New York WILL Be The Next Medical Marijuana State

Just Announced: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released a statement tonight that his state of the union speech next week will include an announcement of an executive order making medical cannabis legal.malemede

After this comes to be New York will become the 22nd state where qualified patients will have legal access to cannabis as a therapeutic.

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  1. @Chris
    Thanks for posting the link. All should read it. The governor can do better than offering a bad idea that has so little good for the patients and too much liability to the state.

  2. Legal Medical Marijuana is a good start, however, this should be passed by our full assembly of elected representatives, not one man and his kingly decree.

  3. NY needs a good lawyer ,, a voter anishative
    Help from the Feds. This idea is makin my head spin
    Don’t understand, we the tax payers hire
    Those in office there’s got to b a way

  4. End the dictatorship! Protest Cuomo! Protest the Republican leadership! Legalize, tax and regulate recreational cannabis!

    Demand the people’s voice be heard. Demand a right to vote on this issue. Demand an end to this tyranny. Demand any adult be allowed to grow at least 6 plants.

  5. Just a little note: Cuomo can do this legally because New York state passed a medical marijuana law in 1980, being the first medical marijuana law ever passed.

    He’s not circumventing the lack of a law by issuing an executive order, he is implementing an existing law using an executive order. Big difference.

    I don’t know if I’ll get to say this very often about my governor, so I’ll just say, right on Cuomo. You’ve got my vote this year.

  6. So let me get this straight. Cuomo is going to use police confiscated cannabis that has been lying around a evidence locker and give it to a sick patient.
    Absurd! Program is set up to fail. Cuomo really is an idiot. It defies logic. When will these idiot Politicans stop it already. Wake up people.

  7. Let the dominoes fall where they may. The war on cannabis consumers has destroyed far more than it has been touted to protect. Our law enforcement organizations have lost the support of the people so they went from protectors to predators with the flip of the budgetary restraits released by corrupt politicians and banker backers.

  8. Well, that’s a Step in the Right Direction. Now we have to Push for Legal Recreational Use in NY.

    I Live in NY state, and I for one would love to be able to live my life in peace, and stop worrying that what I do on a Daily Basis could one day land me in the Slammer again.

    I served almost a year of time in WV for Marijuana Poss. alone. I was charged with poss. and intent to distribute. I just had four ounces of the Ganga. I smoke that in a Month. 😉 However because I had over the pussy limit of 14 grams. I lost almost three years of my life going through the “System”, The world needs to legalize so no more kids can be put through it. I was 19 when I got Caught. I was 21 by the time I was out of the Prison.

    Live Love and Grow.
    Be strong, be Strong, and Be STRONG AGAIN!


  9. @ Collin,

    You said: “. . .Just remember one of the 1st acts committed by any Socialist or Communist Country . . . Disarm the Citizens.”

    With all due respect, you paint your picture here with far too broad a brush. This discussion would undoubtedly be more appropriate on another forum, a political forum, but I’ll just say that if you examine the opening stages of the various Communist revolutions, they all proceeded VERY differently. The Chinese revolution in ’49, for instance, bears little resemblance to Cuba’s a decade late. And no, the first thing Mao did was not to disarm the citizens, lol. Same with the Russian revolutions in ’05 and ’17–disarming the citizens was hardly their first priorities. I get your point, but, again, you’re painting with far too broad a brush. Anyway, back to the marijuana discussions, lol.

  10. I can say a positive step for cannabis but on the other side the manipulation of this for political gain is too evident.

  11. The atrocity that happened to @MarkSS (above) can, in the meantime, be made less likely for many individuals– in the 2007 Norml/MAPS research it was determined that a VAPORIZER delivered 46% of cannabinoid as opposed to 25% with H-ot B-uring O-verdose M-onoxide rolling papers. So instead of “smoking” 4 ounces in a month @Mark could have VAPED a little over 2. (Admittedly I don’t have a known high-use Medical need but I get excellent Inspirational/Occupational results from 2 ounces a YEAR (about 1826 single tokes) vaping with a Long-Stemmed One-Hitter.)

  12. Hello Everybody,
    Has anyone heard of ;Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana. WARNING! Do not go on their site. I made that mistake last night. Tonight I tried to get on and they will not let me on their site. There was a legal written document warning that said they are digging up all my information and they are going to do this,that and whatever. I don’t really care,I can handle the heat. But I understand a lot of people are scared of this kind of thing, and rightfully so. So don’t go there.

    [Paul Armentano responds: I recently debated a spokesperson from CALM. The archived audio of the debate is available here:

  13. @Chris and Ray Walker
    He doesn’t know what to do. Can you imagine how much pot they have seized. He is trying to figure it out NORML will help them. Thanks NORML I am sending you a nice fat check next month I missed a few payments because Grandma has grand babies to play Santa for Christmas.
    I will make up for it Happy New Year all You Wonderful People at NORML.
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  14. But when this happen? Iam hurting i have fibromylgia and had 2 surgeries and maybe another so lets get it together people iam so tired of waiting,this better be for other people that are sick besides cancer patients so waiting cumo!

  15. PLEASE try to expedite the implementation of the medical marijuana bill. My brother and I both have Stage 4 cancer and Will die if we have to wait a a few years for the bill to go into effect. Thank you.

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