Poll: Majority of Colorado Voters Positive About State’s Experience With Legalization

Colorado voters do not have buyers’ remorse.

The majority of Colorado voters believe that legalizing cannabis has been “good” for the state and 54 percent say they support the new laws regulating the plant’s retail production and sale, according to the results of a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Fifty-five percent
of voters approved Amendment 64 in November 2012, which allows for the personal possession and cultivation of cannabis by those age 21 and older. Separate provisions in the measure also allow for the state-licensed commercial production and retail sale of cannabis and cannabis-infused products. Retail cannabis sales began on January 1 of this year.

Other results released by the Quinnipiac University poll include:

49 percent of voters admit they’ve tried marijuana, but only 15 percent admit using it since it became legal January 1;

Driving has not become more dangerous because of legalized marijuana, voters say 54 – 39 percent;

Legalized marijuana will save the state and taxpayers a significant amount of money, voters say 53 – 41 percent;

Legalized marijuana will have a positive impact on the state’s criminal justice system, voters say 50 – 40 percent;

Legalized marijuana “increases personal freedoms in a positive way,” voters say 53 – 44 percent;

Legalized marijuana has not “eroded the moral fiber” of people in Colorado, voters say 67 – 30 percent.

A strong majority of Democrats (69 percent) and Independents (56 percent), but not Republicans (28 percent) said that the passage of marijuana legalization has been good for the state.

The Quinnipiac poll possesses a margin of error of +/- 2.7 percentage points.

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  1. ‘Legalized marijuana has not “eroded the moral fiber” of people in Colorado, voters say 67 – 30 percent.’

    Why would anyone believe this other than out of pure ignorance?

  2. I’m not the least bit surprised about this! I’ve believed, since the 70s, that prohibition has been much much worse for this country than simply legalizing this beneficial herb could every possibly be…

    Now that Colorado has shown that my beliefs are correct, can we finally move on as a country and end this stupid predjudicial war against marijuana users?

    Note to any and all politicians: I absolutely refuse to vote for anyone who is not in favor of legalization!!! If everyone who believes marijuana should be legal would join me in this politicians would have no choice but to get on board and end the insanity.

  3. Cannabis consumers usually don’t cause any trouble, however hateful people often cause trouble for us.

  4. And the stinging poll for Republicans at the end… Not hard to see where prohibitionists are placing their bets. Everyone please make sure you are registered to vote and understand your local voter I.D. Laws!

  5. “Eroded the moral fiber” of the people of Colorado. I’m not laughing oh no not at all.

  6. SO glad to see that all the prohibitors of allowing cannabis to move forward without problems are seeing the truth in front of them………the only problems that came from cannabis are the ones that were created to keep it on an ileagal basis…

    Im sure the fact that the world is filled with stupid people is being used as the example to keep cannabis on the csa…….the truth of it is that no mater if is fully legal or not , our judicial system is going to be busy making money ……even being legal in colorado didnt turn everyone into the monsters that have fueled the prohibitionist over the years , and the fact that we all have the means to look up information on our own verses taking the word of a bunch of truth twisters…..wlll that makes it hard to keep the lies rolling…..

    great job people of colorado……….the world has been watching since all this began and you’re all doing your part by living like you always have with cannabis ……in peace…..just hope the rest of the usa gets it together because alot of us cant petition our states to change how our laws are , we have to depend on elected officals that arent willing to put their necks out on the line for whats right , because the big piles of cash they get for saying no to it all……Illinios is gain speed on the issue but our politics still stand between us and freedom………so to the rest of the usa ….good luck , build your laws where cannabis is allowed and then write them when things go bad , dont just assume that anyone on cannabis is a problem to society,,,,,,,

    as always
    thanks for reading

  7. I’m sorry about that folks, I should not have taken that out of context. “Has not eroded the moral fiber.” doesn’t change the way I feel though.

  8. Cannabis consumers are vibrant, creative, and productive members of our culture. Wait till you see what has existed under the surface all these years because showing yourself led to lifelong draconian subjugation by corrupt members of law enforcement.

