Indiana: Latest Red State To Go ‘Green’

A majority of Indiana residents believe that marijuana should be legally regulated like alcohol and nearly 80 percent of Hoosiers support taxing it, according to recently released statewide polling data released by the Bowen Center for Public Affairs at Ball State University.

Fifty-two percent of respondents said that cannabis “should be regulated like alcohol.” Forty-five percent of respondents opposed legalization. Among self-identified Democrats, 64 percent of respondents backed regulation. Forty-nine percent of self-identified Republicans did so.

Hoosiers support for taxing cannabis was even stronger. Seventy-eight percent of respondents, including strong majorities of both major political parties, answered ‘yes’ to the question, “Should we tax marijuana like alcohol/cigarettes?” Only 19 percent of respondents opposed the idea.

Under present state law, first-time marijuana possession offenses of under 30 grams are punishable by up to one-year in jail and a $5,000 fine. Subsequent offenses are classified as felonies, punishable by up to 3 years incarceration.

Six hundred randomly selected Indiana residents participated in the survey, which has a margin of error of +/- 4.8 percent.

The Indiana poll is the latest to show growing support for marijuana law reform among so-called ‘Red State’ voters. Recent statewide surveys in Arizona, Louisiana, and Texas have similarly shown majority support for legalization.

According to an October 2013 nationwide Gallup poll, 58 percent of Americans believe that marijuana should be legal, an all-time high.

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  1. It’s about time Indiana started voicing support. How quickly we could bounce back from this recession. Hopefully our government officials hear our voices! Thanks NORML for the awesome updates!!

  2. I am so happy to hear something is going on in Indiana about the legalization of Marijuana. I have been trying to learn more for a few years and learning this information has brought a lot of hope to me. I hope there will be a day soon where I can have a smoke of this wonderfully natural plant.

  3. I seriously doubt Indiana does anything soon about Marijuana reform. After what they did and didn’t do to the last bill kinda proves that our representatives and leaders do not have interests at heart ! And that Big Pharma and Alcahol probly have them in their hip pockets right now ! sad really ! ๐Ÿ™

  4. What I’m wondering is this: How can you be opposed to legalizing marijuana but support taxing it? It appears, from those numbers, that there is such a group that thinks like this. How on earth can you tax something that is freaking illegal? I’m pretty sure you can only tax something that’s legal, as something that is illegal tends to be done under-the-table and doesn’t leave a easy-to-follow paper trail for Uncle Sam to calculate the taxable amounts. Do you really think that people who are dealing in MJ, either selling or using, are going to line up with their evidence of “criminal” behavior for you, and seriously believe you are not going to use it to put them in jail?

    I have noticed through the years that there is a distinct lack of logical thought in the minds of people who support prohibition. And now it’s looking like it gets even more illogical and even weird when they are transitioning to the correct, fact-based side of this issue, as on one hand they know they’re wrong and this must end because it is damaging our country, and on the other hand they CANNOT ADMIT THEIR MISTAKE!!! So you get this incredibly strange and even more illogical position that borrows incompatible elements from both sides, based not on fact or logic but on their own personal opinion. “No, I hate marijuana and want it to be illegal because [insert BS prohibitionist lies serving as cover for their inability to admit they were wrong], but yes, I would like more tax revenue without having to pay higher taxes myself or raise taxes on the rich, so I do think marijuana should be taxed.” And never once do they think about how they might implement such a policy.

    1. Bible thumpers were against gays marrying too. So that isn’t a real problem. The problem is that the one percent who want to control us by using big pharma, private prisons and police unions. Remember they first took away our freedom by making it illegal and now they act like it’s a big deal to tax and regulate it. Whiney little bitches!

  5. I’m so thrilled to see states lining up to legalize! However living in a state were my life style and passion for a plant is held against me(like really you can take all the money I earn).I please urge the legal stoners to help other states out this fight isn’t over for all of us!

  6. These numbers don’t make sense. There were 45% who answered that they oppose legalization, but only 19% who don’t want marijuana taxed. That means that there were at least 29% who answered that marijuana should remain illegal but also be taxed.

