CBD-Only Legislation Will Likely Be Unworkable For Most Patients

Lawmakers in four states — Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and Utah — are poised to enact legislation in the coming days/weeks aimed at providing patients, primarily children with forms of intractable epilepsy, with strains of cannabis and/or cannabis extracts high in the compound cannabidiol (CBD).

I have previously written why, in theory, these proposals will likely provide only limited relief for patients. A closer look at the text of these proposed laws indicates that, in fact, they are largely unworkable and will most likely provide no tangible relief or protection for the patient community they are intended to serve.

Excerpt via Alternet.org. (Read the entire article here.)

Alabama: Senate lawmakers unanimously approved SB 174, aka “Carley’s Law,” which seeks to allow investigators at the University of Alabama to study CBD in FDA-approved trials. But no change in state law is actually necessary to permit state university researchers to conduct clinical trials on cannabidiol. Such FDA-approved protocols are already permitted under federal law, but they require the added approval of regulators at the DEA, NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), and PHS (Public Health Service). However, since CBD (like marijuana) is classified as a Schedule I substance under federal law, these agencies have historically been reticent to allow such studies to go forward, a fact that will likely remain unchanged even if House members similarly sign off on Carley’s Law.

Georgia: A Senate panel last week amended and approved House Bill 885, aka “Haley’s Hope Act.” …The amended Senate plan … only provides for an exemption from state prosecution for those who obtain CBD oil from a legal medical marijuana state and transport it back to Georgia. In theory, this would allow Georgia parents to visit a state like Colorado to obtain medicine for their children. But in practice, Colorado’s medical marijuana law only allows those who are state residents and who possess a state-issued patient identification card to legally purchase such products. In other words, Georgia parents would have to violate Colorado law to obtain CBD-oils (which are likely to only be available from a medical dispensary, not a retail cannabis market). Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries would also be in violation of not just the letter of the law, but also the spirit of the law by providing a product they know is intended to be transported across state lines—a clear violation of the guidelines put forward in the August 2013 Department of Justice memo which call for “preventing the diversion of marijuana from states where it is legal in some form to other states.”

Kentucky: Senators last week gave unanimous approval to Senate Bill 124. Like Alabama’s proposal, the bill calls on University of Kentucky researchers to study CBD in clinical trials — something they could do with or without passage of a new state law, if the necessary federal agencies agreed to it. The measure also seeks to allow physicians at state teaching hospitals to recommend CBD to patients. However, past experience from other states indicates that this latter scenario is unlikely. In 2013, Maryland lawmakers enacted legislation to allow physicians at the state’s limited number of teaching hospitals to dispense cannabis. To date, no Maryland hospitals have taken up the state’s invitation to do so.

Utah: House and Senate lawmakers have given final approval to House Bill 105. Utah’s governor is expected to sign the measure into law imminently. Like Georgia’s proposal, the Utah measure, which sunsets in 2016, provides protection from state prosecution for parents who can acquire CBD-oil for their epileptic children, assuming a neurologist has authorized the treatment. But, as will be the case in Georgia, Utah patients will likely only be able to obtain CBD from out of state, an act that would violate neighboring states’ medical cannabis laws. The Utah proposal also calls on the state Department of Agriculture to grow industrial hemp for the purposes of one day producing cannabis medicines. However, it remains to be seen whether such industrial crops can yield therapeutically effective CBD-extracts or whether federal lawmakers would even allow such a state-sponsored research project to move forward.

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  1. Indiana is one of those states in which much crop land is given over to raising corn. A high percentage of that corn is expensively used to feed livestock which are turned into meat, a habit which many Americans would do well to reduce.

    I have read that corn is a good precursor crop for cannabis. And if there should ever be more industrial hemp raised than necessary, I have read that hemp is a good precursor crop for TREES. Increased forest (anywhere we can grow some) will eat CO2 and protect against climate harm.

  2. Stay on them Paul!
    And stay on them Dr. Gupta!
    Cannabinoids work their neurological homeostatic magic together, not isolated into individual molecules as pharmacueticals are patented to do.
    We will accept growing our own and nothing less.

