Colorado and Washington NORML: Cannabis Gets a “Super-Bowl” to Highlight Marijuana Law Reforms!


Bud Bowl. Weed Bowl. Fill a Bowl. Stoner Bowl. Super Stupor Bowl. Whatever you call it, the teams from Denver and Seattle are in it to win it! And so are cannabis consumers! The annual Super Bowl is always a great time for a few friendly wagers, and cannabis consumers are no exception. Happy to uphold this proud tradition, Colorado NORML and Washington NORML have made a little side bet on this historic game:

If the Denver Broncos win, WA NORML has agreed to dress in Bronco colors of blue and orange and sing Karaoke-style Colorado’s (second) official state song “Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver. If the Seattle Seahawks win, CO NORML will do the same, but in Seahawk blue and green and singing “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix, a native son of Seattle.

A video of the performance must be posted on the respective state chapter’s web site, Facebook page and on YouTube for a minimum of one week, with an acknowledgment that the winning team’s state is simply awesome.

The unfortunate irony is that, despite the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado, the NFL continues to ban its use among players, although it is not a performance enhancing drug. Both teams have each lost key players this season to marijuana-related suspensions. The Denver Broncos Von Miller, 2011 NFL defensive rookie of the year, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Walter Thurmond, and Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner have all received suspensions for failing drug tests.

The NFL would be wise to be more open to marijuana use among players. Its value as a safer treatment than opiates for pain resulting from the brutality of the game, must be acknowledged. With concerns over repeat concussions and the resulting traumatic brain injury to players like Junior Seau, the league should be particularly interested in marijuana’s potential to prevent long-term damage associated with brain injuries. Some NFL players might use cannabis for its medicinal benefits, but others may choose it to unwind as an alternative to alcohol, just as others might drink a beer or a martini. However, cannabis use doesn’t have the same risks associated with mixing prescription drugs, particularly painkillers, and alcohol.

So while we celebrate this historic Super Doobie Bowl, cheering on our respective teams, and laughing about the irony of it all, let’s not forget those players on and off the field whose employers will not allow them to consume a legal substance that has never had an associated death in all of recorded history.

Let the schwag talking begin!

Media Contacts:

Colorado NORML

Washington NORML

  • Kevin Oliver, Executive Director,, 206-641-0935
  • Rick Steves (PBS Travel Guide) and Advisory Board Member, 206-641-0935
  • Alison Holcomb (I-502 Author) and Advisory Board Member, 206-641-0935

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  1. The whole marijuana debate is as ridiculous as the gay marriage, or inter-racial marriage, or homosexuals, or religious, or thrill seekers, or cigarette smokers/alcohol drinker debates. They all are an example of one group of people judging and looking down upon, and acting holier than thou, towards other groups of people, who are simply living a certain lifestyle that they agree with. Whether those lifestyles are “choices” (like pot smoking, christianity, alcohol/cigarettes and thrill seeking) or are “something you are born with/as” (like homosexuality, or the capacity to love someone of a different race), is irrelevant, they are all legitimate lifestyles. No one should have the right to tell other people that one lifestyle is okay and righteous, while at the same time saying that another lifestyle is illegal and wrong. In a world of adults, we should be smart enough to realize, that no lifestyles are “wrong” universally, because people live them. If they were worng/bad for everyone universally, then free market 101 says, that people will naturally gravitate away from taking part in them. So as an adult, one should simply say, “This is wrong for me, but maybe not for you”. Instead of, “This is wrong for everyone and I’m going to ban it”. If we lived that way, and also took the attitude of “I may not agree with what you say think or do, but I’ll fight till the death for your freedom and right, to say think or do those things!” The world would be a better place, and we might actually achieve peace and tranquillity in our lifetime.

  2. Bud Bowl sounds too much like Budweiser Bowl, Weed bowl…emmm, maybe. Stoner Bowl…dumb.
    Cannabowl……i like. I just they don’t start eating each other. :0

  3. “With concerns over repeat concussions and the resulting traumatic brain injury to players like Junior Seau, the league should be particularly interested in marijuana’s potential to prevent long-term damage associated with brain injuries.”

    — Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  4. Not so ironic follow-the-money tip: check out what percent of the advertising revenue from the thing flows from promoting BEER. Legal herb will cut beer sales in half worldwide within 18 months.

    And probably kill off “spectator sports” too. For anyone who truly (treely)understands cannabis, the nutrient supplement (not drug), that dopy idea of sitting and watching other guys play ball is the last thing to consider doing after a toke, I don’t even patronize sports radio any more– keep your eyes on your hands and your ears on the Brahms.

  5. The commissioner of the NFL – Roger Goodell – recently said he will re-evaluate the weed issue in the NFL and whether or not it has medical benefits.

  6. Not much of a fan of sports these days but I wouldn’t miss this game for anything. With the players of both teams, and fans united on this issue I just know something good will happen and I certainly don’t want to miss it. The spirit of this game regardless of its outcome will be something historical.

  7. What a great way to celebrate the legalization movement, treat the serious issue of traumatic brain injury and suspension of players all rolled into one joint!
    Peyton Manning is going to smoke this bowl.
    I hear a half-time half-baked report sparking up…

  8. Wait a minute,wasn’t this a huge goal a few months back for NORML,to have a Super Bowl advertisement on Inuit?

    What has happened here by fate– is far more than a commercial advertisement could ever be, that would probably be ignored anyways,while most people are in the bathroom or getting another beer in the fridge.

  9. mexweed, I doubt it, one of my favorite things to do when I watch a football game is to use cannabis. It really makes many sports far more interesting to pay attention to through the whole game. Baseball plus a nice indica means I will sit there for the whole 9 innings, and at the end say “wow that was a great game”

  10. Well @ohyea we agree to disagree. Why would you sit for the whole 9 innings, aren’t there any kids you can toss and bat with (Greater Game Theory)?

    You are right, it makes things more interesting now find something worthy of your talents to make more interesting, like make that utility shelving for the utility room?

  11. @NORML: you should hand out big “free the weed leaves” or MJ green thunder sticks to the fans in the parking lot. When the camera pans on the crowd cheering all we will see on tv is pot leaves and crowds cheering for the green. There is your add.

  12. Congrats NORML. Love you guys for all that you’ve done. Half-Time pyrotechnics…strike your matches and hear the bud sizzle!!!

  13. Like politics, its time for Mr. Goodell to get on the right side of history and help end prohibition now! Good luck to us all in our fight as we celebrate the first ever…..Freedom Bowl, featuring the Denver Blunts vs the Seatle spliffs! or bring your vaporizer if you wish, we are all winners on this one.

  14. I think as long as everyone has been waiting for this time as close as we are now. I would say call it the FREEDOM BOWL.. that carries a lot of truth and a lot of men and women have done a lot of time without their freedom, that they should have never had to do time for.

  15. Well this is a moment in time,that many have be waiting for decades to happen. We have moved forward slowly but the truth about its benefits that came through science and the results from testing as the rest of the story has been practiced at ever place a man or a women found him or herself at the end of joint or a pipe.As far as freedom is concerned many men and women have spent many years behind bars and now freedom will come there way.

  16. Does anyone get the feeling of how much the players NEED this game? The most remarkable fact about this Superbowl is that Colorado and Washington were the most passionate about getting to this level. I cant help but feel that both teams feel let down by suspending a rookie of the year or any member of the team for that matter for a substance that can not only make the game more enjoyable (both to players and spectators), but safer as well. We, the American audience demand this proud war game derived of English Rugby and American Indian lacrosse we call American football. If we demand, above all injuries, that a man should suffer permanent brain damage, then who are we to deny our warriors the kind gift that cannabis provides? Should we not all do ourpart to educate and advocate marijuana legalization? We created the game. Our Creator cuktivated the human cultivation we enjoy between marijuana and humankind.
    Mr. President, tear this Wall of Prohibition down!

