Does Your Babysitter Smoke Pot?

norml_remember_prohibition_The way Nancy Grace on the HLN network screams about your baby sitter being on pot can make you think she is on crack. But the truth is she is not. She is in show business, knows a good topic, and can figure out how and when to run with it.

Last week she had three shows featuring the President of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. That would be me. Each time, she held the dump button, controlled the microphone, and was able to cut me off at will. No, that usually does not happen to me, but I was a guest on her show — in her court. But this is our issue. We live with facts. She sensationalizes fiction.

America has turned the corner on the possession of marijuana. No one wants it to be a crime anymore. Welcome to the party. You can now come out of the closet. Legalization, education and regulation have always made so much sense. It has worked with alcohol and tobacco and the use and consumption of both is down across America. I don’t want to fool you. It is not that the world is pro-weed. Everyone is just anti-prohibition.

The entire drug war has just been a jobs program for cops. Let them do real work and arrest criminals, not cannabis users. Nancy Grace chose to defend an indefensible topic that she is eventually going to lose. Her position was so histrionic in today’s America that Saturday Night Live did a spoof of her last weekend. Let’s face it. Pot smokers have become like the pods in the ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers.’ We are everywhere. We have taken control. Everyone who was in the closet about cannabis is coming out, from the President of the United States to the Democratic senator in Florida, a former astronaut, Bill Nelson.

Mind you, pot smokers and cannabis users have always been here, from Woodstock to Washington State. Many of you have been hiding behind closed doors, afraid to admit that you smoke. Whether you are a kid walking down Main Street in Middletown, USA, or a retiree living in Coral Gables, you smoke weed. Or someone you know does. And you know nothing the government has ever said about it is true. Reefer Madness, my ass! The only reefer madness has been the government’s prohibition against responsible personal consumption. We knew it was a farce then, and everyone is finally willing to say so now.

Legalization is not the experiment. Prohibition is, and it has failed dramatically. That cannabis is still illegal in 28 states stinks. Men with badges and guns can break down your doors, lock you up in steel cuffs, and bring you to jails where you are put in human cages. Legalization and regulation is so much safer. What you knew back when is still right today.

No more deals in dark alleys and no more cartels in criminal conspiracies. Let’s just have small businesses properly run, licensed and taxed, marketing the latest products and strains, from purple diesel to green kush. Free choice means Marlboros or Mary Jane; whiskey or weed. As long as you are an adult and not harming anyone, you must have the right to have your government stay the heck out of my life.

Our time is here. Light up your joint. Smoke where and when you want, but preferably not in an elementary schoolyard. Recreationally, medically, spiritually, everything tastes better with cannabis. Sex is better. Food is better. Watching Nancy Grace is easier. In fact, next time I do her show, I think I am going to get lit before the lights go on. How else do you come to grips with a delusional woman who is ranting about cab drivers smoking weed when every other person on the road seems to be a congressman on coke or mayor on meth?

The only time cannabis is dangerous is when a cop finds it on you. If Nancy Grace wants to be known as a victim’s rights advocate, let her speak up for over 29 million Americans that have been arrested for the possession of cannabis over the past 30 years. How crazy is that? And what does it say about how many have used it? Licensing, age controls, taxation, regulation, and an end to prohibition is so transparently the way to go.

It is not just that cannabis is not harmful; we have proven it medicinally invaluable. From treating muscular spasticity to glaucoma, marijuana is a healing alternative. Let’s live and let live. Let’s do no harm to each other. If we are concerned about drug abuse, treat the person and arrest the abuse. Don’t lock up the patient. We do not need any more pot prisoners.People like to say that cannabis is objectively less harmful than alcohol, and therefore it should be legalized because of that. No, it should be legalized because any abuses related to cannabis should be treated as a health or medical issue, not a criminal one.

No one has ever died from weed, but damn, society has seen its freedoms die away because of it. The criminal treatment of marijuana has opened the door to illegal seizures, outrageous forfeitures, massive fines, and unjust confiscations of personal property. We have sold our constitutional souls to arrest weed, and now it is time to free the leaf.

It is true that the majority of Americans now favor legalization of marijuana, and even more want decriminalization. One thing is sure, and that is we need to end criminalization. We have stood by and let people be wrongly placed in horrible jails with steel bars and strong locks, all to prevent them from consuming a substance that does them no harm. We have perpetuated an injustice. We owe it to ourselves to undo the hurt our deafening silence has caused.