  3. It would seem that these states are only willing show the appearance of allowing a minimal component of medical marijuana and only for the extreme cases of childhood epilepsy. And to add to that, require it to be illegally exported from another state.
    This is the worst example of “Catch 22” legislation I have ever seem. Every one of these cowards should be voted out of office.

  4. The residents of Georgia should sue their statengovernment! Any government that puts their people in the situation or choosing between a sick child and federal prosecution is criminal. They sit there telling us its all bad and doesn’t work, when we see it working everywhere, everyday for just about everything. Now they say, I see some good but were not gunna provide you any way to obtain it, were only gunna tell you that if you want to run the gauntlet of risking federal drug trafficking charges we’ll be OK if you make it back. Its pure lazy and an attempt to look like you did something to feel good about, but really made it worse. Watch how quick it starts becoming easier to get when its the politicians and law enforcement that have sick children.

  5. The official paranoia over cannabis, especially the much dreaded euphoric effects, is starting to fade. Soon, this absurd fear of perhaps the single most beneficial plant that nature provides to humans, will be regarded as the most misguided and just plain stupid public policy ever devised.

  6. All of those states are deceived, religious cult states that regard themselves as supreme beings when they are actually nothing more than two-faced, ignorant hypocrites…

  7. This is a great disservice to the residents of those states. What about all of the other health conditions, especially cancer, that can be treated with cannabis?

    From what the science shows about cannabis reducing free-radical damage, via its antioxidant profile, it has shown to be effective for treating and preventing practically every “Age-related disease.” Are the residents of those states not worthy or deserving enough to benefit from this wonderful plant?

    Moreover when we really dig into it, every citizen deserves rightful access whether it is for medical reasons or just therapeutic and recreational. You can grow ginseng in your backyard, tomatoes, even grapes to craft wine – and as much as you want! Here we have the most potent, useful botanical known to mankind and politicians want you to think you don’t deserve access to it?

    It’s time to WAKE UP and realize how important this crop is to the longevity of our people and planet – especially including its cousin, Industrial Hemp.

  8. None of this is surprising. Looks like they are just going through the motions so they can claim they’re ‘sensitive to the public needs.’

  9. I think the more cerebral THC is more useful in dealing with mental problems, at least in adults. I’m not sure a child could understand what was happening to him/her, though, which can cause anxiety.

    An insect is aware. It responds to stimuli. A human is aware that it is aware. We can talk about our awareness. With some THC and properly applied meditation, we can become aware that we are aware we are aware. This really helped me in learning to deal successfully with my Asperger’s syndrome and the mental illness it brought on.

    Guess I’m still a bit of a psychonaut, huh?

  10. This whole CBD business is fishy. Gupta is not our ally. He stands by the pharmaceutical companies who wish to bank off cannabis. The people need to wise up to this take over of cannabis by the pharmaceutical and health care industry. Do not vote for laws that give them, and only them, power over this plant, and your life.

  11. Galileo, I’m not sure that Asperger’s is something that causes mental illness… I mean, people with Asperger’s just process social interactions differently. They also tend toward being interested in a rather narrow range of subjects. But the thing is, that is how you become an expert at something, by being at least somewhat obsessed about the subject of your interest.

    Now, of course allowing yourself to become more self-aware is key to your happiness, no doubt.

    Some folks can achieve that state without smoking, but it sure does help especially if you cannot do it on your own–for whatever reasons, like say PTSD.

  12. Well, worry not. GA’s measure has been shot down. Which is all for the better, because it was so mutilated it might as well have not even existed. What a waste. I was so incredibly excited, so hopeful, and it doesn’t even matter anymore. I haven’t felt this defeated in a while.

