughing at your comment, though. It’s clever.

  18. @ Cass
    Well, unfortunately even in a four-man poker game one of my older brothers is a constant source of argument over drug prohibition. And the bastard won with a 7 as a high card for a pair of Kings in Texas hold’m. Can’t win’m all, but I sure would like “Texas hold’m” to stand for a poker game, and not innocent children.
    Here is a post I sent to from the Texas Chapter of Norml in Austin:
    Hi Cheyanne,
    My name is Julian, I am a general contractor and father of two in Blanco TX. I met my wife in Austin and have friends in Round Rock, so the story of Alexandra Hill’s death hit very personally to me. I have been active with Norml on a national level for many years. I have even more recently discovered the Drug Policy Alliance, LEAP, the Marijuana Policy Project and donate when I can to This is the first time I have attempted to contact the Texas Chapter of Norml. Like I said, Alexandra brought it home. This time, something more than donating or writing to our Congressman must be done.
    But in order to organize a march, I believe the appropriate thing to do is to contact the grieving parents and approach them on how they would feel if Alexandra’s picture would be planted on signs in front of the capital? After all, it is appropriate to let the Hill’s lead the march should they choose to, and for us to follow. The protest would have two very clear themes:
    1) End cannabis prohibition
    2) End the privatization for investigative authority of private foster care contractors.

    We need to establish a department that investigates state sponsored foster parents without the corruption of programs like the DEA’s SOD evidence fabrication from preventing investigations of private foster care contractors and phony treatment centers.
    But ending cannabis prohibition is much more to the root of the problem.
    If we achieve nothing else we can shut down Texas Mentor Child Placing Agency, the private agency responsible for (not) investigating Alex’s foster care contractor for abusive behavior. They are located here in Austin:
    Texas MENTOR
    4150 Freidrich Lane Building N
    Suite G
    Austin, TX 78744
    Tel: 512-804-2338

    The walk is too far in this heat from the State Capitol; unless we organized a bike-a-thon with water stands up and down Congress ave. then down the access rd of Ben White (290) to end up at the Austin Texas Mentor facility on Freidrich Lane. Or vice-versa. The cameras from KVUE will follow.
    I’m beginning to like the bike Idea. People could park at the bike trails near Barton Springs, Zilker Park or the park and ride near 35 and 290 and we could start at Texas Mentor Facility and end up at the Capitol. We could set up donation stands with water and education literature for Texas Norml. We could contact the ACLU,, Dr. Bronner’s Soaps or anyone who would like to sponsor the event.
    BUT WE NEED TO CONTACT THE HILLS FIRST. And that’s what I am asking for you to do. How would they feel about this? We don’t have to do this right away. We could let them feel out what they want to do for Alex first. The most important message I want to relate to the Hills is that THEY DON’T HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS ALONE. The community wants to help. We need to change the laws that caused this tragedy from ever happening again.
    I was disgusted when I googled their name and found out that there’s a private adoption agency in Texas called “T.A.R.E.” …As in, “tear” families apart. Don’t get me wrong; we need to shed light on the fact that there are children who DO need foster homes.
    ALL the more reason why our state and federal tax dollars can not afford to be wasted on punishing non-violent cannabis users while using precious resources on privatizing child custody into a state-sponsored, fundraising child-trafficking industry… instead of providing adequate oversight into foster-parent abuse.
    In light of the recent disclosure of the DEA’s SOD evidence fabrication program, the fact that CPS would use the corruption of the Controlled Substance Act to tear non-violent families apart is not only appaling, it happened to me 25 years ago.