    What would that even mean? That if you sell marijuana and get away with it, you have to anonymously pay the VAT?

  7. I think 58 percent is a low estimate. I’ve never been polled.
    Even in the face of the majority of people wanting cannabis freed, there are those who I like to call “cannaphobes” who think some how legalizing cannabis would create a lawless state. These folks need to be educated and not demonized by we who support legalization….how do we do that?

  8. @stanleyj i completely agree these are potential allies not enemies if we can change minds and hearts and win over the people with kindness we stand a much better chance

  9. dax,

    Democrats have the Senate and the White House….come on…they could do something if they really wanted to do it.
    Obama has said that he would NOT be in favor of outright legalization.
    I think that there is no difference in Parties. Both are only interested in enriching their friends with crony capitalism. K street has more of a voice in Washington that the people do. The rest of us are just under their thumb…..and I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore. I’m exploring the Libertarian party.

  10. Talk to your friends about moving this issue ahead. More importantly though is to talk to your neighbors, co-workers, and others about the facts and common sense behind legalization. The more this conversation becomes public, the less TABOO it becomes and the more seriously we will be considered.

  11. Sadly the poll results mean little for at least some years. The powers in the state just went the opposite way giving stiffer penalties towards marijuana. NORML’s lack of coverage of it was a little disappointing, but that is a side topic.

    Marijuana lobbying in general seems very weak in Indiana. Private prison lobby has a much stronger presence and it shows with the legislative changes within the past year in Indiana. Sad times to continue in that state.

  12. @stanleyj raises the right question, and the answer is: eliminate the “joint”, “blunt” and other H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide “smoking” habits that give our herb a bad name. There are millions of those who hate $igarettes, number one cause of preventable death on the planet, but see pictures of “joints” and think cannabis is just another $igarette.

    Go to Wikipedia, “Cannabis smoking” and see the picture of a Moroccan SEBSI (a long-stemmed one-hitter) which, equipped with a screen, makes possible 25-mg single tokes (dosage regulation). Read and contribute to the article, “12 Ways to Make Smoke Pipes from Everyday Objects”. Everyone on the planet can help win support for safe rational cannabis management.

  13. Without being able to wait any longer my family and I recently moved away from this beautiful state for medical reasons. In California where medical cannabis is well excepted it is a safe place but it is not home. I understand what it now feels like to be a refugee in my own country. It would be the greatest thing to be able to go home one day before I die and not be treated like a criminal or hunted like a terrorist.
    Cannabis use in Indiana has always been widespread. All my life I’ve been surrounded by people that believe cannabis should be legal. They’re now just getting the courage to speak up about legalization. I put my name on my post these days only because I know I can’t be harassed by the law. Myself and many others fear greatly what an arrest would do to the security of our families. This is a cruel and unforgivable blackmail that our government imposes upon us. Also not something I or my family will ever forget. This is precisely what turns a people against its leaders thus dividing them for generations to come.

    I think that it’s great that Indiana is moving forward in the right direction. It’s good to see the support I give find its way to forwarding change.

    “Brothers in Arms”

    These mist-covered mountains
    Are a home now for me
    But my home is the lowlands
    And always will be
    Some day you’ll return to
    Your valleys and your farms
    And you’ll no longer burn
    To be brothers in arms

    Through these fields of destruction
    Baptisms of fire
    I’ve witnessed your suffering
    As the battle raged high
    And though they did hurt me so bad
    In the fear and alarm
    You did not desert me
    My brothers in arms

    There’s so many different worlds
    So many different suns
    And we have just one world
    But we live in different ones

    Now the sun’s gone to hell
    And the moon riding high
    Let me bid you farewell
    Every man has to die
    But it’s written in the starlight
    And every line in your palm
    We’re fools to make war
    On our brothers in arms

  14. The only polls that matter are the voter polls. I’ll believe it when I see it. I think your more likely to see some relaxation on the severity of punishment on lower level cannabis charges.

    Personally, I’d like to see a greater push for industrial hemp.