  13. CBD rich bud contains little to no THC. These strains are good for treating a host of illnesses such as seizures. One thing that is extremely important is sleep. Anyone sick or not needs sleep. Without sleep people can not function, much less heal. The answer to this problem from FDA and phamra is to take a pill called Ambien. An extremely dangerous drug loaded with dangerous side effects. This is where THC shines bright. Sure THC and CBD might put cancer in remission but THC allows people to get deep restful sleep. People often overlook this benefit but ask anyone how destructive insomnia is. CBD does not help with sleep like THC does. In fact CBD can be kind of stimulating causing less sleep if taken before bedtime. Sleeping is as important as eating, and we all know THC is grand when it comes to stimulating hunger. I would argue sleeping and eating are two of the most important biological functions. Whole plant extract high in THC is good medicine as is high CBD plants. Plants with CBD and THC are probably really good all around. Then there are the other 80 some cannabinoids, all have tremendous potential big pharma would never be able to match.

  14. No one seems to understand – The fact is the fight against marijuana has always been about MONEY, and CONTROL. Why does the DEA fight so hard against marijuana? MONEY, and CONTROL. Why does the government keep trying to drown out reports of the health benefits that surround marijuana? MONEY and CONTROL.

    The government is evil – The law is not on your side. That’s all.

    Jah bless.

  15. I am highly surprised that Alabama, being such a Nanny-State, Red-Star Republican, Conservative to the point of nausea, has even THOUGHT of allowing a bill concerning marijuana to make it to the floor. I thought that this state would be the LAST holy sanctum for those who hate pot.

  16. @Dave Evans

    Unfortunately, I was shut in as a child and failed to develop even rudimentary social skills. I attributed all my problems to my own inadequacy and cowardliness. I considered myself ugly and not particularly bright. I’ve found in life that I can be manipulated by ‘neurotypicals’ including incompetent bosses and workmates. Relationships are difficult, too. It short, it’s a bummer.

    You are right, though. Many people have leveraged their Asperger’s for success, including Newton, Einstein, Emily Dickenson, Woody Allen… It’s common in fields like information technology and engineering. I can see it in other folks and myself.

    As I understand it, psychology no longer uses the term, not because it’s invalid, but because they are seeking to consolidate varieties of autism into a single coherent theory.

  17. @Matthew58
    If you read between the line, Alabama did just barely enough to display any concern towards public health. The only reason they passed this token legislation is that “morally” they’re back was against the wall because of the media poster children.

  18. I hear the government is going to ban bacon trans-fats you know, because mama Obama and old man red-lips say that it’s bad bad bad for you! I better hurry to the market and stock up before its gone. I’ve got some birds ready to scramble, just looking for a hot date. Going to the market always makes me wonder when I consider all the dangerous and unhealthy products they’re allowed to sell, yet nowhere on the shelf’s can a single bud of marijuana be found.
    Drug testing employers, and cops think they’re real cool, you’ve got Round-up weed killer Monsanto’s gift to the world, and nasty smelling Raid! roach killer don’t use around children, or pets the warning label says. And if people in the market wonder what I’m laughing and muttering about Its the D-Con rodent killer, and thinking about how funny it would be if some narc-cop ate some of that sure puts a big grin on my face.
    Wow the price of bacon is clear out of sight sausage links are on special, so I’ll get those instead.
    And don’t forget the ethylene glycol on the way out. It goes good in coffee or so I’ve heard. A special treat for family members, and those I dearly love here pal let me pour it for you. Here is a extra twenty, I need to pump some gas, and can I get some matches too please, because I need a light, thank you.
    Pee-brained prohibitionists might need some acetaminophen after I hit em over the head with my cast iron frying pan. Rude people like that could get a real bad headache having a guy like me around, because I’m just a stupid pot head you see.

  19. This CBD-only campaign is transparently supported by prohibitionists afraid of legalization.

    Hemp already contains CBD. CBD is non-psychotropic, but modulates the effects of THC. Likely some hemp cultivars are very high in THC.

    Growing hemp is illegal in the US, with punishments like for cannabis, the punishments do not even come close to fitting the crime committed. That is, it’s a non-crime and should not be punished at all.

    Prohibition and the fraudulent scheduling system are sustaining themselves by mere disapproval from the peanut gallery and paid shills, likely also were exposed to social programming or are intellectually dishonest for money reasons. They pretend as if they are “moral” for not using cannabis, when they are actually the IMMORAL ones, for supporting tyrannical theft and national self-destruction.

