Indiana: Lawmakers Approve Legislation Reclassifying Hemp As An Agricultural Commodity

House and Senate lawmakers have signed off on legislation, Senate Bill 357, to reclassify and regulate industrial hemp.

Members of the Senate had initially approved the legislation by a vote of 48 to zero. House members then voted 93 to 4 in favor of a slightly amended version of the measure. Lawmakers in both chambers agreed last week on a final version of the bill — sending it to Republican Gov. Mike Pence, who must either sign the measure into law or veto it.

As passed, the measure reclassifies cannabis possessing less than 0.3 percent THC as an industrial crop. It also seeks to establish licensing requirements and regulations governing the production of and commerce in hemp, as well as for the scientific study of the crop. The proposal mandates state regulators to seek federal waivers by no later than January 1, 2015 so that officials can begin the process of licensing applicants to cultivate the crop.

According to the U.S. Congressional Resource Service, the United States is the only developed nation that fails to cultivate industrial hemp as an economic crop. However, in February, members of Congress for the first time approved language in the omnibus federal Farm Bill allowing for the cultivation industrial hemp in agricultural pilot programs in states that already permit the growth and cultivation of the plant. Ten states — California, Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia — have enacted legislation reclassifying hemp as an agricultural commodity under state law.

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  1. Good deal but which parachute should I choose. The one with 0.3% thc or the one made with 3% thc hemp fiber? Guess we’ll have to get to that when we can plant it.

  2. US Constitution Amendment XXVIII

    The transportation or importation into any State, Territory, or possession of the United States for delivery or use therein of intoxicating cannabis, in violation of the laws thereof, is hereby prohibited.

    This hereby allows federal quantification and taxation. Giving said governing areas legislation.

    Leave it to the states!

  3. Our nation already grew industrial hemp, after the Japanese invaded and controlled the Asian hemp market around the time of WWII. Then after watching our races mix during the 60s, marijuana prohibition started once again. The marijuana social laws were based on good old Harry Anslinger and his unscientific prohibition.

    Not true? Look at New York City’s fire department. Why are they so racially divided and just lost the law suit to prove it? Because blacks are arrested a lot more than whites. Try and get a job with FDNY with a drug conviction.

    Lots of really good people smoked weed and became great people. Some got caught and became a problem of our criminal system. Non violent means they can function around other people. They don’t need jail. We would socially do a lot better with fines than prisons.

    I’m trying to buy hemp tote bags for a company and all I can find are ones made in China. Anyone know where I can buy made in USA hemp bags?

  4. Just mix some early flowering medical marijuana strain plants in with the industrial here and there. Autoflowering White Widow or the like. Don’t make a path. Don’t be discovered. I’ll shit a brick if Pence signs it. Saw him on a talking head show with a panel of governors, and when asked about cannabis he came across as an asshole.

  5. Oh what a tangled web of hemp we weave when first we dance… The lie has gotten too big for the dog in the manger. It is time for the C.S.Act to retire while they still can…
    Here’s your education:
    -Uses less water than corn
    -Requires no pesticides
    -Requires no herbicides, therefore less water
    -Contains all essential amino acids
    -Can replace petrochemical plastics w/ celulosic plastics (renewable plant-based instead of crude-oil-based plastics)
    -Can provide enough energy to sustain one family for a year from one acre of land
    -Can restore wetlands and old-growth forests
    -Can provide all paper demands for the world
    -Can help treat multiple sclerosis
    -Can build a house entirely
    -Contains up to %80 celullose
    -Will replace corn ethanol for fuel
    -Can replace the poppy fields and stop the wars in Afghanistan
    -Created the first model T entirely built and fueled by hemp
    -Is serious competition to the Koch Brother’s petrochemical and timber patents.
    -Would put synthetic Kraft foods out of business
    -Would create socioeconomic stability throughout the world, spawning a global Green Age of innovation and sustainability.
    -Can reduce the threat of rising oceans
    -Can restore human coexistence with God and Nature.
    This is your brain on hemp…
    Any questions?

  6. Indiana is one of those states in which much crop land is given over to raising corn. A high percentage of that corn is expensively used to feed livestock which are turned into meat, a habit which many Americans would do well to reduce.

    I have read that corn is a good precursor crop for cannabis. And if there should ever be more industrial hemp raised than necessary, I have read that hemp is a good precursor crop for TREES. Increased forest (anywhere we can grow some) will eat CO2 and protect against climate harm.

    For service to reforestqation all eyes are on Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Ireland, Israel, Italy. Apologies that I posted some of the above on the wrong article yesterday.

  7. Phytoremediation from hemp fields near toxic facilities may not provide medical grade cannabis for patients, but it should prove another positive result of cannabis reclassification.