    For further detail, read my post at the Norml blog on Alexandra’s death. I myself at the age of 10 was a victim of state custody detainment using trumped up drug charges that held myself and 6 of my siblings for nearly two years. Even though my stepfather, the antagonist of drunken violence, was arrested the day we were separated into state custody, Comal County ignored the alcohol or the house we were in the middle of building as the root of our problems, and instead focused on finding drug-related offenses to keep us detained and charge my mother with drug crimes. I spoke with my mother about this after my recent post, and she told me that the F.B.I. was investigating us because the DEA was watching our bank accounts, charging that we were purchasing materials for a new house from laundered money. (Guilty conscience, DEA?) My grandmother was wiring money to my mother to help us build the house we were almost finished with when CPS became involved. My grandfather was a successful Doctor and had the money, but the money transfers were turned into evidence for CPS to fabricate a case. As much as CPS, the banks and the F.B.I. couldn’t understand we were not a crime family much less money -launderers, I myself never could put the puzzle together until the story of Alex helped me put it together again; the owner of the subdivision we were in knew some law enforcement in the County and wanted our land, now that the house was almost finished. It’s almost too incredible to believe, except I remember the people invloved; Mr. Sutton, the crooked land developer; The undercover agents that lived next door that were always offering my stepfather drugs; and the banks are obligated to flag any transfer over $10,000. So there it was; Crooked banks and enforcement agencies looking for assets and drug money landed my family in CPS. All that money could have paid to finish our house and send my stepfather off to some rehab. Instead, CPS unconstitutionally deported my stepfather “for life,” and invested all of Comal County’s budget for that year in fabricating evidence, switching judges and bribing our lawyer while they tried to catch my mother on drugs. Except for one thing: My mother doesn’t even smoke weed. She drinks a glass or two of wine a week, and a shot of tequila a year for as long as I’ve known her. CPS was outraged they couldn’t press more charges on her than assault on a police officer. She was arrested for taking down 3 police offers who attempted to detain her while social workers took us into custody. (She helicpotered a grown man into another cop and sent them flying. Guess the cops were just doing their job, but it was pretty cool). At ten years old, I complained to the judge “this is not a case of neglect or abuse with my stepfather out of the picture; this is a case of profit-motivated discrimination by separating my siblings from eachother into private detention centers. By what right does the state have to take a 10 month old child from his mother’s breast?” Judge Pritchard dropped the assault charge and CPS switched judges. The word was CPS “somehow” fabricated evidence that Judge Pritchard was beating his wife, so although he sympathized with me, he refused to hear the case out of intimidation. It was only after nearly two years when the statute of limitations ran out (to sue)…(And the CPS annual county budget ran out) that we were finally returned home. I remember telling my friends when I was returned to my old school; “I wonder what happens to all those families that really needed to be adopted… What a waste…”
    After reviewing what happened to me, this case with Alex Hill, and the testimony of countless others, clearly allowing the DEA to write our drug policy of spending more on drug enforcement and interdiction while privatizing prevention and treatment has corrupted any government accountablity and oversight of the safe and healthy state custody of a child. If even Child Protective Services under the Department of Human Social Services can be corrupted by unjust drug policies from the DOJ, then what Department HASN’T been corrupted by the DEA’s SOD program?
    Privatization of state funded child custody must end until accountability can be ensured and cannabis use is not permitted to determine child custody. And the world needs to know why.
    How is it best to approach the Hills? Should we contact KVUE and ask them to speak with them and cover the march? Should you contact them directly?
    Please let me know how we can support the Hills through this to be sensitive to their loss during a peaceful, educational protest.
    Blanco, TX

  19. You know, 300 years ago it was AGAINST THE LAW to worship any God you chose in England. That was a DUMB law. In alabama, you used to not legally be allowed to have sex in any position but missionary… hmmm. 2000 years ago you weren’t allowed to do basically anything on a Sunday,… punishable by – crusifixtion. Now those are some dumb laws. Now translate that to marijuana being illegal- the result? Another dumb law that SHOULD NOT be upheld. Our sanity and good times/feelings are more important than what some redneck alcoholic thinks we should or should not put in our bodies. Especially if it’s no bad effects and only good ones.

  20. @St. Nick and Dime: Nope, she wouldn’t have been placed with an abusive foster parent had the foster parent been given a proper background check by the CPS – or for that matter had the biological parents not smoked marijuana. Arguing that the 2-year old wouldn’t have been placed with an abusive foster parent if marijuana wasn’t illegal, is like trying to argue that she wouldn’t have died if she wasn’t ever born! Correlation does not imply causation. The title of the article “Marijuana Prohibition Responsible for Death of 2-Year-Old Girl” is a somewhat sensationalist title in my opinion, is based on a logical fallacy, and attempts to play on the emotions of readers in order to further certain aims, i.e. to reform marijuana laws.

    [Editor’s note: “Correlation does not imply causation.” Unless the underlying ’cause’ is prohibition-related…

    Stripped down to the basics: this couple committed a supposed ‘crime’ as either being malum en se or malum prohibitum.