    People who support ending, destroying, prohibition stand on the moral high ground. The irony…

    But people in the US are allowed to purchase imported hemp, from basically every industrialized nation but this one, where it was removed from market competetion against petro-chemically synthesized fibers and plastics.

    One can purchase hemp milk, hemp oil, inert hemp seeds, hemp protein, hemp clothing…and so on, from countries that are not secretly fascist in spirit while claiming to care more about personal freedoms than any others. The others in this case may have signed onto the failed American drug war too, but they’re not stupid enough to stop growing hemp.

    CBD-only products then, like hemp oil, can already be purchased, legally. Try Amazon. They are trying to legislate what is already allowed.

    The supporters of legalization, but only in a useless “CBD-only” form are an unsavory sort.

    Their attempt to appear consistent instead of just being ignorant, wrong, and immoral for decades, is clear.

    Their names should be documented for posteritry (and evidence when the amerikan csa inquisition is finally laid to rest, as a beaten horse should be, and the justice pursued, for crimes against humanity, can begin.

  20. Hemp already contains CBD. CBD is non-psychotropic, but modulates the effects of THC. Likely some hemp cultivars are very high in ***CBD***.

  21. Hey, remember, “Every red blooded American has a God given right to be a dumb ass!”

    Years ago Allen St. Pierre predicted that based on then current trends, America seemed to want a sort of g r a d u a l movement into full legalization for medical & social. The mere discussion of these ‘untainted’ CBD’s exemplifies how gradual, even peculiar, the prohibitionists are willing to become to maintain their status quo. What next, protective armor & radiation detectors for any who consider cannabis sometimes beneficial & relatively benign? Who really gives a
    rat’s ass for any excuse to slow down the process of legalization, common sense?

  22. Galileo, what you experienced is called neglect! That is what people get when those in charge are busy trying to sell us bullshit instead of doing their jobs. Anyone from parents to teachers and even the police all can contribute to neglecting people with any kind of social issues or developmental problems. Frankly, Aspergers does not even seem to be a form of autism, so I’m not sure what the point of calling autism would be… It just seems like a normal part of the mental background skills humans needs in order to collectively make the most of our brains. Think about it, “normal” people get hung up in some of the stupidest behaviors, like making marijuana illegal and then constantly lieing about it just to keep hurting their innocent neighbors. Someone with Asperger’s is a lot less likely to “see the value” in such behavior and take a stand against it.

  23. @Galileo, I share your history in part, too much early “shut-in.” The dilemma for us is, our parents were Guilty of neglect (i.e. our education and socialization) but Innocent on grounds of Insanity: the system, the advice they obeyed was insane. They were scared into buying boxes in which to “keep us out of trouble” while they ignored us and attended to “adult” things like making friends and/or money). (Similar goes for present-day figures like the President, Kevin Sabet or that UN “Narcotics” Yans guy.)

    Forgive—> Convert—> Redeploy. At present I would go with “token legislation” but it may be up to us than them for it AND also write the NEXT credible practicable further “token” steps toward free tokin’.

    I don’t agree with the attitude @Voice of the Resistance expressed, “cool”, “killer”, “nasty”, “hit em over the head” etc. which sounds like fantasizing about punishing present opponents instead of converting them to future co-workers (yes they deserve credit for being talented and industrious, giving them the further education they need to be good co-workers with us should be thought of as kindly rather than vindictive behavior). @Voice should be thinking instead that each of the still-prohibs might soon be brought to do what Gupta did, we can and should lobby them astutely and delicately.

    Toke note: since most of the remaining demonization of THC is based on fears that it might be “dangerous” in some way, let’s work on proposing a systematic, society-wide reform of administration practices, replacing the H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide 500-mg “joint” AND the 700-mg tobackgo $igarette (which both cause harm blamed on the herb involved) with VAPORIZATION including cheap hand-made Long-Drawtube One-Hitters, 25 mg per serving– “dangerously high” THC levels are then moot.