  8. Bob: You’re safe. There is NO THC in Cannabis, nor Hemp. Cannabis ends genetically at CBDa and/or THCa. Hemp ends at CBDa. CBDa cannot DECARBOXYLATE into THC, only CBD, so it is not genetically possible for Hemp to produce THC. It is time we admit: Politicians, Media, Police, Church, and Medical who continue to operate as “Emperors with no THC clothes” – have all promoted the concept that Cannabis has THC and Hemp has “low-THC”. Sorry, NOT POSSIBLE – these people are: 1) LYING or 2) IGNORANT – Both of which are a danger to the public and they need to be removed from positions of authority before their neglect causes harm to their fellow man.

  9. “US Constitution Amendment XXVIII

    The transportation or importation into any State, Territory, or possession of the United States for delivery or use therein of intoxicating cannabis, in violation of the laws thereof, is hereby prohibited.

    This hereby allows federal quantification and taxation. Giving said governing areas legislation.

    Leave it to the states!

    – See more at:

    If you do not DECARBOXYLATE


    Therefore you MUST NOT INCARCERATE.

    Pretty simple. There is NO THC in Cannabis.

  10. Hemp fiber, Hemp oil, Hemp Fuel oil are all on the United States National Security USNATSEC list of items required for National Security. This means EVERY sitting President who presided over Prohibited Hemp should have been arrested and prosecuted. Can someone please call the Marine Sentries and make a citizen’s arrest of Obama? Get this cannabis dog n’ pony show over with? What a pathetic classless racist classist nation we truly are.

  11. @Shadow,
    WTF? I mean, you’re pulling my prohibition chain, right? “Plan?” “Keep people working?” I am forced to believe you’re either:
    A: being ineffectively sarcastic,
    B: Regurgitating propoganda,
    C: You work for Kevin Sabet
    D: All of the above.
    “Hemp can create jobs without spending a dime.” -Senator Wyden, D.-OR, while introducing the Industrial Hemp Farming Act to Congress. A Tea Party slogan was usurped by a liberal Democrat. And the perfect irony is that Kentucky tea party Republicans Mitch McConnel and Rand Paul are caught between legalizing hemp, (creating more jobs than prisons can count), and criminalizing marijuana… To create inhumane prison jobs incarcerating non violent posessions of marijuana that exceed the combined prison populations of Russia AND China. Good luck with that “job creations argument.” Welcome to the Green Revolution.

  12. @ Shadow,
    Maybe you could be a legal marijuana publicist by exposing ineffective arguments? Playing coy are we?

  13. For many years I have thought it is incredibly stupid for our Govt not to allow hemp to be grown considering it’s myriad uses and lack of THC.

    That said, I can’t say that I really care much about it. My primary concern is that people need to be able to choose marijuana for their medical needs or recreational desires.

  14. So you do care somewhat about hemp, or you mean you could not care any less about hemp, not clear on that, but anyway I’m right there with you, get your general drift. Pence is a money-grubbing Republican asswipe insofar as hemp is concerned. He’s stuck in 1937 when it comes to cannabis as medicine, and has his head up his ass. If anybody today insisted that you could be treated for cancer by being operated on using only the surgeries and surgical instruments they had back in 1937 and could receive only prescription medications based in information from 1937 and not based on information and developments after 1937, you’d be branded as a simpleton, an idiot. Well, Pence, you know the saying about it takes a village, but in your case it takes a village in order for there to be a village idiot.

    Governor Mike Pence, Medical Marijuana Village Idiot!

  15. Please care about hemp.

    Buy USA hemp products and support our nation. Hemp is an important food that is easily digested, vegan, and will help our economy. Jobs, jobs, jobs will be created when American hemp production begins again. It will happen as we shift towards better eating habits, better clothing and textiles.

    Tell your favorite chef to use hemp oil, buy it for your salads, or mix in your food. Folic acid is great for a pregnant mom but hemp could prove to be even better, free us from this war on food.

    As we removed hemp from our food supply in the name of “moral values” we had to replace it with substitutes. “Put hemp back in your mouth and eat it.”

  16. Hey all,Senator Tallian is the mainstay focus of marijuana for rec or medical use.Also see SB0580.We need to get that pushed on through.I still dont understand how people can allow alcohol and tobacco to kill thousands and thousands of people every year be legal,but yet marijuana in and of itself has never killed a single person in thousands of years,yet marijuana is illegal???? Doesnt make sense to me…….

  17. I being a woman, my late husband with terminal cancer couldn’t finish replacing our decks. By lifting 4X4’s 8 matter of fact 2nd floor I have damaged my back and even lost 2″ in height. The pain well words couldn’t describe. Plus I suffer from Restless Legs. I would benefit from the use of Medical Marijuna. 4 1/2 yrs my late husband smoked daily chemo, well I will never have CHEMO if I got CANCER!! Living in Indiana all my life has been quite an experience! This ever passes in my lifetime pigs will be flying!!

