Medical Researcher: Anti-Marijuana Activist Is Dishonest

In a country where it is increasingly difficult to find a living and breathing person willing to publicly debate in favor of maintaining cannabis prohibition’s status quo, one newly formed anti-marijuana organization and it’s primary spokesperson rightly lands in the crosshairs of medical researcher and cannabis policy reform activist Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, M.D. for conducting (from the time he was a college student-through his work at the Office of National Drug Control Policy-to now forming an anti-cannabis non-profit created to try to stem the ever-growing tide of public opinion in favor of legally controlling cannabis with regulations and taxation–not the brute force of the racially disparate, expensive and wasteful criminal justice system) a systematic and intellectually dishonest public relations campaign against cannabis.

The newly formed anti-marijuana legalization group, Smart Approaches To Marijuana SAM (which appears to be an organ of big anti-tobacco concerns, with funding from insurance companies and community health trust funds) and it’s spokesperson Kevin Sabet get some white hot and antiseptic light cast in their direction at Alternet from a long vexed Dr. Aggarwal.

Supplemental material about Kevin Sabet, notably his years attending University of California at Berkeley, is also published by The Center for Cannabis and Social Policy.

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  1. Thanks Allen for bringing up this side of the scenario as well. Although, this incident must be one of its kind but in general, anti-marijuana groups are not much of threats to the cannabis legalization. Actually, the large multinationals dealing in tobacco products and pharmacies pose bigger threat to the cannabis legalization program as their profits will receive a big hit, if marijuana gets legalized all over.

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  5. Please find out which politicians the Smart Approaches to Marijuana donate to, and publish this info. I look at the list of people on the House Rules Committee and wonder if they all get money from them.

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