    Considering Eli Lilly is based in Indianapolis, and regarded as the largest Pharmaceutical researcher of cannabis; you’d think the debate would have come sooner.

  15. This is great news! Hopefully the law makers will get on the bandwagon with the will of the voters and make some positive changes. Majority support means nothing if our legislators refuse to do anything about it. Senator Tallian is the only one I know of who is actually doing something to make laws that represent the Marijuana Majority.

  16. This red/green stuff is very good news. We must have conservatives with us or they’ll torpedo any attempts at reform.

  17. Maybe 3% of the research department at Eli Lilly is interested in cannabis, but don’t forget pharmaceutical companies make a ton of money off “treating” preventable illnesses caused by H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide $igarette addiction.

    Illegality and threat of prosecution against possessors of alleged “cannabis utensils” (anything but $igarette paper) helps keep more tobacco users from discovering 25-mg-per-lightup one-hitters which would kill the profit margin for both Big 2WackGo AND Big pHARMA.

  18. The slow and steady progress of legalization will come to every state in the union in time. And just as every state is different, so will be the shape of their laws. Federal laws will also change in the end because it will be impossible for this conflict to stand. As long as the federal government continues its futile and unfounded hold on the Schedule 1 classification of Cannabis the progress will not only be slow but it will needlessly distort the form of the laws in the end. There is without any doubt that cannabis has great medicinal value and this conflicts with current federal law which contends cannabis has no medicinal value. When the federal law does change the Schedule 1 classification of Cannabis, most states will change their laws yet again. There is also no doubt that this is a denial of medical treatment to patients. It is just criminal for the federal government to remain silent and watch while this unfolds. Contempt is all that this will make in the end. Just like other forms of prohibitions have.

  19. Hey, yeah You, Hey, When is the last time you signed up to vote? Do you know how to Sign up?
    Apparently you know how to turn on your computer; good O.K. Now, search Mike Pence Marijuana – o.k. now, READ!
    Also search sign up to vote, and when is next Governor election. Okay excellent, were getting somewhere.

  20. As a patient. Please reel in your grubby paws. 1) Tax & Regulate Hemp? Why? It is harmless. Why would you settle for this as a viable option from your oppressors who have lied about this harmless food? 2) DECARBOXYLATION: Do the Research – There is NO THC in Cannabis. End of Story. So, REMOVE PROHIBITION, and require a PRESCRIPTION for Minors to DECARBOXYLATE – THCA into THC. Let’s see if Indiana can get this one correct. We get to watch about 20 states mess up and give up their right to prohibition-free hemp & cannabis. This will provide MUCH MORE REVENUE for the RESIDENTS OF INDIANA and LESS TAX WHICH WILL JUST ADD COST TO YOUR FOOD PRICES WHEN YOU START EATING HEMP. Do the Research.

  21. As for Lilly? Why would they waste any money researching Cannabis? They just walk down the hall to their private archives. Col. Eli Lilly, who died in 1898, first innovation was gelatin coating for pills and capsules, yet they sold Cannabis extracts into the 1920s.

  22. America was made by and for a people accepting change and development as an accepted growth model. Prohibition has never proven successful against education and the truth. Prohibition is on the side of those people comfortable with their heads burried in the sand while the happy, active, and progressive glace downward toward those anchors in the sand.

  23. Hello i am a diagnosed Schizophrenic,Bipolar(Type2), and i suffer from what some “experts” call I.E.D(uncontrollable outraging episodes). They want me on a truck load of meds that have DANGEROUS side effects. My option and experience is that “pot” is much better and healthier for me and not to mention a whole lot CHEAPER. It would cost me around 400 a month for all the meds they want me on and only 150-180 a month for my choice of “medicine”. All my family will tell you i’m a “better” me i get no side effects like i would with their meds. I will never move from my point of view. I’m providing for my family and all the money factors fall on me, i cant afford to do what they want unless my family and I starve, go without power or even water…what the heck is wrong with peoples heads. They don’t care about the public like they say they do they just want to fill their pockets with our needed money. Thank you NORML this country needs a voice and I know your the first sound of that voice.

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