NORML PAC Endorses Adam Ebbin for US Congress

Today, NORML PAC is pleased to announce its endorsement of Virginia State Senator Adam Ebbin in his campaign for U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District.

“NORML PAC believes strongly that Senator Ebbin has the tenacity, coalition building skills, and political acumen required to help end our country’s destructive war on marijuana consumers,” stated NORML PAC Manager Erik Altieri, “Outgoing Congressman Jim Moran has a long history of supporting important marijuana law reform proposals at the federal level and Adam Ebbin is a proven and effective leader that will carry on that important legacy by working to roll back the damage marijuana prohibition is having on families and communities across the nation.”

“I have a record of supporting decriminalization and, like President Obama, do not believe that the effects of marijuana are more harmful than alcohol,” Senator Ebbin said. “For more than a decade, I’ve been fighting for progressive causes in the General Assembly. In Virginia, marijuana-related arrests make up over 50% of all drug-related arrests, costing the state over $67 million.  We must focus our time and resources on job creation, clean energy, healthcare, education, and our economy. I look forward to continuing my work for our shared progressive values as the next member of Congress from the 8th District.”

State affiliate Virginia NORML is also joining NORML PAC in their support of Senator Ebbin’s campaign.

“Virginia NORML realizes that any federal cannabis policy reform will act as a powerful catalyst for changing our state laws,” commented Virginia NORML Communications Director Duane Ludwig, “We are excited to endorse Adam Ebbin for Congress because he will be a bold, progressive advocate for fair and reasonable cannabis policy.”

In Virginia, more than 4 out of 5 residents support the legalization of medical marijuana and a majority support decriminalization. A recent poll revealed that in Northern Virginia, where the 8th Congressional District is located, over 50% of residents support fully legalizing and regulating marijuana.

The Democratic Primary for the Virginia 8th District is on June 10th. You can check your voter information and find your polling place here.

You can click here to join NORML PAC in supporting Senator Ebbin’s campaign and learn more about his platform. Below is a video from a recent NAACP candidate forum in which Senator Ebbin calls for decriminalization and legalization in addition to casting a spotlight on Arlington’s egregious racially disparate marijuana arrests.

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  1. this is good! as va congressional rep morgan griffith has put forth a bill (4-30-14) to re-schedule marijuana from 1 to 2, so as drs. can rx and ptsa. can cultivate!

  2. I think “re-scheduling” this Medicinal Herb would be the best plan of action for the people; re-scheduling will allow research and prescriptions; as the other poster noted.thanx

  3. It is a plant created by the Good Lord and was not illegal for thousands of years. If it could help my condition or anyone else, why not let it be legal. I also think it could be helpful to help people get thru the side effects of withdrawals for people coming off of harder drugs such of heroin, cocaine and meth.

  4. I think there is no hope in ever seeing it legalized in VA the communist wealth. I suggest anyone who actually thinks they would even follow the laws if it was legalized in VA are short sighted. VA has become in my opinion a complete police state with no actual due process laws. Most local lawyers seem to work for the police. The only hope is to sell your house and move to a much more citizen friendly state.

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