We have harmed the fabric and freedoms our country held dear, discriminated unjustly against minorities, and denied to Americans the desires of its majority. There is no cannabis calamity or catastrophe in America. There is an awakening that will soon shine a soothing light on the rest of America, and with luck, one day, even Nancy Grace.

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  1. Has everyone forgotten about her talking about Travon and her saying “so what if he had weed in his system it doesn’t make you want to fight” then comes out saying “whole famlies killed by someone smoking weed.” She has lost all credibility.

  2. I donated $50 on Sept 6th.
    Still no shirt and they won’t respond to emails.
    I support the cause & hope everyone donates,
    jst don’t expect the shirt.

  3. One of the best anti-prohibition articles I’ve read in a very long time. I can’t wait for the day where I can walk in a store in my own state and buy some weed just as we can with alcohol.

  4. Nancy is a nut job, if anything coming out of her mouth is actually her thoughts, or is someone working her like a puppet. Look into who owns that network she’s on, then look into his/her personal beliefs, and crooked agenda. This is cause of the garbage spewing out of her mouth! Nancy probably smokes a bong nightly.

  5. You’re the man, Norm. It’s too bad these shows weren’t recorded after the president made his recent comments. Now the anti-pot rhetoric is as strong as saying “Chardonnay kills”.

  6. Great rant! Unfortunately for myself I will stay in the closet. At least until my employer changes the policy that says off the job consumption of cannabis will no longer get me fired.

  7. Name one person who has died from pot use. Now do the same with alcohol,tobacco, and prescription drugs. Marijuana being illegal is a complete hypocrisy in every way. Simply if my neighbor can go to the pharmacy and buy all the alcohol and tobacco he wants, and pick up his script of morphine and Valium, then I should definitely be able to use marijuana which is far less deadly and intoxifying. Name one just one person who has died from marijuana. People are dying daily from alcohol,tobacco, and prescription drugs. Nancy Grace is a I’ll informed hypocrit. I challenge her to name one person in the history of mankind who has died from using marijuana, just ONE.

  8. I am a MMJ patient but you can’t talk out of both sides of your mouth. On one side you claim that it’s “not harmful” and then go on to say that it’s “less harmful” and that harm (like abuse) should be treated medically, which it should.

    Quit with the dishonest “just a plant,” “not harmful” BS. It can be harmful but not as harmful as prohibition.

    I think you smoked too much before you wrote this. “What about the babies!” 😉

  9. But when are the Feds gonna crack
    and let us have our old jobs back
    we’ve been locked out so long now
    they won’t give up their cash cow
    how can the country survive
    minus the right to be alive
    for if I cannot make a living
    gone are the days of giving
    who ever thought of this plan
    never played in my band

  10. does anyone else think a million man march and smoke session in front of the whitehouse is called for!? i am a closet smoker have been for years due to the misinformation that is out there i risk loosing alot if found out, but on the other hand if i don’t i get severe night sweats and nightmares that , in my opinion are caused due to PTSD. on the bright side wether legalized or not i will continue to use responsibly in the privacy of my own home, after earning a BS record for pot i have learned how not to get caught. #hopefull

  11. Mainstream media are government tools, with their phony, manipulated polls and pro-prohibitionist attitudes. If you listen to their crap, the sky will fall with legalization of cannabis. Alcohol has been legalized for 80+ years and still has control problems,(i.e. teen use, impaired driving, domestic abuse,..etc.). All those years to correct those problems and still they persist. Just proves you can’t legislate away any problems. To claim they need to find a way to cover all possible scenarios of miss-use is nothing more than stall- tactics. People are using cannabis and drugs without the governments permission and will continue to do so. Criminals(?) don’t bring it into our communities as a public service, rather for easy, lucrative, tax-free cash. To all the Nancy Graces’ out there, stop proclaiming you are knowledgeable about something you’ve never used or perhaps tried a handful or less of times. You know not of what you speak! And to the re-hab clinics, you are full of your own B.S. that you’re feeding to your patients and the media. Cannabis is NOT addictive. My personal, recreational use for 40+ years, on and off, has proven that to me and no doctor or anyone else can say or prove to me otherwise. We’re missing out on some extremely beneficial properties of a naturally grown organic plant. What a waste to society prohibition is causing!

  12. Excellent rant Mr. Kent!!! Your words are as strong as your alter-ego is strong (superman 🙂

    These days no truly intelligent person believes that the prohibition has been successful. Indeed, the more intelligent and more highly educated among us have already believed for years that cannabis should be fully legal. That said, it is clear that Nancy Grace is not in the category of intelligent beings!