  24. Correction: a line above should read “TO THANK THEM FOR IT” (i.e. the latest token legislation).

  25. The government operating and in charge of the state of Georgia is critically flawed. We’ve had a Republican governor for the last 12 years and I can honestly say a monkey could have done a better job.

    The Republican state run government has been the most embarrassing group of racist bigots we’ve had in Georgia in the last 32 years that I have lived here.
    They are too stupid to make decisions on weather situations much less medical issues.

    Why is it that the bible thumping morons occupying the state house think that the people of Colorado and Washington should have more freedoms than the people of the state of Georgia.
    Why is it that the state legislators in Georgia think they are doing the people of Georgia a favor when they deny medicine that alleviates pain, nausea, helps veterans with PTSD, helps older people with arthritis, glaucoma and many other ailments and diseases and can be grown right in your own back yard at a low cost.
    Why is it that the legislators in Georgia only have the “CHILDREN” in mind when it comes to a better life and not the adult community. Why is it that the legislators of Georgia think children are more important than tax paying citizens that are hurting and suffering just as badly.
    I think we should kill all legislation dealing with CBD’s and medical marijuana in Georgia until the legislation stop their pandering and get serious about help medicinally for all Georgians not just children.
    The Georgia state legislators should get out of the peoples way. You are noting more than a deterrent to the people of the state of Georgia, their freedoms and their rights to relief both from pain and from the ignorance of the government in the state of Georgia.
    They are an embarrassment to us all and have been for quite some time and our state has greatly suffered from their stupidity. They are truly pathetic and behind the curve and behind the times on virtually every issue facing our country today.

  26. John F. Kennedy
    Close acquaintances say Kennedy used cannabis regularly to control his back pain (even during his term) and actually planned on legalizing marijuana during his second term.

    At the end of September, the president traveled west, speaking in nine different states in less than a week. The trip was meant to put a spotlight on natural resources and conservation efforts. But JFK also used it to sound out themes—such as education, national security, and world peace—for his run in 1964.

    We all know how Kennedy’s trip went in Dallas.

    Now if you were a black Democratic President would you legalize it? I would be a little scared myself.

  27. Jimmy wrote: They are trying to legislate what is already allowed.

    Anne: I agree. The idea the American people cannot grow a crop because the crop is a “relative of Medicinal Hemp (marijuana) is terrible. The People should begin planting Industrial Hemp wide scale across America…!

    I agree too about “thc” being an excellent sleep aid; I take a few tokes o green herb
    @ night; then I make a “concoction: Valerian Root powder; dry milk powder; almond or any other milk; Hersheys dark chocolate powder; Cinnamon; Nutmeg. I might take a Melatonin. This combination is a good sleep-aid. (you can use Passionroot powder; lemmon grass etc.)
    I like the effects o’ the medicinal mj herb. @

  28. jimmy wrote: Hemp already contains CBD. CBD is non-psychotropic, but modulates the effects of THC. Likely some hemp cultivars are very high in ***CBD***.

    Anne: So as you say; why do not the parents of these children buy the “Hemp CBD avialable from various nutritional and herbal hemp companies? (Bluebird botanical; RX Hemp meds);
    Like CBD is already “legal…right ? curious !

