Michigan: Regulators Expand State’s Medical Marijuana Law To Include Patients With PTSD

Michigan physicians may now authorize cannabis for the treatment of post traumatic stress.

Members of the Medical Marihuana Review Panel voted 6 to 2 to expand the state’s list of qualifying conditions to include PTSD. The Director of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has signed off on the recommendation.

This is the first time that regulators have expanded the state’s list of qualifying conditions since voters initially legalized the physician authorized use of cannabis in 2008.

Six other states — Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, New Mexico, Nevada, and Oregon — explicitly allow for the use of cannabis to treat symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Nevada regulators expanded their law to include PTSD earlier this year. Oregon and Maine lawmakers amended their medical cannabis laws last year to include post-traumatic stress.

California physicians may recommend medical cannabis at their discretion.

Clinical trial data published in the May issue of the journal Molecular Psychiatry theorized that cannabinoid-based therapies would likely comprise the “next generation of evidence-based treatments for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).”

Post-traumatic stress syndrome is an anxiety disorder that is estimated to impact some eight million Americans annually. To date, there are no pharmaceutical treatments specifically designed or approved to target symptoms of PTSD.

Last week, federal officials at the Public Health Service approved the use of cannabis in a privately funded pilot trial at the University of Arizona College of Medicine to assess its potential risks and benefits in war veterans suffering from PTSD, including the plant’s potential impact on subjects’ anxiety, suicidality, and depression. Although the study was initially approved by the FDA in 2011, neither PHS nor the US National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) signed off on the protocol until this month. Both agencies, as well as the US DEA, must approve any clinical trial involving cannabis.

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  1. when im allowed to smoke or injest cannabis is the only time my mind and body feels at rest an at ease (i was abused as a child an by smoking it shuts off the part of my mind that recalls these horrific memories ) iv tryed conventional doctors prescribed medications only to find they aggrivate my condition an make me feel greater feelings of torment i have to be carefull because the county i live in is extreamly against medical marijuana an im facing possible jail scentencing now for self medication (just two years of remembering what happened to me as a child vibrantly on a daily basis

  2. @roland. The medical community loves to prescribe medication that does more harm than good. Listening to the multiple side effects caused to help manage a single ailment make me think forget that noise.

    Keep smoking if it helps you!

  3. My America has historically used cannabis to treat PTSD. Don’t you think George Washington had a little stress he was trying to shake off? He had to sneak past the British ships on a freaking row boat.

    Prohibition was a social experiment to keep white and colored people sexually apart. The “Graying of America”, it’s known as. Well it’s not working and is way to expensive.

    Also the total removal of hemp from our food supply may be related to medical conditions we never anticipated. We need hemp in our diet.

    Dravet Syndrome, cancer, aids, autism, obesity, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, who knows if any of this is linked, but it needs to be available for doctors to use and studdy. It must be made available for patients of any age to use if it works.

  4. It is only right and just that the govt allow for the use of cannabis as a medical regimen to treat the patients they create. Their zero tolerance ended my working career because I am using CBD to treat chronic pain. Its their loss, I am good at what I do.

  5. Many Men and Women who have had an abortion, experience Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
    Blessings on you as you heal. A baby aborted was conceived by Man and Women together, they both lost a child…Cannabis helps most forget some of the pain.
    Michael lr

  6. i had a friend who the Veterans administration prescribed zanex & valuem along with one drug that made him black out & not remember his dreams.He had PTSD from his time in Viet Nam.He got so dependent on the drugs that his life unraveled.Marijuana is a viable low addictive type drug that he could have used.Of course the Big Drug Companies would lose a lot of money if prescribed.These guys risked their lives for us.We have to take care of them!!!!

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