  9. Here in Amsterdam and all of the Netherlands, we have had shops that sell marijuana and hash for 45 years. The Dutch are a productive hard working people and the second richest per capita in Europe. Marijuana has not interfered with business or morality. There is no connection between the two, only in the minds of narrow-minded people that really don’t know anything except their fears and ignorance. We regulate marijuana just like alcohol and we have no social problems because of it. It takes 22,000 times as much marijuana to kill you as it takes to get you stoned. It takes 9 times as much alcohol to kill you as it takes to get you drunk. PS, I do not smoke marijuana, I smoked for 30 years and stopped when I moved to Amsterdam, ironic isn’t it.

  10. Colorado is the best. I quit waiting on the red states I lived in to get it together so I just up and moved out here today I saw the MD starting my red card paperwork and I am never looking back!! Sorry Red states like Georgia and Florida are starting to change laws slightly but their law’s are still restrictive and a joke. The true land of freedom is in Colorado.ps I’ve been to Amsterdam CO has better edibles and better cannabis

  11. These marijuana laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and goes against THE BILL OF RIGHTS!! WE were formed to ward of oppressive government and the ONLY..Let me repeat this ONLY REASON Marijuana is ILLEGAL is OPPRESSION.

    Thank You for your service in your Fight for our Right’s ever so few as they are anymore.

    I know you have seen some good times in this country, and I know you’ve seen some bad. But nothing of the likes we have today!

    What ever happened to how PROUD THE UNITED STATES was. When the Flag was raised everyone without question turned and saluted or put a hand over their heart, and there was for a moment Love that spread across the nation wide.

    A Time when you stood for the singing of the National Anthem, and a tear fall from your eye as you envision that brave man sitting there in the dark of night only to catch a glimmer that our flag was still there.

    I Love My Country..And I know where we are headed it is already written. But it can be Stopped with Unity and Faith The United States CAN RISE Again and be once again. The honorable,justice, truth We Established for ourselves in 1776 and in 1787..That all Men should be FREE. Free From am Oppressive Government.

    “PEOPLE” have got to stop supporting C.O.P.P. Criminal Organization of Political Party’s.That work under Assumed Power.The Supreme Court is acting Unconstitutional. The very first established governing Body is defined in the first three words of our Constitution. They are the reason with government run corrupt schools Civics and legal English isn’t taught anymore. cause if no one knew their rights or how to conduct a court of the people then they could trample all over you because YOU AGREE to things you don’t have to but they intimidate you into submission and thus assume authority.

    People need to learn about their history and civics and learn legal English and when those in authority have overstepped their bounds you the “people” have to have a peoples court on the record.But you have to learn it because one slip up and they can assume authority again. (you have to know how to counter their attack, once learned all it requires is preparation. I’m still learning) The only way to get them is by their own game..THE LAW of the Land. We have to exert our Inalienable Rights and do as our Declaration of Independence say’s to do and establish a new government for the security of our future..

    This Election Pick someone from your community to represent you. stop supporting these party’s that have time after time, election after election,day after day week after week month after month, year after year. have PROVEN they are NOT in our best interest. I’d trust my neighbor before I’d trust a lawyer which most are and part of another corrupt organization The BARR and our Judicial Branch. OUR founder NEVER intended our justice branch self governing and unaccountable to the people.

    I mean come on our whole point of existence was freedom to worship god how we saw fit. and FREEDOM from an OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT!! The Supreme Court was intended to be some old guy’s schmoozing foreign diplomats..THAT’S IT (in a nutshell.). DON’T ELECT ANOTHER REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT..ELECT ONE OF THE PEOPLE..Laws are what WE THE PEOPLE agree on. Pick candidate among your communities (hold town meeting) collect required number of signatures required by law and write in their names on the ballot…take back our country. The Red,White and Blue are more than just a mere colored rag!

  12. “These marijuana laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and goes against THE BILL OF RIGHTS!! WE were formed to ward off oppressive government and the ONLY..Let me repeat this ONLY REASON Marijuana is ILLEGAL is OPPRESSION.”

    So accurate and to the point! Like these people have convinced themselves they will loose money if marijuana is made legal. As though no one will buy nynlon or asprin again. It really igorant. They should be worrying about not ending up doing jail time at this point, and no longer be concerned with loosing a couple percent of profit.

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