  29. The reality is that, thanks to blogs and forums such as this at NORML, and the improved access to internet by heavily marketed smart phone technology, the level of cannabis education to the average American consumer has far surpassed the wall of ignorance from which prohibitionists are monetarily dependent. (How do you like that; prohibitionists are addicted to making us believe we can be addicted to THC… Kevin Sabet, and Greg Abbott, y’all are soooo dumb).
    Americans by great majority understand the difference between CBD and THC because we are having the conversation and all we have to do is google their definitions and/or try some weed to discover the truth. Funny thing is, if it wasnt for prohibitionists there wouldnt be a market incentive to supply marijuana with so much THC in the first place!
    Prohibitionists include but are not limited to the Pharmacuetical industry, specifically;
    -GW Pharmacueticals
    The profit model of these super-synthetic pill monsters is to own the patents on individual molecules to mass market in prohibited supply. This way, GW Pharmacueticals can raise the price on medicine that treats brain tumors by purchasing patent rights in cannabinoids from the Department of Health and Human Services. (Yes, the same department that takes custody of children from loving parents who so much as admit they consume marijuana to treat an illness, then sells the children through kickbacks (DEA, SOD) to potentially violent private foster care for profit).
    Newsflash: A kid with a brain tumor can grow his or her own medicine. It may not be the hybrids they hydroponically produce in Colorado, but parents can help with that too. We must defend fertile, heirloom cannabis seed supplies as our God-given right. To hell with Monsantos or the D.H.H.S. and their prohibitionist patents.
    One of the most pathetic arguments we’re hearing from prohibitionists now is “what about the prison jobs?” This is the most short-sighted, ignorant, asinine, backwards argument I’ve ever heard to defend prohibition. Growing our own cannabis is self-sustainable WORK. Even if we couldnt come up with more legal, socially-stabalizing, non-violent, economically-equalizing cannabis careers from off the TOP OF OUR HEADS than marijuana-posession prisons will EVER provide, (to both urban and rural areas), how could any self respecting American attempt to justify incarcerating non violent people for jobs and profit in the first place?
    What Im really hoping for is that as America begins to learn the difference between CBD and THC, or between non-violent posession and violent incarceration, perhaps we will finally begin as a society to learn the difference between the mutually beneficial cannabis varieties of marijuana and hemp.
    After all, isnt that ignorance between hemp and marijuana how the Marijuana Stamp Act of 1937 was able to pass?
    And even after the Supreme Court declared the MSAct unconstitutional, wasn’t it our fearful misunderstanding of racial and economic equality that allowed the Controlled Substance Act?
    In today’s America, Jews and Samaritans, blacks and whites, latinos and non-Spanish speaking Americans are increasingly discovering ourselves in the same boats. The owners of corporations such as Altria and Koch Industries or the owners of private prisons and Robert DuPont’s piss-testing empire have been revealed for artificially decreasing our health, happiness and vitality for profit. The only realistic “non-for-profit” solutions to our current prohibited status is continuing cannabis education and demanding nothing less than the right to grow our own.

  30. Chocolate is a “bean from a tropical evergreen
    I think Chocolate has natural “Cannabinoids”. The Mexicans use cinnamon w chocolate as I do.

    I use unsweetened baking chocolate ssqaures;
    I have my “mj butter made”; smells “heavenly”!
    (this is about chocolate patents)
    At almost double the retail sales of Hershey’s, Mars is the big gorilla in the world of cocoa. Both companies are leaders in cocoa research. Each has delved deeply into the compounds in cocoa, their biological activity, and their health benefits. It is Mars, though, that has done the most thorough job of patenting findings related to cocoa. Their patents on methods of cocoa processing and the sale of cocoa products for health benefits are vast, broad and restrictive, and it is only a matter of time before there is a major legal showdown between Mars and entities like Hershey; who believe that their patent goes too far.

  31. “rescheduling is the only way…” (to plow through their B.S.”) anne aka “queen of green”

  32. It’s still a step forward. Miniscule perhaps, but still something that would have been unthinkable just 5 or 10 years ago. CBD is probably the best the red states are going to be able to do. I think most if not all the Blue states will follow Colorado and Washington with full Legalization in the next 2 or 3 election cycles. Some of us will have to vote with our feet.

  33. If the “cannibinoids are the same in “industrial hemp (I call food-grade hemp); then get the cannibinoids from food grade hemp

    Do not alter the medicinal marijuana herb plz.
    I copied this from Stop the Drug War . org.
    CBD bills
    by Matt B
    March 21, 2014, 03:31pm
    There is a good article on NORML about why us reformers should be wary of CBD-only bills. I am not in any way minimizing the need to get CBD oil to people/children in need, but we should be very wary of this as actual reform. It’s more of a political ploy.

    The reason why these states are advancing this bill is because Republicans in the South are trying to give the impression that they actually “care”.

    They will then use their support of these CBD bills as leverage, crowing that “they used scientific based evidence to abandon a zero-tolerance policy”.

