NORML PAC Endorses Tommy Wells for Mayor of DC

This morning, NORML PAC announced its endorsement of Councilman Tommy Wells for mayor of Washington, DC.

“Councilman Wells is a passionate crusader for the cause of marijuana law reform,” stated NORML PAC manager Erik Altieri, “Wells showed his skill and acumen for the issue when he championed the District’s marijuana decriminalization measure, which was overwhelmingly approved by the DC City Council just this month. The District of Columbia would greatly benefit from having his compassion, knowledge, and strong leadership in the mayor’s office. Under a Tommy Wells administration, DC will continue to roll back its failed prohibition on marijuana and move towards a system of legalization and regulation.”

“Decriminalization is the first step in ending the failed War on Drugs that has unfairly affected our minority communities and ruined countless lives,” stated Councilman Wells, “We still have much to do to bring about common sense changes – like legalization – so that DC can set an example for the rest of the country.”

A large majority of Washington, DC residents agree with Wells’ position. A poll of District residents released by the Washington Post in January revealed that 63% were in favor of legalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use, only 34% were opposed. Legalization had majority support amongst every single demographic surveyed.

The District of Columbia currently leads the rest of the country in marijuana arrests per capita, with 854 individuals arrested for every 100,000 residents. These arrests are also disproportionately impacting people of color. While only accounting for about 51% of the population, African Americans constitute 90% of all marijuana possession arrests. This is despite the fact that African Americans and whites use marijuana at similar rates. Councilman Wells’ recently approved marijuana decriminalization measure will be a great first step in rolling back this social injustice.

The Democratic primary for the DC mayor’s race will be held on April 1st. DC voters can get more information on how and where to vote in the primary on the District of Columbia’s website here.

You can learn more about Tommy Well’s campaign on his website or Facebook page.

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  1. The President of the USA will not move marijuana from schedule 1 until his congress and states leaders are In place. This November is our chance as We The People elect our politicians. One topic will forever change this world that we live in.

    Hemp? What the hell…… I still don’t understand what that is all about….. Oh that’s right now I remember American Indians, Colored’s, and Mexicans..

    What’s done is done we can’t change history but we can give our dreamers; with a criminal conviction for non violent marijuana use; a chance to a good education, a good job.

    Spend the money on education not prisons. Sure keep the kids away but don’t arrest them.

  2. “…only 34% were opposed. Legalization had majority support amongst every single demographic surveyed.”

    I wonder if Congress will have to resort to legislation denying funds to count the votes like they did with a vote on medical marijuana years ago — perhaps the most blatantly unAmerican, anti-democratic act I’ve seen in this country in my life.

    Blacks comprise 51% of the electorate, and 90% of marijuana arrests. The obscene stench of A.J. Anslinger still fouls our democracy.

  3. Our nation’s capitol developing an intolerance for unjust, excessive punishments, for a non-crime no worst than taking so-called legal drugs.

    Well that is a good thing, imo. To make a Forrest Gump conclusion, simple but correct.

  4. White Republicans are banking on the traditionally low election turnout from the Latino and African American populations during mid term elections.

    If you, are African American, Latino, American Indian, have a friend who is dark skinned, have cancer, might have cancer,know someone who has cancer, lost a child or family member to opiate drugs, an alcoholic, a heroin addict, a compassionate person, are not racist, want a less disposable America, want more carbon neutral products, know a child with dravet syndrome, know someone with MS, are in pain, an amputee, on prescription pain killers, have a DWI, don’t want a DWI, want safer streets, want to improve the quality of life for all America, Then get out and VOTE.

    One topic one platform one voice. LEGALIZATION!

    Anyone who thinks Nixon made this law based on Vietnam is mistaken. This is a 1939 law created solely on the fact that the minority groups smoked Hemp. There was no marijuana, it was all good quality ditchweed. Not like today’s herb, yea it’s potent but unlike alcohol, cigarettes, or sugar it’s chemical composition can’t kill you. Yet it is still schedule 1.

    Politicians like Tommy Wells have seen the destructive results of enforcing 1939 prohibition laws on marijuana users, dealers, kids, parents, and the system. Let’s give our legal system a good colonic and remove the non violent marijuana crime from our courts now. Regulate it like alcohol and cigarettes, allow home cultivation like we allow people to make their own beer or wine.

    Educate our kids that they are not old enough to use any drug but stop arresting those who do. Allow our police to fine kids with a reasonable non criminal fine. Call their parents, make kids destroy their bud, “But stop arresting them”.

  5. Norml please let your supporters know about the house bill just passed by republicans and 6 democrats that will send us all into the past. .. its called enforce federal laws and it is meant to force to Obama administration to enforce federal laws on any state that has legalized marijuana for medical and recreational. . And these people preach states rights and individual liberties

    [Paul Armentano responds: This proposal is DOA in the US Senate.]

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