Vermont: Majority Support For Retail Marijuana Sales

A strong majority of Vermonters support regulating the commercial production and retail sales of marijuana for adults, according to a statewide Castleton Polling Institute survey commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents said that they support “changing Vermont law to regulate and tax marijuana similarly to alcohol, so retailers would be licensed to sell marijuana to adults 21 and older?” Only 34 percent of those survey opposed the notion of legalization.

The Castleton poll possesses a margin or error of +/- 4 percent.

Within the past few months, separate statewide polls in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Texas have all shown majority support for legalizing the adult consumption of cannabis.

Recent national polls by Gallup (58 percent), CNN (55 percent), CBS (51 percent), and NBC (55 percent) have also shown majority support for legalizing cannabis.

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  1. Norml and readers. . Please please please use the case in Texas to our advantage. .. the teenager arrested for pot brownies needs to draw the attention of the attorney General and president Obama. . The kid needs our help. He doesn’t deserve the treatment he is getting. This is a prime example of why pot should be legal. Or at least decriminalized.
    I do not know how to start a petition on but we need to get one started today so the children do not suffer anymore tomorrow. Norml you have my email. Please let me know what to legally do. … at this point I am ready to act like Calvin Bundy and his militia and take up arms at the Texas court house where this kid is being tried. …

  2. The prohibitionists have to pay for their drug war. This isn’t like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan where we just add the cost to our children’s tab.

  3. The sooner the better. Any state on the eastern seaboard will be the Denver of the East, the Amsterdam of the East. How soon can you make it happen?

  4. I can understand concern for minors and developing brains, however we are adults, do I need permission to lower my blood pressure without drugs, or just relax and feel good. What someone do’s in thier own house is thier own business

  5. Glad to hear the great news about the polling in Vermont, but am hardly surprised. It’d be nice to see their Reps see the wishes of the citizens through.

    As for that teen in Texas with the pot brownies, I definitely feel for him, and may have signed a petition, as I sign a lot of ’em. Texas–the place where you could go up for years over a lousy pot seed. I was born there, and lived there as a small kid, and have no desire to ever return.

  6. Great news coming out of Vermont !! I did live in Rhode Island for forty-six years and Vermont was one of my favorite vacation sites. Now it makes the state even more attractive to me. Living in Florida now is like living in 1937 when it come to pot.The laws are way out of date and come this November at least we can vote for medical marijuana.

  7. Marijuana legalization has been rampant nowadays in many countries. Medical cannabis sounds good, and only for that purpose, medication for treatment that is.

  8. Cannabis consumption can be done responsibly, with sensitivity to the ignorant, oversight by the authorities demanding a hand in its implementation, and respectful to patients and customers seeking relief and enlightenment. We just have to remove leo incentives to steal and lie for their department’s budgetary shortfalls and corporate greed.

  9. I predict MJ will cut our crime rate, highway deaths, misdemeanors, and Felonies by 50%

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