  17. @ Ray,
    You nailed it man! Cannabis shaped gloves and thundersticks to support the cause for NORML! Can we organize New Jersey NORML in time? Does Rutherford have a chapter? We should be handing these things out paid for by domations! We cant let this opportunity pass! (Unless of course the opportunity happens to be a joint… Yall need to pass that $#!+)

  18. This whole damn “Bowl” thing is a sneak $igarette commercial. “Bowl” is the word used to manipulate children pondering trying cannabis into H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide serving size, the “pipe-smoking” equivalent of 500-mg rolling papers, instead of VAPING with a 25-mg-per-serving Long-Stemmed One-Hitter.

    Interlinguistically “Bowl” means “big” as in “Bolshoiy” and “Bullfrog”.

    Seems like all the nice folks above fell for it, to the point of saying nice stuff about headconcussion fatbull, well maybe there will be some Freudianpun incident during the hours-long gapeshame that you can quote later when pro-herb propagandizing to others who watched it, okay, but for that you’ll expose your precious mind to 4-1/2 minutes of “False Bud” gulpcommercials? I’m boycotting that crap.

  19. That is kind of morally ironic that they are still banning the use of the players that live in the states where it is legalized. Our political system is so fragmented, it will be a long time yet before everything gets taken into the fold but hopefully not too long!

  20. It is to bad NORML couldn’t get some big donors to donate the money to buy the commercial spot to run NORML’s commercial that it submitted into that contest.

    Would FOX and the NFL sell a commercial spot to NORML to support the legalization of Cannabis?

  21. A favorite talking point of prohibitionists is “marijuana is much stronger today”. That’s a good thing because it takes less smoke to get you as high and as we know, smoking is not good for you.

  22. I love it and remember Seahawk Fans . That’s “Colorado Rocky Mountain High” .Good luck and no injuries to either team . Go Broncos.!!!!

  23. Fat Freddy, the tax rate should not be as for Fresh fruits and vegetables as that rate should be zero! Marijuana should also not be taxed at a higher than normal sales tax for the areas in which it is being sold.

    There is way too much bullshit being spread by everyone (except norml) about marijuana. It is like the media just cannot stop babbling endless crap about marijuana. Why would anyone think it should be taxed at a different rate from everything else? Bullshit clogging up everyone’s brains is the reason. In fact, why does everyone seem to think everyone else should be paying more taxes than they do? We should be, for the most part, being the same tax rates.

  24. Anybody catch “The World” on NPR today? They covered NORML’s superbowl bet. Had a very indulging review of marijuana brains and strains. I forgot weed was still illegal.
    Have to admit I enjoyed the conneseur coverage. The pro marijuana community sounds happy and intelligent. There’s a real feeling of electricity the air that something spiritually good is about to happen at this year’s Stoner-Bowl, between the Seattle Sea-Weeds and the Denver Chroncos.
    The tragic irony is all too blatant: why are players testing for marijuana suspended while they are encouraged and allowed to play after multiple concussions that could be treated by marijuana?
    And the best part? We don’t even have to protest or wave marijuana props… America gets it: This Super Bowl, or Stuper Bowl, or whatever you call it, it’s the world’s premier marijuana commercial and state-sanctioned locally voted act of Federal civil disobedience. If we can take this traditionally American yet violent game and find something more peaceful about it than the Controlled Substance Act, what does that say about the violence and human cost of our drug scheduling system?

  25. No Fat Freddy, that makes no sense. See, when you grow your own, you don’t pay taxes. When you buy in a store, you are in public making a public transaction. This is exactly the difference between going to a grocery and buying food and then taking it home and cooking vs. going to a restaurant where they source the food and cook it for you. Then you pay taxes. When you grow your own and don’t sell it, no taxes. If you’re selling i.e. a store then you pay taxes. It is all about fair and balanced.

  26. Dave, there are better ways to run a country than giving money to politicians to squander. One good way is to change our archaic, technologically obsolete political system for a direct democratic one where all the people make the decisions instead of 300 millionaires in Washington. Then we the people can decide where we want to put our money.

  27. The Colorado cannabis cup this year was absolutely amazing. I think they had around 30,000 people attend this year which is 3x the amount of last year.

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