  13. I’ve come to despise people like this Nancy Grace person – entertainers screwing with serious discourse. The other night I watched a discussion on E-cigarettes, i.e. vaporizers. Some of the panelists seemed to think that E-cigarettes contained only water vapor! Where do they find dummies like this, and why in the world are they included in a discussion panel?

  14. Is there a politician’s child who is not a stoner? If more of them got busted and wrecked financial havoc on their parents, we could have gotten to this point much sooner. Legal for all of us please.

  15. Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a good comparison, but we are also like the movie Pleasantville, bringing color to a grayscale world of repression, as people gain knowledge and get in touch with their true nature.

  16. I usually never comment on this site, just because it’s me saying the same things as 10,000 other people. However, today that changes, that was a masterfully written piece.

  17. Shouldn’t the title of this article be “Does Your BabySITTER Smoke Pot?” or am I missing something? Come on guys, you’re making us look bad.

  18. Nancy Grace is trying to scare all the soccer moms who watch her show. Norm just remember that the more the word marijuana is in the news the sooner America gets educated and bored hearing about it, the sooner prohibition ends.

    You need to do her show again. Bring up the story from Dr. Gupta, tell her about Dravet syndrome, also known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy (SMEI).

    Tell her about the babies!

    Also, I’m not sure that I am ready to wear a pot leaf shirt or pin yet. Is there anything else that a 45 year old can wear to discreetly identify another 420 friendly person?

    Norm, Eric, Paul, Allen and Sabrina, you say what I am thinking and for that I thank you.

  19. Be careful about coming out of the weed closet. Employers are looking to fire you for lying on your job application about having used marijuana. Until you can’t be fired for that, stay in the closet.

  20. Thank you Norm. You’re a true civil rights leader. But you should save your breath with Grace and turn our collective voice on the President. An ear that will not listen will make words wasted. The polls are out. Obama is listening.
    Today I got one of those OFA e mails asking my opinion of what Obama should say in his State of the Union adress as a top priority. Here is what I wrote:
    “Deschedule cannabis by immediate executive order. King and Mandela are rolling in their graves for the number of non violent poor we incarcerate. The sick are in prison. Jesus said ‘What yea have done to them yea have done to me.’ President Obama, tear this Drug War Wall down.”

    P.s., thanks Eric for the shirt info., but within weeks of my $50 donation, Colorado’s stores opening was the best gift I could ever receive.

  21. And according to Nancy Grace “Colorado ran out of pot” six days into the new year! That was a lie she told the American public to create a panic. She entertains her viewers through fear and intimidation, we are smarter than that.

    She reports on crime news and for victims rights. How about the victims of cannabis prohibition? That is the crime.

    Have her explain hemp prohibition, she can’t.

  22. Well said. HLN is truly an awful network- the TMZ of “hard news”. On a network made up entirely of personalities feigning morality for ratings, Nancy Grace stands alone as the one who will stoop the lowest to be a talk show host masquerading as a news anchor. She is a despicable human being in every way imaginable.

  23. Cannabis is only “legal” in two states. Furthermore, I believe “decriminalization” and “legalization” are intended to be interchanged in the next to last paragraph.

  24. I’m down with the million+ person march/smoke fest in DC. Let’s make it happen!!! With that much press and people the executive order to end cannabis prohibition should hopefully be on the way.

  25. 2014 will be the year of Weed!
    More states will come forward with ballot iniatives.
    As soon as the banks can accept the retail & dispensary $$$ then all
    will change fast. Prohibition is wrong & will end in this decade.
    Don’t sit back & wait for it, go & do something positive .
    Call your Politicans , donate a couple bucks to NORML .
    Make a difference, be part of the end of prohibition.

  26. When someone uses the deragatory terms of pot, weed, dope, marijuana, their intentions are already known. Cannabis is an awesome medication and media sensation. It deserves more respect from the medical professionals and media personalities trained to be objective. Using the public ignorance to sensationalize their personal slants on a subject shows their desperation up front.

  27. This article ” hit the nail dead on”. The fact that we have allowed our government to imprison and remove the rights of people who choose to privately consume a product that causes no harm to them or anyone else, that is, criminal. We are guilty for either standing by silently or profiting from the drug war through a career maybe in law enforcement or any of the other economies of scale created by this fiasco of a war.
    However, there have always been a few courageous or hard headed few,like myself and apparently you,that will not be silent. You and I ,will not profit from the war on drugs but rather we all profit from the war on any prohibition of our right to choose. Its a shame that Nancy Grace and the likes would rather gain more notoriety,popularity,power, money, whatever by being contrarian rather than a champion of personal rights and freedoms we all are born with and no one else dictates.Great article!!!