  18. You have to pass legislation acknowledging a plant as an agrcultural commodity? It grows everywhere without human intervention, provides natural phytoremediation to contaminated sites, and has milinia examples of medicinal, structural, and textile uses.

  19. Ray: I might be wrong, but it sure sounds like your reasons for writing your informative letter, is so money can be put in your pocket as well.
    I mean, c’mon are you really that pumped up about hemp.
    How about you put some of that enthusiasm into writing about medical marijuana.

  20. I know for a fact that THC IS SOMETHING THAT IS IN MARIJUANA. When my late husband receiving MARIJUANA HELPED HIM. We were living on lake michigan. At first his ONOCOLIGST GAVE HIM PILL FORM! What a joke. Then that same doctor gave him a baggie of MARIJUANA. HE COULD STAND TO WATCH MY LATE SUFFER.

  21. I’m sorry that last entry didn’t make much sense! I’m just so upset it should be legal. It doesn’t kill people.

    My father got caught 4 times dui’s with a slap on the wrist back in the 70’s totalled 4 trucks didn’t get hurt or kill anyone.When he moved to Tenn my brother and I approached the judge to give him jail time, yes our father. The judge gave him jail.

    Do you know any stories like this in regards to someome smoking POT? NO YOU HAVEN’T. I WISH THIS COUNTRY WOULD WAKE UP!!!

  22. @anonymous- Thanks for calling me out on Hemp, but this was a blog article about Indiana hemp. I also post under medical marijuana blogs my cannabis related concerns. But yes, I am very passionate about hemp as it is food and one thing we all share is the need to eat. I was also high when I wrote it so yea it was over the top.

    Once the demand for American hemp products hits the tipping point, Canada and China will supply so much of our hemp, American politicians will not be able to ignore hemp anymore. Lost revenue and jobs are the heart of this problem.

    HEMP has been outlawed for so long it will reappear like it was a new invention. Money will be dumped into hemp, even kids breakfast cereals will have hemp in it.

    Did you know bird seed used to contain hemp? We had some pretty fat birds flying around way back when, now all I ever see are crows. Bee populations thrive in hemp fields. Did you know that many farmers rent bees? They have to be trucked in just to pollinate fields.

    I am probably more passionate about hemp than cannabis, and now I read that we may import industrial hemp from Ukraine to help them out? I call bull shit, grow it right here, on American land. Jobs, jobs, jobs, food.

  23. A 3 second google search found this: Cannabis sativa is extremely unusual in the diversity of products for which it is or can be cultivated. Popular Mechanics magazine (1938) touted hemp as “the new billion dollar crop,” stating that it “can be used to produce more than 25,000 products, ranging from dynamite to Cellophane.”

    If you are reading this and can’t figure out where or how to line your pockets off of this crop than join the prohibitionist who outlawed it in the first place. 25,000 products is a lot of items, and that was from 1938. Get up do some research and invest, this ride is just getting started.

  24. I am reading all this information in regards to legalizing medical marijuana. Law makers really think about what you are doing. I am stage 4 breast cancer and stage 4 thyroid cancer patient. Legalizing it will help me with the pain that I have every day. You don’t know what it is like to deal with this pain, especially when the medicine isn’t helping. Research how this can help others with cancer.

  25. Ray: I see more of where your coming from. I suppose I just get pissed off, at how long it takes laws to change; and most of the time it all comes back to money.
    So IN. finally does something regarding a controversial law, but only for profit, not the people. These politicians must fall short in other places in their lives to feel they need to bow to the money man just to stay in office.
    Nancy that means they feel an Inadequacy in their lives, just kidding sweety.
    Okay well Ray I’ve tried to say everything but sorry; so I’ll say it. Sorry.
    Ahhhhh I feel so adequate now. ya get it?
    Alright All. Have a good one!

  26. @Nancy-I have been a volunteer firefighter for well over 20 now. I’ve seen and pulled a lot of “drunks” out of wrecked vehicles in my life. But I have never pulled someone from a wrecked car where marijuana alone was involved.

    People with addiction such as alcohol or heroin need help not prison. I was addicted to painkillers after my surgery but marijuana helped me get away from all that. Yet all the doctors could give me was more pain killers. Our country has this war on drugs wrong.

  27. How does one break free from wages trap with nothing in the bank. One dollar at a time? So, ya, downsize all the crap and space. No factory food. You don’t need TV. Most media outlets stream their content direct on demand for free, with adds, sponsors, etc, etc. Frisbee instead of Warcraft sometimes…

    Can I get a permit for a quarter acre plot in my neighborhood? THAT is why I am moving out of suburbia. Want a place where I can grow, gather and hunt rather than consume sit and punt.

  28. You should approve it how many people get killed by pot none compared to other drugs and alcohol and spend less time throwing people in jail for it and worry more about rapist and child molesters and someone who is really doing something wrong then someone getting high

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