    You can bet that these same politicians will not move on rational cannabis reform for the rest of us MMJ people, saying “we’ve done enough”.
    ps I am battling “high prices and low quaility

  34. How incompetent can these elected officials get. The more bullsh*t laws they come up with the more complex they make the problem. JUST LEGALIZE ALREADY DAMN!!!

  35. While it did not pass in Georgia this year, at least the debate has begun. Hats off to Allen Peake, legislator, who was willing to do something rather than nothing when it comes to legalizing marijuana, even if it was just for a handful of kids. It was at least a start. Georgians are now talking about it. I’m expecting a better bill at next year’s session!

  36. you know…their is a great case for the medical end of cannabis. with that said,what about the other side of cannabis as in,its addition to quality of peoples daily lives? what about people hearing from those who consume about how it is such a great addition to everyday life? all I hear on that end is’ you just want to get high’. well,its not ALL about just getting high. when used conservatively, cannabis is an awesome addition to daily life. I find much comfort from it.in anything I do! I am a more rounded , less uptight , happier human being with, yes, my share of lifes problems and responsibilities . I do not fall under the medical listing for its use. but I find benefit in small daily use.i do not depend on cannabis for a damm thing but I enjoy its suttle effects in MY life. why cant those who do not, here things like this from those that do? it is NOT just about getting high near as much as the comfort and balance of the buzz.i am functional, motivated and alert. I am also open to creativity, quite aware, even tempered and comfortable in my own skin. why cant those who enjoy the effects of cannabis begin to paint a little different picture of its use rather than the stoner/couch potatoe shit.not to say that all consumers do but, common people…. SPEAK UP PEOPLE….DAMMIT! thank you norml for the chance to voice the TRUTH!

  37. Well as a resident of Kentucky I can say this: House bill 350 is where we need to be looking. This measure is an actual medical cannabis program and would negate any other legislation concerning cannabis. It would create a distribution network and dispenseries for medicinal marijuana and would allow patients and care givers to grow up to 12 plants.

    [Paul Armentano responds: Unfortunately, Kentucky lawmakers tabled this bill and only moved forward on the CBD-specific legislation.]

  38. I do not believe the lawmakers and officials understand what THC and CBD’s are. So therefore trying to enlighten these people would take too much time…so I say “Million MarijuanaMarch 2015: Goal:reschedule MJ today!

  39. Marijuana “increases thoughts of creativity like art; music poetry gardening exercising;
    Marijuana increases “sense of aroma and taste; this is how Marijuana increase appetite
    THC CBD attatch to “Endocannobinoid Receptors”

  40. Because the human genome has “Endocannabinoid Receptors”; which help uptake “Canniboinoids” such as Vitamin B12 is uptaken by “receptors;

    CBDs could be classified “Dietary Nutrients”;
    (Conn. classifies MJ as a Dietary Supplement)

  41. Thanks @julian for mentioning Pfizer– makers of Lipitor (last time I looked, $11-BIL. sales a year) mainly used for High Blood Pressure of which a majority is caused by H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide tobacco $igarettes. Thus legalizing cannabis (SUBSTITUTE FOR TOBACCO!) could cost a lot of Pfizer profits. Also, @Julian, don’t forget to remind everyone that “Altria” means Philip Morris– “Marlboro sells more Lipitor than any other $igarette.”

    @lockedout, to get rid of the stoner/couch potato stereotype there’s no better way than to SET THE EXAMPLE as you are doing by being “functional, motivated, alert, creative, even-tempered” which are all things any individual can deliberately and consciously practice ESPECIALLY RIGHT AFTER ANY TOKE OF CANNABIS when it will pay off most.

  42. What a sad state of affairs. The medicine that those children desperately need is available right here in this country and our spineless leaders don’t have the guts to do the right thing. The exact formula is available and could easily be manufactured in each state and the very argument which they have always used when all other arguments have fallen apart,that we must protect the children, is preventing just that. They are ultimately harming the children who could live a near normal life, if it were not for the spineless leaders.

