CBS Poll: Majority Of Americans Believe Marijuana Should Be Legal

A majority of US adults believe that the consumption of marijuana ought to be legal, according to the results of a nationwide CBS poll released today.

Fifty-one percent of respondents answered affirmatively to the question, “Should marijuana use be legal?” The percentage is the highest ever reported by the survey, which has been tracking public opinion on the issue since 1979 (when only 27 percent of adults endorsed legalization), and marks a six point jump in support since the last time pollsters posed the question in April 2013.

Forty-four percent of respondents opposed legalizing cannabis.

Age, gender, and political affiliation influenced respondents’ opinions regarding legalization. A majority of all respondents under age 65 now support legalizing cannabis. Most men (57 percent), but not women (46 percent) back legalization. Most self-identified Democrats (59 percent) and Independents (54 percent), but not Republicans (35 percent) support making marijuana legal.

Separate, recently released nationwide surveys by Gallup and CNN also reported that a majority of Americans are now in favor of legalizing cannabis.

When asked about their views on the therapeutic use of cannabis, 86 percent of respondents told CBS pollsters that physicians ought to be allowed to authorize marijuana use to their patients — an increase of 24 percent since 1997, when pollsters first began asking the question.

Sixty-two percent of respondents also endorsed letting individual states rather than the federal government specify marijuana policies. That figure was up slightly (3 percent) since November 2012.

Over 1,018 adults nationwide participated in the survey, which possesses a margin of error of +/- 3 percent.

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  1. Do Republucans realize that all these polls are revealing voters are turning blue? Between Christie’s Veto of the hemp bill and the Texas Democratic Party supporting decriminalization with a surge of financial backing for the Wendy Davis campaign for governor, one would think Republicans are herding voters to vote Democratic. Is there some secret tactic Im missing here?
    Or is it classic hubris? Too proud to surrender, too saprophagic to stop sucking the blood of the sufferers, the prohibitionists continue to reveal themselves and cause their own ultimate downfall with petrochemical and pharmaceutical patents in their teeth while greedily barking at their own foolish reflections. The irony is even prohibitionsts would want legalization for their children, if God is willing they should raise some in this world.
    We are reaching the climax of the American Tragic Cannabis Irony; The Protagonists: President and Michelle Obama. The antagonists: David Koch and Michelle Leonhart. The cannabinoids: All of us, and all life living and dying together during the drama. Even the buildings and halls that set the stage of this epic drama are built with the style of an ancient Greek tragedy: The Supreme Court building, the prestigious White House and Capitol, twisted with the remarkable American lobbies down K street. The stage is set. And I suspect the President’s State of the Union address will open the show and start the marijuana debates in ernest on Capitol Hill. It only took more than 40 years, NORML. Congratulations.
    Personally, im looking forward to stock options in some local cannabis co-op. Cant buy’m or sell’m, just vote on how to use the profit in the public sector. Just like a farmer’s market; on fact, we could get the Farmers Union involved and support local farmers while were at it. Lets work to make marijuana investment firms transparent and non-for-profit to invest in education. Hey Norml, theres a post-prohibition challenge for us all… The Cannabis Agricultural National Network for Accountability, Biotechnology, Innovation and Sustainability.
    Or perhaps the World Education and Equality Distribution?

  2. When honesty is all that is ask in a question, deliberate silence is betrayal of truth and weakens the soul. Cannabis is anything but silent. Speaking up has made me a better person and added more purpose to my life. These polls keep changing us all just by the simple fact that we are less and less alone. This denial of community is one of the many harms that the war on drug has inflicted upon the american people.
    @Julian,…all that you mentioned about a post-prohibition challenge is born out of community, and well said, thank you. My first understanding of cannabis was in the early 70s and all that I felt was a sense of community. Maybe the good that comes from all this will be an everlasting sense of community. That would make it worth the fight for me.

  3. If there were any honesty in government at all, marijuana would be legal, Obama would be impeached by now, and Rand Paul would be president, we would still have the contitution, would still be intact, upheld by our president,not the joker we have in office now,stand up for our country

  4. The only thing hindering legalization is the amount of revenue each year made through every government system. If you really think about it, they make plenty more than we can provide. So, until many more civilians like ourselves become part of the cannabis circle we’ll continue to be jailed with harsher punishments than those of murderers. All for smoking and/ or cultivating a plant with the ability to benefit billions. From smoking? No, but from its wide variety of uses that are still beginning to emerge.

  5. Missouri has activists collecting signaztures for
    a ballot initiative that would add an amendment to the state
    constitution legalizing the regulation and taxation of marijuana.
    No matter how much pot users claim to have enhanced
    mental capabilities while using the drug, reality tells us different.
    Additionally, in 1977, 29% of high school seniors smoked.

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  6. I most defiantly support the legalization of Cannabis. If you read my free book on my website you will see my two cents on this issue. There is also a video of all my psychedelic art. Hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think. Keep up the good fight. -Stewart

  7. The government puppets look at one thing when it comes down to it: money. The current system is a gigantic money maker for everyone involved (except the inmates). The one thing that may break the choke hold on our politicians is the incredible results in Colorado. They grossly underestimated the tax revenues, and now they ran out of pot… Even Perry has changed his tune and wants to review lessening the penalties. We have to be happy with baby steps when dealing with the govt. We all want to slap them and scream “It wont be a “gateway” drug when we can buy it in a store, dumbass!” I ,personally, will be so happy when my Grandma can “self medicate” without getting in trouble. She is freaking 85, who the hell cares if she gets a pain reliever that actually stimulates her appetite and puts her in a good mood (the hard meds do the exact opposite).

  8. How many more millionaire drug lords do we have to create before these guys remember prohibition didn’t work… It’s easier for our kids to get than alcohol, much easier. The only way to control it is to regulate it. How many billions more do we have to spend? The war on pot failed, stop wasting everyone’s time and go after the hard drugs, leave the regular people alone. Sorry about the rant…

  9. To Julian,

    To start, we share the same resolution here do not get me wrong. However, I highly disagree with placing the Obamas at the top of the list for people who have freed us from something we had not already known for multiple decades. He did not liberate us, and if there is one thing that weed has taught me, and one thing that keeps people like the “antagonists” scared, is to think for yourself. Obama simply is coping out, haha, which should be proof enough through the fact that many people agree, the “Republican” side is too proud to surrender. He and his party knows he has lost the battle which is why he has chosen the route of “political or emotional”, whichever you prefer, easing to preserve votes. Ok, too many quotes, too much political jargon, and not enough weed. Like I said we share the same goal I’ll smoke to that.

  10. @ Julian, why do you suppose Christie vetoed the Hemp Bill? The only thing I can come up with is he is dumb and stupid; plus he likes pushing ignorance and hubris in place of reason and well planned action. Just one industry New Jersey would like to, but cannot take part in. You know the state has this huge research university in the form of Rutgers; why deny the students opportunities for research? I’m sure some grad students will not be going to Rutgers simply because the subject of their research is off limits. In a word, “ignorance” is the policy.

  11. I’m in my 60’s and have said for years it is far better than alcohol, I am an alcoholic, dry now for 20 years or more. What got me into drugs? Alcohol, because it was readily available in my home. I feel if we had enough people write the president, and all of government officials asking for legalization we could get some action. Problem is too many are afraid they will be looked at. I have written my governor, senator and congressman and expressed my opinion. I believe that the party who’s platform is for legalization of pot would clearly win the next presidency. It is something the people want and if I had the money to run, I would and I would run on that platform. This war on drugs is a waste of money time and we are missing out on a huge tax base and a way to lower our national debt.

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