    NORML and most of the commentators view the stated reason by the govt for the removal of the child from the home is malum prohibitum, which speaks to the fallacy of the law more so than the moral turpitude of the parents’ choice to consume cannabis during the govt’s declared 75-year-old prohibition of cannabis. This ‘forced choice’ by the govt has made millions of parents into ‘criminals’…maybe your parents too at one point in their lives?]

  21. Hein, I dont care what you have to say. You are obviously not knowledgable about pot and therefore dont know that feeling good is MORE important than obeying a crappy law. Ill be sure to file your opinions under: disregard completely. You and other unhappy uncool people are the problem, not the solution. Why dont you mind your own business and keep your crappy opinions to yourself and stop trying to bring other quality people down. God!

  22. See the father of that daughter has every right to kill those involved with taking away his child. An eye for an eye right? If anything like that happened to my boy all parties responsible would get a few kisses with a knife.

    [Editor’s note: Is there a “right to kill”? “Eye for eye”? Hardly, as the world would be half blind…]

  23. Update on the Alexandra Hill Story. I spoke with Cheyanne from the Texas Norml chapter and had a wonderful chat with her today.
    As for the Hills, and a proposed march, Cheyenne contacted the Hill’s uncle and was advised that a march is not advisable until the pending prosecution of Alexandra’s former foster care provider is complete. The Hills have an official facebook page at
    They are accepting donation to cover some legal fees, and are interested in possibly creating a non-for-profit, primarily concerned with reforming the rules of foster care. Although they are concerned with not interfering with evidence until the jury is out, this provides time to get other groups organized.
    The Hills sound positive over potential pro-cannabis support; even though they wish to primarily reform foster care laws, there is a consensus that non violent use and posessions of cannabis should NOT be considered evidence to separate families, much less into a broken foster care system.
    I will be contacting the Hill’s lawyer tomorrow to communicate protest strategies and schedules.
    It feels good to help other people; when government failures occur that cause tragedies like this one we just need to learn how to get involved instead of pointing the finger at our leaders or society. I’m very glad I contacted Cheyenne first because there are legal implications that I hadn’t fully considered that give us an opportunity to plan and organize. Plus I got the scoop on how can work together with to get things moving.
    Then I get home and hear the Attorney General’s speech at the Bar Association’s annual meeting in San Francisco? Reduce the number of arrests on non violent minor offenses? Hell yes!
    Then the Stop and Frisk law was shut down in New York Court today? Score!
    All we needed to top the day off was to send someone to jail who really needed it; like a crooked government informant to get life in prison; Oh yeah; Bye bye Whitey Bulger! Say hi to your former corrupt FBI boss.
    The longer the struggle the sweeter the victory.

  24. REMEMBER…there are people that are PAID to write comments.. I suspect “Hein” is one of these people.

  25. The reason for this THEFT of children is obvious:MONEY the name of the illegal “war on drugs” the government STEALS THOUSANDS of children to SELL to PEDOPHILES and wanna be SLAVE-OWNERS!!These stolen children are categorized and “cherrypicked” through as to what attributes the child has to make the most money..little girls are chosen to be raped&used in kiddie porn,while others are used for slave labor..EVERYTHING confiscated is selected and diverted to maximize PROFIT..just like the millions of TONS of confiscated drugs seized from raids,ports of entry etc.. It ALL goes through a screening really think they DESTROY a shipment of 97% pure cocaine/heroin..somthing with an intrinsic value 3-4 times the weight of gold??..its the same principle with confiscated children..there is a reason child pornography is a 50 BILLION dollar a year industry..its all about maximizing profits.

  26. There are people out here who are scared to death to say they are for marijuana because they are afraid this will happen to their children as well. It is so wrong that in this country people are living in complete fear of our own government. And a child who had never even been sick or hurt in her life was murdered not only by the foster parent but also by our government. They have this child’s blood on their hands.