  43. Topic: Natural Herbs with Caryophyllene
    (I copied this from “Wikiepedia”) the article also said: Caryophyllenes are the first “Cannibinoid Dietary Supplement”.

    CARYOPHYLLENE Cannibinoid

    Natural sources: The approximate quantity of caryophyllene in the essential oil of each source is given in square brackets ([ ]):

    Cannabis, hemp, marijuana (Cannabis sativa)[2] [3.8–37.5% of cannabis flower essential oil][8]
    Black Caraway (Carum nigrum) [7.8%][9]
    Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum)[1] [1.7%-19,5% of clove bud essential oil][10][11]
    Hops (Humulus lupulus)[12] [5.1–14.5%][13]
    Basil (Ocimum spp.)[14] [5.3–10.5% O. gratissimum; 4.0–19.8% O. micranthum][15]
    Oregano (Origanum vulgare)[16] [4.9%-15.7][17][18]
    Black pepper (Piper nigrum) [7.29%][19]
    West African Pepper (Piper guineense) [57.59% (black); 51.75% (white)][19]
    Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) [4.62% of lavender oil][20]
    Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)[3] [0.1–8.3%][21]
    True cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) [6.9–11.1%][22]
    Malabathrum (Cinnamomum tamala) [25.3%][23]
    Cananga odorata [3.1%-10.7%][24]

    Best bet: Make a steeped Tea with above Herbs!
    Anne Conn. USA ps I use anytype Hemp I can !!
    Hemp Hemp Hooray !! @@@

  44. “One can purchase hemp milk, hemp oil, inert hemp seeds, hemp protein, hemp clothing…and so on, from countries that are not secretly fascist in spirit while claiming to care more about personal freedoms than any others. The others in this case may have signed onto the failed American drug war too, but they’re not stupid enough to stop growing hemp.”

    But we are! We are the stupid ones. We know all the mistakes and our crazy leadership keeps wanting to make these same mistakes over and over in the name of money. Hmm, what is the root of all evil???

    The War on Drugs will not be won until they are forced to turn over all their illegal profits so the ecomony can start to function. Drug Warriors keep causing US damage, they need to beheld responible and made to pay for the damage they have done to everyone.

    Right now, today… However people are waiting on medical treatment, denies medical treatment because they use marijuana correctly, how many don’t get treatment because pigs have already stolen the money from the general fund to fight their Drug War at our Expense??? How many people have these dicks killed or gotten killed?

  45. Anything less than growing our own is still prohibition.
    Watch out for hemp pyramid schemes. Companies that call themselves “MLM”s are profitable to the first few in and depend on patents and prohibitive legislation to succeed.

  46. There are no marijuana reform legislation measures at all on the table in Idaho. Not a lot of activism going on right now. Most of the people I’ve talked to point fingers at the Republican dominated state government in Idaho, and I’ve reminded that I can’t do it alone. @ Mexweed some people you just can’t convince no matter how hard you try the argument is just is not worth it. That’s why I want Norml to do the talking, and I’ll keep my frying pan handy.

  47. @VoiceR, let me make the case: I’m not worrying about convincing them yet, first there is another step: educate. But I know what it is to have my attempts to educate dismissed as attempts to domineer over the person or harrange them or whatever, so I have to start with a change of my own attitude, namely eliminate any desire to punish the recalcitrant individual or gang (“Forgive”), so that they won’t get defensive against learning the educative material and escaping from their previous ignorance.

    I’m trying to fit the above into the slogan “Forgive—> Convert—> Redeploy,” where “Convert” contains both “educate” and “convince”. Redeploy could include using their talent and energy to help stamp out $igarette addiction, now #1 medical emergency on earth with 6,000,000 deaths a year.

  48. Don’t forget Mississippi! The bill is awaiting Governor Bryant’s signature.

    Here is Mississippi Alliance for Cannabis response to the CBD Oil bill in Mississippi. If you’re from Mississippi, search M.A.C. and like us! We already have a ballot initiative lined up, to allow medical, recreational and industrial hemp legally in MS. We will be announcing our first meeting soon with our peers and get this moving forward!


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