  28. It’s pretty obvious this woman(term used very loosely) has struck a nerve in everyone. It’s amazing to me that she(even more loose) rail against someone like you with the full membership of NORML listening. All this does is make us stronger and her look ignorant. If I were your PR guy I would suggest that you schedule another meeting with her as soon as possible, and be sure and do it Colorado so you could definitely get lit right before the talk. Being on camera for both the talk and getting lit would be something worthy of watching. There’s no way you could do anything wrong.

  29. People say that the Drug War
    Has failed n loozin face.
    But it aint failed for the Drug store
    Or propoganda from Nancy Grace

    Well Jesus gave us the healin oil
    To set the captives free
    He healed the sick n said “What yee’ve done
    To them yee’ve done to me…”

    …but I aint askin nobody for nothin
    If I cant get it on my own.
    If you dont like the way im livin
    You just leave this long-haired weed smoker alone.

    Governor on TV
    Says hes all about legal bud
    Says jailin peaceful smokers
    Is a stain of innocent blood
    But waitaminute Mr. Gov-er-nor
    Before you give my vote a go
    Better hope before elections
    You dont pull a two-faced veto
    I aint askin nobody for nothin
    If I cant get it on my own
    If you dont like the way Im livin
    You just leave my marijuana vaporizer

    With weed I can grow my own medicine
    With hemp I can build a home
    So if the agenda is still about spendin
    Then legalize what Ive grown

    A corporatist wants yer money-weed
    Ana politician wants yer vote
    Well I dont want more than I need
    But I will take another toke

    An I aint askin nobody for nothin
    If I cant get it on my own
    An if you dont like the way im livin
    You need to try a little o this here fresh home grown.

  30. About to get my PhD, and had to turn down a dream job offer contributing to national defense. Why? Even willing to give up marijuana use if I must, my use throughout grad school is too frequent and too recent to obtain a security clearance. No matter my stellar financial/academic/criminal records. One day, this ignorance will stop.

  31. Very inspiring. I’ve seen the inside of those human cages first-hand because of less than half a gram of flower.

    Its 2AM right now in south Texas, and I’ve just been motivated to step out in the cold and participate in some good ol’ civil disobediance; Time to light up! It’s 4:20 somewhere!

  32. decrim is no better than status quo, as it still gives employers the right to test and fire you for stuff, and state professional licenses can be suspended or revoked, so as long as there are still ways to destroy one’s livelihood and reputation, any measure aimed at punishing adults for using cannabis should be considered a violation of human rights.

  33. Congratulations Activists! The Hemp Research Amendment has been added to the Farm Bill! Universities in states that have legalized hemp can now research industrial hemp without a DEA permit. Take THAT Michelle Leonhart! Prohibition doesn’t have a chance now.

  34. What is the objective of “free” network television? If you said “To sell advertising for the most amount of money possible”, you have navigated through the rhetoric, hyperbole and sensationalism that is our current media reality. When will marijuana become legal in all 50 states? When it becomes too financially painful to refrain from legalizing it. People can argue morals, scruples and social justice until the world end…what wins this issue for our side is $$$ and the lack of ours going into the pockets of corporations/politicians that support prohibition of cannabis.
    Feel with your heart, think with your head but vote with your wallet!

  35. I strongly believe that an easy to administer test to determine if, and to what degree someone is under the influence of cannabis would go a long way towards the legalization of Marijuana, something similar to a breathalyzer for alcohol. Can anyone out there tell me if such a test exists?

  36. No serious journalism outfit would hire Nancy Grace. She is getting her time on TV but thank goodness for fickle audiences – hers will move on.

    Norm, a huge fist bump from Tennessee for what you folks are doing with medical marijuana down in the Sunshine State. If you win it will be for all of us. Good work and good luck.

  37. Hey guys I emailed Norml this story the other day which I find absolutely ridiculous and too convenient. Apparently the first woman to die from Cannabis intoxication was reported on by the the other day I’ll post the link the bottom. If you read the article it mentions how after smoking half a joint before bed she went into cardiac arrest. Yet nothing was going wrong with her organs and they fail to even entertain the idea that it might be caused by a fluke or possibly the prescription medications she was taking for depression which has been price to cause heart problems. No it had to be cannabis… WTF ever. Even the doctor mentions he’s never seen this in his 30 years plus of medical experience. Here’s the link…

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