  27. Here is an email I sent to Cheyanne this morning, regarding a phone conversation with the Hill’s lawyer.
    Martin Cirkiel (sir-keel); attorney for the Hills,
    Said to me (Julian Olinick, this morning)
    “This never should have happened. The Hills were not violent to their child. The child has no bruises.. she was happy. Healthy. State custody of children by CPS should be reserved for emergencies, where the child’s life and health are in danger. Essentially CPS took Alexandra away because the Hills had “a bad day.” A bad day does not warrant the state custody of a child. Its that simple.”
    Mr Cirkiel went on to explain that there is an investigative story in process and an official statement from the Hills will follow its release next week.
    I introduced myself as a representative from Norml and gave him (Cheyenne’s) email. His first response was “oh shit! Are you tape recording? Fuck!” –We forgive mr Cirkiel:) …he’s a busy man.
    “No,” I replied, “I’m not even a full member of Norml, mr. Cirkiel, were all just helping out. I want to extend my deepest sympathies to the Hills on Norml’s behalf for their loss… For those of us that have experienced discrimination and violence from a flawed, privatized foster care system, we would like to see some protest. With that said, as Cheyenne explained there is an ongoing investigation and we do not wish to interfere with the process to the grand jury. If we schedule a protest it will be peaceful and on topic. The topics are two tiered: 1) to end the flawed and privatized authority to investigate foster parents for potential abuse. 2) to end the unconstitutional laws that allow CPS to take state custody of children for the use of a non violent drug– and then place children in a violent and harmful environment of unregulated foster parents.”
    I went on to tell him we will be passing the Hills facebook donation link around “to help out with legal fees” while we await his advice and response. “Were at your service.”
    It was a friendly, productive chat (after I told him he wasn’t being recorded). We have to understand if there is an ongoing investigative journal going on this story could go national next week. Norml has to prepare a statement.
    Gotta get to work,
    Ill catch up with you later Cheyanne,
    Thanks for the good lead.

  28. Amen to all the people voicing their opinion! Something needs to be done with these BULLSHIT laws and people being sent to prison and even beeing KILLED for them. NO WONDER PRISONS ARE ‘OVERCROWDED’ WITH ‘VIOLENT’ OFFENDERS! Its times like these EVERYBODY needs to take a stand, even if you are against using marijuana and think its bad. People are being taken from loving parents and given to the wrong people and BS marijuna laws are to blame. STAND UP EVERYBODY AND MARCH! OR RIDE A BIKE WHICH I THINK SOUNDS GREAT!

  29. I found this story today with a highlighted custody battle going on between Oaklahoma and North Carolina today, and felt obliged to comment on it here. Here’s the link:
    As an American citizen with some Cherokee ancestory, I find that our priorities are all screwed up when it comes to state custody battles. Cherokee people have been adopting white and black kids for centuries. So have Cherokee kids been adopted by Americans… but to be fair, with the greater percentage taken to U.S. boarding schools. There’s so much American history about adoption it makes me wonder if we’re making legal decisions with the right priorities. If anything, talking to the Hill’s lawyer made me develop a decision over state custody:
    State custody should only apply where the child’s life is in danger. Period.
    Now I’ll admit, from groing up in a wild country family, one man’s definintion of “risk of life” is different from another. Most kids wouldn’t grow up like we did riding wild horses through brush and cactus.
    What we must agree on as Americans is a definition of state study– a definintion of what we define culturally as “home.” Is home an expensive house? Or is home a loving family? Who gets to decide what is healthy and what is not?
    A house may be destroyed either by alcoholism or a tornado, but the “home” must be defined by the living members of the family. Can we put the home back together and treat the illness in the home of the family and repair the house?
    Or do we continue to break our homes apart by fueling private industry whose goals may not be in the best interest of the child?
    Should the U.S invest in the health of families so they stay together, or prioritize the exploitation of federal funding to tear families apart?
    The question then really isn’t about how “native” we are, or “who” we are as much as what we agree in law as U.S. citizens, such as investing less in drug prohibition ( a regime which should NEVER determine state custody) and using the revenue on education. I think we can all agree on that.

  30. “Is there a “right to kill”? “Eye for eye”? Hardly, as the world would be half blind…”

    Well, this is one of our government’s functions. People go to court to get justice, instead of doing on their own in the streets. But is one left to do when the government are the people causing the problem and also denying you justice when you do get to court??? The system becomes a sham and you then have to get justice for yourself. Government officials are to blame and if they don’t get arrested for these actions, things will just continue to get worse.

  31. I have lost several friends and loved one’s to drunk drivers. I have never lost a person to marijunia. I don’t think that peopel should drink at work or smoke cigerrettes or marijunia at work. But at home, in moderation, alcohol and marijunia should be legal. I have never known a child or person to be beaten by a person high on pot, but I have known far too many abusive drunks. I am tired of alcohol getting a free ride while marijunia is evilized!

  32. Illegals were rewarded today for breaking our laws and given driver licenses. Legal citizens have no rights what so ever. Rhinos are trying to keep the poor legal American citizen from receiving food stamps. But, they will give to the illegals hand over fist. Sick of our laws,this country is not free any more.

  33. Alcohol Abuse is extremely worse!! How many people drink & drive with their kids in the car !!!??? Smoking marijuana is a natural relaxer and not once have I heard of an over dose of weed, or an accident because of it. Yes the background check blah blah, but they shouldn’t have taken the child to begin with.

  34. MINDY: if your country wasn’t providing your family safety nor could you find work, I’m sure you would move around to where you could provide for yourself and family. Our four fathers were immigrants. People are on a path God provides. Opportunities can’t be shun simply because its not the right thing. We as Mexicans are hard working individuals. The real whole heated familias that come to better themselves. Have a little compation and faith. If your door leads to a better life I’m sure you’ll step foot inside. Instead f talking about illegal immigrants have some respect for this injustice of a law that cause this death, and let those who live a respectful, hardworking life enjoy peace of the few benifets that are being offered. Every race has their bad seed, don’t be so close minded!!!!!

  35. This is a very tragic story, and i feel for the parents that lost their innocent child. There is no reason any foster parent should ever lay a hand on a child for any reason. It sickens me to think about how CPS does not keep a better eye on its foster caregivers, but i also have to dissagree with people who support marijuana abuse. The bottom line is, its illegal.. you may have a clean house and food and take care of your child but a good parent should never use illegal drugs when their first priority is their child. Would you people be ok if this was the same story but instead the parents were crack heads? Or shot up heroin daily after their child was asleep? I dont think so, but just like crack and heroin are illegal so is marijuana. It alters a persons judgement tremendously, that is a fact. Having said that, i do not think a child should be taken away immediately, i believe any parent should have the right to get their act together and prove to cps that they can make the better choice of being clean and staying clean and be able to keep their child. No love is stronger then a parents love for their own child, and no foster parent could love a child as much. A lot of foster kids do end up with mental problems and have difficult lives so i do believe every parent should be able to prove to cps their ability to be better.

  36. Other articles on the same story have mentioned the mother having a medical illness that didn’t allow her to be alone with the child.
    This site is obviously using the story to side with the pro-pot activists, however, failed to mentioned that the child might be in danger in both situations with either custody. I mean…At least put all the facts available when putting a story instead of using it for your own personal agenda.

  37. @Syrin,
    Speaking of “facts available” you might want to dig a little deeper. The child was living in the mother’s parent’s house who initially called CPS while the father looked for work and his own apartment. (Rent in the Austin metro area has doubled in the last 4 years; most young people have roomates). The decision to take custody of Alex Hill however, was based in the parents’ admission to smoking marijuana after hours. Which is to say nothing about whether the mother was smoking to treat her medical condition so she could care for her child.
    Bottom line, as I have posted here before, state custody of a child should take place ONLY when the child’s life us in danger. Period. Non violent use of marijuana myst never qualify for removal if a child from their home.
    Mr. Hill complained repeatedly about bruises and a moldy backpack, even threatening his own arrest before little Alex was forced back into private, unsupervised, violent, state funded foster care… For the last time.
    We need to call our representatives. Call KXAN, in preparation of primary elections, and ask:
    “if youre elected, will you continue violent cannabis policies that take state Custody of children and babies from parents who use nonviolent marijuana and place them in unsupervised, potentially violent, state-funded foster care for profit?”
    Cut paste and send. This cant go on any longer. When we break apart other families we break up our own communities. Lets change this now together.

  38. I rather someone smoke marijuana the reason why it makes laughter happiness and even helps your nerves which that helps on being playful that is sad that loving parent’s were judged for that when you can see that was one happy child it makes me mad everyday i see children that does need a loving family like that and you no what happens not a dame thing they want to take kids that are taking care of and have parents that put there children before them what i dont understand what the hell there job is!!!i am so sorry for your lost that was a happy beautiful girl the cps aren’t to have to pay for that even though nothing in the world could be no amount for your baby girl???

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